Khunchai Prawonruj Episode 9

You know, Khunchai Ruj’s social status is not bad at all. It’s just that Wanrasa’s status is quite high and, with a fiance with the same status too.

Episode 9-1

KR: I didn’t think canned food would taste this good.

R: Yes, in this kind of difficult situation.

KR: Did you see Peng this evening? That’s why you ran like that?  (Man, how can she call High Highness, Peng? Haha..)

R: Yes, I think I saw him. He must be looking for me.

KR: And why did you say that you’re not good enough for me? And you told me not to get angry if you would tell the truth. Good enough or not good enough, what do you mean, Rasa? Are we looking at each other from our different lineages or our hearts that share the same feeling?

He puts a blanket around her shoulders.

KR: Please tell me, whether or not your heart shares the same feeling as mine? (He embraces her.) Could you please let me hear your answer, Rasa?

R: Whatever you’re thinking, I’m thinking that too. I think the same way you do in everything.

KR: What if, I tell you I love you?

R: But if you know my family, may be you will not……

KR: We’re talking about the hearts that share the same feeling, not about lineage, aren’t we?

KR: You love me, don’t you, Rasa?…It’s enough that you love me, Rasa. Social classes are not important. When I’m with you, I just want to be a man who loves a woman with all my heart, and will take care of her for the rest of my life.

R: Khunchai.

(Man, if only he knew that he’s getting the princess’s heart…)

Morning comes.

KR: Good morning, sleepy girl.

R: Khunchai. (She gets up.) It’s morning.

KR: Yes, it’s morning. You can sleep some more if you want, and I’ll prepare breakfast for you.

R: Let me help you.

KR: That’s all right. You sprained your angle so it’s better to let me do it.

He gives her a bowl of soup.

KR: It’s still hot.

R: Thank you.

KR: I’ll go outside and will be back.

He comes back.

R: What is it?

KR: It’s a crutch for you to walk in the snow, if nobody would really come looking for us.

R: Thank you, Khunchai.

KR: When you go back to Thailand, wait for me.

R: Yes.

KR: What about your fiance?

R: I’ll completely take care of that.

They get out of the cottage.

R: Feeling so fresh.

KR: Yes, I don’t want to go back.

R: Then you be here alone.

KR: Why is that? You don’t want to be with me?

R: How are we going to stay here? You do the hunting, and I look for firewood?

KR: You know, I want to go back to Thailand with you, so I can meet your parents and ask for their permission  to see you officially . I’ll have to stay here for the meeting, for several weeks. But don’t worry, the first thing I will do is, to go see you.

R: Khunchai.

KR: I am serious about you, Rasa.

Aww….Khunchai, you are so sweet…

Episode 9-2

R: The road is actually just ahead of us.

KR: All right?

The rescue unit comes, and with Thunchai Thut too.

T: Ying Taew!

KR: Your Highness…. Pakorn.

T: Why didn’t you say that you were with Pakorn’s group, and Khunchai Prawonruj?

R: I have no reason to tell you.

KR: What is this? Rasa, who are you ?

R: This is the truth that I wanted to tell you.

KR: Say it.

T: Say it! You can’t? Then I’ll say it! She is Monchao-ying Wanrasa Arunrat, my fiancée!

Chai Thut walks to her.

T: Ying Taew, let’s go back!

KR: Be careful, Your Highness! Thunying sprained her angle.

T: Don’t you dare order me!

KR: Don’t hurt Thunying anymore. I beg you, Your Highness.

T: Right? You’re so worried about her? You bastard!

P: If Your Highness punches Ruj, I will punch you back. Royalty, who cares!

T: Let’s go….Ying Taew! (He grabs her wrist.) Get in the car.

They leave together.

P: That’s Thunying Taew. She disguised herself to travel with us.

KR: Don’t say anymore, Pakorn. I understand everything.

At the embassy.

