Khunchai Prawonruj Episode 11


Omo….what a sentimental episode  🙂

Episode 11-1

Grandma On is admiring Krathin’s flower garland made as a ground squirrel (*cough* I did it once, my ground squirrel ended up dropping dead on the ground, haha. It’s not difficult but you need a lot patient to make one.)  Grandma On thinks she will make this kind of flower garland for their (Krathin and Chai Ruj) wedding gifts.

(Why am I wanting to poke Chai Ruj’s head lately? Dude, the girl you love,  is right in front of you!)

Wanrasa pricks her finger with a needle, and it’s bleeding. Chai Ruj jumps to her rescue, he says, she needs to tend to the wound. Grandma On tells him to hurry.

Chai Pat : What does he want? One girl is his fiancée, another one is his love.

CY: I think Chai Ruj needs to decide already.

Chai Ruj is cleaning her wound.

WR: Didn’t you say you wouldn’t associate yourself with me? Then why are you tending to my wound? Stop it, if you really don’t want to.

KR: Don’t be stubborn with me, Your Highness.

WR: Thank you.

KR: Your Highness hurt yourself like this, you should go back. Let’s finish it for today.

WR: You really want me to go back, don’t you? Then please lend me a hand, call a car from Nu Ai-Nu Euai’s house to pick me up.

KR: Why does it have to be a car from Nu Ai-Nu Euai’s house, Your Highness?

WR: Everyday, a car from the palace will drop me off at Nu Ai-Nu Euai’s house, and will come pick me up in the evening.

KR: That means, Arunrat Palace doesn’t know about your coming here at all, Your Highness?

WR: There’s no need to tell anyone.

KR: In that case, Your Highness must go back now. I’ll call the driver.

WR: No.

KR: I told Your Highness not to be stubborn.

Wanrasa sees Krathin with Khlao. Krathin tries to console Khlao not to be jealous, she just talked to Khunchai for the first time. He’s very kind. Khlao asks if she falls for him already. Krathin laughs that she thinks of Khunchai as her brother. If Khunchai is so kind like this, she will beg him not to marry her because she doesn’t love him, and her love already dropped down. He asks where it dropped. She says it dropped into his heart. He asks her if it’s true, she says yes, and she kisses his cheek. She likes it when he’s shy, because he looks like a nang-ai (a kind of monkey) in the forest. He says that’s a Slow loris, a monkey. She says yes, his face looks like a monkey (lol).

KR: Your Highness, the car is ready. (Turn to the driver) I’ll drive it myself, Tanom (driver’s name).

WR: Why didn’t you let Tanom drive?

KR: Because I’m not sure if Your Highness will tell Tanom to drop you at Nu Ai-Euai’s house. So, I will take Your Highness to Arunrat Palace myself.

WR: Then I don’t need to sit in the back. Nai (Mr.) Tanom, open the front door.

In the car.

WR: You can drop me before arriving at the palace’s front gate.

KR: Tell me your reason, Your Highness.

WR: It won’t be good if people in the palace see us.

KR: Your Highness knew it well, then why did you come to Juthathep’s everyday?

WR: I went to learn the housework from grandma On. You cannot forbid me.

KR: Your Highness has so many servants, just mention it or point your finger, you will get whatever you want. Why does Your Highness have to troubling yourself of learning the housework and hurt yourself?

WR: Even if it hurts more than this, I will not give up.

They arrive at the palace.

KR: If Your Highness is so stubborn to go to Juthathep’s again, I think Your Highness is wasting your time.

WR: Waste the time all right, I have my whole life.

KR: But after Your Highness gets married with Thunchai Thut, Your Highness won’t have time to come anymore.

WR: Who said I will marry Pee Chai Thut?

KR: Everybody in the capital knows.

WR: Then you should know that the whole capital has a misunderstanding.

KR: If Thunying is stubborn like this, I will not be able to stop you. But I have a request, don’t make anyone in Juthathep Palace be suspicious anymore, especially, grandma On and Nong(sis) Krathin.

Dun. Dun. Chai Thut is looking at them from inside the palace.

WR: You are really worried about Nong Krathin, aren’t you?

KR: Don’t ask anything that would make me feel more uncomfortable, Your Highness.

WR: You may not know this. Krathin already has someone she loves, and she feels uncomfortable more than you do that she has to become a diplomat’s wife…..It’s won’t be difficult for you to find out who her love is. Thank you for dropping me.

