Maya Tawan Episode 1

Episode 1


Khettawan is a famous actor in town, his popularity is a hoot. Matthana is a college girl and a die-hard fan of Khettawan. Then tragic happens, Khettawan is arrested on a murder charge. Matthana gathers his fans to give him support. She even shows up on television waving his neon-lighted name. Later, he is discharged and his name has been cleared. However, to everyone’s surprise, he announces through the media that he would end his career as an actor from now on. The season being that he was heavily criticized by the media when he was wrongly accused that he was so sick of it. Mathana is so angry that he gave up his career and didn’t fight with whatever he’s facing.


Later, Matthana graduates and gets an offer from Siam San Publishing Co. to become a reporter. She gets a job and meets with other two capable reporters, Sara Wari and Mi Khana. They become close friends. The editor wants to do a story on Khettawan (he got info from a secret source that, actually, Khettawan was adopted), so he assigns the job to Matthana. She has to fly to Phuket to do the job as Khettawan now lives over there.

Her friend warns her to prepare well, it’s not as easy job because it’s a well-known fact that Khettawan hates the media and always acts harshly toward them.

Before Matthana leaves for Phuket, her sister, who is a doctor, tells her that 4-5 months ago there was a patient admitted into the hospital with Khettawan taking care of all the expenses, and he would visit her very often. But it’s strange that when he went back, she would cry hysterically that the doctor asked him not to visit her again. Matthana asks if it’s a woman or a man, her sis says it’s a woman, a famous model, but she forgot her name. Matthana asks what’s the problem with her when she came to the hospital. Her sister says it’s drug-addicted.

Matthana is checking into a hotel in Phuket when she meets a good-looking man, Jain. He overhears that she comes from Siam San so he looks at her interestingly. Matthana gets into her room and takes out  binoculars to spy on Khettawan’s beach house and says, see you soon Pee (bro) Tawan. She walks along the beach and feels funny that she’s the only one fully clothed so she takes off her sneakers.

Then she sees a man sitting on a beach chair. She stares at his face and gasps, it’s Khettawan. She runs to hide and takes a peek.

She says to herself, “Why did you have to be so startled? He has hundred thousands of fans, he won’t recognize you!” She looks at him and says why he looks so sad. She says may be shouldn’t dig up his story again, and let him go. Then she recalls her boss telling her that to be a good reporter, she shouldn’t feel attached too much to the source. To do the story, she should do it from both sides, talking both to who love/hate , benefit/lose from the person. If she’s going to write something bad about a person, she should meet him to give him a chance to explain. He told her to remember that whether he would talk or not talk, it’s the news.

Matthana gets up and he’s gone. She runs to his beach house and sees a woman coming out and kisses his cheek, and there’s another woman (Chonlabut) popping out from inside the house. She recognizes the first one, Lalisa, the famous model.

Matthana : What a shame! And this is how you love living in solitude? A house that’s full of women like this? I’ll dig it all out, just wait and see!

She gets back to the hotel and runs into Jain, all the seashells in her handkerchief fall to the ground. Jain helps pick them up and puts in his handkerchief. She’s smitten by his sweet gestures. He says she can return his handkerchief by leaving it at the hotel’s front desk because he will stay in this hotel for a while. He tells her that she shouldn’t collect seashells and should leave them by the seashore, it’s more beautiful that way. Matthana is impressed by his kind words. She returns the seashells on the seashore and Jain comes behind and asks her name. She says Matthana or he can call her just Mat. He says he’s Jain Cross. He asks her out for a dinner.

Sara Wari screams into her phone, she says, when she was doing a story, why this kind of thing never happen to her. She asks Mat if she’s going out for a dinner with him. Mat says she’s finished dressing up a while back. Wari screams out of jealousy.

Matthana (will call her Mat) is having dinner with Jain. She learns that he’s a 100% Thai, and his last name , Cross, comes from his adopted father. He asks what her work is over here in Phuket. She says she ‘s an entertainment reporter and came to do a scoop on Khettawan. He knows that Khettawan was an actor, and tells her that her job will be difficult because he doesn’t socialize much. Jain offers his help if she needs anything because he knows many people around here.

Mat thinks : Man, why so handsome? I can’t think properly!

Jain reaches out his hand toward her hand. She gasps, and thinks to herself, oh no, move your hand away, move your hand.

He grabs his wine glass. She’s deflated. Haha.

