Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 20

Sorry folks, it was hard for me to do this episode so it came a little late.

Episode 20-1

Vanut & co dig up the ground and throw all their backpacks and guns into it. They need to act like villagers. Vanut hesitates about his gun but his friend says, even if they may be facing the enemy, they should not carry these things with them at all or it’ll be the end of them. Vanut says he hopes they will have a chance to come back here to get these things back as soon as possible.

At Ang’s house, Ang couldn’t find her thing and wonders where it is.

K: What are you looking for?

A: A handkerchief. That one (the one he gave her).

K: That one? Oh..

He brings it to her.

K: Here!

A: Where did you find it?

K: I saw mother ironed it yesterday so I looked in the basket for ironed clothes.

A: You have such quick eyes and are good at notice things.

K: Thank you.

A: Thank you.

He couldn’t find his socks.

K: Eh…where are my socks?

A: They are where they are always there.

K: Where is that? I think I looked for them thoroughly.

She shows him.

A: Here.

K: That’s right.

A: Things of others, know well, but of yourself, don’t even know.

He holds her hand.

K: I know only things of the one I care for.

Vanit’s group change into new clothes. He tells the villagers to remember that if someone knows about this, they’ll be punished. He gives them money and gets on a bicycle that they prepared for them.

Ang comes to the temple, the monk gives her a bottle of holy water. He says there’s no diseases in it because the water had been boiled. He says it will help her deliver the baby easily, and keep the baby healthy. He tells her to take good care of herself and may she be blessed with a peaceful life. On her way out, she meets Vanut’s mother. The mom says Ang looks skinny and pale, she asks if she’s all right. Ang says she’s fine. The mom says she comes to pray. Since she read Vanut’s letter, she’s scared,and the more she knew he’s close by, the more she’s worried.

The mom takes out Vanut’s letter.

Vanut’s mom : I keep it with me all the time. When I was alone, I would read it. This letter, he wrote to you.

Ang stumbles back and says she feels like fainting so Vanut’s mom take her home.

Ang’s mom says she told her not to go. Ang says she wanted to make merit and she’d been staying at home for so long so she wanted to go out. Vanut’s mom asks if she’s not well. Ang says she’s fine, may be the sun was too strong so she felt like fainting. Vanut’s mom thinks it must be that she didn’t have her meal yet, then she remembers that she needs to go home because Kamnan is waiting for her to join the meal. When she gets up, Vanut’s letter drops from her wraparound clothing. Ang sees it so she secretly takes it in her hand without anyone notice.

Episode 20-2

Angsumalin is thinking of Vanut.

Vanut : I don’t want to be like a lightning bug forever lighting a lantern looking for Lumpoo that disappeared in the water. So, it’s five more years, I’ll not make you wait alone.

She puts a blanket over Kobori, and he opens his eyes.

A: I’m sorry, because of me you woke up.

K: Thank you.

A: Thank you? For what is it ?

K: Thank you for always covering me with the blanket.

A: Not always.

He slides his arm underneath and hugs her.

K: You couldn’t sleep?

A: No.

K: Good, then sleep a lot.

*Pause to take a deep breath* Aww…so sweet.

Vanut asks a man to take them on a ferryboat to the other bank. He wants to go to the railway station. The man asks how many persons, he says three. But the man says they don’t look like they live around here, so he overcharges them. They agree with the price. However, a group of Thai policemen stop them.

At Ang’s house.

K: What are these books?

Grandma : They are wan na kha di (literatures).

K: wan na kha di ? Oh, Bungaku! Are they enjoyable?

Grandma : Yes, of course!

K: Which one is the most enjoyable?

Grandma : Eh…the enjoyable one should be….Khun Chang Khun Phaen (name the famous Thai literature, khun = a title of a nobleman, chang and phaen are names).

K: Khun Chang Khun Phaen…what is it like?

G: There’s a Khun Chang who is a wealthy man but he’s bald.

K: Bald.

G: A bad man, a cheater.

K: Cheater.