Episode 11-2

Royal father is scolding our girl that she lied to him and went to Juthathep Palace everyday.  She asks what more Chai Thut told him.

Dad: Khunchai Prawonruj, today he dared come here to drop you off at the palace gate. If somebody saw him and gossiped, it would be so embarrassing.

WR: What about Pee Chai Thut courting women openly in his working place, a club, and sleeping over at his palace till the whole town are talking about it. Don’t you feel embarrassed, Highness father?

D: Stop talking about other things, Wanrasa! Do you want me to coop you up again?

WR: Up to you, Your Highness, and you should marry me with Pee Chai Thut so that I will be his minor wife among those women, like you want me to.

D: Wanrasa? You want Chai Thut to have nobody until he marries you? For men, it’s impossible! It’s normal for men to have some relationships.

WR: Your Highness father, you think it’s normal for men, but for me I regard one-true-love as important. If a woman loves only one man, then a man should be able to do the same. How about I try having a relationship with a man, and later marry Pee Chai Thut? I should be able to do that, right, Your Highness?

D: Stop it now, Wanrasa! What a brazen girl you are turning into now! Father won’t listen to you anymore. Go meet Chai Thut, and apologize to him now!

WR: No, I won’t.

D: Wanrasa! If you dare challenge me, I will coop you up, and don’t think you can escape the wedding.

She weeps.

At Royal Hotel.

Pakorn: Thunying is so cool! Is she still pestering you?

KR: Don’t say it like that, it’s not good for Thunying.

P: Ruj, she said that much, it means she will surely not going to marry Thunchai Thut. It’s now your chance.

KR: There’s no such chance for me, Pakorn. Thunying can never disobey her father’s command.

P: What if, she can, what will you do?

KR: Even without any bonds, our love is a forbidden one. I told you, I don’t have the rights to pull the sky down. If she marries me, her title will be removed.

P: Ruj, ask yourself first, whether you will do a duty that you don’t want at all, or do what your heart is longing for.

(*Me poke Chai Ruj’s head*)

Wanrasa is going out. The servants are trying to stop her, and beg her not to disobey her father’s order, but Wansara says she will go, no matter what, and if nobody will drive for her, she can go by herself.

At the ministry.

Chai Thut: How are you, Khunchai? It must be fun stealing secretly.

He tells the two officials to leave for lunch first, because he needs to talk with this Khunchai – the thief, alone.

KR: May I know whose belongings did I steal?

T: Use the correct language. Give me some respect.

Chai Ruj says his two colleagues are using a common language with him.

T: I granted them permission, but for you, I did not.

KR: Then, I would like to exercise my own rights to use common words, because it’s up to me whether I respect that person or not.

T: You want to pick a fight, don’t you?

KR: …

T: I can report to the director-general that you still meet with Ying Taew. You even dropped her off in front of the palace yesterday.

KR: Thunying came to learn the housework with my grandmother, and grandmother once served Her Highness, the mother of Thunying Taew,  it would do no harm.

T: That’s clever of you to use the elders, grandmother-s.

KR: Please do not insult the elders of my family.

T: You can use your grandmother or great-grandmother in her grave as an excuse the way you want, but the truth is, you are still courting Ying Taew. Just this, is enough for me to humiliate you publicly to the whole capital.

KR: But Thunying will be humiliated too. Thunchai, aren’t you care about your royal fiancée?

T: If that can make you be discharged from the government service, I will do anything!

KR: If so, you should be careful about your private matters. The woman named Sai-sameon, has quite a reputation among the night-ers. I heard she was a minor wife of many senior officials. Normally, I won’t talk about a woman in a harmful way, because it’s not for a gentleman would do. But, if you won’t care about your royal fiancée, I’m also ready to humiliate you publicly.

T: You lowly life!, Ai *khunchai-kon-khrua! (*khunchai that came from the kitchen, referring to his servant mother)

Chai thut punches him first, but he misses. Chai Ruj punches him back. YAY!

They separate the two men. His co-worker calls Chai Ruj to go for lunch. Chai thut shakes Khun Kae off him and leaves. Khun Kae says she doesn’t want to bother either, a lecherous thunchai!

Grandmother On is consoling Wanrasa (and I’d say it’s Wanrasa’s clever move).

