Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 22

Too many flashbacks would definitely break our hearts.

Episode 22-1

K: Doctor! Doctor!

T: Kobori! She’s awake?

K: Yes, she’s awake.

T: (talk to the soldier) You take care of the rest. (To Kobori) Let’s go!

Pol and Bua show up and wonder why the door is open.  Mom sees them and asks why they are here again.

Bua : I told you so, the stairs of this house is very steep. I thought someone might roll down the stairs but never thought the owner of the house would fall down herself. Haha.

Pol : What is so funny? (He looks around.) Nai-chang (chief engineer, aka Kobori, that’s how these two has been calling him) is not here, right? So, I can talk freely. It’s true that Vanut was arrested.

Bua : He’s being detained at the (Thai) Central Bureau of Investigation.

Mom : That he (Vanut) went to the hospital, did someone harm him?

Pol : No, no one. They parachuted into a rough terrain mistakenly so they all bumped into or hit things when coming down, so they all got hurt.

A: Those who interrogated didn’t do anything (to them)?

Pol : Who could do that? The parties interrogated consisted of both Thai and Japanese, and we already know that…..

Bua : I just saw them having a meal with the public security officers joyfully the other day.

Kobori doesn’t get into the house with Takeda. Takeda sits by Ang’s side.

T: You’re awake. Ang-san must lie very still. Doctor was afraid Ang-san would toss about so I tied you down to make sure. (He tells mom and grandma they can remove the cloths now.) How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?

Ang shakes her head.

T: What about you head, does it hurt? (She shakes head.) Your body?… What about your stomach?

Mom : My dear doctor, how is she?

T: Now, it’s….(speak in Japanese).

A: 70%

Mom and grandma are relieved.

T: I will give you an injection. After that, you must lie still, and it’ll get better if there’s no other complications.

Ang looks if there’s someone else coming with him.

T: Kobori came just to send me, and he said he would go directly to the headquarters. It must be about an order that he’d submitted a request to be transferred to Burma.

Mom: What? Didn’t he get an order to be transferred?

T: Kobori is a Chief of Staff, not suitable in the battlefield. If he doesn’t request it himself, they will never transfer him because the work here is far more important.

Ang is thinking of when he told her about the transfer and she fell down the stairs.

Vanut is thinking of Angsumalin and the day they made a promise. He tries to sneak out but gets caught. An officer tells him that he doesn’t have a permission to go outside this area.

Vanut is writing a letter.


I don’t know how to begin this letter, but first, I’m so glad that I survived and I’m able to finally come back to my home country, and if my guess is right, you should already know. Secondly, if you could remember that I said in five years, I would come back to ask for the promise. I’m not sure how much of it you still remembered, but this is almost a year earlier than what I told you. I should be glad that I could come earlier than intended to, or may be I should come a little faster , even though, I wouldn’t come to ask for the promise that now become null and void; at least, I should get to see you in a wedding dress…..and feel happy for you. The reason I wrote this letter is that, I would like to sincerely congratulate you because I don’t need to  have the rights to go see you.

He crushes the letter in his hand.

Nagamura says to Kobori that his transfer request will be in effect at the end of the month, but the army in Burma learned that he would go there right away after he’s done taking care of everything here.

K: Yes, sir.

Nagamura : So, when?

K: If the machine arrives as scheduled, it should be completely installed by the end of next month.

N: Good! So Ishida can prepare himself.

Episode 22-2

T: Kobori.

K: Is it better?

Dr.Yoshi : Are you going to Burma? (Kobori bows) Why? What happened?

K: You should already know, doctor, the situation now is in chaos. If I keep staying only here, others will talk that I’m a nephew of the general and choose to live comfortably. I don’t want others to talk.

Y : I didn’t hear anybody talking.

K: Even that, doctor, before they start talking.

Y: What will you do about here?

K: I’ve already found someone to replace me.

Y: No, I mean here, this house.

K: There’s nothing (to worry about). I and Hideko have already reached an agreement. I’ll move on with my duty. Hideko will be staying here. We already know that, no matter what happens, this day will come.

Y: (Talk to Takeda) Doctor, I think we should leave so your patient can rest. More injection?