G: And Khun Phaen.

K: Khun Phaen.

G: A womanizer.

K: Womanizer.

G: Handsome.

K: Handsome! (He points at himself.)

G: No, Khun Phaen is handsome but he has too many wives.

K: Many wives, oh..

G: And both men love a woman named Phim Phi La Rai.

K: Phim Phi La Rai

G: Yes…..Ang, you tell Por Dok Mali the rest, I’m going to chew betel now.

A: You, bothersome! You have to know everything?

K: Yes, sir.

A: You want to hear the story of  Khun Chang Khun Phaen ?

K: Please teach me (he bows).

A: The whole book? I would probably be dead by then, such a huge book.

G: You can choose from where I inserted bookmarkers. I picked many poems that I like, and are beautiful. You choose one and read it to him.

K: (He bows.) Onegai desu (If you please.) …Douzo..

She picks a book. He’s lying down.

K: Read it. Grandma-san told you to read it to me.

A: If I don’t read it, you will go tell grandma?

K: Definitely!

A: Choose from those marked which one you want me to read. Choose it yourself.

K: This page.

A: Oh por prai sai sawat khong nong aoei...

K: Wait! What does por prai mean?

A: Por prai is a person’s name.

K: Oh, please. (Douzo)

A: Oh por prai sai sawat khong nong aoei…

K: Wait! What does nong aoei mean?

A: nong aoei is a word for calling a woman.

K: Oh, please. (Douzo)

A: Oh por prai sai sawat khong nong aoei…

K: Wait! What does sai sawat mean?

A: My dearest. (My love)

K: Oh..


K: Thank you.

She reads the poem and there are parts that reflect what happened between them such as….the poem describes that he gives his left arm for his wife to sleep on, or, when he sees his wife feeling hot, he would fan her.

She closes the book.

K: Hideko! Where are you going?

A: I’m tired. I’m going to take a stroll.


At the headquarters.

The big guy is saying that the new Thai Government, most ministers are, identified by their secret agency, connected to the anti-Japanese group. So, from now, the army’s strategy is to be tough on every unfriendly move. They have to change the strategy of every unit to be able to receive another 50,ooo troops that will be joining from Singapore next week. They will upgrade a brigade 29 to an army 39 to be ready for the heavy attack from the Western Alliance from now.

A soldier comes in to report that three spies of the alliance were arrested in Nakhon Sawan and are now being detained in Bangkok by the Thai police. The big guy says to inform the Thai police that they want to take part in the investigation.

Episode 20-3

K: Don’t wash clothes and stop going to the garden. I’ll bring soldiers here to help. I’ll go to the shipyard to see if the new machine has arrived. If there’s nothing there, I’ll hurry back.

A: Yes.

K: If you feels dizzy, must lie down and don’t walk around, don’t go down to the dock, don’t go walk outside.

A: Yes.

He looks at the stairs and walks back to her.

K: The front stairs are very steep, don’t walk up and down alone. It’s very dangerous, you might fall down. Understand?

A: Yes, sir.

Grandma teases Ang with a poem (fromKhun Chang Khun Phaen) that, seeing a lot of love between husbands and wives, but those can’t be compared to how he loves her.

Kobori is writing a letter to his mother.

Dear mom,

There’s something that I really want to tell you, and I think you’ve been waiting to hear it. It’s the best news in my life, I’m going to be a father. Yes, my wife, Hideko, is pregnant. Now, I can’t really do anything, just thinking of when I will see my child. And I know, when you receive this letter, you will get excited not less than me. I want it to be a boy. But don’t you worry, I’ll take my child and his mother to greet you in our house definitely. Please bless your grandchild and give father and everyone my warm regards.

Missing you,


Ishida shows up to tell Kobori that Nagamura wants to see him.

Pol and Bua show up at Ang’s house. They say they came to deliver the good news. Ang asks who gave them Vanut’s letter. She asks if Vanut gave it to someone or he came himself.