Im : Your Highness, I ask for your asylum (she tries to use royal terms but it’s all wrong, she means forgiveness, in Thai, two words sound similar) that I insulted you. Your Highness (me) cries for many days now.

Her aunt tells her that she said it all wrong, so she suggests Im read out what she prepared.

Im reads it out, (all in correct royal terms), “I have insulted you throughout the trip for weeks. Please forgive me.”

Her aunt begs Wanrasa to forgive her niece.

Wanrasa says, she doesn’t mind it, her insults made the trip enjoyable and wild in all her life.

Euai and Ai agree with her. Ai says, if there’s no Im, her mouth would be lonely.  Im says thank you to them that they praise her despite what she did.

WR: Please get up and sit down. Talk to me like I’m Rasa.

Im bows and sits down, and thanks Wanrasa for not taking her status seriously with her.

Aun: Your Highness, His Highness is waiting and ready to leave.

They walk out.

T: Don’t waste time, Ying Taew, or you will miss the plane.

She looks around.

T: Khunchai is not here, and will not have the rights to step in here, as long as, you’re here.

WR: That means I should leave quickly so Khunchai (Ruj) can come here to work, right?

WR: Let’s hurry leave, Nu Euai, Nu Ai. I don’t want to be here, too.

She turns to the ambassador.

WR: Mr. Ambassador, I’m sorry for troubling you all.

He bows and says good-bye formally.

Episode 9-3

T: Ying Taew, get in the car! …Get in the car!

WR: Not yet!

She turns to Pakorn.

WR: Where is Khunchai?

P: Khunchai cannot come to send you off, the embassy forbids him.

WR: Talk to me the same way, Khun Pakorn.

P: Yes.

WR: Where is he now?

P: He must be in hiding somewhere.

WR: Please tell him that I’m sorry, and I didn’t mean it.

P: Yes.

Ai reminds Pakorn about their promise. He says both the distance and time are in his memory, he definitely won’t forget. Ai says she will start the countdown waiting for him. He says, he will too.

Pakorn hugs her.

Aun: Wait for me, Nu Euai.

Euai: Yes, I will wait for you. Don’t forget to write letters and postcards.

Aun: Yes.

Euai: I will wait. …I have to go.

Ai : Good-bye, Switzerland, my love.

Euai : Good-bye, Switzerland, the land of heaven.

Wanrasa sees Khunchai Ruj on her way to the airport, she waves good-bye.

P: Thunying already got on the plane. What will you do?

KR: I can’t think now.

P: Actually, I feel for her. She had to run from Thunchai and traveled with us, and she met you,  but you known her since childhood, so she couldn’t tell us her true identity. I think you shouldn’t be mad at her. She really didn’t have a choice.

KR: Actually, she was trying to tell me the truth many times, sometimes indirectly. It’s just that I didn’t think about it.

P: So, what’s next? You have to work with that dude, Thunchai, for months.

KR: Don’t worry about that, I can handle it.

P: About Thunying, will you continue with the relationship?

KR: I don’t have the rights to pull the sky down.

Episode 9-4

Back to Bangkok.

Royal dad: Wanrasa, why did you behave like that? You lied to me that you sent a telegraph to Chai Thut, that’s not enough, disguised yourself, hid from Chai Thut, and traveled with another man.

WR: I didn’t run away with a man. We were in a tour group.

D: But, in the end, you stayed the night with that man, just the two of you.

WR: That man, that you said, was Momratchawong Prawonruj Juthathep. He’s a gentleman enough. He didn’t do anything to me even when we were together just the two of us.

D: You believe him? But I don’t trust him. That Khunchai works at the same place with Chai Thut, what if he talks, won’t things be spreading out in the ministry?

WR: Khunchai Ruj will never talk about things that will disgrace me. You should look into Pee Chai Thut more than him, because that man never honors any women.

D: Wanrasa! If you are talking about Chai Thut with other foreign women, I know it all. He confessed to me.

WR: Then I wasn’t wrong, right, father? He deceived me. He didn’t love me.

