Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 23

OMG…this episode turned out to have the best cinematography of all. Two thumps up for the director.

Episode 23-1

V: Ang! I’m here! (He holds her hands) Ang, are you happy (to see me)?

A: Nut! Vanut! It’s really you, Nut! How are you, Nut? Didn’t you were arrested (and detained) at the Bureau..? Are you wounded? Where? Let me see!

V: Ask me one question at a time, Ang. You know, I miss you so much. Now that I see your face, I don’t know what to say. When I was arrested, the only thing I thought about was, whether I was going to be dead or alive, let me see the house and see a glimpse of Ang, that would be enough.

A: Did you sneak out?

V: No, I don’t have to. We both know, during the night, they will let us go to work, and during the day, we just get back in the cell for everyone to see. (He looks at the house.) How about you, Ang? Are you well?

A: I’m fine.

At the shipyard.

Kesuke is calling the soldiers to come for the food. (For the record, Thai speaking of Kesuke was awful yet so cute, haha..)

Kobori walks in.

Ke : Lt., do you want to have boiled red beans?

K: Eh…today, I’m going back to eat at home, and then I will go to Bangkok Noi to get the rest of the parts.

T : Oh…Kobori’s going home! That’s great! Lt. Kobori’s been working too hard, he should go home to do some homework. Haha..

Hanada says Lt.Ishida said they could go get the things at Bangkok Noi and came back to rest, about the work, they could do it tomorrow.

K: Good! Hanada, then when you finish your meal, come pick me up at the dock in front of the house.

T: Kobori!

K: What is it, doctor?

T: I have something to leave it with you to tell Ang san.

K: Tell me.

T: Doctor wants Kobori to tell Ang san that…Kobori will not be a workaholic. Kobori will care and take care of Ang san and the baby more than now.

K: ….

T: Why? You can’t say?

K: (He lets out a broad smile.) These kind of things, you don’t have to order me to say. I know what I should say.

T: Doctor will wait and see, make sure you say that.

K: Let me stab you.

At the house.

V: What about you, Ang? Did you miss me?

A: The time that we didn’t see each other is a long time. A lot of things happened in the country, and things changed.

V: Are you telling me about what had happened?

A: Nut..

V: If you’re going to tell me about that, you don’t have to. I knew all of it. When I was interrogated, that Japanese interpreter; his poses; his manners; his looks, were quite good. He spoke politely but I’m not sure if he knew that Nut is…

A: He knew.

V: Then, he’s a soldier with great honor.

Kobori is walking home.

A: And..what did you learn about my story?

V: When I first heard of it, it was like the whole world was trembling down on me. It felt like my heart had left me. At that moment, whether I was alive or dead, I didn’t care.

A: Nut, I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep the promise.

V: Just throw it away. That promise is just a thing I was trying to tie you down. Don’t worry about it.

A: You really don’t want me to keep the promise? Aren’t you angry at me?

V: Why do I have to be angry when that promise is just the selfishness of a man who wants the woman he loves to wait for year after year, without thinking whether or not she loves him? And if that woman falls in love with someone else before that, he will throw a tantrum just for his sake.

A: I didn’t think like that. I just…

V: You are suffering because of this, aren’t you?

A: I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of person I am or what I want exactly.

Kobori picks a Jasmine flower and when he turns, he sees them.


Episode 23-2

V: Uncle Pol and Bua told me that Ang was going to have a baby.

A: Yes. That’s true.

V: In that case, you should decide now. No matter what, he is…..the father of the baby. Leave other things else, and don’t worry about them anymore, unless you did all these because of other reasons. If that’s the case, after the war ends, I will come back to marry you, no matter what.

A: At this moment, I don’t have any other reason except that I love my child..and I love the father of my child very much.

He cries.

V: That’s good. That’s good Ang. This way (like this) is good. I want Ang to be happy.

He hugs her. Kobori drops the flower and draws his sword. When Ang holds Vanut back, Kobori puts his sword back in its shield and leaves.