Vanut and friends are thrown into a cell. They tell the police they want to see Luang Adul, a high-ranking state officer. But the police tells them to be quiet, Luang Adul is too busy to see them. They are angry, that they are all Thai, they should help each other to fight the Japanese. Vanut is frustrated because their colleagues are waiting for them for their contact, and their communication radio, they shouldn’t take them to dig it up.

Then the previous captured men show up and one of them says, welcome to the capital, Appreciation 2. They are delighted.

After seeing the food, Pol and Bua tells her that it’s someone from India gave the letter. They were the first batch getting into the country, and Vanut’s group will follow.  She asks when he will come. Pol says it could be tomorrow.  Ang says so it could be any day now.

A man meets Angsumalin’s father to deliver the good news, that the letter of Lord Mountbatten has reached the headman of Seri Thai (sorry, I thought Ang’s father is the headman, but he’s not). Ang’s father asks if it’s true, Lord Mountbatten, the Supreme Commander of the Western Alliance of Southeast Asia. The even better news is, they finally get the permission to communicate with the armed forces in India, so they will not be working alone anymore. Ang’s father asks about three persons arrested in Nakhon Sawan. The police guy says they are being detained separately because the Japanese wants to do the interrogation themselves. Ang’s father asks, when?

Episode 20-4

Pol is telling Angsumalin that their comrades are making a map for the comrades outside the country to bomb all those strategic sites such as Bangkok Noi etc. Ang is afraid thinking of the country. Pol says yes, it’s true but it’s necessary to cut off the transportation routes. In the past, there were some mistakes so the bombs missed the targets. That’s why comrades from outside have to get into the country, so Vanut will come soon. Pol says the news is that Vanut will be stationed here. Bua asks her what she will do. She says there’s nothing to do but Bua says people are talking what she will do.

Bua says Vanut should know by now (about her). Ang asks them how he could know. Pol says, Vanut met with Mr. Michael (the first one they helped) so that’s why Vanut volunteered to come here using the excuse that he knew the geography well.

A: Uncles, if Vanut arrives (in the country), don’t ever let him come here. It’s too dangerous.

Bua says he will surely come here to see his parents and her. Ang says her house is being watched. If Vanut is going to come, she tells them to let her know first. She strictly orders them not to forget, or else they will all be in trouble.

Kobori comes home and sees two pairs of shoes, so he intentionally makes noise by stepping his foot loudly for her to hear. She sees Kobori.

A: They came just for a visit.

K: So, where have you been this long time?

They say the other bank, with their friends.

K: The work you are doing must be fun, right?

They say they don’t do any work.

K: Is that so?

He walks to her.

K: I forgot the drawing in the room.

She wants to go get it for him but he says he’ll go get it himself.

Pol and Bua say Kobori acted a bit strange, or may be, he knew? Ang says he knew.

Kobori tears his socks so he looks for a new pair, and sees Vanut’s letter.

Ang tells the two that Kobori knew when they torn down the hut. Ang thinks Kobori took too long so she follows him to the room.

Kobori is trying to read the letter (not sure if he can).

A: Did you find it?

He puts the letter back in the envelope.

K: Yes, I found it.

He puts the envelope under some books and gathers the drawings into his arm.

A: There’s nothing with uncle Bua and Pol. They just stopped by because it’s been a long time they didn’t come.

K: Even that, it could get you into trouble. The best thing is, tell them to leave now. If the military police sees them, we’ll all be investigated.

A: The army gave an order to arrest these two?

K: Not that, they are suspects. If they are seen around here, they might be taken to be questioned. Because, that the shipyard was bombed last time, it’s quite interesting.

A: They wouldn’t do that.

K: How do you know?……..Do you know?

A: What is it?

K: There were underground people sneaked in from aboard. Three persons were arrested.

A: What?

K: Hideko!

A: Is that true?

K: Hideko, are you all right? You should sit down or you might fall down.

A: I”m all right, but where are those people came from?

K: I don’t know.

A: You must know but you won’t tell me. Please tell me if they are from England, aren’t they? Aren’t they?