D: Chai Thut told me that he wasn’t serious with those women. It’s just temporary, why do you care?

WR: Father, you dont’ think he did anything wrong?

D: No. The way men see other women, it’s men’s nature. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

WR: You allow him to have other women beside me.

D: No, my daughter. Once he marries you, he will quit such behavior naturally. He promised me.

WR: You believe him more than your daughter.

D: Wanrasa, don’t talk to me like that!

WR: I will. If he breaks his promise and has many other wives, you will want me to suffer and share him with other women, right?

D: Stop talking, Wanrasa! Do not blame Chai Thut when you haven’t been punished for your previous mistake. From now on, you can’t go anywhere. You can’t leave the house for three weeks!

WR: Father!

D: Nu Euai and Nu Ai can only come here to visit you, cannot invite you out anywhere.

At Thewaphrom Palace.

Krathin is fishing. Marathi and Rumpa want her to clean their rooms. Krathin refuses to take their orders because she’s not this house’s servant, and, in the future, she will be their sister-in-law.

Marathi slaps her and wants to whip her but a man stops her. He says, if she hits Krathin, she will be dead. They scream. Kaet rushes to see what happened.

The man named Khlao. He came from Phangnga (a province in the south, Krathin’s hometown). Kaet can guess who he is. Krathin tells him that she told Kaet about him. Kaet tells him to rest and they will talk. Kaet tells Krathin to take him to the kitchen, and she orders some food be prepared for him.

Kaet tells her two sisters that Khlao is a miner, and Krathin’s brother. Rumpa wonders if Krathin’s mother has another child, but Marathi thinks their face features look different so he must be another kind of brother.

Krathin says she’s happy that Khlao came and saved her. She tells him to tell Khunchai Thewapun (Kaet’s father) that he came to take her home. But a servant warns him that Krathin’s mother gave Krathin to Khunchai Thewapun already, if Khlao takes her away, he could be arrested.  They tell him to take a bath and change his clothes. Krathin tells him  to eat some more.

Episode 9-5

Kaet is telling Khlao that he can’t take Krathin anywhere, because Krathin will have to marry Khunchai Prawonruj.  He asks why they have to force her, Krathin and him promised to live together as husband and wife. Kaet tells him it’s been arranged by the elders and he should accept it. He says he knew about it and tried to accept it, but he can’t take it when Krathin is getting bullied. He asks why people in this house are so cruel. Kaet tells him to go home but he says he will stay until Krathin gets married, to take care of her. Krathin asks where he’s staying. He says, at a nearby temple. Krathin cries, and he tells her not to cry.

Krathin tells him to come here everyday, and she will prepare food for him three meals a day. Khlao says the material of the shirt makes him feel itchy all over. He takes it off and is putting on his old clothes. Krathin says he always takes off his clothes like that.  Marathi sees the naked Khlao and screams. Krathin tells Khlao that he already took revenge on Marathi for her.

Wanrasa is reading a letter and cries.

WR: After we came back to Thailand, Khunchai never mentioned Rasa at all.

Ai : Yes, Khun Pakorn told me that Khunchai kept himself busy with his work. He became quiet and stressful, and didn’t go out when Khun Pakorn asked. Moreover, it’s the time of the preparation for an important meeting, so Khunchai is working days and nights, worst than before.

WR: He must be very angry at me that he won’t forgive me.

Euai says, Khunchai must be depressed about what happened so she should give him time.

WR: But I’m afraid that he won’t see me anymore…for the rest of his life.

Euai feels sad for her friend, so she suggests Wanrasa write a letter to Khunchai. They will deliver it for her. She guarantees that her father won’t know about it. Ai warns her,  if they deliver the letter to the embassy and Thunchai Thut knows about it, it will be a mess. Euai says, she won’t send it to the embassy but Khun Pakorn. She says, so Wanrasa can talk with khunchai. They are happy with the plan.

