Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 24 (Final)

A perfect ending from the perfect couple.

Episode 24-1

Angsumalin finds Kobori lying under the debris.

A: Kobori! Wait, just wait! (She’s taking out the wood piling up over his body.) Wait, Kobori. Just wait!  (She’s throwing out the wood one by one.) I’ll throw out all the wood and will go call the doctor to treat you.

K: Hideko, it’s too heavy for you. Don’t.

A: I can do it. I must. Please be strong, you will be all right. You will be safe.

K: Don’t…the baby…be careful…our child.

A: No! This mother and child must take the father out.  Just wait!

He tries to help.

A: Don’t! Please don’t move or the wood will fall down on you again. You stay still. Don’t move. You lie still. Just wait, it’s almost done. (She keeps pushing and pulling.) You will be safe. You’ll be all right.

She pushes all the pieces of wood away.

A: Kobori! Kobori!

K: I’m happy to see you.

A: I must come. No matter what, I must come.

She tries to lift him up but he cries out in pain. She looks at her hand, it’s covered with blood. She’s stunned.

A: You wait for me here. I will hurry go call the doctor. Please wait.

He holds her back.

K: Don’t. Don’t go. It won’t do any good.

A: There’s nothing wrong with you. I will call the doctor to give you an injection and tend to your wound. Please! I’ll be back soon!

K: Don’t go. Hideko, don’t go.

A: I’ll be back soon. Please, I’ll be back, just wait.

K: Hideko. Hideko.

She gets up and runs.

A: Doctor! Doctor!

She finds Dr. Takeda.

A: Doctor! I found Kobori. I just pulled him out of the pile of wood. Please hurry go check on him now. Hurry! Please hurry! That way!

T: Let’s go!


Episode 24-2

Dr. Takeda is running to Kobori.

T: Kobori!

He kneels down.

T: Kobori! How do you feel?

K: There’s no way, doctor. Hideko wouldn’t listen to me.

T: Let me see your wound first.

A: Behind. The wound is behind on his back. Please tend to his wound, doctor.

Takeda lifts Kobori up to check his wound. He looks at the wound and pauses.

A: If the bleeding stops, he will be all right, right?

Takeda couldn’t answer her.

A: Doctor, you should tend to his wound. Doctor! Give him an injection, and tend to the wound, doctor.

Takeda puts him down.

K: There’s no hope, isn’t it, doctor?

A: No! it’s not ‘no hope’ ! Doctor! Doctor, you give an injection and tend to his wound. Doctor! Give him an injection!

Takeda stops her from opening his medical tool kit.

T: We have very few medicines, we have to reserve it for someone who has hope (to recover).

A: No! He’s not hopeless, doctor! Kobori…Kobori could be helped like others, doctor. Please doctor! Please!

K: Thank you doctor. Thank you for everything in the past. Please take care of Hideko. My child. When my child is due, I’ll leave it in your care, doctor.

T: It’s my honor, Kobori. My honor.

Two men cry.

K: Doctor, go, there are many others waiting for you. Good-bye, doctor, and tell everyone for me.

T: Good-bye, Kobori.

Dr. Takeda gets up and bows.

A: Wait, doctor! Don’t go. Please treat Kobori first! Where are you going? Please don’t go yet. Please treat Kobori. I’m begging you.

Takeda leaves.

A: Doctor! Doctor! Doctor, you’re cruel! You’re cruel! Please come back and help Kobori! Doctor! Doctor!

K: Hideko. Hideko.

A: Kobori! Doctor wouldn’t treat you, forget about him. I’ll take you to the hospital, they must treat you for sure. Let’s go!

K: Hideko.

A: I..I will call another doctor, and I will tell him that you’re the nephew of the big general. He’ll help you. He’ll surely be able to treat you.

K: Hideko. (He pulls her back and cries out in pain.) Nobody will be able to help. Hideko, no matter what you tell them, still, nobody will be able to help. Our army is like that. Medicine is the military requisite, and only for the ones who would survive. But…for a person who is going to die, it’s useless.

A: (She hugs him.) No! No! No! You must not die. You can’t die. You must not die. I have so many things to talk to you. You can’t die. Kobori, you must not die.

He touches her hair.

A: I will use the hem of my shirt to tie your wound so you could gain back some strength, and I will take you to the doctor. Then the doctor will give you some blood and tend to your wound, and then you will be all right and we will both go home, all right? Will that be good?

K: Hideko. Hideko. (He repeats her name to stop her from tearing her shirt.)

