Khunchai Prawonruj Episode 7

Ackkk! Falling deep for Khunchai Ruj. This week’s episodes, the story was picking up nicely.


This is a period drama. Overall language in this series is formal to very formal with social classes and titles. The heroine, M.C. Wanrasa disguises herself as a commoner, Rasa. The hero M.R. Prawonruj (aka Khunchai Ruj) is her childhood’s friend. She remembers him but not vice versa. Khunchai Ruj calls his childhood’s friend Thunying (how a M.R. and lower address a M.C. woman) Taew (her nickname), and he always hopes to see her someday. They meet on the trip to Switzerland and are now traveling together. Once he learns her true title, he will have to use royal terms when speaking to her. Khunchai Ruj will use thoe instead of khun (as he’s a royal blood) when calling a woman of lower class, and thanying for higher classes. Overall manners of the characters is prim and proper.

Episode 7-1

Eh…I think Im is singing in a high soprano, I guess. (Good grief!).  Khunchai Ruj looks around for Rasa but she’s not there so he goes upstairs.

KR: What are you doing?

R : Sewing the clothes. I tore it when I was falling down the horse, so I mend it before returning it to Khun Watdao.

KR: Here, let me do it.

R: What are you doing, khunchai?

KR: Sewing the clothes for you.

R: I never think a man can sew.

KR: Not just this small tear, sewing buttons on, patch up, darn, or alterations to make the clothes bigger or smaller, I did them all before.

R: Khunchai is making me feel ashamed. I am a woman but didn’t how to do these kinds of things.  Sewing, cooking, it must be Khunchai’s mother, Chongnang, who taught you.

KR: Very correct. My mother taught me all these since I was young. She meant for me to take care of my brothers, and it’s true like my mother thought. When we had to live in England by ourselves, I was the one took care of all these.

R: Whoever become your wife, will be lucky.


R: I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be prying.

KR: That’s all right. You remind me of someone who may become my wife in the future.

R: Who is that?…Again, I’m prying again.

KR: That’s all right, Rasa. You are the one I want to tell everything….My betrothed, she must be just seventeen. Momya (royal grandmother) and grandmother On arranged everything for me.

R: Khunchai has a betrothed?

KR: Yes.

R: You mean you didn’t fall in love with her.

KR: How can I, Rasa? I have never seen her.

R: (Smile)

KR: What a pity, the photograph of my bride-to-be was lost along with that diary, that I asked you before.

R: Khunchai ka, about that diary……

KR: What is it?

She is returning the diary to him.

KR: You kept it, why didn’t you tell me?

R: When that westerner bumped on my violin and Khunchai helped pick it up, Khunchai dropped that diary underneath your seat so I picked it up without knowing whose it was. I found it again when I was looking through my suitcase, and I meant to return it but kept forgetting about it.

He flips through the pages.

R: What is Khunchai looking for?

KR: A photograph. The photograph of my betrothed, Momluang (great-great-grandchild of a king) Kathin Thewaphrom. [ka-thin, the-wa-phrom]

R: Who knows, when you go back, you might fall for her.

KR: There’s no way, Rasa, she is too young. Even if I meet her in the future, I can’t think of her more than a sister.

He gives the jacket back to her.

KR: I finish the sewing for you. Will you be joining your friends in the sitting room?

R: No, I won’t. I’m very tired already for today.

KR: Good night, Rasa. See you in the morning.

He closes the door.

R: I’m sorry, Khunchai, that I didn’t return your bride-to-be’s photograph.

In the morning, the group are leaving Watdao’s house.

Her friend asks if that girl in the photo is Thunchai’s betrothed (Thunchai is more formal than khunchai). One girl says Thunchai doesn’t know that girl, so Thanying should feel relieved. (*Than = more formal than khun, behind everyone’s back, her friends will use very formal terms when talking to her)

R: What should I feel relieved about?

A: That Thunchai doesn’t have any commitment.

R: That doesn’t concern me.

They tease her so Rasa walks away. Pakorn tells them to get into the car.

A: What is our program today?

Aun : Today we are going to Grindelwald and we will park our car there. Then we will take a train to Kleine Scheidegg station, and change the train to Jungfraujoch station which is the highest station in Europe.


Euai and Ai (they are twins so I still couldn’t remember who is who, they come as our heroine’s chaperones) are saying today they will be having the funnest time.

Watdao is Khunchai’s ex-girlfriend, but she’s now married.

W: It’s Khun Rasa, isn’t it, that you were talking about?

KR: But I’m still not sure about her.

W: Why is that?

KR: One day she could be sweet, another day she could be so cold. Women are hard to understand. (Yeah..)

W: It won’t be that difficult if you care for her enough.

KR: Thank you for your advice. I’ll have to go now.