T: No, no more. I think we should let the patient rest. Let’s go.

K: Wait! (look at Ang) I will go back with you.

Y: Where are you going now?

K: There’s a new machine coming in and I have to supervise the transportation. I came to get  2-3 clothes.

Y: But Angsumalin…

Angsumalin is listening to their conversation.

A: I’m fine.

K: Doctor, the shipyard is near, I can come and go as many times.

He gets his clothes and looks at her, and leaves.

Ang’s father is pointing at the important places on the map i.e. the Royal Palace. They need to inform their people in India about these places urgently, or else, the country’s landmark will be badly damaged. He asks Khem about the radio station, and Khem says there’s no problem. Ong-at shows up and says he has a really good news. Then they talk in code. Ang’s father is so surprised to know that one of them (using fake name, Phu-lao) is actually Luang Adul, and he has already accepted an offer from America to support Seri Thai in every way possible including political supports after the war ends. Ang’s father says, so Phu-lao is actually the Thai Police director-general.

At the shipyard, Kobori is talking with Ishida.

A soldier : The lieutenant is really going to Burma?

Kesuke : It should be, and that is Ishida who will replace him.

A soldier asks if Kesuke thinks that Kobori doesn’t appear playful like before. Kesuke looks at Kobori and says, he thinks so too.

Kobori gets a letter from his mother.


I received your letter, and I’m very happy. You are well, aren’t you? Everybody here is worried about you. How is the situation over there? Don’t worry about us here, everybody is fine. About our grandchild, a child of my child, your father and our relatives are very happy, and already they are preparing gifts for welcoming the child. Father and I are counting the days for that day. Lastly, do send my regards to your wife, and may the holy Gods protect you from harm.


From mother

Grandma runs inside the house and calls her daughter. The soldiers come to deliver two boxes of useful things. One soldier gives mom a letter from Kobori. Mom comes to Ang and gives her an envelope, and says it’s from Por Dok Mali.. Ang  says yes, and takes the envelope. She opens it. It’s his salary. Aww….this tiny gesture gets me every time.

Ang holds the envelope to her chest and cries. In a way, it’s his telling that he doesn’t forget her. Aww….so sad yet so sweet.

Episode 22-3

At Bangkok Noi railway station.

Kobori is checking the new machine while Pol and Bua bring a man to inspect the area.

Angsumalin is disappointed that it’s not Kobori but Dr.Takeda who came.

A: Please come in. It’s you, doctor.

T: Kobori didn’t come back yet? I thought he already came back. I guess the work at the railway station must be very busy, Ang san.

A: Yes.

T: How are you feeling, Ang san?

A: I’m fine.

T: Let me examine you.

She thinks of Kobori. (In flashback)


A: You are quite good at painting.

K: You don’t know who you got married with.

A: Who’s that?

K: The big artist.

A: It’s true? …What is that? A poem?

K: Yes, but it’s not mine, I just memorized someone else’s.

A: What does it say?

K: Even the stream that runs through an islet whispers  each other farewell. Even the falling rain says farewell to the clouds. But when you left me, there’s no farewell words at all, just like the falling snow that melts and disappears.

Back to present.

T : There’s nothing to worry about now. Ang san! Ang san!

A: Yes. What did you say?

T: Doctor said, there’s nothing to worry about now. You are safe now including the baby. I’ll allow you to get up and walk around as normal but don’t do heavy chores just yet.

A: Thank you, doctor.

T: Doctor would like Ang san to eat the meal regularly, for Ang-san and the baby.

A: Yes, doctor. Thank you.

At the shipyard.

K: Easy! Slowly, slowly! Be careful!

T: Lt.Kobori!

K: Doctor.

T: You’re busy.

K: Is there something, doctor? Why do you come to this area? It’s very dangerous.

T: How is your work?

K: It’s not really going anywhere. The machine hasn’t arrived entirely. Some parts that arrived, need to be fixed.

He turns to order his soldiers to put it down slowly.

T: Why didn’t you go home?

K: Why are you asking me this? Did something happen?

T: Mother and child are now safe.