Next day, Mat walks to Khattawan’s house. She stops to buy a pineapple and learns from a woman that Khettawan’s house is looking for a housekeeper. (The two women speak in Southern dialect, which I’m not really good at.) A guard opens the door and asks if she’s here for a job, she says yes. He tells her to hurry because his boss is about to go out. A man is walking his dogs, when he knows that she’s here for a job, he asks for her ID and to follow him for an interview. He compliments her Central dialect. The word ID spooks Mat.

M: I don’t have it.

The man : An immigrant?

M: No. I forgot to bring it.

Her boss says using a fake document is illegal. Mat says she won’ t use it only in case of an emergency, and it’s better than they know that she’s a reporter from Siam San; they could get sued. Her boss agrees to get one for her. She wonders how her boss will be able to find a person who looks similar to her, because her beauty is quite unique. Ha.

Mat comes back with an ID. The man shouts at her that she’s using other’s person ID because the  picture doesn’t look like her. Khettawan comes out and asks what happened. Mat’s heart beats fast seeing him so close. She insists that it’s her picture. Khettawan looks at her and the picture.

K: Who are you? You are a reporter in disguise, aren’t you?

M: No! I’m not a reporter. No, I’m not!

K: Catch her!

He calls his dogs to attack her. Mat sceams…..and she wakes up. Haha. Mat looks at the ID’s picture and rolls eyes, she sarcastically thanks her boss, the picture looks exactly just like her. She comes out of the elevator and Jain couldn’t recognize her. He asks if she has to disguise herself this much. She says they were very strict even with hiring a housekeeper. He wishes her luck.

A guard tells her to go back, they won’t hire her. He says (in Southern dialect) that even if she’s beautiful, he will not go easy on her. Mat mimics his dialect (ha) to let her get inside since they are from the same hometown. A man comes out and remembers her. She begs him that she’s poor and really needs a job.

Lalisa picks one person to hire, because from the picture she’s fat, and she doesn’t need a beautiful one around here.

Mat talks with the guard and learns that they call Khettawan, Pon, and he’s a quiet type who doesn’t like to go out very much. A man comes to her and asks if her name is Chutima. Mat says yes. He says she gets the job and to follow him.

Mat is making her face to look like in the picture. He asks for her real ID and says she doesn’t look the same with the picture. Mat says she’s gotten skinny and everybody thought she got a plastic surgery, but how she could afford it, to eat a proper meal is hard enough for her. He gives back her ID and tells her not to get fat again. Mat is so happy that she got the job. The man says she should thank Lisa because once she saw her picture, she chose her right away. He tells her to call him Aek (Ekachai), and she tells him he can call her Mat. He says he’s Pon’s assistant but not his secretary. His secretary is Cholabut, and she will meet her tomorrow.

Aek shows her the library, and it’s her job to clean it every morning, because Pon normally will use the room in the afternoon. He tells her that Pon like to have his privacy so she must not go upstairs, and his studio, it’s a No Entry zone. She asks if khun (Mr.) Pon works in that room. He says yes. She asks who do the cleaning upstairs. He says aunty Noi, their long time housekeeper.

Aek tells Mat that for the liabrary, if there’s a book, that is open, on the table, don’t touch it; and if there’s a scrap on the floor, just put it on the table and Pon will throw it away himself. He shows her her room. She looks at the poster (Haha…it’s Nadech, her famous co-star, they are very close. Man, the crew just had to tease her.). Aek tells her that this house has a separate quarter for the housekeeper so if the main house doesn’t call her, she must not go to the main house. They will call her through an intercom. Next to her room is aunty Noi’s room, she can ask her if she needs anything.

He takes her to the front yard. Mat mutters, as if they have so many secrets. Aek introduces her to the two dogs, the spotted white one called Jut (a spot) and the brown one called Jaem (bright). Her job is to walk them on the beach every morning and the evening; bath them once a week; and feed them food and water. He says khun Pon is going out now so he will take her to meet him. Mat is so stunned to meet her idol again, as if, time stands still.


Overall productions were serviceable but I’m willing to give it a chance, because the story in the novel was really romantic and sweet. I’m not sure I’ll do next episode because I just realize one episode is approx. two hours on CH3, which is quite a painful job for me with Khu Kam on my back. However, I foresee a fun ride when Khettawan and Matthana finally fall for each other later.


Yaya as Matthana

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  1. I just found this blog. Thank you for all the translation and for the recap of this lakorn.

  2. thank you very much for your recaps on MT, im enjoying this alot, pls continue to recap if you have time na 🙂

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