She sits down.

K: Hideko!

A: Please, please tell me!

K: I truly don’t know.

A: Then, please tell me, if there’s a person named Vanut (among them)?

K: That means, you knew that he would come.

A: ….

K: You are waiting for him, right?

A: Wait! I just want to know if there’s a person named Vanut?

K: I told you. I don’t know!

A: If you want to know, surely, you will be able to know. Then, please ask them for me if there’s a person named Vanut.

K: What if , my answer is yes.

A: That’s not true, you haven’t asked, how would you know?

He gets up.

K: Why do I have to ask anyone? Because….if it’s him, shouldn’t I be happy?

She grabs his hand.

A: No! No! You won’t that! You won’t do that!

K: Why won’t I do that?

A: Because you are not that kind of person.

K: May be I could be many kinds.

A: In that case, please! please! please help Vanut! Please I beg you, please help Vanut! Please, please, please help Vanut. Please! Please, I beg you!…….

K: I’ll surely be kind (to him), if I…….

He pulls his hand off hers. He picks up his drawings and leaves.

She cries : Vanut..Vanut..Vanut..


Episode 20-5

Ang tells Pol and Bua that Kobori said there were three persons captured, two old men are surprised. Ang tells two men to go ask their comrades and find out who were  captured.

Vanut & co learn about the good news of Seri Thai, and they all rejoice. They are talking about building a radio station because those side has been waiting for their radio signals. But there’s bad news for the three too. They will be interrogated by the Japanese tomorrow.

Nagamura calls Dr. Yoshi and Kobori to his office.

Nagamura congratulates Kobori on his good news (the baby). But he says, no matter what happens, the duty to the country and the Emperor must stay above everything. He tells Kobori to get ready because the situation in Burma now are getting worst, and may be the army will need to sent reinforcements soon . Nagamura says Dr.Yoshi and Kobori will represent the army in joining the interrogation of the three persons captured together with their secret agency. Both says yes, but Dr.Yoshi notices that Kobori is not happy about it.

Episode 20-6

Kobori comes home and goes directly into the room. Mom and grandma are worried that something is wrong because ,normally, he would sit down and talk a lot with them. Mom tells Ang to go check on him but when Ang refuses, mom asks if there’s something happened between them.

Ang gets inside the room.

K: I just got back from the headquarters. I still don’t know the names of the three captured. But tomorrow, I will be the interpreter during their interrogation.

A: You must be proud of this position. At the least, if one of the three is Vanut, as an interpreter, you can interpret to anything. In that case, just forget what I asked of you this afternoon. We’ll not ask you anything more because you’ve done so much in the past already. But remember ,one day, I will make you pay for it. If something happens to Vanut, I will  destroy you also.

K: The paper on the table, you should keep it better than this.

Ang finds Vanut’s letter on the table.

A: Where did you get this letter?! This letter is my personal belongings. Where did you get it?

K: Where did you keep it?

A: It’s my fault that I thought you were the only enemy that was a gentleman. But I was wrong, you are just like them; harsh, cruel, and selfish. The truth is, you are no better than your people.

Kobori gets up.

A: The thing that you’ve promised me, if there’s still gentlemanliness left in you, at this moment, right now, I’m asking you for that promise.

K: Hideko.

A: I’m asking for that promise. The promise that you will give back my freedom the day I want it. And I want it now!

K: Hideko, you listen to me first.

A: I’ll not listen to anything.

K: I have so many things to explain to you, but I can’t tell you. It’s a duty that I have to separate it from everything, do you understand, Hideko? When I’m wearing a uniform, I have to put everything down, whether it’ll be my feeling, my heart, or even my own life. Not just my own life, others’ lives too. I cannot tell you until the day you’ll know it yourself.

A: Yes. I will know for sure what you will do with those three.

K: You won’t listen to anything today. All right, I will leave so that when you don’t see me, you can feel better.

A; You, get out now! I told you to get out now! Get out now!