W: Please come visit here again.

KR: I will definitely come back here.

She cries.

KR: Why are you crying, Watdao?

W: Khunchai knows that I don’t like saying good-bye.

She hugs him.

W: May you be happy. Have a safe trip.

KR: Thank you.

Episode 7-2

OMG…what a beautiful scenery. Haha…Chai Ruj turns his face away when Im wants to take a picture with him. The song is beautiful but still *scratch head* how to translate those words.

And the train stops on the way for some sight-seeing.

R: So beautiful!

KR: This is a glacier.

Rasa glares.

Im : Khunchai kaaaa! It’s so beautiful. I’m tempting to go down there to run and play.

Ai : Khunchai ka, can a glacier here cave in? I’m afraid from the way Khun Im was jumping, the ice might collapse and fall down. You are good at injuring people.

Im : When and where did I injure anyone? If it’s about that incident yesterday, you should blame it on the horse, not me.

Ai : And if it wasn’t your ridiculousness to hit the horse with a whip, would the horse be spooked?

Im : You!

Pakorn : Oh, all right, that’s enough, please stop. How about taking some pictures, because the train is about to leave soon. Please!

P: Please, that’s enough. Let’s take some pictures.

Euai calls Rasa to take a picture together. Im calls her brother (Pee Aun) to take a picture for her.  But when Im puts her head on Khunchai’s shoulder, Pakorn says they should get on the train now or they will miss it. Haha.

Anddd..they reach Jungfraujoch station.

P: Walk carefully. Jungfraujoch is approx. almost 3,500 meters above the sea level, so the atmosphere is very thin making it difficult to breathe. Let’s walk slowly. Oh, Khun Im, can you take it?

Im : Yes, I can, a whole lot, but I’m worried about those who are skinny like flatworms. They could get blown away unexpectedly by the snow once we reach the top of the mountain.

Ai : We are humans, not kites, you…tapeworm!

They are walking off.

KR: How are you feeling?

R: I’m all right.

He offers her his arm.

R: That’s unnecessary, Khunchai.

KR: Don’t be stubborn.

He takes out a pack of candies.

KR: Here, have this candy so you can feel better.

R: Thank you.

KR: Watdao knew that we would come up here, so we surely would need them.

R: I won’t have it. I don’t like it.

Im is having difficulty breathing and calling for help. Euai is asking if someone has an inhalant. Ai says Rasa has it. Aun gives it to Im.

Aun : I told you to breathe slowly and not to argue back and forth.

P: Khun Im and Nu (little sis/bro) Ai are like this. Will you be going in the ice cave?

They both shake their heads.

P: In that case, I will stay to look after Khun Im and Nu Ai. Ruj…dude, you take Khun Euai, Khun Rasa and Khun Aun with you. I’ll leave them in your care.

R: That’s all right, Khunchai. I will go with Nu Euai and Khun Aun. Khunchai can wait here. (She turns to Euai.) Let’s go.

They walk off by themselves. Khunchai follows them anyway.

Inside the ice cave.

Euai : Khun Aun, please take my picture for me. Over there! There’s a fountain.

KR: Please walk carefully. The path is slippery.

She trips and he catches her.

KR: See, I told you.  (He offers her his arm.) Hold on to me. (She puts her arm around his.) We are now walking underneath the glacier which is above our head approx. 30 meters. It’s unbelievable that human beings can dig this long tunnel.

R: Why do you know so much? You must have come here very often.

KR: Just once when I was studying in England.

R: With Khun Watdao?

Episode 7-3

R: What are you doing?

Aun : We are trying to throw a coin into Sherlock Holmes’s pipe (an ice sculpture).

Euai is explaining that if they can throw it in, they may get to come back to Jungfrau again.

R: Did you succeed?

E: No, not yet. Why don’t you try, Rasa?

A: Yes, Khun Rasa and Khunchai should try.

Euai takes Aun to another place.

KR: Walk carefully. You love to slip and get lost. Let’s throw some coins.

R: I don’t have any coin.

KR: You can borrow mine.

R: I won’t throw.

KR: Come on. If you throw and make it, you will get to come back to Jungfrau again, but, you have to take me back here with you.

R: Let me try, see if I can do it. I’m going to throw now.

She throws and misses.

R: Let me try another coin.

KR: Pay attention, Rasa.

R: I am paying attention.

KR: Or you will not get to come back here.

She throws and misses again.

R: I used up all your coins.

KR: Let me try it.

He throws and it goes in.

R: Yes. You made it. Khunchai will get to come back to Jungfrau again.

KR: So we will come back here together because we are partners.

*Ladies and gen, don’t do this at home. Their clothes were not sufficient enough for such temperature. It looked like they were freezing.

They get out of the cave.

