Movie (Review) : Pee Mak…Phra Khanong


This movie took Bangkok by storm. I heard it broke the box office records in two days and everybody was talking about it. So I decided to check it out. The title of the movie is the name of the hero, Pee Mak (Bro Mak) and the name of a district, Phra Khanong.

Facts (not a spoiler) : The story is a well-known ghost story in Thailand where Mak had a wife named Nak. He went for war while his wife was pregnant. The neighbors believed she had a miscarriage and did not survive. The ever famous rumor was that the neighbors would hear her voice calling her husband while she was standing on a dock holding her baby at dusk, her cold lingering voice could be heard for miles, “Pee….Mak..khaaaaaaaa….”

The story had been re-made many times both as movies and TV-series.


When I finished the movie, I could understand why the movie was so popular. What I loved? Great costumes and make-up, interesting cinematography, the story was quite interesting but not sure if I liked it compared to the original. The funny bits were hilarious but some parts were a little too much. What took me by surprise was, Mario Maurer. I’ve never seen his movie and this is my first movie with him, he’s delivering such great performance as a faithful husband of Nak, and the soundtrack was beautiful although inserted a little off or too loud but all songs were beautiful. All in all, it was an entertaining piece. I didn’t regret paying for the ticket, the costumes and the cinematography were worth it for me.


Mario Maurer as Mak

Davika Hoome as Nak

Mak this version tagged along four close friends making the running-in-the-wood scenes more colorful.


The Official Teaser

-Where is everybody?

Nak talking to Mak : Do you know I was waiting for you at the dock everyday?

On the screen : The love story of Phra Khanong field is coming back to life.

Mak : I will not allow myself to die here. No matter what happens, I’ll go back to my kid and wife.

Nak : Pee Mak kha….Pee Mak kha…

The gang : If it’s not because of you, I would have been dead, Mak.

Mak  : Actually, my name should be pronounced “Mark”!

The gang :

Mak : The only person who called me MARK! was DADDY!, but he went back to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the MISSIONARIES already. (The capital words were said in clear English.)

The Soundtrack (cover version) – Kho Meu Thoe Noi  (Give me your hands)


(*) Give me your hands to grasp, to feel fresh.

Let me look into your eyes to comfort myself when feeling lonely.

Give me your heart, to be the inspiration of my great dream.

If I have your heart, I will be thoroughly happy. (*)

I want to hold your hand, hold your hand, for once.

Hold my hand so I would not feel too empty or lonely.

I want to look into your eyes and to continue looking into your eyes.

I want to collect a gleam of understandings to keep me warm longer.

Repeat (*)

I want to hold your hand, hold your hand, for you to be certain.

I want to stand beside you and face the new prosperous things.

Repeat (*) 2 times

Toward the end of the video were BTS bits. The part where they screamed on the boat because there was a snake in the water. Haha….


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  1. Pee Mak is an awesome movie which I never get bored watching over again and again lol which made my current favourite movie and the The actors are splendid Mario,Davika and the boys….. And The songs are FANTASTIC and PeeMak2 is also funny Nick,James and the boys are great And the next part Make me shudder1 too too brilliant And I’m waiting for part…… i’ve watched many films but PeeMak da Best

  2. does anyone know what was the title of the musical/ instrumental soundtrack/ music in the ferris wheel scene of mak and nak in the movie pee mak? if anyone knows it, please let me know. thanks

  3. Ah finally! Thank you so much for this! I’ve been looking for this song for a very long time. I don’t know Thai language so it’s definitely hard for me to search for this.

  4. Hey, you know a site wherein there’s a lyrics of the end song? Thanks!

  5. I never get bored seeing any remake of legend of Mae Nak. Where can I watch this online for free? Looks scary and hilarious! Thanks!

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