Drama : Khunchai Prawonruj


M.R. Prawonruj is the second drama in the Juthathep’s Gentlemen series. M.R. Thrarathorn was the first one and has already finished its airing. The royal family Juthathep has five bachelors and the head of the family is trying to marry them off to suitable families one by one. The series consists of five dramas, one for each. I didn’t have time to follow the first one, but I took a peek and thought the leads were cute but some said the pace was too slow. As for this second one, I didn’t know the male lead from before but I liked his acting being an underdog of the five (because his mother is a servant).


Facts : to make things easier, let’s get royalty. In the story or stories, we will have M.C. (Momchao), the title of the king’s grandchild, and M.R. (Momratchawong), of the king’s great-grandchild. Normally, the royal descent will be taken into account only by the royal males, such as, a royal male M.C.’s children will have M.R. as the title of  their names, while a royal female M.C. , if she gets married with a commoner, from what I heard, her children will not inherit any titles.

Now back to this series, M.R. Prawonruj is the hero and we have M.C. Wanrasa as the heroine. She disguises herself as a commoner to surprise her fiance who is also a M.C. in Switzerland. She meets her childhood’s friend during her trip, and she knows who he is but not vice versa. They travel together along Switzerland romantic routes to find her fiance. But once she finds him, he’s with another woman. She feels sad and wants to break her engagement once she’s back with her family. During her stay, the lead couple’s hearts become closer and the conflict ensues. While our heroine has a fiance, our hero also has his long-time crush who had hurt him badly in the past and now she’s about to marry someone else.

The speech rule is that, for M.C. and higher titles, others that are lower in titles or commoners must address him/her using the royal terms of reverence. So much so, for the confusion, our hero actually must speak with our heroine using royal terms (but not vice versa) but because he thinks she’s a commoner so he drops the formalities while she, as a M.C. in disguise, addresses him formally.

M.R. Prawonruj remembers his childhood’s friend but only when she was young, and he’s eager to see her picture as a grown-up because somehow this woman he met reminds him of her.

Now how the royal call themselves? For men, they will call themselves chai, and ying, for female. Others talking to M.C., if not calling their names, they will add than in the front so, a friend of a M.C. will call thanchai for  royal male friend and thanying for royal female.

For a friend of a M.R., khun will be added instead, so they are called khunchai and khunying respectively. That said, you will hear these terms a lot watching this drama. So the title of the series, Khunchai Prawonruj, is an informal way of calling M.R. Prawonruj.

M.C. Wanrasa will call our hero pee (as he’s older) chai Ruj, and M.R. Prawonruj will call her thanying Wan once he learns the truth. Phew!


From the video:

A friend : We’ll go to surprise peechai Tat (the heroine’s fiance) at the Embassy in Bern…for the Swiss, the land of heavens of the three of us!

M.C. Wanrasa : Peechai!

She’s making a wish.

M.C. Wanrasa : From now on, ying (I) wish ying will finally meet someone who is truly ying’s (my) true love.

Ruj : I am Momratchawong (M.R.) Prawonruj Juthathep.

A friend : It’s you who deflated the tire, isn’t it?

A fat girl : Don’t you dare accusing me!

The fiance : This is Momchao (M.C.) Wanrasa Arunrat, my fiancée! (and a punch)

Ruj : Social classes are not important. When I’m with you, I want to be a man who loves a woman with all my heart, and will take care of her for the rest of my life.


This lakorn currently airs on CH3 every Fri-Thu [8:30 p.m.]. IMO the pace was a little too slow but the romantic scenes kind of made up for it  🙂


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  1. Pope thanawat is a 2nd hero in game rai game ruk lead by nadech n yaya. I really hope to watch him as a lead

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful information recap on royal titles and culture. I found someone subtitling this in English and was trying to follow. Wikipedia’s explanations were not one bit helpful. It’s all starting to make more sense now. I am so glad I found your blog. I learn something from every post of yours. Are you planning on watching this part of the series ? I bet the rest of the episodes will be full of drama given the class difference between the two.

    • I watched it last night hoping the drama would pick some speed but it didn’t. I’m not sure if it’s the directing or the female lead’s acting, or the scripts that made the drama a little flat imo. I read that the next gentleman’s drama will be aired on April 27, so there are only five more episodes to go (?). As for the story, I don’t know how khunchai Ruj will take it once he knows that Rasa is actually a royal blood with higher title. He also has a royal blood girl from the south waiting for him, arranged by his relatives.

      FYI, I forgot to say that all five dramas are the novel adaptations.

      • All in all seems like Khunchai Ruj’s life is going get more messed than it already is. 5 more episodes to tie up this story seems like a bit of a stretch. Don’t know if there is enough story left to warrant 10 hours of tv time. Have you read the books ? Were the stories interesting ?

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