KR: Rasa.

R: Yes.

KR: Welcome to Jungfrau.

R: Yes. It looks like heaven.

KR: Yes. It really looks like heaven. (He looks at her.) Now can you tell me what problem do you have with me?

R: What is the problem?

KR: That you’ve been acting so cold toward me lately. What is it? Did I do something to offend you?

R: There’s nothing.

KR: There must be. (He holds her.) Tell me.

Euai runs in and disturbs the moment.

Euai : Beautiful, it’s so beautiful.

Aun : In front of us, it really looks like heaven.

Euai : Yes.

Aun : Let’s go and take some pictures.

Euai: That’s a good idea.

Aun: That way.

As if on cue, Ai says it’s beautiful.

Ai : Khun Pakorn, if you didn’t bring me up here, I will not forgive you.

P: I know. I will have to bring you here, no matter what, because….

Ai : What is it?

P: Once you come up here, that means, we will get to come back here again.

Ai : We? Did you say ‘we’ ?

P: Yes, ‘we’.

Ai: Nu Ai will go over there to take some pictures. Khun Pakorn, hurry and follow me.

Pakorn walks pass Khunchai.

KR: It looks like the heaven of Jungfrau is helping love to blossom in all our friends’ hearts.

R: Yes. That’s true.

KR: What about you, Rasa? Have love blossomed in your heart?

R: I have loved….Jungfrau.

KR: If that’s so, will you come back to visit Jungfrau again with me?

She doesn’t answer and walks away.

Episode 7-4

The car won’t start.

KR: I think we can’t go (with this car). (He asks Pakorn.) What shall we do?

P: Here at Grindelwald, it’s quite a small town. There’s a garage but not sure about spare parts. Here, I have a choice. We can stay at a hotel here or, we can take a train to continue with our trip, or, the last choice is…

Aun: What is it?

P: Take a train home. Will that be good, Khun Im, Khun Aun?

Im: No! My vacation still has three more days left, must spend it all to be worth it.

KR: (He asks Rasa’s group.) What about you, ladies ?

Euai : For us, we will continue with our trip.

Ai : Yes, we want to visit Lucerne, walk on the wooden bridge in the town center, and see the lion in the stone cliff.

Euai : And shopping.


KR: Then, it’s not difficult. We can take a train, it’s just three hours away. We can find an accommodation there for one night, and after that we can come back here to pick up our car. Does it sound good?

Ai : That’s great.

Aun asks about the luggage in the trunk of the car. Pakorn says they will take all of it. They start taking all the luggage out except Im’s. She asks why they did take hers out. Chai Ruj asks if she really wants take this huge luggage with her. Im says, that’s for sure.

P: Dear Khun Im, we are going shopping not emigrating.

Im : I’ll take it, no matter what! Pee Aun, you must carry my luggage.

Aun : No, I’m not a servant. If you are so stubborn to take it, you will have to carry it yourself.

Im : These days, Pee Aun dares to offend me?

Aun : Yes. From now on, I won’t spoil you anymore. Take out your necessary belongings and leave the trunk here.

Im: Pee Aun!

They start moving.

Im : Why can’t we go to Lucerne by ourselves? Why do we need to take those parasites!

Ai : If we are parasites, you must be a lady giant in buffalo’s mud.

R: Nu Euai, Nu Ai, why do we have to go with them? I’m so tired of Khun Im.

Euai : Don’t pay attention to her. If we don’t go with Khun Pakorn, we won’t know places to visit or go shopping.

Ai : Yes, to have the men with us, it’s definitely safer, Thunying. Don’t Thunying feel safe whenever you are with Khunchai Ruj?

R: Nu Ai, I don’t know what are you talking about. I will go to the restroom.

Ai: Yes. Be quick.

Im is at it again, she follows Rasa.

Euai : Nu Ai, what will happen if Thunying falls for Khunchai for real?

Ai: It would be just lovely, so she can forget about Thunchai Thut (her fiance).

Euai : But there will be problems followed.

Ai: What kind of problems?

Euai: Will Thunchai Thut allow it? And what about His Highness, royal father of Thunying? If they really love each other and have a royal wedding, her MomChao (M.C.) title will be removed.

Ai : Right, I forgot about that.

Im ties a rope from Rasa door with another door in the opposite, so Rasa can’t get out.

R: Is there anyone outside? Please help me, I can’t open the door. Please help me! Anybody there? Please help me!

Chai Ruj hears Euai and Ai are wondering why Rasa hasn’t come yet, she said she was going to the restroom. Im comes on board so her brother asks if she sees Rasa since they went to the restroom following each other. Im says she doesn’t know, and she didn’t see anyone when came out of the restroom. She thinks Rasa might come out already but Ai says if she came out, they should have seen her.

