Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 19

Por Dok Mali (Mr. Jasmine flower). You are so adoraBlieeee!


Episode 19-1

I guess the disadvantage of coming down from the sky at night is, you won’t really know where you will be landing on precisely. Appreciation 2 (the team’s name code) lands safely on the ground, carrying with them is a radio communication device (so huge that Samsung would bang their heads). They find themselves up north from the capital. They get caught by the villagers.

Angsumalin is having a bad dream, that she’s walking in the university and meets her friends and Vanut in their collage’s uniforms. Vanut holds her hand with gladness then disappears. Then there are sudden explosions and she screams.  Kobori’s voice, “Hideko!” She turns to see Kobori so she runs to him, but before she can reach him, there’s a fire burning around his body. She creams, don’t die, Kobori, don’t die.

She keeps calling Kobori so he wakes up. When she sees him, she hugs him tight. (Please notice the huge mosquito net, I think it can take one more person *me snuggles up against his back*)

K: Why are you crying so hard? Are you all right?

K: You looks pale. Sleep some more. Tomorrow, late in the morning, I will go get the doctor for you.

A: You don’t have to. I’m fine now. Last night, may be because of my empty stomach so I (almost) fainted.

K: It’s not good to faint very often because it will blow away. (A pun : to faint, in Thai, pen-lom where pen = be, lom = the wind, so he says she should not pen-lom (be the wind) so often, it can all blow away)

K: You look really skinny. I’ll have another 2-3 days off because I have to wait for the new machine to be installed replacing the old one that was destroyed. And if you want to go anywhere some more, you can tell me.

A: I’d rather not.

She’s getting up.

K: Where are you going?

A: To cook rice.

K: Cook rice? Can you skip it for one day?

A: No, because if I don’t do it, my mom will have to get up to do it.

K: Then, I’ll take care of it. You just lie down here.

A: Wait, you won’t know how.

K: Why won’t I? I eat it for months now. Japanese cooks rice too, it must be the same.

A: Oh, you’re so great then show me.

K: Sure! (He pushes her down.) …..

She gets up.

K: What are you getting up for?

A: To supervise.

K: You don’t trust your student?

A: A student who never do anything right.

His face falls.

K: Hideko.

She turns and he kisses her (at least, he can do this right). She smiles and I squeal.

Vanut and the gang are tied up. The villagers are searching their backpacks and finding many things with Western characters written on it. The monk says they must be sent here by the Westerner, but they look like they are Thai. (Vanut & co speak to each other in English.) The villager says if they are Thai, they should say something. The villagers don’t even know if they can understand them.

The villager finds the radio and throws it away thinking it could be a bomb. The head of the village comes and sees the badge on one of the teams’ uniform. It says FREETHAI (Seri Thai).

Episode 19-2

Angsumalin is throwing up again.

K: Hideko, you are not recovering. (He turns to mom and tells her that she’s like since last night.)

Mom says she will make Ya-hom (a well-known Thai medicine (till today), it comes in powder, dissolve it in hot water to relieve a stomach discomfort or dizziness) for her, and tells Kobori to gently pat her back. Grandma comes out because of the noise. Mom gives her Ya-hom but she says it smells bad. When mom insists that it will make her feel better, she drinks it. She throws up again.

K: This doesn’t look good. I’ll have to go get the doctor.

A: It’s all right, just a little dizziness. If I rest for a little while, I should be fine.

Mom suggest she should lie down, actually, she shouldn’t be getting up.

K: Yes. I told her, just a little chore of cooking rice, I could do it.

Grandma says he doesn’t need to do it. Mom says she’ll do. (At that time, women think domestic chores are their jobs.)

A: No, I don’t want to. The more I’m lying down, the more I’m feeling dizzy.