K: Don’t talk about…my future anymore, it’s only less than an hour left, Hideko.

A: No. No. We will be together for a long long time, long enough that you will have to ask me, “How long has it been that we’ve lived together, Hideko?” And I will answer you that, it must be about a hundred years already.

She holds his hand to her face.

K: You….don’t lie to yourself anymore. The truth can’t lie. We must accept it like a great soldier. I know myself.

She weeps.

Kobori takes out the handkerchief and uses it to wipe her tears. He smiles looking at her.

K: Don’t cry, Hideko. There’s not much of our time left. Don’t just let it pass by. Our future is about to end, but we still have our past. Do you remember I told you, if I die, I will take my heart filled with love with me? And if I can choose how to die, I will choose to die just like this, at this moment.

A: You don’t just take your heart filled with love with you, but you are taking this broken heart with you too.  (He looks at her.) You’re right, that may be we should accept the truth like a great soldier, because, I’m a soldier’s daughter and….a soldier’s wife too. Isn’t that right?

Kobori smiles.

K: Hideko.

A: You just lie still. I have so many things to tell you, at the least, there’s one sentence that I wanted to tell you.



Episode 24-3

A: You just lie still. I have so many things to tell you, at the least, there’s one sentence that I wanted to tell you.

Kobori smiles.

A: You know, you smiled like this when we first met. Do you remember?

K: There’s nothing about you…..that I couldn’t remember.

A: At that time, you were a good-looking young man, so playful and talkative.

K: Then why didn’t you accept my love?

A: If I know the future, I will not be stubborn, or prideful. I will love you from the first day we met, and I will grab our moments together as much as I can.  You taught me one sentence, do you remember?

K: I do but never a success.

She kisses his forehead.

A: Watashi wa anata o aishite imasu. I love you. Anata wo aishiteimasu. Don’t ask how much it is. You are the first one to have it, and will be the last. I was trying not to love you. I’ve been trying to. I have to fight with my own heart. Do you know how much do I let myself suffer?

K: I know…because I always love you.

A: To suffer because love hasn’t been reciprocated can’t be compared to the suffering of trying not to love the one you love the most. The suffering of loving someone can’t be compared to the suffering of trying not to love. I didn’t just know that I love you, but I’ve known it all along. But when I promised someone that I would wait for him, I must wait. Do you understand, to keep our pride and the promise, we have to slash our own heart?

K: I understand and I’m proud that you are the way you are like this.

A: May be you didn’t know that I met Vanut this evening.

K: …

A: He told me that I had the rights to love the one I wanted to love. (She chuckles.) It’s so funny how I waited, and always waited for him just to hear this one sentence, because I didn’t want to destroy the feeling of a friend who I’ve known since young.


A: But now I’m free, free to love you with all my heart. When I knew that I was free, I ran to the shipyard to tell you and the whole world that I had someone I loved…and I would never be able to love anyone else. I told myself that , no matter what, I would not lose you ever again. Whatever  happen to the war and other things, just let me love you, and you love me, that’s enough.

She kisses his forehead and he smiles.

K: Hideko.

Episode 24-4

A: You told me, if we had a son, you would hang a carp ornament in front of the house, right? (He smiles.) I will hang a really big carp-ornament in front of the house so when you look down from the sky, you will see us clearly.  Just like the tale of The Weaving Princess and the Shepherd, you are the shepherd who will go up there and wait for me on the star at the end of The Milky Way, and later, I will go and stay at another end. When Tanabata Matsuri, on the seventh day of the seventh month, comes…we will meet.

K: How can you remember so many things?

A: It’s because I love you. (He closes his eyes.) Are you feeling sleepy already? (She kisses him.)

K: You keep talking, don’t stop. I love listening to it.

A: (She kisses him.) I want our child to look like you. He will be, because the ancients says, if the mother love someone very much, the child will resemble that person very closely.

K: (He slowly kisses her hand.) But don’t be a strong-hearted like his mother.

A: I’ll pray, when our child grown up, if he loves someone, let them stay together and love each other for a long time, and don’t be like his father and mother.

K: I’ll not go anywhere. I’ll follow you everywhere.

A: The time when I’m about to die, will you come and stay near me?

K: Of course, I will come for you and will send you to the star, the Weaving Princess.

A: You may not have to wait for me long.

K: Has all the fire died down already? The sky looks so dark.

A: (She looks around and weeps because the fire is still burning brightly.) Yes. The fire all went out leaving only the moon and the stars.