Im : May be she wandered off because she loves to walk alone, feel depressed, then get lost so that Khunchai has to go look for her. Calling for some attention, right?

Ai threatens her that if she did something to Rasa out of spite again, she will render her drooping fat down to a tub of  lard.  Im calls her, peasant! Pakorn tells them to stop arguing, and they should go get Khun Rasa because the train is about to leave.  Khunchai gets up and says he will go or they will all miss the train.

R: I can’t open the door, please help me!

Khunchai gets inside the restroom.

KR: Rasa, are you in there?

R: Yes, Khunchai!

KR: Calm down. It’s all right now.

R: I don’t know who locked me up.

KR: It’s not so difficult to guess. Let’s go or we will miss the train.

The train had left. Okay, this’s ridiculous considering all their friends on the train to leave them behind. Oh, well…

R: We didn’t make it. I’m sorry.

KR: It’s not your fault. It must be Khun Im who did it.

R: What shall we do? Should we take another train?

KR: This is the last train for today.

R: Nu Euai and Nu Ai must be worried sick about me.

KR: I think so, too. Later, Pakorn will surely contact us from Lucern, we should go to the garage because Pakorn has their phone number. After that, we can go look for a place to stay for tonight.

He squeezes her hands.

KR: You must be feeling cold. Should we find a warm place first?

She nods.

Episode 7-5

Euai and Ai are worried about Rasa, but Pakorn says Ruj can take care of her. He says once they are in Lucerne this evening, he will contact Ruj right away, and wherever Ruj’s staying, he will be able to call him. Euai asks what about them here. Pakorn says they will tour Lucerne tomorrow and will come back here in the afternoon.

Euai : Please, let nothing happen to Rasa, we promised His Highness……

Ai clears her throat to stop her from saying more.

Ai : You, fatty, it’s you, isn’t  it who made Rasa couldn’t get on the train in time?

Im: What, skinny? I don’t know anything.

Euai : You must know, because you’ve been planning on getting rid of Rasa, and us two, for the whole trip.

Im: It’s because you were not invited but so unashamed to join our trip. So, it’s normal to be asked (to leave) or kicked out.

Ai says it’s her who doesn’t know because Khun Pakorn invited them from the beginning, and the unashamed one is her. Im asks Pakorn if that’s not true but Pakorn says it’s the truth.

P: Actually, I didn’t invite Khun Im and Khun Aun, but it’s you who followed us, and you are disturbing my tour. I will have to say the truth, the person who should get out of this tour is you.

Im: Khun Pakorn!

Prakorn tells Ai and Euai to move to another bogie so they will separate from them here.

Rasa’s royal father calls the embassy in Bern. The Thai ambassador to Switzerland in Bern is now on the line with His Highness. His Highness inquires about M.C. Thutsanai (Rasa’s fiance) but the ambassador tells him that Thunchai Thutsanai is away but he’s not sure which town he went. So royal daddy thinks Thunchai Thut is with Rasa. He tells him to tell Ying Taew (Rasa’s nickname) to call him back.

The ambassador asks if Thanying Wanrasa came to Switzerland. Varat, who is near by, drops a file from his hands (because he met Thunying and covered it up for her). Royal daddy says, yes, she’s been there for two weeks already, but then he asks in return if the ambassador doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t know. Daddy thinks it’s quite strange that they didn’t stop by the embassy, but may be they went somewhere else and will come to Bern later. The ambassador says, if two weeks ago, Thunchai was having a meeting with him and other officers here so may be Thunchai was asked to join her after that. Daddy requests that he finds her, and tells her to call him because he’s worried.

The ambassador asks Varat if he knew that Thunying and her friends came to Switzerland. Varat says he didn’t know. Mr. Ambassador scolds him that Thunying Taew came to Swiss and no Thais know. He asks if Varat knows where Thunchai Thut is. Varat says he heard Thunchai went to Interlaken. The ambassador is worried because Thunchai is famous for courting many women both Westerner and Thai, and it won’t be good if Thunying (Rasa) sees him like that. He orders Varat to locate Thunchai and contact him.

Varat comes to Pakorn’s restaurant and inquires about the three women’s whereabouts. Khun Nueng tells him that the three are with Khun Pakorn and Khunchai Ruj, at Grindelwald. But he can’t contact them because he doesn’t know where they are staying, but he could ask his niece because she went there with Thunchai Thutsanai (Uh-oh!). He says his niece told him that Thunchai’s been courting her.

Varat’s eyes gone so big. He confirms with Khun Nueng if it’s Grindelwald that Thunchai Thut went. When Khun Nueng says yes, Varat tells him to keep it a secret from his niece, and he takes off. Haha.

At Grindelwald.

KR: What are you laughing about?