Khunchai Thewapun learns about Khlao from Marathi and gets angry. Kaet says Khlao is Krathin’s brother, but her father says Krathin is the only child so he asks who he is. Krathin says Khlao is not a thief, he’s a worker in the mine, and is like a brother to her because he always takes care of her from bad people (looking at Marathi). He asks why Khlao is here. Krathin says, he came to protect her because he knew she got bullied here. Khunchai Thewapun thinks he came for money thinking Krathin is now rich.

Marathi says he shouldn’t be her brother but a lover. He asks if Khlao is her hubby. Kaet says Krathin is just seventeen, he shouldn’t talk about such thing. He says, it’s normal for a country girl to have kids when they’re not even twenty.

Krathin stands up and says, she admits that she loves Pee Khlao, and he alrady asked for her hand in marriage with her mother. Her mother told them to wait until she grew up some more. Krathin says, she doesn’t want to get married with Khunchai Ruj. Khunchai Thewapun scolds Krathin for being stupid, and that he helped her to become Khunchai’s wife, a diplomat’s wife in the future, why she wants to have a thief as her husband instead.

Krathin says, she doesn’t want to be a wife of a diplomat but a wife of a man she loves. She says she’s willing to be a thief’s wife more than a wife of that Khunchai dude!

He wants to punish Krathin but Kaet stops him. She tells her father what they’re doing is bad enough, and he has to remember that they love each other from before and they (her family) separated them.

He scolds at Kaet, if she allows Khlao to meet Krathin here, he will punish her severely. Marathi thinks they will meet secretly for sure. He comes up with a plan. Grandmother On wants to teach Krathin how to cook at Juthathep Palace, so he will send Krathin to stay there all day and only come back in the evening. Then he asks Marathi for some money and will give it back to her later. (He’s a die-hard gambler.)

Episode 9-6

Chai Thut : The meeting will be done in two weeks. When you go back to the capital, I hope you won’t make Ying Taew be uncomfortable.

KR: What did I do to make Her Highness Wanrasa be uncomfortable?

T: Arrogant! You meant to steal my fiancée!

KR: No, that’s not it. When Her Highness was travelling with me, to my knowledge, Her Highness was Khun Rasa Sae-haw, she had a fiance named Peng, an agent importing Swiss watches.

T: She told you that?

KR: Khun Sara also told me that Peng was a womanizer, courting foreign and Thai girls at the same time, and that he told her he loved only her, was a lie, and when she went back to the capital, she would tell her family to break off the engagement…… So, Your Highness, you cannot accuse me on any charges.

Chai Ruj tells his colleagues to let him rest for a while.

Pakorn comes in and says, it’s such a nice weather today, so they should play a good host and take the guests for a walk.

KR: What guests?

P: They are waiting outside.

Aww…..Khunchai Tharathorn!

KR: Pee Chai Yai! Nong Maprang!

M: Surprise!

CT: How are you, Chai Ruj?

KR: I have to ask you, how are you? Nong Maprang, you told me you would be here tomorrow.

CT: She wants to come to Switzerland faster.

M: Pee Chai Yai came not many days and already he took me to many places that, I don’t want to go back to study, but to go back with him.

Chai Yai smiles and says, how she can talk like that, she’s too naughty now.

KR: It’s common to want to go home, especially, when you are abroad. Everyone wants to go home, just like me.

Maprang reminds Khunchai Yai not to forget to ask him about a woman named Rasa. Pakorn suggests a lunch at his restaurant. Pakorn tells Maprang to come with him first. Chai Yai tells her to leave first.

CY: Anything happened, Chai Ruj?

KR: I had a broken heart for the second time. It’s so funny that I came to Switzerland and was able to get over my first broken heart, and had a second broken heart at the same time.

CY: Do you want to tell me?

KR: I won’t tell you in details because I need time, may be one or two months, or I don’t want to talk about it at all. I must have done bad deeds (karma) about love. But it’s good, so I can go back and marry the woman grandmother chose for me. I have just this much watsana (good fortune due to past good deeds).