K: I’ll go but I’ll come back to talk it over. I always keep my promise, if only you could ask me for that promise when you’re feeling better than this. But now..(looking at her body), I cannot leave you.

A: Someday…someday you will know, the thing you want so much, perhaps…perhaps, you will never have it. If something happens to those three, I’m telling you here, that I will trade one life for him, to make up for the misfortune he has to suffer in my place.



Oh boy, that last part kept me away from translating for days. How on earth would she think she needs to kill her own child? Plus, the guy doesn’t have a chance to explain himself at all because of his duty. As if, he doesn’t feel bad enough that she kept another guy’s letter in their bedroom. I think the guilt of not keeping her promise to Vanut, is eating her alive, to add to that, she’s carrying another man’s child. I can understand that she thinks Kobori now has the power to hurt Vanut in every way possible but shouldn’t she stay calm and talk it over with him, or at least trust him to do his job, of the time they’ve been together? To kill the child would only mean she’s stabbing him to death. Poor guy, he thinks she doesn’t want him and now his child too, to which he can’t do anything about it. I’m pretty sure if he could get pregnant for her he would. Things are getting worst as we are heading to the finale. If you don’t see the next episode comes up soon, that would only mean I need time to recuperate.


9 Responses »

  1. It’s like Ang has split personality or something. Once she learns that Vanut may be in danger, she quickly becomes the cruel Ang again. Even threatening Kobori with their child’s life, if he doesn’t save her lover. Therefore, Kobori has to become a traitor in order to save his unborn child’s life.
    Someone please slap Ang already. I don’t care if she is pregnant. Just slap her! X-(

  2. I do hate Ang in this episode for thinking of aborting her baby. However, I would kinda of understand why because first of all, the baby was created by violence (rape) and without consent. Second, she was afraid that the baby will not have a good future because of war time. Plus the fact that she was angry at Kobori. I still don’t support her though.

  3. Thank you for write up. I can understand how hard this might have been. This is just fiction and the characters are all fiction but all of us are so drawn in like these are people we know in real life. I am not looking forward to the next episode after watching the pre-cap. You are right about Angsumalin’s guilt. As human beings we all want to feel like we are good people and whens something makes us stop feeling that way about ourselves, we look for ways to start feeling that again. Many times instead of tackling the problem head on, we make wrong decisions to feel like good people again and these decisions only hurt us and others around us. Sigh!

    • Yes, so true, sometimes we can’t accept that we are not that good like we thought we were, and we’ll kick something else out of frustration instead…and most of the time, it’ll be who we love the most.

  4. BTW, the last part by Ang makes me hate her character. Shows how selfish she is herself. That’s why he deserved better. God I hate her so much in this episode!

  5. I hope it doesn’t end soon yet! I love this remake because there are more romantic or at least socializing scenes between the two. And the more I watch them and Kobori falling so hard for Ang ….. My heart breaks for him. My poor Kobori. Ang is such a stubborn woman. Sometimes I wish she could stop putting up the cold exterior around her and suppress her feelings. I mean she’s doing a better job, but I feel so bad for him when se makes him happy one minute and totally change the next.

    • There’s a comment on YT that’s so hilarious, it says, ….because Kobori is worried about his child, or else there will be a slap……(haha)

      I saw somewhere that the director said the drama wouldn’t end on April 9 which was a surprise for me. I thought it would end next week. Lots of comments were asking the PD to give Ang and Kobori time to clear all the misunderstandings, but if the sufferings is just going to drag on, they say let’s end it soon.

      I was having a funny feeling doing this episode because I just watched the movie version, and (spoilersssss) Vanut turned out to be a hero in my heart, because the actor was so hot that I was willing to trade Nadech for five minutes, haha, and I don’t even know the actor’s name.

      • LOL. I’m waiting for the movie I come out in DVD. Unfortunately I can’t watch it in theater here :(. Yes, I hope they get screen time to clear up some misunderstandings. Cuz it’s heartbreaking if it ende with a lot if unanswered and misunderstandings.

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