Grandma is saying that her royal father is mistaken, it’s Chai Thut that is wrong. She asks why her royal father criticized Wanrasa instead.

WR: His Highness father always takes Pee Chai Thut’s side.

G: I’m so sick of men. Even though he already has a fiancée, he places other women alongside her. They are all the same.

Chai Ruj comes home.

WR: Dear grandmother, I want to tell you that, I won’t marry Pee Chai Thut.

G: Don’t talk because you’re feeling hurt, Your Highness.

WR: I’m not talking because of feeling hurt, but it’s because I don’t love Pee Chai Thut.

G: What ?

WR: I…I love someone else, grandmother.

G: (An exclamation of surprise)!…why you talked like that, Thunying? You’ve been fiance/fiancée since young!

WR: I and Pee Chai Thut have never really gotten close to each other. We don’t love each other, but not long ago, I got to know a man, and that made me understand what love is, grandmother.

G: And who is that man, Your Highness?

KR: Thunying!

G: Chai Ruj, get out! I have an important thing to talk to Thunying.

KR: I have a very important matter to talk to Thunying, too.

Episode 11-3

*Reminder : Chai Ruj always speak in full royal terms with Wanrasa.

KR: What did you talk with grandmother On?

WR: Nothing.

KR: Don’t lie to me. You were about to telling grandmother about me.

WR: What are you afraid of?

KR: Our story has ended, if it were revived, it would damage you name.

WR: I will tell you here, that I don’t care about anything but one person only, that is, Khunchai Prawonruj.

KR: In that case, please do this for me, don’t come back here anymore.

WR: Is this what you really want? All right. If this’s what you want, I will not come back to Juthathep Palace anymore. I hope you are satisfied. (She picks up Krathin’s photo.) I have something to return to you. It must be my curiosity who your future would be. I’m sorry for taking the liberty of keeping it.

He takes a look at the photo and runs.

KR: Thunying!…Where is Thunying, Tanom?

Tanom: She left on a taxicab.

KR: I’m sorry, Thunying.

Euai receives a letter and postcards from Khun Aun. Pakorn says the Matterhorn looks so small (when Khun Im is in the photo). Khun Aun will come back to the capital soon. Ai asks what’s more because she’s smiling. Euai says Khun Aun wants to meet her parents (or elders, not sure) to reserve her (for getting married) in advance, so that when he graduates, he can come back to ask for her hand right away. Ai congratulates her. Euai leaves to finish reading the letter.

Ai says she’s jealous of Euai. She went to Switzerland and found love.

Pakorn: What about you, Nu Ai? Do you want to go back to Switzerland once more?

Ai: Who wouldn’t want to go back to Switzerland?

Pakorn seems to understand her answer, he smiles.

Chai Thut asks Khun Kae what the director-general is talking with Chai Ruj. She says, she doesn’t know but it seems to be some good news because they both look happy.

Chai Thut asks Chai Ruj what he fawned over his boss about.

KR: What did you say? I couldn’t hear properly.

T: I asked, what did you fawn over the director-general about?

KR: I’m sorry, my time is too precious to answer such a petty nonsensical question. Please excuse me.

Khun Kae asks if he gets the information he wanted. He scolds her that it’s not her business, and tells her to go away. She leaves for lunch.

Chai Ruj sees Ying Taew and tries to avoid her, but his co-worker calls him that Thunying Wansara came here today. Chai Ruj has to turn and look at her.

Episode 11-4

KR: Your Highness.

WR: Sawasdee ka, Khunchai Ruj. Your two grandmothers are well, I hope.

KR: They’re fine, Your Highness. Grandmother On, she muttered that she missed Thunying, everyday.

WR: Did you tell her why I didn’t go to learn the housework from her anymore?

KR: …

WR: Please give her a good excuse.

Chai Thut comes calling her. Man, in real life, if this happens in the ministry, it will be all over the city by now from the way two men confronted each other.

Chai Thut asks her where she wants to have lunch. She lets him choose the place for her. Chai Thut reminds her that she has to come to the party at the ministry next week. She asks what the party is about. He says it’s a charity ball which happen every year. He tells her to play the violin in the party this year. She nods. All the while, Khunchai Ruj doesn’t look at them. When they leave, Khun Preecha calls Khunchai for lunch, but he says he will eat in the ministry, and excuses himself.

Khun Kae takes Khun Preecha to congratulate Khunchai Ruj on his good news. They shake hands and congratulate him.