R: Khun Im is still giving us a burden. Look, Khunchai now has to carry her luggage.

KR: That’s right. The garage didn’t allow us to leave it there.

She slips again so he offers her his hand.

KR: Hold my hand tight so you won’t slip again.

They get into a building.

KR: We are here.

R: Is this a hotel?

KR: It’s not really a hotel but they have rooms for rent. I came here once on my first trip to Switzerland.

R: Wih Khun Pakorn?

KR: Yes, when I studied in England. Here may not be that comfortable but sufficient for a stay.

R: I count it as good for the money I have left, because my wallet is with Nu Ai and Nu Euai.

KR: Don’t worry because my wallet is with me.

He searches his pockets for it.

R: Khunchai, don’t tell me you forgot your wallet too!

He laughes.

R: Did you just lie to me?

KR: I did not, see, this is my wallet.

R: Then why did you act like you lost it? Did Khunchai tease Rasa?

KR: It’s because when you are in a panic, your face looks lovely.  (Aww….and here I thought Khunchai Ruj was the quietest one out of the five gentlemen… )

R: Making people panic, is a bad karma.

KR: But making lovely face like that when you panic, you are making merit to the one who are looking at you.

She smiles.

KR: Remember this, Rasa. Even if I have no money with me, I will never let you sleep on the street feeling cold. This place doesn’t change much which reminds me of that time I came to Switzerland. The three of us were having so much fun.

R: Three persons? Who was another one?

KR: It’s Watdao.

Thunchai Thut is walking by behind them. (Dun.Dun.) Khunchai Ruj excuses himself to walk around that corner of the building; the three of them got drunk and slipped on a pile of snow.

R: Then I will be sitting here and wait.

KR: Yes. I’ll be back.

Episode 7-6

Thunchai Thut sees Khunchai Ruj. (Ackk…royalty terms overwhelmed.) Note: Thunchai Thut (aka M.C. Thutsanai aka Rasa’s fiance) is higher in title so Khunchai Ruj must speak to him using royal terms.

T: What a coincidence to see you here!

KR: Your Highness.

T: But again, it’s not that strange because everybody has to visit Jungfrau. So, did you go up there?

KR: I went up there this morning, Your Highness.

T: With that young lady over there?

KR: Did you see, Your Highness?

T: Of course, I did, or, you don’t want me to see? Wanting to hide her?

KR: When did you arrive here, Your Highness?

T: I just came. I plan to visit here and Interlaken for two days and then Jungfrau. And..about this young lady, are you staying together?

KR: Yes, Your Highness.

T: You went to Jungfrau this morning and it’s too beautiful to stop yourself, that’s why you’re climbing again, one more time?

KR: I think Your Highness is misunderstanding me. That’s just my friend from the same tour.

T: Nah…no need to correct yourself because your brothers’ reputation is the talk of the capital.

KR: What reputation, Your Highness?

T: Womanizer, flirtation. People at Lolita know: promiscuous behavior, no limit paying. Even women from the brothels in Yaowarat are still talking about it.

KR: I don’t know what they are talking about, Your Highness, but I can guarantee you that all of my brothers are gentlemen. No one take advantage of, or dishonour the women.

T: Right, just like, you are about to stay in the same room with that young lady, honoring her the whole night.

KR: I told Your Highness that Your Highness is misunderstanding me.

T: All right, all right. I won’t interrupt you anymore. Enjoy climbing Jungfrau at night to your heart content!

A woman calls Thunchai Thut so Khunchai Ruj tells him that she comes for him.

KR: Your Highness must be staying with that young lady, just the two of you, right, Your Highness?

T: It’s none of your business!

KR: Be careful Your Highness, Jungfrau’s peak is high and the atmosphere is thin, so your health has to be in good condition. Don’t waste too much of your energy tonight, Your Highness.

T: Jerk!

Night time.

KR: Hot soup, ready to serve you.

R: Smell good. Do you have to serve it yourself?

KR: Yes. I told you, this place is not a hotel, just that they leave some rooms for rent. Let’s eat before it turns cold.

R: Eh…Khunchai told me, you were having fun here with Khun Pakorn and Khun Watdao, right?

KR: Yes. That time, we came here, and we got drunk everyday. That’s the happiest time……Are you not feeling well?

R: No.

He feels her temperature.

KR: It’s not hot.

R: I told you. I’m all right but must be tired.

KR: Finish the whole bowl of soup, and rest.

R: Which room will Khunchai be sleeping?

KR: Just outside this room. If you need anything, you can call me.

R: Which room, in case, I need something, I can call the right room?

KR: Eh…it’s not difficult to find. Just open the door and you will see me.

R: What do you mean, just open the door and see you?