K: That’s why….I see only a very dim light.

She kisses him as if to breathe life into him.

A: Just go to sleep.

She kisses him again.


Episode 24-5

A: Do you remember Mr. Michael?

K: Who?

A: A captive that you let him go.

K: …That man.

A: It’s strange. He told me you loved me, even before you told me.

K: It must be my heart was telling him.

A: And what is your heart telling anyone?

He slowly puts her hand over his heart.

K: It’s saying, I love you, Hideko….I love you, Hideko….I love you, Hideko….Anata wo aishiteimasu….I love you, always…Hideko…love….always.

She weeps.

A: I will never love anyone but you, Kobori.

She kisses him. His face moves slightly to the side.

She cradles his face tenderly in her hand.

A: Just go to sleep. Sleep peacefully. Just go to sleep, my love. Go to sleep.

A: But when….will you wake up and open your eyes to look at me?

She touches his face and cries.

Pol and Bua come and see her.

B : Ang! Ang! Ang!

P: How is the chief?

A: He has passed away.

Both men are startled.  Angsumalin rests her face over his and holds him close.

Episode 24-6

Angsumalin is changing the flowers in front of Kobori’s picture.

A: Kobori, I picked the Jasmine flowers near the house for you. Mom loves to call you Por Dok Mali. A Jasmine flower that is pure and white…just like your heart. This picture of you, was taken on our wedding day. Do you remember your mother’s poem that you translated for me?

Kobori’s voice : May the love you share, be all two hearts could hold. May the love and two hearts join as one.

A: That day, if I could tell you just in time, I have the last verse to tell you. I will tell you that, at this moment, our hearts are fully joined as one forever.


A: I can stand taking a bath.

K: Just sit down. I beg you. This stool is very strong.

She is taking a bath alone.

K: Hideko, if I die, will you cry?

A: No.

K: I will wait and see.


A: I’m not crying anymore, Kobori. It’s true, because my heart has already left and followed you.

Kobori’s voice : Whether I’m asleep or awake, I remember this place in vivid details. A wooden house with a raised floor; the porch; the green garden; the strong-colored flowers, in full blossom every year; and you….a petite woman with a strong heart who doesn’t know love.

A: Not true.

K: I thought you would not talk to me. Let’s just say, you know love but it’s just not for me.


A: I now know love. The love that no one has it but you.

She kisses the handkerchiefs.

A: Today is the seventh day of the seventh month. I made hanging lanterns for you. Tonight, you must look down and see. You asked me, why I remembered so many things about you. Kobori, it’s because I love you.


K: Hai! Snake! Snake behind you! Haha….

K: Ya-mon, ya-mong.

A: Speak so slow, what’s the use. You, can you speak faster?

K: Yamong. Haha..

K: You..are about to take a bath, right?

A: Yes, and you should hurry leave.

K: Hai! Go, I’ll go. (Mumbling) Get to see her face this much, is enough.

A: What did you say?

K: Eh..go, I’ll go now.

K: Anata wo aishiteimasu….I love you.

K: Ouch….

A: Kobori, what happened?

K: Worry about you.

Kobori is looking into a fish bowl.

K: Whatever pets our kid wants to have, I will let him have it whether it’ll be a dog or a cat.

A: But I’m allergic to cat’s fur.

K: Can’t raise anything, our kid must be upset.

A: I wonder who wants to have a pet, the kid or the father.


A: My child, you understand, right? That mom loves your father, loved since we first met, loves, always. But mommy was too foolish to realize that our lives are short. It passes by so quickly and will never return. Mom didn’t realize that we must seize every seconds, and don’t just let it pass by. Happiness’s in the front, just reach out, and mom would have it. But mom neglected it, and shut mom’s heart with misguided ideas and pride, and believed so firmly, and stubbornly. Before mom realizes, everything’s already floating away. There’s nothing left.

The baby moves and she feels it.

A: Shush…my baby…that’s right. Thank you for warning mommy. Mom is almost foolish again. Mom doesn’t have nothing left, mom still has you, and you.

A: Our child, Kobori. I will stay. I’ll make every minute from now, be the best time, always…for our child.

It’s as if Kobori is holding her.

K: Hideko, I will not go anywhere. I’ll be with you no matter where you go. Just wait, and I will come to take you to the star, the Weaving Princess, in the Milky Way.

He kisses her cheek and holds her close.