Grandmother says, she called everybody here today, it’s about Chai Ruj’s work. Chai Lek guesses it’s about his wedding with Krathin, but grandma On tells him not to interrupt the grandmother. She says it’s about the party at the ministry, she wants everybody to be there. Chai Pat asks if there’s something important. She says there should be, because the director-general sent an invitation to her officially.

Ai tells Pakorn that (she was on the phone with Thunying) Thunying’s voice sounds so sad, her father doesn’t allow her to go out of the palace except with Thunchai Thut. Pakorn says they are forcing her like that. Ai feels sad for her, she asks Pakorn how Khunchai is. He says he’s very sad. Ai says she can’t imagine how Thunying will spend her life with a man like Thunchai Thut.

Chai Lek: Can you tell us now, what’s an important thing at the ministry?

Chai Phi: Pee Chai Ruj took an exam for the promotion, didn’t you? I think the result must have come out. Pee Chai Ruj will get promote to be a the first-grade (not sure) civil servant. Yeah!

KR: Let’s wait until the seniors have officially approved it first.

Chai Lek: If not a promotion then it must be getting to be posted abroad.

Chai Pat: Now you are the second-grade civil servant, if you are posted abroad, you will become the second-grade secretary, right?

KR: That’s correct.

Chai Lek: The secretary to the ambassador…The second-grade (level) secretary, that’s so cool! Congratulation, Pee Chai Ruj! Let me congratulate you.

Chai Phi: Me, too… Bottoms up, everybody!

CY: Everybody, bottoms up!

Chai Pat: To Chai Ruj’s success!

Grandmother On hears them but doesn’t get inside. Jaew guesses that she wants to eavesdropping first. She says yes. Haha.

Chai Phi: Let’s make a guess where Pee Chai Ruj will be posted.

Chai Lek says he thinks it’s Europe. Chai Pat thinks it’s Asia. Chai Yai says Rome.

Grandmother On gets inside and tells them to tell her the truth.

CY: What’s the truth to tell, grandmother On?

G: The truth about Chai Ruj. Chai Ruj, are you going abroad?

KR: Where did you get that from, grandmother?

G: I eavesdropped just now, and heard with my two ears. All right, you already got promoted and are going abroad, aren’t you? When? How? Tell me. Will you be staying in a city with hot climate or cold?

KR: Grandmother, the seniors haven’t yet  notified me officially whether I’ll be promoted or posted abroad. They only congratulate me. I still don’t know anything.

G: Is that true?

KR: Very.

G: If you are posted abroad, you will have to stay there for 4 years, correct?

KR: Yes.

G: Four years! That’s not good, I will get you married with Krathin before that.

Chai Pat: Eh…grandmother, Krathin is still very young. How about let’s wait until Chai Ruj completed his post?

CY: Yes. Krathin will be twenty something by then, and should be the right time for her to become a diplomat’s wife.

G: No, if I let Chai Ruj stay abroad for too many years, he might grab a foreign girl to be his wife. Whatever, I insist that you must marry Krathin as soon as possible, whether you will get to posted abroad or not. Let’s go, Jaew. Miss Jaew!, these cookies, Thunying Taew wanted to give to these five Khunchai(s) to eat, what are you hugging them for?

Five men look at a glass jar of Thunying Taew’s cookies. Chai Phi motions Chai Lek to take it.

Chai Lek: Oh, wow, Thunying’s cookies. We shouldn’t keep it, they are very tough.

Chai Phi: Yes, and some of them are burned. Right?

KR: But I want to eat it. Excuse me.

Aww…….so sad yet so sweet.

Episode 11-5

Chai Ruj takes a bite and smiles. I guess that means it tastes better. He thinks of her, she said it’s only him that she cared. He cries.

Grandmother On rushes the wedding with the Thewaphrom. Khun Kaet suggests that they should wait until an official order comes out, that Khunchai will be posted abroad, to arrange for the wedding, but grandmother On insists. Grandma asks Kaet if there’s a problem with Krathin, or if she’s not ready. Khunchai Thewapun readily agrees with grandma. Krathin overhears them talking. She runs out of the house and wails. Krathin tells Khlao they are rushing the wedding and she will have to stay abroad for four years.