K: Thank you, doctor, for taking good care of them. At first, I thought the baby wouldn’t survive.

T: Is it because of this that you didn’t go home?

K: It’s not like that, doctor. You can see that the work here….if it’s not me, there’s no one to supervise it to completion.

T: But it doesn’t have to be days and nights.

K: It’s not to such an extent, doctor.

T: The person at home needs to be taken care of. You should give her some support.

K: In that case, you’re telling the wrong person. A certain person cannot give support to anyone.

Kobori is walking away.

T: Are you not worried about your child?

K: Doctor! Don’t ever ask me like that again!

T: Then, you should go home. The work here won’t help promote you faster. You should go home.

Kobori thinks of the incident. Then, it looks like he intends to go home but Kesuke runs to him and says that the base for the machine is broken. Kobori turns back to check the problem.

The Seri Thai group is planning their operation. Khem divides the group’s responsibilities. Dee, Dang, Phong and himself – Don Muang Airport. Reven, Sam, Mao, and Lumpoo – Bangkok Noi railway station. Khem says to Lumpoo that he’s familiar with the place.

Khem : Congratulation! The whole operation will be done at night, and all of it will happen after midnight. The first location within this 72 hours will be, Bangkok Noi railway station.

Episode 22-4

Mom is looking at Ang. Ang says it’s good that she has these used silk blouses because cloth  is very expensive now. Mom asks what about the things Por Dok Mali sent. Ang says they are in the boxes. Mom asks why she didn’t take them out and see. Mom asks if Por Dok Mali left her some message. Ang says he just said his work at the shipyard was very busy.  Grandma is complaining about his going to Burma, why he needs to go there to be in difficulty, the same with Vanut, parachuted and almost broke his arms and legs. It’s lucky that he parachuted into his own country, if somewhere else, he could be dead.

Pol and Bua show up. Mom calls them daily newspaper. They say it’s a secret and should not tell anyone. Grandma says if it’s a secret, don’t tell. Bua says, the (Thai) Police has joined them. The police won’t catch them anymore so  now they can go anywhere freely. Pol says, this time, the Japanese will be crushed because they are turning their guns to the Japanese. Bua says all of them will not survive. Ang is alarmed but keeps quiet.

Mom says they (the Japanese) are everywhere, if they do that, it will hurt all of them too. Pol says they come up with a campaign for Thais to stand up and kill all the Japanese.

Grandma: So, don’t I have to get up and kill Por Dok Mali?

Bua says they order them to stir up the feeling of the people, and on a certain day, Thai people will rise up all at once. Pol says, this time, it’s all planned out.

Mom follows Ang into her room.

Mom : I think it’s good that Por Dok Mali will move to Burma. If a fierce fighting occurs or someone harm him, we won’t be able to stand it. But if we help him, it won’t be good for us either. There’s nothing good about the war. May be Por Dok Mali requested to be transferred because he happened to know about this.

A: I think that is not the reason. (She thinks of when she fell down.)

Mom : Don’t know if he will stay long enough to see his child. Over there (Burma) is also in chaos, if something happens to him…..

Ang thinks of when Kobori said that if she didn’t want the baby just like she didn’t want him, he would sent the baby to Japan….

A: Of course, I want it. I want both.

Mom : What’s wrong?

A: The baby. It’s the baby that will pull us back together.

Then she feels the baby is moving so she cries.

Ang puts Kobori’s clothes in a bag and steps out of the room. Mom asks where she’s going. Ang says she’s going to the shipyard, she just remembers that there are  Kobori’s shirts that she sewed the buttons on left, so she’s taking them to him. Mom tells her to be careful about fainting. Ang says she will go there briefly and come back.

Ang is walking to the shipyard feeling delighted.

Episode 22-5

Kesuke : Ang san, sawasdee khrap!

A: Yes, sawasdee ka.

Ke : You’re here for something?

At the ship construction site.

K: Quick! Who’ve finished here  go help over there!

Kesuke tells Ang to wait here and he’ll go tell Kobori. Ang says, thank you.

Ke : Lt. sir, there’s someone come…..

K: Who? What? I’m busy. Get out! Not going to receive anyone!