KR: It’s just that this place has only one room left, so I have to sleep on that sofa.

R: How can Khunchai sleep (like that)?

KR: Just lie down leisurely for a while, it will be morning soon. Don’t you worry, please rest and see you tomorrow morning. Good night.

She comes out during the night and it’s freezing.

R: Khunchai, Khunchai!

KR: What happened?

R: Go sleep inside the room. It won’t be good for Khunchai to sleep here feeling cold.

KR: I’m all right.

R: It’s not all right. See, it looks like you are having a fever. Just go sleep inside, at least, there’s a heater.

KR: I….eh….

R: Don’t refuse. If Khunchai’s not going to sleep inside the room, I will sleep here too.

They get inside.

KR: It’s better.

R: In front of the heater, is the warmest spot. I was sleeping here just now.

KR: Isn’t it warmer on the bed?

R: With these clothes I have on, it’s not.

KR: Don’t they have a warmer blanket.

R: Or…should we take the liberty of opening Khun Im’s suitcase and look for something to keep us warm?

KR: We shouldn’t. I’m afraid of offending Khun Im.

R: But Khun Im’s never afraid of offending me. Don’t forget that we missed the train because of her.

Aww….Chai Ruj smiles so cute.

R: Let’s see what Khun Im is carrying with her. (She picks one.) Oh…this is a trousers….. that can put me in it.

KR: I think if Nu Euai and Nu Ai were here, they would fit in there too.

R: This coat looks big enough for Khunchai. Please take it.


R: Please take it, it’s cold.

KR: What? Mona Lisa?

R: Do you remember?

He laughs.

R: This is the dress when she was trying dress up as Mona Lisa.

He puts a scarf around her shoulders.

KR: This should help make you feel warmer….Better?

R: Yes.

KR: You should go to sleep.

R: I’m not feeling sleepy.

KR: Get some sleep, it will be the whole tiring day tomorrow.

He puts her to bed.

KR: Good night, again.

R: Yes.

Episode 7-7

R: How was it?

KR: The car’s not yet done fixing.

R: What should we do?

KR: I called Pakorn, and there’s a little change on the schedule. We’ll take a train to Interlaken to meet with our friends, and we will spend time there for one whole day.

R: That’s good, when we passed (the place) in the car, I heard it’s a good place for a visit, a lovely town.

KR: We should have a meal here, then we’ll go.

R: Yes, we should do that.

KR: I will bring the food for you.

R: Yes.

(Seriously, Chai Ruj should pack a lunch box for me too. Aww…)

Back to Bangkok.

Royal grandmother of our five gentlemen is visiting Thewaphrom Palace (the royal residence is called a palace, doesn’t matter it’s a big or small house). She compliments the place. Khunchai Tharathorn (the eldest son  – his series Khunchai Tharathorn has already finished airing, the first one out of the batch – ) asks Khunchai Thewapun (the host) if he’d set up a dancing floor. He says yes, and they (the brothers) will be able to show some dancing steps today.

Backtrack a bit, the story was that grandmother On found a royal country girl from the South for Khunchai Ruj (his betrothed – Momluang Krathin Thewaphrom, lower title than Khunchai Ruj), and the Thewaphrom are trying to teach her a proper manner, in other words, to fool the Juthathep family that she’s a highly educated lady. Today the Juthathep comes to take a look on her, and, of course, Khunchai Ruj’s brothers want to see her too if she’s good enough for their beloved brother.  Khunchai Thewapun is saying that M.L. Krathin is very good at ballroom dancing. Royal grandmother asks where are Chai Pat, and Chai Phi. Grandmother On says they are walking in the garden in pairs with the Thewaphrom ladies. Khunchai Tharathorn says, to show the dancing steps, he’ll have to leave it to his two younger brothers, Chai Pat and Chai Phi.

Khunchai Puthipat (The brain of the five, a serious doctor – his own series will premiere after Khunchai Ruj’s) is asking that he still didn’t see Nong (younger sis/lady) Krathin. Marathi (she thinks she’s Khunchai Puthipat’s suitable future wife) is telling him about Krathin that she’s actually a country girl that they are trying to ‘polish’ her.  She says Krathin doesn’t have a qualified behavior. He asks why she lied to him in the first place about Krathin. She blames her big sister, for making her lie so the Juthathep will come today, and also fooling her father (the host) by telling Krathin to act proper in front of him so that her father would think that Krathin’s a well-mannered. Khunchai Puthipat gets serious and says he doesn’t understand why her big sister has to do that. (The truth is her father is the man behind everything.)