A: Thank you, Nut. Thank you so much.

V: (He hugs her tight and lets go.) I have to hurry. I will come again. Don’t think about too many things. Remember this, if you’re going to love someone, just love him, and you will know that love is the light that always keeps your heart warm. I have to go.

A: Can’t you not go? Stay and let’s talk a little more, can’t you?

V: Today, I can’t. But I will try to sneak out here again. (He looks at the house.) Is he..home?

A: No, he’s not. Now he’s busy at the workshop. What is the situation in Burma now?

V: Not good. Why?

A: Kobori will transfer to Burma.

V: If it’s unnecessary, he shouldn’t go because the battle (over there) is very fierce. Is he at this shipyard?

A: Yes. He’s the chief engineer here.

V: Warn him indirectly without letting him know, not to cross the river to Bangkok Noi when there’s a bombing.

A: Then…what they said that Vanut came to work is…

V: Yes.

A: Then be careful.

V: I’m all right. It’s you. Stay far away from Bangkok Noi during this time. (A lightning bug flies away.) I have to go. I have to hurry to do my work.

Kobori walks in the garden. He hits a tree with his hand.

Bua wonders if there’ll be a Japanese boat pass by. Pol scolds him not to talk about it. They said when got into the forest, do not talk about tiger; when got on a boat, do not talk about crocodile.

Vanut comes to the dock.

A: Vanut..take good care of yourself.

V: I’m leaving, Ang. Don’t forget what I warned you.

Vanut leaves. Ang touches her child.

A: Kobori, I have something to tell you, please don’t go to Burma.

She smiles and picks a Jasmine flower on her way to the shipyard.


K: Jasmine flowers? That’s good, so when I’m not around, you can put it beside the pillow as if it were me.


A: I will give you back your flower, and tell you, you take back your flower and you come back to our home already.

She walks to the shipyard while Kobori is sitting by a tree in the garden brooding.


Episode 23-3

Angsumalin is walking in the shipyard looking for Kobori when Kesuke calls her. He asks if she’s here to see Kobori. She says yes. So he tells her that Kobori said he wold go back to eat at his house and told Tanaka to bring the boat to the dock to pick him up to go to Bangkok Noi next.

Ang is a bit surprised to hear that but then she smiles and says thank you. Ang walks back home passing Kobori in the garden without her knowing.

Ang calls Kobori and gets into the house. Kobori gets up and walks to the house.

Mom asks where Ang went she’s worried about her. Ang asks if she sees Kobori. Mom says no, she didn’t him. Grandma asks where she went. Ang says the shipyard, and gets into the room thinking may be Kobori is inside but he’s not there.

Kobori walks directly to the dock. Ang wants to go down to the dock but mom stops her. She says Ang just came up, it’s dark and if she goes up and down, she could fall down again.

A: I will not fall. I will not allow myself to fall down ever again. I have something I really want to tell him.

Ang sees a boat is moving away.

A: Kobori! Kobori!

But they didn’t hear her.

On the screen : March 5, 2488 B.E. Bangkok Noi railway station

Kobori is busy checking the equipments that arrived. Vanut and the two uncles are hiding nearby while Vanut is communicating with his colleagues through some kind of device telling the exact position of the place.

The air raid siren goes off. Ang runs to the house. While she’s taking the blankets, she tells her mom that here should be safe because they will drop the bombs down to the right location because those people working underground are giving them the exact position. Grandma says she wasn’t scared lately but today her heart feels so scared.

Kobori is shouting at the soldiers to run to safety.

Grandma says it’s so dark and Por Dok Mali is not here, and why the siren today is making such an urgent sound and feels so cold. Ang says it might be a heavy attack.

A Japanese soldier is shouting that the planes are coming, he tells everybody to duck into a safety spot.

Kobori is telling Kesuke and Hanada to run.

Episode 23-4

The three women get into a ditch and cover themselves with the blankets. Grandma is praying let the bombs all drop into the sea. Ang says it won’t be the sea. Those underground people must be busy communicating with those in the air. Mom asks who told her that, Ang says it’s Vanut.