Grandmother leaves. Krathin and Khlao want to run away but Kaet stops them. She tells them not to solve the problem this way, because Khlao will be arrested for taking a minor. Kaet tells them to calm down, she will try to talk with  Khunchai Ruj. They both need some assurance. Kaet says she will help them to the best she can. Kaet takes Krathin to the house, and tells Khlao to calm down. Som warns Khlao that it’s not worth getting arrested, and Khun Kaet will help him.

Daddy asks why Krathin is crying. He think she’s too happy about the upcoming wedding.  He greets Khlao, and tells him to work hard. He tells Som to bring the car over. Kaet asks why he doesn’t ask her for money (to gamble). He says, now that the news spreading out that they will be tied to the Juthathep,  (he says the name of a merchant) he loans him as much as he wants, and without interest, too. He says, he can’t believe it, just because he’s about to be a father-in-law of the Juthathep, money comes pouring in.

Episode 11-6

At the ministry, grandma On is saying that the party this time looks more elegant.  The director-general is congratulating Chai Ruj on his promotion, he will be posting abroad. Both grandmothers want to know Chai Ruj’s good news.

Chai Phi: Khun Kae, when are you going to tell us, what kind of promotion Pee Chai Ruj is getting?

Chai Lek: The kind to be in the ministry, or posted abroad?

Khun Kae: Well, if Khunchai(s) really want to know, I will tell you. I don’t know either.

Khun Preecha: Nobody knows at the moment, but , the meeting in Geneva last time, Khunchai Ruj was getting a lot of praise from both the government and the ambassador, Polathep, so they approved for his promotion but it doesn’t come out officially yet.

Khun Kae tells them, during the meeting in Geneva, Khunchai worked so hard, days and nights. Sometimes, he didn’t sleep at all. He said he’s couldn’t sleep anyway. Chai Lek asks why. She says it’s about Khunchai Ruj’s love, he suffered a lot. She thinks it must be true love, they must really love each other. Khun Preecha says, how it could be when her royal fiance was acting like she belonged to him. He thinks it’s a forbidden love. Khun Kae says she feels sad for Khunchai Ruj that he has to endure it everyday, also, that day, there was almost a big fighting session between them.

Chai Lek : Wait! What are you talking about? Pee Chai Ruj fell in love with a girl in his tour, but who is this royal fiance?

Chai Phi: And who was fighting with who?

Khun Kae: Wait, Khunchai Lek, Khunchai Phi, you don’t know that the woman Khunchai Ruj loves is…..

Chai Pat interrupts her and asks her out to dance. She tries to finish her sentence but Chai Pat drags her out anyway. The young Khunchai(s) turn to Khun Preecha to tell them. Chai Yai interrupts him that he has something to talk t him. Chai Lek shouts, Pee Chai Yai, I still didn’t get it!

Chai Phi: There’s something going on.

Chai Lek: I’ll dig.

Chai Phi: Dig what?

Chai Lek: Dig out the secret.

Chai Ruj says thank you to his boss. He will give his best effort to his assigned duty. His boss will relate the news to his grandmothers. He tells Chai Ruj to welcome Thunchai Thut and Thunying Taew. The boss praises her beauty tonight and asks if her father is coming with them. She says no,and thanks him for mentioning her father. The boss asks if she’s going to play the violin. Chai Thut says, she will at first, but he thinks there will many other occasions to do that, so he suggests not doing it tonight. He says, the occasions refer to after their wedding. The boss asks if the date has been set. Thunying interrupts them that she want to meet with other guests. Khunchai Ruj excuses himself too. Chai Thut answers that he thinks it will happen soon.

Chai Ruj follows Wansara.

KR: Thunying! Thunying!

WR: What is it, Khunchai? Be quick, because I’m forbidden to talk with you in private., and you, yourself, told me not to associate myself with you.

KR: I’m begging Your Highness, don’t talk sarcastically.

WR: Why? Do you have more things to forbid me? Or, you think my life hasn’t been forced enough?

KR: Your Highness.

WR: Don’t be mistaken. The reason I came to the party today, is not to meet you.

KR: Thunchai Thut comes to this party, it’s natural that Your Highness comes with him. I don’t have the rights to criticize you.

WR: What do you want that you disobeyed your own rule, and talk to me?

KR: I came to take you to grandmother On and by brothers. Everybody misses you.

WR: Yes, except you. Let’s go, I would love to meet everybody so that I can invite them to my wedding.

(Aww…what a brave girl!)

