Thommayanti’s interview on Khu Kam (2013 series)

As suggested by mhia, *cough cough* here you go.

Speaking in the video is Thommayanti [pen name], the author of the novel Khu Kam.

Normally, I don’t watch my lakorn, because when I watched it, it looked like my work, and I laughed but didn’t criticize, until this version. It’s strange, I was sick and was lying down measuring my blood pressure, my middle son, who had never watched any lakorns of his mother, while he’s measuring my blood pressure, he told me, “Mother, you watch this lakorn and relax so your blood pressure will be normal. Let’s watch one lakorn, all right, mother.”

So I turned to the television and said, all right. From then on, I watched every episode. It was as if I was trying to find faults. But then, it was good, but there should be some mistake because my lakorns were always terrible. I kept watching and became hooked to the lakorn. I kept watching, and it’s fun.

So, I would like to praise, the first one, the script writer, her pen name Pranpramoon [pran-pra-moon], quite a difficult name to remember. And if I see Khun Boy (Boy Thakonkeit of Exact), I will praise him, Boy, you have poured your heart into making this lakorn, judging by the film set, the costumes etc. And when I visited the set to see the making (BTS) of this lakorn, I had to laugh because most of them were my friends who acted in it, from Nart Puwanai , when he was a young man, he also portrayed Kobori, Aek, Chom Chai, they all portrayed the roles before in the past. Uncle Pol and Bua are beyond words. They are similar to Pol and Bua portrayed in the past. To say in short, every character plays their roles so satisfying (to her).

At first, when I looked at Bie, I didn’t look at his face. I looked at his stride. When I saw his stride, it’s the soldier’s stride, a long and straight stride. I looked at Bie’s appearance before his face, some may say he’s not that handsome, I said that’s a soldier. Another thing (about Bie) that is adorable, and this is only of his own, is his smile. He smiles adorably, can’t say a beautiful smile. What is an adorable smile? To flatter her, when meets her, he smiles so that she might fall for him. The role he is portraying, that’s why people love him.

When I met my friends or went to the market, people were criticizing, sorry Noona, they hated Ang, that she’s cruel. People have to curse Noona because Angsumalin’s appearance is tough, a strong-hearted woman. But what Noona has achieved (portraying the role) is her eyes. Feeling of love, angry, hate, dislike, are reflected in her eyes but the viewers may not notice. This woman acts in a lakorn with her eyes. So if they curse Noona, (as if talking to Noona) Noona, please know that it’s because you’re good. The day of the ending, Noona must pour it all out, whether the viewers will cry or not, it’s not because of Kobori, to take all the points, it’s Noona.

So this lakorn, to me, gets a pass, which is very few times that I would say which lakorn gets a pass. This lakorn has its own steps. It has war; conscience, every person who do the battle has conscience; love during the war. Just like Kobori and Angsumalin told in the story; in the war, Kobori has conscience, and love. And another thing people didn’t notice, it has the fall, and then death in the end.

Please use your mind and intelligence to watch Khu Kam, not just as a lakorn. And I would really appreciate it if you could remember and recall what I’ve been trying to tell you in this novel, to which very few times and very few people would come and interview the author’s heart, that…I hate the war.

Thank you.

*The video seems to be edited, not in full length of the interview so some part felt like it was not a complete sentence.


Thommayanti visited the filming set during the making of the wedding scene.


The Behind the Scene team.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This version of Kobori was so loving that the ending scene just broke everyone’s heart. Noona’s acting was also beyond my expectation as well. The team, director, and the script writer were also amazing! I really hope this lakorn wins a lot of awards this year! Thank you so much for the amazing translation!

  2. You are so quick!! Thank you so much for taking my request. I am glad to hear that the author gave this lakorn a “pass”. I take that as she’s pleased of the job well done by the whole Khu Kam team. How wonderful for the crew to have the author praise their work! This is my favorite version (lakorn wise) so far. Future remakes have high expectations to meet.

    Noona did an amazing job portraying Angsumalin. I love how she was able to evoke such anguish in the viewers (myself included). That is definitely because she is good as what Thommayanti said. Bie does have such a beautiful smile and I like how Thommayanti said that his smile is his own. It’s like it’s his trademark. I love how we see Bie’s personality in Kobori making this Kobori more lively and easy to love. I can’t say enough how much I like Bie and Noona paired together. They seem to just bring out the best in one another.

    Thank you thank you thank you again for the translation! You are the best!!!!!

  3. Thank you for your translation! I like this saying “it’s not because of Kobori, to take all the points, it’s Noona.” It’s very true. In the death scene, of course audience would cry because of the unrequited love Kobori had for Ang that was only repaid in that scene, but the main reason why they cry is because of Noona’s ability to act through her eyes. She really portrayed the full of remorse/regret Angsumalin. Noona acted so well that she compensated for all the hatred audience had for Ang in the beginning.

    • Agreed! Before the last two episodes, I was pretty harsh on Angsumalin. I wanted her to suffer for her treatment of Kobori. I forgave her so quickly when she was finally unchained from a promise with her childhood friend. You can see how she couldn’t wait to tell Kobori what has been conceal in her heart and the amount of love she has for her him. Like so many others, I was concentrating my anger towards Ang so much without thinking about Ang’s own suffering. I cried with Ang when she confessed her love and said that sufferings from unrequited love can’t be compare to trying to not love the one you love the most. That put things in perspective for me.

  4. Appreciated your work on translating the interview and everything. I watched every version of Khu kam but only this version of Bie and Noona took my breath away. It is the first Thai Lakorn that I watch without skipping any episode 🙂
    I completely agree with the author’s comment about the acting of Kobori and Ang.
    Bie and Noona are so adorable and I hope to see them back again. They both are made for each other though.

  5. I love how the author give her point of view about her story “Khu Kum” . Thanks for your novel Ms. Thommayanti for a beautiful love story…. Yes, bie has a beautiful smile, which is why we all loved him. The ending was beautiful 

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