I don’t know what to say. It was done so well and so perfect. This was the smoothest ending of Khu Kam I’ve seen. That last scene was so perfect because that would be how Angsumalin would live her life from now, talking with Kobori in her mind as if he’s there with her. That’s how you can live on having lost your beloved one, I guess. I was amazed at how the editing and the music inserted had been done in this episode, because I wasn’t disturbed at all each scene cutting for the commercial break. I watched it live and cries so much. Kobori’s face looked so pale yet so peaceful. Angsumalin realized it’s too late and she was using every minute to be their last memory together. My heart goes to all the wives of the soldiers, they would never know when that day will come.

Kudos to the director, the script writer, the cast and crew, and Bie and Noona for creating such a memorable finale for us all. Noona had done a great job of a heart-broken woman knowing things would never return. Kobori died honourably as a soldier who valued his duty and honor. He now knew for certain that she would never be with anyone else. Thanks you all for watching this drama together and for sharing our love for Kobori and Angsumalin, and Vanut, and all others. Hope you all have a wonderful time wherever you are.

คู่กรรม (Khu Kam) – Bie & Noona

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  1. I understand that it is a Thai film and that’s probably why Thai actors are used but wouldn’t it makes more sense to find a Japanese actor to play Kobori. All Khu Kam Kobori are played by Thai actors but I would like to see the next one play by a Japanese actor if possible.

  2. I also don’t understand why Kesuke had to die and how cruelly they killed him off. Although I love Kobori to death, I’m more upset with Kesuke dying because it wasn’t expected and it hurt when they pointlessly kill off your characters without caused. Kobori, unfortunately we know his death is unavoidable and he will recieved what he has ever wanted and that is Ang undying love. But poor Kesuke died with no one giving him much thought or love, like he didn’t matter. Ang was too concern where Kobori was and Dr with saving others. Kesuke was a second thought to everyone but me. My hearts bleeds for him. He was such a fun, out going and delightful person whenever he comes on.

    Wish they focus on him more and less on the 2 uncles and grandma Mien and her daughter. People who are too selfish, too full of themselves, don’t have compassion for others, can’t reflect on their own mistakes and have no sense of remorse, i just let them be and don’t give them much thought. Why because they don’t move my heart for them and they don’t influence and contribute to a better world. They have no light to shine to the people around them but cast darkness wherever they go.

  3. I was really surprised that Vanut didn’t die. Not that I wanted him to but the only other version I watched of Khu Kam was the 1988 version with Waruth Woratham and I love love love Waruth Woratham playing Kobori and in that version Kobori killed Vanut. I thought I might have skipped it and had to keep going back to find the scene. Anyway, I’m glad he didn’t die and will be able to reunite with his parents who are desperately waiting for his return. And maybe there might be a chance with him and Ang. Vanut’s love Ang so much and he derserve happiness as well. Or it will be nice if Ang ends up with Dr. Takeda. Kobori already give him the privileged of taking care of Ang and his son. And the doctor is such a sweet guy and seems to care a lot for Ang and her needs. They have good chemistry and a good unspoken relationship.

    It’s not that I have no loyalty for Kobori but I know Kobori’s heart for Ang and he would want that. He wants Ang to be happy. That’s why I love Kobori so much because of his unselfishness. It’s a unique quality to have. If only real guys are like him. This world would be much more beautiful and love will be much more beautiful. Kids will grow up happier and healthier with their father relationship and women more happier with their marriages and lives. Imagined if all men’s priority are to loving their wives and dedicating their lives to making their wife happy. Marriages will be more solid and divorced will be a word of little significant. Sadly through personal experiences hardly any men I’ve ever really known are like that. (Father, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, co-workers, ex’s, etc.) They love but not with their whole heart, they give but not with their whole being. They give you a small piece of their heart and the rest is left for storage, kept for themselves or misplace else where. I know this comments might be open for attacks such as my views are very negatives and insights are limited, I don’t know all men and should not categorized them so but what I do know is all women deserves this kind of undying love and not all of them receives them. It just makes me sad and wishes the world is more brighter, more colorful, more happier. That’s why we watch romantic dramas and movies because we get to experience through someone else, the love and stories we want in our own lives.