Vanut and the two uncles run out. They see the bombs drop into the right spot so they are delighted. The two old men praise Vanut for giving such a precise position. Vanut smiles feeling proud of his job done.

A wave of bombings light the night sky. Kobori and his soldiers are running. He calls a doctor when he finds an injured soldier.

Kobori tells his friends they need to get out of here, and they run.

Mom says, so close like this, it must be Bangkok Noi.

A: What did you say, mom?

Mom : Mom thinks it’s Bangkok Noi.

Ang recalls that Vanut told her to warn Kobori about Bangkok Noi.

A: Mom! Kobori is over there! Mom!

Mom tells her to calm down. The sound of the bombings is the same. Kobori should be all right and must be back at the shipyard by now. Good person will be protected.

A: Please let nothing happen to him! Please let nothing happen to him!Please let nothing happen to him!

Kobori and his friends are running. Hanada falls down so they carry him but a bomb drops in front of them.

Ang feels a sudden jerk from the baby. She touches her stomach. She tells her mom the baby moved strongly.

A: My child, you must help protect your father. Your father must be waiting for me at the house by now. If I meet your father, I will tell him.

And…one man down, Hanada is dead. Kobori shouts his name. Kobori gets up and tells Kesuke to hurry but Kesuke doesn’t answer him. Kobori holds him and he falls forward. There’s a long thin piece of metal piercing through his chest from behind. Kobori carries him on his back but another bomb sends both of them to the ground.

A: It looks like the shipyard is all right. I’m relieved. Let’s hurry home.

Mom and grandma stop her. Grandma says they didn’t hear the sound of the safe siren yet, what if they have to run back here again. Ang says she thinks it’s all right now, but mom says she should calm down and wait to be sure that it’s really safe. The safe siren goes off. They hurry home.

Kobori gains back his consciousness. A soldier is shouting if there’s anyone injured and the other one tells him to come right here. Kobori is trying to get up when a soldier shouts, it’s dangerous, don’t go there. So Kobori turns to look. A soldier is shouting that there’s a bomb on this train. It explodes right into Kobori this time.


Episode 23-5

Mom tells Ang to slow down. Ang says she wants to go see at the dock where it was bombed and why the sky is so bright like this. She says may be it’s really Bangkok Noi.

Grandma sees the sky and screams. Ang tells her mom that it must be Bangkok Noi. She runs to the dock. A soldier boat passes by so she asks where Kobori is. A soldier shouts back that he’s at Bangkok Noi. Mom asks what it is.

A: Mom, he’s over there! He’s over there, mom!

Mom: Calm down. Everything should be all right. He should be all right.

Mom asks where she’s going. Ang says she needs to go see him. Mom begs her not to go, it’s dangerous.

A: I must go!

Mom : Please don’t go. You are pregnant. It’s very dangerous. I’m begging you.

A: No, mom. I must go. I must see with my own eyes that he’s all right. I can’t stay here. I can’t bear staying still. Or if something really happened to him. please let me see with my own eyes. Please!

Mom allows her to go and tells her to be careful.

Angsumalin is rowing. She recalls Kobori words.

“One captive, I told you, will not make one lose or win the war. But him, he will change the face of the war. Because he didn’t just escape death, but he’s carried along the strategic sites that he’s known and seen with him too.”

“May be you don’t have to endure staying with me long. Now the war is smoldering and changing everyday, may be I will be transferred faraway that I won’t be able to come back here. And if you are so sick of my face, I will hurry make a request to be transferred to a ship. And if you are lucky, I will be unlucky faster.

A: Up to you. Just do it the way you want.

K: I knew I would get this kind of answer from you. The day I die in front of you, will be your happiest day, won’t it?

A: Yes. I’m waiting for that day.

K: Then keep praying, so the day you are hoping for will come faster, just what you want.”

“K: If I die, will you cry?

A: No.

K: I will wait and see.