Episode 11-7

Ying Taew greets both grandmother. Grandmother On asks where she’s gone that she didn’t come to Juthathep Palace for many days. Wanrasa says, it’ s because her father doesn’t like her to go out these days, so she stays hom.

Chai Lek: Thunying didn’t come, all of us were starving. We didn’t get to eat sweets made by Thunying.

WR: Khunchai Lek’s too sweet, I won’t believe you, because there must be someone who is delighted he doesn’t have to eat my sweets.

Chai Phi: Who is that, Your Highness? All of us were happy with Thunying’s sweets.

Chai Lek: Yes, Your Highness. Thunying’s cookies were finished in no time. This man, Your Highness, ate all Thunying’s cookies alone, didn’t share them with anyone.

Chai Ruj is exasperated with his two younger brothers. Wanrasa smiles.

Thunchai Thut walks in. Grandmother On asks him about his aunt’s health. He says sometimes good, sometimes not good, it’s natural for an elder. She wants to visit her. But he cuts her off saying that, now, his palace doesn’t receive outsiders, because there are lots of people who love to fawn over them.

Grandmother Eiet says, it’s Juthathep’s fortune that they were taught not to fawn over anyone, whether they will be the high, or low-class.

T: Ying Taew, come with me, and stop messing around with these people!

WR: Pee Chai Thut, please leave first, and I will follow in a minute.

T: No! You must come with me now!

KR: Thunying said already, Thunchai should do that.

T: Didn’t I tell you to use appropriate terms according to my status!

KR: I’m sorry. I’m not those who love to fawn over anyone.

He looks at all the brothers and leaves. Grandma On says, she knows now why Thunying doesn’t like Thunchai.

Chai Phi: Is this what you had been facing during the meeting in Switzerland, Pee Chai Ruj?

WR: I apologize to you all.

Grandmother: That’s all right, Your Highness. But, I’m curious why Thunchai didn’t like us.

Wanrasa excuses herself and leaves. Chai Lek says, you know, if Thunchai said one more word, I would punch him.

Wanrasa is dancing with Thunchai Thut.

T: I told you not to mix with the Juthathep.

WR: Grandmother On and grandmother Eiet are the elders that I respect. I must greet her. It’s you who shouldn’t insult them like that.

T: Why? You care about them? Or, the truth is, you care about Ai Khunchai.

WR: If you’re not going to stop talking like this, I will leave.

T: Ying Taw! Don’t make me lose my face!

WR: Why do I have to care? Let me go!

The drunken Sameon runs into the party wanting to see Thunchai Thut. Wanrasa see the commotion.

WR: Wait! I’m here. Is she Sai-sameon?

Khun Preecha: Your Highness, you know?

WR: Tell me, how long that woman and Thunchai Thut have been seeing each together, and nowadays, they are still seeing each other, aren’t they?

The director-general relates Chai Ruj’s good news to his grandmothers. Chai Ruj will be posted abroad for four years. Chai Lek asks in which country his post will be. The boss says it’s the country Khunchai just left. Chai Yai says, Switzerland. The boss says, Khunchai will be posted at the embassy in Switzerland as the second-grade (level) secretary to the ambassador. The brothers congratulate Chai Ruj. The boss says, the ambassador Polathep requested that if Chai Ruj passed the exam, he would recruit him. Grandma calls Chai Ruj over and hugs him. She gives him her blessing.

Grandma On ask the boss when Chai Ruj will have to leave. He says, in the beginning of next year. Grandma wants to get him married next month.

KR: Grandmother, I have something to talk to you.

Chai Thut is telling Sameon to go back, he’s getting married. He tells her she should stay of their sight for now until after his wedding, they can see each other like before. She asks if he’s lying.

T: I’m telling you now. You already know Ying Taew doesn’t like me to have other woman, she could change her mind not to marry me. So, for now, I have to behave myself.  When she stops being suspicious, we can resume our fun activities just like before.

Wanrasa hears it all. Sameon pukes all down his jacket. Khun Kae and Khun Preecha run to him. Chai Thut tells them to take him to the restroom, to clean up. Khun Kae asks about Khun Sameon, he tells her to call a guard to drag her out.

T: Never let Ying Taew know about this.

They say in unison, they will never tell.

Episode 11-8

KR: I can’t marry Nong Krathin.

G: Did I hear it right? Chai Ruj, why are you talking like this?