Kobori gets back to his work and yells at his soldiers to be quick. Ang walks back, suddenly she feels dizzy.

K: Kesuke!

Ke : Yes, sir!

K: Who came just now?

Ke : Angsumalin san, sir!

Kobori runs to find her but a container drops down loudly so he turns back. Ang slowly gets up and walks home.

Kobori runs back and asks what happened. A  worker tells Kobori that the machine is very heavy, the crane and sliing are old so it  ripped off and fell down. He asks if there’s anyone injured. Kesuke says there’s none.

K: I’ll go requisition the new ones from Bangkok Noi warehouse. Now, let’s pull the machine up. Kesuke, gather all the workers to help pulling the machine up.

Mom comes home.

Mom : You said you would take the clothes to Por Dok Mali.

A: I went there but there’s no one there.

Mom : Wait, where was everybody then? There’s no one for you to leave the things with? Where’s Por Dok Mali, or did he cross to another bank?

Mom stops her.

Mom : I think Por Dok Mali will walk back here himself. You shouldn’t walk back and forth very often. Tomorrow, I think I will go picking cotton, it’s in full white blossom. Grandma wants it to fill a mattress, and those things Por Dok Mali gave us such as cloth, besides filling a mattress, it could be cut to make so many diapers as if he has 3-4 kids. It looks like he’s too happy (to have a baby).

Mom tells her to be careful climbing the stairs.


Episode 22-6

Pol and Bua meet Vanut.

Kobori is working into the night, he looks at the full moon and thinks of Ang. Ang is sitting at the dock recollecting all of her memories with Kobori, and she cries. Kobori can’t find Ang’s handkerchief in his shirt’s pockets so he comes to the locker to look for it. When he finds it, he puts it in his pocket. He hesitates and turns back to change his clothes.

Pol and Bua are rowing in the canal. Pol tells Bua to row faster. Bua looks at Ang house’s dock and sees a figure sitting there in the dark.

Bua : Who’s sitting at the dock?

Pol : Bua, you are closer, look carefully who it is. If something’s wrong, we could jump into the water. If we recklessly go up there, we could get stabbed. They are all over the place.

Vanut : (It’s Vanut on the boat.) Stop talking. Let’s park the boat. Quick!

Kobori is walking home. (Dun.Dun.)

V: Ang! I’m here. (He holds her hands.) Ang, are you happy (to see me)?

A: Vanut!


Seriously, what the two fought in these recent episodes, if it’s not World War II and the matter of life and death, I would say it’s just a normal fight between husband and wife. Just think how close her house and the shipyard is, still, it’s so difficult for them to come to one another. After 21 episodes, it looks like her trying to kill the baby is the last straw he could take, or it could be that he’s making way for Vanut to return. Either way, it must be heartbreaking for him. Prepare well my dear friends for next week. From the preview, it’ll be quite a big scene. The filming had all finished days ago.

A comic relief, saw it on the net.


K : If you don’t want him (he/she) just like you don’t want me, I will send him to Japan.

A: I want both.

Viewer : (Weeping) Run and tell por-Ko! Quickkkkkkk! (-cheering wholeheartedly-)

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  5. Oh I don’t know how to prepare myself. I seem to be so invested in this show. If this was not set in WWII, fights would definitely seem like a normal fight between husband and wife. I really feel sorry for everyone involved here. Almost like fate truly has them on leashes. The lead actors have done a pretty good job becoming the characters of Kobori and Angsumalin.
    I planned on writing so much but these last two episodes have left me so sad. Everybody has their own reasons and no one is intentionally bad but Kobori is just a wonderful human being. I have not met someone like him in real life so far, but he has been a great creation by the author.

    • Hmm….I’m thinking about Angsumalin. A college girl with Vanut by her side, abandoned by her father who is an anti-Japanese, taking care of both mother and grandma by selling fruits and veggies from the garden. One day, the Japanese invades her home country and her college has to stop teaching.

      Kobori approaches her first amid her hatred. Then she has to get married with the enemy enduring all the gossips, and on top of that, he took her without her consent and she got pregnant. And all these happened while she really means to keep her promise to Vanut.