And we cut to another sister who is telling Khunchai Phi, that it’s because her big sister, Pee Kaet, wants Krathin marry Khunchai Ruj.  When Khunchai Phi asks her why, she says her big sister is feeling guilty that she didn’t marry his big brother (again, the story was told in Khunchai Tharathorn series, actually, her big sister is the most reasonable one of the Thewaphrom ladies) so she’s trying to marry Krathin off with Khunchai Ruj. She says Krathin doesn’t have the qualities of the high-class, and he will see it himself today.

Khunchai Thewapun is telling how Krathin’s delicately raised since young. Khunchai Tharathorn is a little impatient, he asks when they will see her. The younger brother (OMG…I couldn’t remember his name, too many brothers) is whispering to his big brother that the other two brothers told him that Khun Kaet (the big sister) was the one who were fooling them about Krathin. Khunchai Tharathorn doesn’t buy that because she’s not that kind of person.

However, when Krathin shows up, she turns out to be a surprise for everyone. Her speech and manner is impressive. Kaet says Krathin is a quick learner. Khunchai Thewapun tells Kaet to prepare lunch. Marathi excuses herself to help her sister in the kitchen. Khunchai Thewapun invites everybody to the dinning room.

Marathi claps her hands for Krathin’s neat acting. She says Krathing will be caught in no time, a frog who wants to get on a palanquin. She says Krathin is a stupid and dirty low-class. Krathin shouts at her with her natural manner (as a sincere country girl, she was forced to be here by Kaet’s father) so Kaet tells her to stop talking rude. Kaet thanks Marathi for revealing the truth. She tells a servant to start serving the meal. Marathi throws a tantrum over the Southern cuisine they are serving, it’s embarrassing to serve such food. Kaet tells her that Krathin prepared all the food herself and even the cook complimented her. Marathi couldn’t believe she could do the cooking. Kaet tells Kathin to go to the dinning room.

Episode 7-8

Grandmother On compliments the food. Krathin says she made it a lighter taste than the usual strong one from her hometown. Marathi complains about its strong smell, especially, from turmeric and Parkia; but Chai Putthipat says that’s what they say, the sweet one is a gas, the bitter one is a medicine (such a geek ^^) , and turmeric is an important herb, it can help reduce wound’s infection and flatulence. Khunchai Tharathorn says, it’s true, and Parkia can help reduce the blood sugar and blood pressure. (I’ll guess the names here.) Khunchai Phi says, then he should eat a lot, and he offers some more to Khun Rumpa. Chai Rutchanon (right?) says Parkia is his favorite  during his field trips. Marathi tells Khunchai Puthipat that the fish dish is out of her reach, he doesn’t say anything but I guess that could mean his annoyance? Khunchai Tharathorn observes Krathin and Khun Kaet closely.

Back to Switzerland.

The ladies get back together. Euai and Ai ask about the place Rasa slept last night, they heard it’s a cheap one. Rasa says it’s not a luxurious place but she slept comfortably.

R: Don’t worry. Khunchai took really good care of Rasa.

Euai : Thank you very much, Khunchai.

KR: It’s all right, it’s my duty.

R: How’s Lucerne, is it beautiful?

Ai : Very beautiful., but it’s such a short stop this morning. We took lots of pictures.

P: We should start our tour of Interlaken. That is the Grand Hotel, if you read the novel, Rattanawadee, you will know that this’s the hotel that Thunying Rut came to stay.

Euai says she’d read the novel and is happy to see the place. Pakorn tells them to move along. Euai tells Rasa that Khun Pakorn wanted Khun Im to leave his tour but Khun Aun begged him, that’s why they are still with them.



They spend time taking pictures.

At Thewaphrom Palace.

Khunchai Thewapun tells Khunchai Lek (Rutchanon) to take Krathin out for a dance.

Marathi says Krathin will probably miss the steps and will definitely step on Khunchai Lek’s feet, but Khunchai Pat says her dancing looks good. Then she steps on Chai Pat’s foot herself, she says sorry and he says it’s all right.

Grandmother On says, how she wishes Chai Ruj could see Krathin. Khunchai Thewapun says they are quite a match.

Khunchai Tharathorn asks Khun Kaet about the gossips he heard from Marathi and Rumpa, whether it is true. He tells her to tell him the truth. She asks if it’s about she fooled them about Krathin. He confirms it. She says part of it, is true, but another part, is not.

KT: In that case, could Nong Kaet explain to me?

K: Krathin is really a county girl. When she’s over there, she spent her days playing around the mine like a boy. But when I was teaching her, I’ve found her to be a an obedient girl, more than I expected. She learned very quickly and wisely, but her disadvantage is her behavior and manner which needed to be refined.

KT: Thank you, Nong Kaet, for telling me the truth. But I don’t understand why you have to make such an effort.

K: It’s father’s wish, and I can’t contradict him.

KT: I understand now.