He cries.


Euai asks if Khunchai didn’t write her back.

WR: Only letters from Pee Chai Thut. I didn’t want to read them at all. What about Khun Pakorn, did he tell you anything about Khunchai?…….What happened, Nu Euai, Nu Ai ? Tell me.

Ai: Khun Pakorn was told not to tell you about Khunchai.

WR: Cruel!

Euai: Don’t be discouraged. We still have a way out.

WR: How is the way out?

Euai: If we can’t find out from Khuchai himself, we will only have to find out from the Juthathep brothers.

Episode 9-7

Pakorn asks if the food is all right. Chai Yai and Maprang say it’s taste very good. Pakorn asks what their plan after this is.

CY: This evening we will go to Interlaken and go up Jungfrau tomorrow, then we will continue to Italy.

M: Prang wants Pee Chai Ruj to come with us.

CY: (Clear throat) Prang, I think that won’t be good.

P: Why is it not good?

CY: Prang, I think we should go alone this time.

P: Pee Chai Yai, what are you saying? It’s embarrassing.

M: Pee Chai Ruj, is Jungfrau beautiful?

KR: Yes, it’s very beautiful.

M: I heard there’s an ice sculpture, who can throw a coin in, can come back to Jungfrau again. Pee Chai Yai, we have to throw a coin together.

CY: Of course, we will, since we are here, but I think we will surely come here again together.

M: Why is that?

CY: For our honeymoon.

M: Pee Chai Yai!

KR: Let me excuse myself.

Varat comes in and gives Khunchai a letter. It’s left for his room so he took it for him. Chai Ruj takes a look and returns it to him.

KR: You keep it, and if a letter with this handwriting comes again, don’t give it to me. You can throw it away.

Varat: What should I do, Khunchai never takes any letter from Thunying?

P: Let me keep it.

CY: Pakorn, what is that letter? Let me look at it.

He looks at the name on the envelope.

CY: Rasa Arunrat?

M: Arunrat Palace? Who is Rasa?

CY: Pakorn, I think you need to tell me about this Rasa, if she’s Her Highness Wanrasa Arunrat.

Krathin is worried that lots of mosquitoes bit Khlao. Kaet sees them and asks how he can get in here. Krathin says, the servants called him here. Kaet wants Khlao to leave. Krathin tells her that he can’t stay a the temple anymore, so she wants to know where he can stay. Kaet tells him to wait here. A servant comes in and asks Khlao if he knows how to mix the cement. He says yes, so the servant tells him to help repair the wall.

Marathi says a charity ball of the hospital tomorrow night, they must be the most beautiful and elegant. Kaet asks if it’s them brought Khlao here. They say they felt for lovers so they helped them. Kaet says, do not think that their plan will work, so Marathi asks her how she will fight this battle.

Khlao is helping with the chores. Khunchai Thewapun sees him and asks who he is. The servant says he came to help repair the wall.

Kaet is telling her two sisters that she will tell father about their plan. The two think Krathin already slept with a man long back, a country girl like her. A servant runs to Kaet, and tells her to go to the front of the house immediately.

Episode 9-8

Khunchai Thewapun wants to know who Khlao is. Khlao says he’s the servant’s relative and wants to come to Bangkok, he’s working for free. Khunchai is delighted that it’s free and asks his name.  He says his full name is Leuchai. Khlao says he lives quite far to come to work, so Khunchai lets him stay with the servant here. He tells Kaet not to let him go to the main house.

Khunchai tells Khlao to call him  ‘Thun’ instead of ‘Nai’ (Mr.) becuase he’s Momratchawong Thewapun Thewaphrom. Krathin smiles too wide, so Khunthai tells her that he forbids her lover to come here. He asks what that thief’s name is. Krathin says it’s Khlao. He says he forbids Khlao to come here. (Buahaha…..)