  4. The ending was just beautiful. I cried like a baby lol.. Noona performance was just Great.

  5. Omg! My hearts is still bleeding….. I love love the ending [ even if our phej ek die] … the director did an awesome job! Kobori finally hear the words he has been waiting for because he knows she loves him as much as he loves her. Unfortunately, it ended this way. Noona did great with the acting part, I bet it was real tears . I know I would have cried for real if I was to play such emotional part. Awwwww— I love how he keeps saying that he love her always and always…. The elder are right, when you are with someone who loves you make sure you cherish them because they will be gone within a heartbeat. The dying scene was so EMOTIONAL. The saying good-bye was sad but yet Ang assure Kobori that she wants him to come and be next to her when she die because she want to be with him even in death. :*( … I am sad and cried all thru the episodes, even if I didn’t know what they were saying it’s still sad…. Thanks for translating this Lakorn. I so appreciated it…… This was the best Khu Kum version …..

  6. It has been 2 days and my heart is still in pieces. I am unable to concentrate at work because my mind keeps on drifting to Kobori and Angsumalin. Despite the death of our handsome, charming, sweet, and lovable pra’ek, I am very satisfy with the ending. It would have killed me to watch the cremation and to see Angsumalin’s reaction to having Kobori’s lifeless body taken away from her. I believe the director wanted to leave that to our imagination as he knows what each one of us would do if we were in Angsumalin’s place. I am thankful that the author had sympathy for us (audiences) by giving us a hopeful ending. This has got to be one of the best wrap up to such a tragic ending. We are assured now that Kobori may not be with Angsumalin physically, but he is always there spiritually and when it is her time, he’ll be right by her side.

    I applaud the whole cast, the crew, and the director so much for giving us such a phenomenal remake of a classic.This version surpassed my expectations and completely blew me away with the director’s careful attention to details and portrayals of each event. Bie and Noona’s acting and the director’s vision in my opinion did this classic justice. Bie and Noona really set the bar for future Koboris and Angsumalins. It would have been my biggest regret if I had decided to not give this lakorn a try because I doubted Bie’s ability (I have never follow his work). Now I am a BIEliever!!!! I love him and Noona more and more as I follow up on their past work and can’t wait to see them together in the future!

    Thank you so so much for recaping and translating. You are a blessing. I am so glad that I found you!!!

    I do have one request if you can and don’t mind. Can you please translate the interview with the author of Khu Kam and what her thoughts are on this lakorn? If you can, I will really appreciate it much.

    • I agree with your request. I would love to hear/understand their interviews. I watched a few of their interviews, but i couldn’t make out what they were saying. Thank you again for the beautiful translations!

  7. My heart is still honestly very hurt after a day watching the ending. It feels as if there is a hole in there. I seriously cried like a baby last night and Ang’s last sentence “But when will you open your eyes to look at me?” surely haunts me badly. I can’t stop crying thinking about it.

    • That’s so true. Every time, I read that line, it just breaks my heart over and over again.
      It’s so sad when Ang told him to go to sleep, she said “Just go to sleep. Sleep peacefully. Just go to sleep, my love. Go to sleep.” Ang calling him “my love” and telling him to go to sleep made me cry. It reminds me of the times when he calls her “my love” but she only calls him “Kobori.” It also reminds of the time when they were being bombed and they were down in the ditch with her mom and grandma. Kobori had taken her in his arms and had said to her, “Just go to sleep. I’m here. Don’t be afraid.” This scene is like a reversed role of that. Because now, she is the one that is calling him “my love” and telling him to go to sleep and to sleep peacefully because she is there with him T_T

      I am very happy that in this last episode, Ang was able to pour her heart out to Kobori and show Kobori and all of us that her love for him is as deep and great as his love is for her 🙂

      This version of Kobori.. is a player and a heartbreaker because he broke all of our hearts when he died :’-(
      *sniff sniff*

      • When some criticized that Kobori was too friendly, the producer said it’s his intention, so when the sad part kicked in, it would bring a good impact TT___TT

        • The producer sure knows what he was doing. He gave us a good package of Kobori to cry over T_T

        • Lesson learned: There is no pride in love because love is… Humble. Just like Kobori’s love is for Ang, which is why he always bows to her when he greets her or apologizes to her. In front of her, he wants to be a good man despite the fact that he is born a Japenese, a nationality that she hates. That’s also why he had won my heart T_T

      • omgosh, reading your analysis makes my heart broke harder! that’s just so ironic. Honestly, that whole death scene is haunting me badly. Sometimes I woke up, I would want to cry again thinking about it. It feels real to the point it makes you think you’re Ang. I know that sounds weird but I think it’s because of Noona’s portrayal that makes Ang come to life. Also, I was think that if Ang had not have the baby, would she commit suicidal to follow Kobori?