KR: I have my reason.

Wanrasa is crying outside.

Chai Lek: We must find out, Chai Phi, about what Khun Kae and Khun Preecha talked about. Who does Pee Chai Ruj love? Who has a fiance? And, about he almost fought with.

Chai Phi: Yes, or may be that girl in his tour, Rasa, is a bride-to-be of one of  the Thunchai(s).

Chai Lek: When we get a chance, we must squeeze the truth right out of them. About Pee Chai Ruj will be posted to Switzerland, what should we do about Nong Krathin?

Chai Phi: That’s right, he will leave in the beginning of next year already. If he gets married with Nong Krathin, doesn’t he have to go to Switzerland with her in tow?

Chai Lek: I can’t imagine if Nong Krathin has to stay in such cold climate, she probably will cry and beg to go home hundred times a day.

Wanrasa approaches them.

WR: Khunchai!

Chai Lek: Thunying! Why are you sitting here?

WR: I came to get some fresh air. It felt so suffocated inside. Just now, I heard you were talking about Khunchai would be going to Switzerland.

Chai Phi: Yes, Your Highness. The director-general just told us this good news. Pee Chai Ruj will be promoted to the second-grade (level) secretary to the ambassador to Switzerland, for four years.

WR: Khunchai must be delighted to get away from here.

Chai Phi: Yes, Your Highness. Pee Chai Ruj must be very happy to go back to Switzerland.

Chai Lek: Are you not feeling well, Your Highness?

WR: I’m all right. I would like to congratulate Khunchai Ruj, please take me.

Chai Phi: Yes, Your Highness.

Chai Ruj is talking.

KR: When I came back from Switzerland, I already knew I wouldn’t be able to get married with anyone, except with the woman I loved.

G-On : Why are you talking back and forth? You were the one who said you would marry Krathin. Don’t go back on your words!

KR: Yes, grandmother, I told you that, but things changed now. When I met Nong Krathin, I could see that she was so young, and she probably is suffering that she has to marry me.

G-On: How do you know?

KR: There’re so many things that grandmother still doesn’t know.

G-On: Don’t say that I know or do not know. The most important thing, that everybody already knew, is that, this is Thun Vichakorn’s wish to tie Juthathep with Thewaphrom. Do you want to make me look bad (to go back on my words)?

Chai Pat: Grandmother On, you saw what happened with Pee Chai Yai, that he chose the woman he loved himself would bring a lot happiness more than anything else.

G-On: Don’t bring the matter of Chai Yai into Chai Ruj’s !

Chai Lek tells Wanrasa that Pee Chai Ruj is discussing things with his two grandmothers. Chai Phi tells her to wait here, he will tell Pee Chai Ruj to come here.

G-On: You can’t say it like that. For Chai Yai, Nu Kaetsara was the one chose to marry Khun Chinakorn herself, and Nu Raveerumpai is the daughter of Khunchai Ahthitrungsri, so they both are sutiable for each other whether it’ll be honor, status, or family.

Chai Phi: What’s the problem?

G-Eiet: Chai Ruj, explain to me. You said, when you came back from Switzerland you changed your mind, so what happened in Switzerland? What happened that you still didn’t tell me?…Chai Ruj, talk to me!

CY: Grandmother, what if, Chai Ruj already has someone.

G-Eiet: Chai Yai, you said that, what do you mean?

CY: Chai Ruj already has a woman in his heart. Chai Ruj found new love in Switzerland.

G-On: Who is she? Why didn’t you tell me? Did you think that I was just a meaningless head?

Chai Pat: Please calm down, grandmother. Chai Ruj found love as far as Switzerland so grandmother wouldn’t know.  Chai Ruj didn’t mean to hide (it from you).

G-On: Found new love in switzerland, who is she? She’s foreign girl, isn’t she? Tell me. Why silent? Tell me. That lowly (without good family background) woman, who is she?

KR: All right. If grandmother wants to know, I will tell you. She’s just a daughter of a merchant, but you don’t have to worry, because she’s already dead to me.

Wansara walks over.

WR: Khunchai, I’m dead to you, am I? All right, but before I’m dead to you, please know that, you’ve never left me. You’re always in my heart.

G-On: Thunying, what are you saying?

WR: Grandmother, the woman Khunchai talked about, is not a merchant’s daughter. She is standing right here, now, and standing right in front of grandmother On.