      Phew! I think it happened all too fast for her age with the war looming. He’s the one who suggested the married to his uncle making it all too difficult for her to turn down the offer. He should’ve asked her first, or may be it’s his way of keeping her to himself like he said.

      Well, I’m just trying to gather all the facts so that may be her mood is justified 🙂

      • Your analysis of Angsumalin’s situation is so accurate. I think her father abandoning their family has left more of an impact on her than shown. It would be the same for anyone. Aren’t both Kobori and Angsumalin really young ? I thought he was in his early 20s and she was in her late teens. They are both mature for the age due the circumstances but they are young nonetheless. I think both of them are trying to do the best with what they have been given by life. It just so happens that Kobori’s character as played by Bie is such a cheerful personality that we get drawn more to him than Angsumalin or anyone else but Angsumalin’s fate is the worst amongst the three. Poor girl!

      • I agree. All of these men who entered and left her life without her consent are tearing her heart and head apart. Her dad left her and her mom, Vanut left her with his promise, the Japanese soldiers invaded her homeland and school, and now Kobori had forced himself into her life because he had fallen deeply in love with her. Kobori made her a promise but breaks it after their marriage. He will also die and leave her in the end. Poor, girl! I don’t blame her for loving and being faithful to Vanut because he was her good friend, thus she trusts him. Which is also why she was stubborn about loving and waiting for Vanut, by refusing Kobori’s courtship and love. I am also surprised that she didn’t become a raving lunatic in the end, after all of the things that fate had put her through. This girl definitely had bad luck, yet she is still going strong. Poor, girl! T_T
        Poor, Kobori and Vanut too!!! T_T

  6. Thank you so much! This episode is very heart breaking because finally we could see Ang reciprocated her feelings clearly for Kobori. However, its her pride that’s still holding her love back and that’s why she was immediately offended by Kobori’s words and walked away. Man next week will be tear jerking but I think the ending makes sense and it is a way to tell Ang that it is too late.

  7. Thank you so much for working so hard to do the recap for us. Have a nice rest and come back to us 🙂

  8. I am so sad this drama is ending. I love how sweet, gentle and caring Kobori is to Ang, even if she has her mood swing. She loves him as well……………. I wish there was a better ending to this and Kobori live. Ang will live with regret for the rest of her life. She will regret and miss Kobori so much, because no one will love and treat her like him. It’s sad that sometime peoples cannot see what’s in front of them till it’s gone. Thank you so very much for all your hard work of translating this drama for us who don’t speak Thai, this is a wonderful website…..

  9. It’s so sad. As a viewer, you hate Ang-san because she’s so mean to Kobori. But because of her promise to Vanut she had to distant herself and turn away from her own heart by hurting the one she truly loves. I remember one part in an episode where after Kobori left she turned and said, “Vanut, come and take back your promise.” She’s fighting love and dignity, without knowing the price she would pay in the end. T____T The flashbacks as much as there are a lot reminds us of how their love blossom and I’m prepare for the sadness to come. I just hope like you’ve mentioned before that their will be better closure between them and clear some of the misunderstandings.

    It was a truly emotional episode. The way Kobori distant himself as she was on bed rest. It wasn’t like he wanted to leave her, but he saw it that she didn’t want his support as Vanut was back. When she said she’ll trade a life of one for those 3 lives, I thought was the deepest scar she has given him since they’ve met. Even though we saw it that she wanted him by her side, she coward away from asking for his support.

    Kobori is such a brave man. For love, he’s a winner. I’m truly in love with his character and Bie portrayed him so well! Noona did a fantastic job as Angsumalin, also. This has got to be the best remake! Thanks for the recaps.

    • If I remember correctly, in the novel, once she jumped, he didn’t come home anymore and buried himself in his work. He stayed away because he thought his presence would upset her. It’s more about her, and for her. He turned around only when he learned that she went to the shipyard to see him. Love Bie and Noona in this version too 🙂

  10. Agree with u too many flashback of sweet scene make my heartache. Pity kobori i wish he can stay alive until the end. But it just in my dream. Thank u for the recap. Keep yr hard work. Cheers!!!

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