Drama: The Rising Sun Series


Nadech Kugimiya as Ryu Onitsuka; Mario Maurer as Takeshi

The Rising Sun is the name of a book series which has three volumes all together. The writer is Nara.


1) Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan

Takeshi, the youngest son of the biggest yakuza family in Yogohama, falls for Praew Dao, a Thai student on scholarship, while he already has a fiancée, Iko. Thing happens and Takeshi has to become the head of the group instead of his father, and take revenge. When his enemy and his fiancée learn about his love for Praew Dao, she becomes the victim of both; the fighting-for-power game between two yakuza groups; and Iko’s revenge of love because Praew Dao is Takeshi’s heart and weakness.


2) Roi Fan Tawan Deuat

Mayumi is a girl who Ryu’s uncle chose for him, but he didn’t try to contact her until seven years later. Ryu shows up and proposes to her. Mayumi believes that he doesn’t have any feeling for her so she rejects him. But Ryu, as a yakuza, won’t take no for an answer, and no one can have his woman. The problem between the two groups recurred and, this time, his enemy means to totally eliminate his group. Ryu has to fight for his power and his love.


3) Sai Leuat Daen Tawan

Ryu comes up with a great plan (without Takeshi and his own son knowing) to make his son, Tatsuo, and Takeshi’s daughter fall for each other, and an awkward encounter ensues.

All three books will be made into a TV-series, the Rising Sun, each book for one series on CH3


The first and second part already did some filming in Japan. I’m not sure about the third part when it will be made. The first and second parts, the stories are closely connected while the third is about their daughter and son respectively. I came up with my own English title of each book: Part one, Love Conquers the Sun (where the sun = Japanese); Part two, A trace of dream, the Bloody Sun. Part three; The Sun Descendants. They are not the official English titles of the books or the series, but just so you could understand what the titles in Thai imply.


For TV-series, Part one, Mario (Takeshi) & Taew (Praew Dao)   ; Part two, Nadech (Ryu) & Yaya (Mayumi)



I’m really looking forward to this one. There were lots of action scenes in the  novels because all of the heroes were the big guys of the yakuza.

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  1. Oh my..I can’t wait for the 3rd series to be up. not too sure if they have start shooting the series..

  2. Hi everybody,
    I want to start a translation project for The Rising Sun book series. I have the raw book in Thai, I also have a software to translate to English; however, it’s not smooth because it’s just a software, not a human translator, and I can’t do the work by myself because I’m not Thai native. If you would like to join me, I can send you both raw Thai and English documents, then you can check for language smoothness, then I can edit them to be grammatically corrected.
    If anyone interested, please email me at:

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you for the translation. Hope they will make the third installment so it will be complete. But I want new main pranang not the same as part one and two cus it will be when weird .

  4. I dont understand ending part. But i think takeshi come back and ryu become ouryo is it right?

  5. Reblogged this on It's My World-NewKDramaAddict's Drama Sandbox and commented:
    And so there will be three? As the first drama of the series, Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan is ending soon and the second will follow, Roi Fan Tawan Deuat, I was glad to hear that there will/maybe a third! Here’s hoping!!

    • I read the producer said she hadn’t decided on the third one yet, depending on the feed back of the first two.

      Also, I read, for the third one, (potentially) would be Nadech and Taew (as Tatsuo and PhraoTawan/Akira respectively). The fans said it would be weird because Nadech was alsoTatsuo’s father (Ryu Onizuka), and Taew was also PhraoTawan’s mother (Seiko).

      In this third one, Tatsuo’s sister, Hiromi, would be paired with Takeshi’s son, ParSaKarn/Ken. The name brought up for Hiromi was Yaya. That’s also weird because then Yaya would be Nadech’s sister…Ooy…take it as a grain of salt…..Also the fans mentioned Ken Phupoom (as Tatsuo) and Matt Peeranee (as PhraoTawan/Akira)….but some said the third one shouldn’t be made into a lakorn at all…..because the plot was too weak….we shouldn’t hope for it atm, I guess…

      Oh, I read somewhere the author ‘Nara’ said if she missed this series someday, she might pick up the story of Ryu’s another son, Takahiro (Ryu had two sons, one daughter), for the forth one.

      • Well casting that way would be weird and not make it favorable to the viewers. I think the 3d one should be done but will leave that to the powers that be but the casting should definitely be totally different. Be nice if they used some up and coming actors but as I am new to lakorns, I see that they do things differently everywhere.

        • i am kinda new to lakorns as well. i’ve been watching them for a year or so and you’ll usually see the same actors acting together. they do it by network i believe. i don’t necessarily agree with it, but it does add to the chemistry.

  6. I wonder if there is going to still be a third installment? Now reading it is interesting. Can’t wait to see whether they have it

  7. Thank you so much for the subs! My heart is hurting so much tho! Why did all of his family die tho?! Ahh!! But can’t wait for the next episode!! new update plssssssss

  8. Hi, I’m a bit confused… Takeshi and Ryu are cousins right? So, why would Ru set up his son to Takeshi’s daughter?

    • He doesn’t have a daughter. He has two son’s. The brother is married and then there’s Takeshi. And the father made a pact promise to the other tribe to have there children get married together.

    • It’s because Ryu’s father is a adopted son, so that make Ryu doesn’t have Onizuka bloodline. You can find that info in final episode of Roi Fan Tawan Deuat..

    • It’s because Ryu’s father is a adopted son, so that make Ryu doesn’t have Onizuka bloodline. You can find that info in final episode of Roi Fan Tawan Deuat..

  9. when time new ya ya drama coming

  10. I like ya ya lakorn

  11. where can i read the book

  12. I have been looking forward to watching this one as well. If you are planning to recap the drama in the future, I’d love to be one loyal reader of your Blog:) ^^

  13. Have your read the books by any chance ? Are the stories good enough to watch them as a TV series ?

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