Movie (Review) : Khu Kam (2013 movie)


The movie premiered today and I’ve seen it! It was two hours plus totally. Something didn’t live up to my expectation, something was beyond my expectation. If you plan to watch the movie, there’ll be spoilers ahead.

Overall, it felt like the work of an artist, yunno, where the director was trying to show his artistic skills in making movie. The problem is, that wasn’t quite fun as the viewer. If you want to enjoy the movie, I think you may have to erase all of Khu Kam’s memories in your mind and start anew. By the end of the movie, surprise! I loved Vanut more than anyone even though he showed up like less than ten minutes in the movie. He presented himself as a strong capable man fighting fearlessly for his country. Kobori by Nadech was a young loving man but I didn’t really feel his strong love for Angsumalin like in other versions. Angsumalin, portrayed by Richey, was the one I really really couldn’t connect with. Her acting was stiff that I ended up getting bored when she’s around Kobori, and that was a serious problem. Truthfully, I think if it wasn’t Nadech, this movie might…..Now there were something spectacular too, yes, the music, the special effects, and an amazing Japanese cast. I loved all the Japanese actors. Their seriousness was their charms. So for the summary;


Directing : if you love artistic and stylish filming then you should love it. But if you want Kobori you always love, you won’t get it.

Acting : Japanese cast were awesome, Kobori was Nadech as Kobori, but not Kobori by Nadech. Richey eh……..stiff, Vanut was so cool and hot!

Special effects : Cool! The bombing was a beauty.

Music : Impressive.

Costumes : Meh…..why everybody had to wear the exact same kind of hat? Why?

Verdict : It was a new Khu Kam with new interpretations from the director. See it if you love Nadech or you love the beautiful bombing with great music scores…and a lot of dust…


Directed by Kittikorn Liasirikun

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  1. Do you know if the movie will be released in Taiwan in Engish subs or if I can watch it online?

  2. [Spoilers ahead]
    After spent hours reading comments on pantip site of the people who have seen the movie, most were the same in one thing, Nadech ‘s performance was exceptional and they loved him, but then, that’s the only thing good in the movie. Some said, it’s not a new interpretation but it’s an interpretation that didn’t respect the writer of the novel, or wrongly interpreted. Most comments were a little harsh on the leading actress, that she’s not Angsumalin.

    IMO Nadech was great in every scene but when looking in the whole picture, to me, it’s as if he didn’t know Kobori, he just did his best from the scripts. I’d bet , from now, if he has the time to read the novel, he will know what he did in the movie, is not the Kobori from the novel. That’s how I feel. In the movie, I was moved by the dialog between Dr. Takeda and Kobori more than him with Angsumalin. Sorry for the fans 🙂

  3. Interesting review. I now want to see the movie to see what artistry the director has brought to this movie. Do you know if DVDs with English subtitles will be released internationally ?

    I think I relate to your comment the Kobori was Nadech as Kobori rather than Kobori by Nadech. I have seen some of his Lakorns and saw trailer for this movie and totally get you mean without even seeing the movie. The Japanese OST for this movie is lovely. Curious about the background score after reading your review now.

    • Truthfully, in the movie, there were more Japanese speaking than Thai, IMO I even think they should try a Japanese actor as Kobori. Nadech received good reviews (some said phenomenon) for his first movie, but not his co-star. I was wondering that may be her stiff acting was what the director wanted.

      Normally, the movie has to finish screening in the theater before the DVD comes out. FYI the critics are saying that, seeing on DVD will be different because some of the special effects will be great only on a big screen. Not sure if that’s for marketing purpose. When I was inside the theater, the sound of the airplanes in the sky (to bomb), it really felt real, like you want to look up if there’s a plane over your head. And Hideko song was played with a superb surround-sound audio system.

      IMO It’s the scripts that disturbed me the most, then the lead actress. I guarantee you Kobori-Nadech will make you smile.

  4. do you know when the movie will be release to the US

  5. Yes, of course. Please take my thoughts as a grain of salt cuz someone else may love the movie. Thanks for reading 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. thank for your review,i’m Vietnamese,can i translate and share with Na’fan in VN? ,i share link to your blog for sure

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