Krathin is too happy that Khlao can stay. Kaet reminds her that her father allows Leuchai to stay not Khlao, and Krathin shouldn’t be touching him like that. So, they agree to call him Leuchai.

At Juthathep Palace.

Chai Pat is forcing his two younger brothers to come to the charity ball in place of Chai Yai, who is not here. Chai Lek (Ratchanon) is cmplaining that it’s boring. Chai Phi says, definitely, especially when he has to go with Rumpa, so boring. Chai Pat says, for him too, he has to go with Marathi, and that’s why they have to come.

Chai Lek: Don’t tell me, you want me to be with Marathi for you.

Chai Pat: That’s right, help me. At least, don’t let her stick with me all the time like the last ball.

Chai Lek: All right, I will try, but you will have to introduce beautiful girls in the ball to me.

Chai Phi: Me, too. I would like to know those nurses or your students. I think everyone is beautiful.

Chai Lek and Chai Phi say in unison, girls! beatuiful girls!

Marathi is admiring her dress. Rumpa says their father let Krathin go to the ball too. Marathi thinks she will help Krathin get close to her lover, so they will end up sleeping together. Their plan is, not to let Krathin marry Khunchai Prawonruj.

At Arunrat Palace.

Wanrasa asks for her father’s permission to go to the charity ball with him tonight. It’s a surprise for him because, normally, she doesn’t like to go by saying that she doesn’t want to wear a mask. Wanrasa says she behaves well for almost a month already and wants to get out of the house, and this ball is for charity to buy medical equipments, and she wants to hear him sing.

He allows her to go with him, on the condition that, she will have to play her violin in the ball. The servant says Wanrasa prepared the food herself.

Episode 9-9

At the charity ball.

Marathi is teasing Chai Lek that she will tell Nong Sineenuch in Penang that he compliments other girls. Chai Lek says he saw Nong Nuch when she was young, and they didn’t see each other after they’s grown up yet, so she shouldn’t mind. Chai Pat says Phraongchao (son of a king) Chatarun (Rasa’s father) will sing to mark the opening of the dancing floor, and he points to him for his brothers.

The brothers say they remember playing at Arunrat Palace when they were young. Chai Pat tries to think of the youngest daughter’s name. Marathi says it’s Momchao-ying Wanrasa. Chai Pat wonders what she will look like growing up. Marathi says the rumor says she’s very beautiful. Chai Pat says, she came to this ball too.

Euai tells Wanrasa that, that is Khuchai doctor, Putthipat, and all three came. Wanrasa asks who is who. Ai says the one with glasses is Khunchai Puttipat, the doctor. The darker face is Khunchai Ratchanon, and the youngest one, quite a long face, is Khunchai Ronnaphee. Wansara asks if Khunchai  doctor is the one they want her to talk with. Ai says, yes, he’s the one closest to Khunchai Prawonruj. Wanrasa asks if he will talk to her, because he looks so serious and quiet. Euai says, she learns that Khunchai Puttipat is very kind and loved by everyone.

Wanrasa’s father sings, and the two brothers dance with the two girls. Ai approaches Khunchai Ratchanon, and tells him her friends want to know him. Chai Lek says, wow, she’s like a princess. Ai says, it’s true, she is the princess. Chai Lek walks to the girls and tells them to introduce themselves.

Chai Pat looks at his brother and wonders who Chai Lek is talking with.

The three girls introduce themselves as Ai, Euai, and Taew. Chai Lek says, Khun Taew is really the princess for tonight. Wanrasa asks if he can help her with something.


I feel sad for Khunchai Prawonruj because he really can’t do anything in this. Wansara also can’t do much either because of her family name and she has a fiance too. During those days, a girl can’t really approach a man first, not to mention if she comes from a royal family. So, if Khunchai ‘s not going to get up and work it out, I don’t know who will. Wanrasa may try to see him, but only so much she can do if he thinks that he’s good enough for her. Well, they are going to need some help, and that means the Juthathep brothers may have to lend them a hand.

More later.


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