G-On: What did you say, Your Highness?

WR: It’s me. I am that woman who Khunchai Ruj was referring to, and, I told you before about the man I loved and you wanted to know who he was….that man is Khunchai Prawonruj, your nephew, grandmother.

Grandmother On faints. Chai Pat tells Chai Yai to call the hospital.

Episode 11-9

Chai Pat: Thunying!

She turns to him.

Chai Pat: Grandmother On’ s condition now has nothing to worry about. She’s just shocked and tired.

WR: She fell sick because of my words. If something happens to her, I will never forgive myself. Please forgive me that I told the truth like that.

Chai Pat: That’s your bravery, Thunying, to let all of the truth out.

WR: There’s one person who will not think like you.  Please excuse me.

Chai Ruj was listening to them from outside the door. She comes out when he’s walking away.

WR: Khunchai! I didn’ know that you are still here.

KR: It’s late, I ask you to go back, Your Highness.

WR: I will wait and see grandmother On’s condition until she wakes up.

KR: Until she wakes up, it should be morning.

WR: Then I will be here until morning.

KR: But it’s not right for Thunying to…….

WR: What do you care when I’m already dead to you?

KR: A woman who’s dead to me is a daughter of a merchant, named Rasa.

Chai Ruj gets in the room.

Chai Pat: Thunying will not go back, won’t she?

KR: Yes. She insisted that she would watch over grandmother all night.

Chai Pat: What about you? Go back and rest. Tomorrow should be another big day for you.

KR: No. If Thunying is here, I will be here.

Chai Pat: I get it. I will arrange a guest room for her, and you….

KR: I’ll be here, in front of the room outside. Don’t worry.

Late at night.

KR: How is Thunying?

Bua: Thunying’s already fallen asleep. Khunchai, don’t worry. His Highness Chat (Wanrasa’s father) sent me to look after her. Khunchai should go back and get some rest.

He looks at Wanrasa.

KR: She should be sleeping on the bed in the guest room, sitting and sleeping like that would be uncomfortable.

Bua: She’s stubborn. She wouldn’t go there, no matter how many times I asked.

KR: Thunying! Thunying, please wake up!

WR: Khunchai.

KR: Please sleep in the guest room, sleep in a sitting position like that will make your body ache. When you wake up, surely, you will be sick, Your Highness.

WR: No! I will stay here.

KR: Don’t be stubborn, Your Highness.

He grabs her.

WR: Let me go! I will stay here, and you should stop bothering me!

KR: In that case, it leaves me no choice. Please forgive me, Your Highness.

He carries her in his arms.

WR: Let me go, Khunchai!

KR: The more Your Highness struggles, the more I will tighten my hold. Will you be stubborn now?

He puts her down.

KR: (To Bua) Take care of Thunying.

WR: Bua, leave us.

Bua: Yes.

KR: You should get some sleep.

WR: Will you not ask me why I told the truth like that?

KR: ….

WR: In the party, I heard you would be posted to Switzerland so I wanted to congratulate you. I didn’t think I would be hearing you telling about us, and told both of your grandmothers that I was dead. All that, were my motivation to tell the truth, before I wouldn’t have a chance to tell.

KR: The truth you told, led to complication.

WR: I’ll admit it’s my fault causing grandmother On to fall sick, but I’m not sorry that I told the truth.

KR: The time is up for making a conversation, Your Highness.

She backhugs him.

WR: Don’t walk away from me like this. Khunchai never walks away from Rasa. Khunchai always saves Rasa. Isn’t that right?

He breaks her hands free and gets out.


Suddenly Khunchai Ruj turned a stubborn head. How could he let Wanrasa confronted the truth alone in front of his relatives? I wanted him to say something at that moment but none. What’s funny was why they did this serious talk in the ministry’s party and not at home. I love Chai Phi and Chai Lek more and more, they brought funny bits to the episode and made me giggle. Chai Pat was so serious and did things according to reasons and logic. I wonder how he will change once he truly loves someone.

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  1. I’m too late to know your website, because always wait and find the Engsub of Khun Chai Pawornruj from one week to one week. But I just saw your site today, while Khun Chai Pawornruj has been finished. But I really enjoy your cap, it make me clear everything. Thanks you so much.

  2. Thanks for the quick update. Saw this in Thai yesterday and while I got the whole drama of it, your translations show them in a whole new night :).

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