K: There’s one more thing that I would like Pee Chai Yai (the big brother, Yai = big) to understand. Krathin doesn’t want to marry Khunchai Prawonruj. She wants to go home and live in her hometown, and it looks like….

KT: What is it?

K: Krathin may already have someone she loves in her hometown.

Episode 7-9

The Juthathep brothers come home and brainstorming.

One brother : Even if we are fooled, Nong Krathin is lovely. When we were dancing she’s a smooth dancer.

Chai Phi : When Peechai Ruj comes back, he may fall for her.

Chai Pat: Why do you think that?

CP: Peechai Ruj is suffering from seeing Khun Watdao, so when he comes back and meets a lovely Krathin, he may feel for her.

KT : Yes, and to think about it, Chai Ruj didn’t call what happened when he met Watdao.

At Switzerland.

The three ladies are looking at some beautiful Swiss-made wrist watches. Rasa is thinking of buying one for her father.

Rasa overhears Chai Ruj talking on the phone with Watdao.

KR: (On the phone) Yes, thank you Watdao. I don’t know how to repay you.

Watdao : It’s not difficult, just love me a lot, and everyday.

KR: I do love you everyday, and even more so each day.

W: I will send a car to pick up all of you this evening.

KR: I thought very highly of you.

W: Don’t be sweet. Nice to meet you again.

KR: Nice to meet you again, too.

Rasa tells her friends to go to another shop.

P: Everybody, I have good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?

Aun : The bad news.

P: The bad news is, looks like my car is more disobedient than I thought, the repairs may not be done by Today. It might be tomorrow.

Im : And the good news?

P: The good news is, this dude, Khunchai, came up with a plan.

KR: We have to stay here for the night, or Grindelwald, but I think we should stay here because there will be no expenses.

R: Why is that?

KR: Because Watdao is willing to let us stay at her chateau again for one night.

P: More than that, the dude Ruj played his diplomatic charm with Khun Watdao till she’s willing to send her private car to pick us up, and everything is free of charge!

Euai : That’s good! So tonight we will stay at Khun Watdao’s place, and tomorrow we will come back to Grindelwald to ski on the peak of Jungfrau. Isn’t that great?

Aun : That’s such a great idea.

KR: So, we agree on this plan.

R: No, I won’t go to Khun Watdao’s place.

Ai: Why is that, Rasa?

R: I think it’s about time that we’ll go our separate ways. We will find a place to stay by ourselves.

P: But where will you be staying?

R: I don’t know that but I, Nu Euai and Nu Ai, will continue with our trip. We may be heading south to Zermatt. (Aww…my favorite place ever!)

Im: That’s good, please hurry leave. It’s because of the overweights from having too many people in the car, that the car broke down. We should hurry get rid of an excess.

Chai Ruj looks at Rasa.

Ai asks Rasa if she thought carefully about not staying at Khun Watdao’s place, and they didn’t actually have a plan of going to Zermatt. Rasa says, don’t make her stay under the same roof with those ex-lovers who are committing adultery. Ai asks if she means Thunchai Ruj and Khun Watdao. Rasa says yes. Euai says, may be it’s not like that. Rasa asks if Euai means she’s accusing them.

Ai: I saw them hugging each other but more like a greeting, shouldn’t mean something else.

R: But it could mean, too.

Euai: All right, if we’re not going with Khun Pakorn, we’ll have to come up with a new plan.

Ai: Are we going to find a place to stay here, or taking a train to continue with our trip? But, we probably will not see them again.

R: Nu Euai and Nu Ai, does it mean you are  harbouring some feeling for Khun Pakorn and Khun Aun? All right, Rasa will go alone, and you can stay with your lovers.

They stop her and say they promised to stick together so how they can leave someone behind. Euai says those men are not their lovers. Rasa asks if that’s true, and when they say yes, she hugs them and says she loves them the most.

Euai: Thunying, this Swiss chocolate tastes so good!

They meet Pakorn and Chai  Ruj.

P: Have you decided whether or not you will stay the night at Khun Watdao’s place? Because, the car will come to pick us up this evening.

R: I told you, we wouldn’t go. Let’s go on our ways from here.

KR: Can I have a private talk with you?


Man, this episode felt like ages. I almost fell off chair last night doing the episode, from feeling so sleepy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Khunchai Ruj, just that the way people talked in this drama was so prim and proper that it felt boring at times. Some words  they used were already out-of-trend, and girl would laugh at you if you court her with that kind of words these days. When Chai Ruj talked to Rasa sweetly, some words made me feel like watching grandma and grandpa courting, but it felt just right for the period the story based on, so I think I can live with it. If you don’t know it already, this series will end this week and follow by Khunchai Puthipat on May 3



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  1. Did you only recaps starting from episode 7 for Khun Chai Ruj’s part?

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