Drama : Maya Tawan (2013)

Channel 3 came up with the Three Musketeers (girl) project consists of  three series which will be aired consecutively (I think). The series are the adaptations of the novels with the same names by King-chat. There are three volumes of the novels, and the stories were connected by the three women; reporters of the same publishing company. Each volume is for one heroine’s loveline. The names are Maya Tawan, Mon Jandra and Fa Kra-jang Dao.

Maya Tawan premiered last night to mark the first one out of the batch.

Translations from the back cover of the novel, Maya Tawan,

He always thinks that his life was cursed. Love, beauty, and happiness that came into his life were all short-lived, vague, and no different other than an illusion; the illusion of the sun (Maya Tawan)…that would lure us into its beauty, the beauty that happen only briefly within the last ray of the sunlight, before the darkness; the bitterness, that last much longer in hundreds, in thousands times, would suddenly sweep into us unexpectedly.

But…Matthana (mat-tha-na) is not an illusion of the sunlight at dusk. She is reality; an innocent light that is shining into his life creating warmness and hope.


(The voice of the hero, Khettawan [khet-ta-wan])

The reflection of the last ray….it doesn’t matter whether it’s the shadow of the leaves or….how it’s so ugly…..

The shadow that cast upon the seashore will always be beautiful.

I like to call that moment, Maya Tawan.

*Couldn’t understand some words because of the editing.


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