A: Thais are against it!

K: Against what?

A: They forbid talking  about dying just for fun.”

Ang keeps rowing.

Grandma Mien says look, so many are dead.

Grandma Mien asks Ang if she came looking for someone. Her daughter says she’s surely here for her hubby. Grandma screams that he’s in there. The guy says, look at the sight, will there be anything left (of him)?

Ang runs pass the check point.  She looks around for Kobori.

Dr.Takeda grabs her wrist.

T: Why are you here? It’s very dangerous here.

A: Doctor, Kobori? Where is Kobori? Where is Kobori?

T: I didn’t see him.

A: How about those wounded and were taken to the hospital? Is Kobori in there?

T: I really don’t know.

T: Ang san! Come with me!

Episode 23-6

Dr. Takeda walks with Ang but when he sees an injured, he kneels down and calls for a stretcher. Ang walks alone calling for Kobori.

Ang hears Kesuke calling for help. She finds him and tells him to be strong. Ang calls the doctor. Takeda hears her and is coming. Ang asks Kesuke if he sees Kobori and where he is.

Ang calls for the doctor and tells him that it’s the soldier who was with Kobori. Takeda checks his pulse but he chokes once and becomes quiet. Takeda says they can’t help him and have to leave him here. Ang tries to make him stay but Takeda gets up and bows. He leaves.

Ang keeps calling for Kobori. Feeling hopeless, she starts to cry.

A: Kobori! Kobori, where are you?

K: Hideko!

A: Kobori! Where are you?

K: Hideko!

She walks and walks and calls his name again and again until she finds him. He’s under the debris. She catches her breath seeing the sight of him.

A: Kobori!


เกิดมาคู่กัน (Born to be together) – Bie


First, why Kesuke? why? I know it’s just so sad to see Angsumalin walking pass the corpses and injured to find her husband, but I just loved the scene. It’s a beauty, production wise. The explosion scenes were just right and all for the right reason too. I just realize it’s really Vanut who gave the signal of the location for the bombing where Kobori happened to be there.  These two are fated to be, I guess. I loved what Vanut said to Angsumalin too that he admitted that the promise was somewhat a selfish thing. Well, tomorrow, it’ll be for everybody who wants to see these two clearing up all the misunderstandings. Even though, Khu Kam has been made many times; some were a success, some were not. This version has proved itself to be one of its kind. The director and the script writer had done a good job bringing Kobori and Angsumalin to life once again. Kudos to all the cast and crew, especially, Bie and Noona. Some said Kobori this version was a little too friendly but I think Bie is holding his own just fine  🙂

FYI, I expect long dialogs from everyone in the next episode so the post will take longer to finish so it could be Wed.

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  1. I felt bad for Vanut the most with this episode. How heartborken but brave and selfless he was. If he was selfish so was Kobori. Kobori was relentless in his pursuit of Angsumalin. All three of them are selfish and selfless at the same time. Thank you for the translations once again.

  2. Thank you very much for subbing this great lakorn! I can’t imagine how hard I will cry tmw!

  3. i’m crying Y_Y i thought this is last episode glad that they extend 1 more episode but at the same time its torturing my feeling . i cant sleep thinking what the next episode will be. kobori will still alive or he will alive as his son…arghh its so torturing. i see one pic with noona n bie at asianfuse but noona look like an old lady n bie in white military suit. they said that must be noona n her son because kabori was never alive

  4. This is one of the few dramas where I cried for a love story. Normally I don’t cry over love story because some are very childish. I only cry for deaths that are from disease or family deaths. This is so sad. I feel so bad for Kobori. 😦 Thank you for translating so fast for us! Appreciate greatly!

  5. Omg!! I am so excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Preparing my tissues for tomorrow 😦

  6. Ang loves and cares about both Kobori and Vanut. But, she had grown to love Kobori more because he had won her heart.

    My heart breaks for all three of them: Kobori, Vanut, and Ang T_T
    Their fates have been entwined… but never joined 😦

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