    • Me too, that she asked when he would wake up, made me cry even more. I cried when watched it live and then cried again when I translated. We have to thank the PD that he gave us the last scene of them together or else we would be crying like an ocean TT__TT

      • Yes, that’s true. I am very thankful that the producer gave us the last scene to comfort our heartaches. Otherwise, some of us might have ended up in the emergency room due to a broken heart. LOL

        I couldn’t work productively yesterday because my heart was broken. I kept thinking about Kobori and Ang, and imagining what it would have been like if she had not been bounded by her pride and promise. She had slashed both of hers and Kobori’s hearts due to those two things.

  8. I still feel so heartbroken 😦 but I’m glad it ended the way it did. Very bittersweet. This version and Jintara/Warut version are by far my favorite! I hear that people are very disappointed with Nadech version….I want to see for myself! Anyone know where I can watch it online??

    • There’s such a commotion about the movie on the social networks here. People are feeling bad for Nadech as they thought he was perfect for Kobori. My friend asked me when I got out of the theater, out of 10, what would I rate the movie? I said two (for music and CG). He said that’s cruel of me, but when another friend of his gave the movie 1 out of 10. He ended up not watching it at all.

      If you plan to watch the movie, erase all your Khu Kam and start anew 🙂

      • Hahaha! Sounds like a plan! But it will be hard to shy away my already high expectations. Regardless, I really want to watch it and am patiently waiting for someone to upload it on Youtube or something. Crossing finger!! lol.

        BTW….thank you soooo much for recapping this lakorn! Very very much appreciative! Especially coming from a foreigner who cannot understand Thai at all…you saved me a lot of time. Will you be recapping another lakorn soon? or kdrama?

        • I tried Maya Tawan last night but the chemistry of the leads still wasn’t there for me, and Khunchai Ruj, the dialogs were so boring but Switzerland scenery was very nice 🙂

          • hahaha. i know what you mean! I haven’t watched Maya Tawan yet, but the teaser is not too appealing. Well see if I’ll give it a chance later on. Anyhow, thank you for hard work and I hope to read more recaps from you soon!!!!

    • Where you watch version with jintara and warut,i want to watch too..thx

  9. Please, translate the end soon. Thank you very much…………………..

  10. Oh my heart goes out to their love! I’m cryinggggg so much and it’s the price I pay for watching the remake again TT____TT . I love every part of their dialogue. I love the acting and the emotions. I love how the misunderstandings were cleared. I love that Ang was able to let Kobori know how much she loves him. And that was the greatest thing for him before he dies peacefully. I love the ending how Kobori was hugging Ang and their child. After all the emotional talk and death, it was refreshing. It made me happy that no matter where and what, Kobori is always with Ang. I love that after his death, she was able to still smile. That is what Kobori would want for her. It was a great ending. Kobori is just….loved. I love his character in this drama even if people thinks he’s too friendly and nice.

  11. T____T
    My poor heart is breaking!!!! He is a man with nothing but true love to offer! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for the translation!!!!! It’s finally coming to a sad ending! I DON’t want it to end!!!! my poor poor Kobori!

  12. I was crying while I was watching the last episode at work. My coworkers was looking at me and thought that I just broke up with my bf=). Even though I don’t understand anything I was crying and now ur translated dialogues move me in tears again. Love bie and noona chemistry. Nadach version is really bad.

    • I would have cried like you too. Then, my coworkers would have thought that someone I loved died. Which is true because that someone is Kobori 🙂

      Oh, my heart aches! But, at the same time, it is also at peace too. Just like Kobori’s. Knowing that Ang was able to pour her heart out to Kobori before he dies and that Ang gets to live in their beautiful memories. This is such a beautiful and sad ending.

      At first, I wanted her to die along with Kobori. Like, to have her die of a broken heart, or have something fall on her, or another bomb explode or something to cause her to die along with her hubby Kobori. But that didn’t happen, so I will pretend.. that because she lived, she was able to share her sad and yet beautiful love story with all of us ^_^

      Way to go! Khu Kam lakorn of 2013!!!

  13. While I was watching the last episode, I cried buckets of tears for our ill-fated couple T_T (Eventhough, I don’t understand 90% of what they are saying).
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    If ill-fate is a person, I would beat it up for bringing so much heartache and misfortune onto our beloved Khu Kam and into our hearts :’-(

    Kudos to Bie, Noona, the Director, and the rest of the KG team!!! Also, Kudos to you too, kcomments! 😄

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