The elders look at each other. Grandma follows Ang’s mom to the kitchen. She says Ang’s symptoms these days could suggest one thing. But mom says they can’t be sure about it. Grandma says if Ang has a child, it’ll be complicated. Por Dok Mali is a good man but there are a lot of unfinished business (between the two). He may have to join the battle, and what the mom (Ang) and the child staying behind would do. And then, what about Vanut? There’re so many things to worry about.

Mom : Let’s leave them be. If they are meant to be (fated to be together), no matter how far apart they are, they will come to meet each other. A man like Por Dok Mali is hard to find. Once he loves, he loves deeply. No matter how our girl keeps throwing a tantrum, he still loves her just the same. I really don’t know, if it’s not Por Dok Mali and were someone else, how long he would be able to endure. Our girl, she also has a heart, a feeling; how much longer will she be able to keep hating him?

Vanit & co are on a cart pulled by a buffalo. The villagers are taking them to the governor (head of the province).  One man talks to Vanut that he thinks he can understand what they are talking. Another man tells them to give him their names or they will hand them over to the Japanese. They think they should do that, at least, they’ll get some money to buy some booze. They ask the man in the front, why they need to take them to town. The guy says Kamnan strictly ordered him to take them to the governor. They say may be they are spies. The front man says, he thinks they might be in the same team with those arrested last month in Chai Nat (a province), they also came in three. Vanut and his friends are exchanging looks. He says all were taken to the capital by the police. So they think these three will be having the same fate, and they laugh.

Cut to the Ang’s house.

K: Can you stay alone? I’ll take a bath quickly and go get the doctor.

A: Yes, I can. But why do you have to go for a doctor?

K: (Smile) You are afraid of getting a shot, aren’t you?

A: Well..

K: All right, I’ll tell the doctor.

He holds her hand.

K: But you’ll have to let him examine you thoroughly what kind of sickness you’re having. Because, if something happens to you, what will I do? (He pouts.)

She grabs on his hold and that surprises him.

K: Something’s wrong?

A: Nothing.

K: Then close your eyes, I won’t be gone long. I will not disappear on you. No matter when, I will always come back to you. Except, if I die.

A: No! Don’t say that!

K: (Smile) No, I won’t (die). Now that I have you, I will not let myself die easily.

A: (Get up) Even so, don’t say that again.

K: You don’t want me to die anymore, right?

A: Well, Thais are against saying such thing.

K: Who cares about others.

He turns her to him.

K: Tell me, do you still want me to die?

A: Who would want that?

K: You.

A: Who told you?

K: Me.

A: Told what?

K: (Sit beside her) Anata wo aishiteimasu…. I love you.

A: What?

K: This sentence is not difficult to say. Try saying it.

He puts his face on her shoulder.

K: Watashi mo….(I think he wants her to say watashi mo anata wo aishite imasu – I love you, too.)

A: Aren’t you going to get the doctor? You should hurry.

K: You are cruel. I was trying to teach you.

A: You should hurry.

K: All right, I’ll go.

He opens the closet and closes it on his fingers. He cries in pain.

A: Kobori! Kobori! What happened?

K: Worry about you.

He gives her a bouquet of Jasmine flowers.

K: I love you.

She pushes him away angrily.

A: Crazy man!

He grabs her wrist and gives her the bouquet again.

K: Hideko, I love you.

She grabs it forcefully and puts it on the table by her bed. She lies down and closes her eyes.

K: Thank you so much, Hideko.

When he gets out of the room, she looks at the bouquet lovingly.

Episode 19-3

Kobori comes to the shipyard and asks Kesuke if he sees Dr. Takeda. He says the doctor should be around here. Kobori takes Dr.Takeda to Angsumalin.

K: Hideko, are you feeling better?

A: I’m all right now.

K: I bring the doctor.

Takeda greets her. Both men stop her from getting up. Takeda says it’s all right. Angsumalin greets him and asks how he is, she didn’t see him for a long time.

T: Doctor is well, but what about Ang-san (Ms.Ang)? How are you? Let me examine you.

Takeda says sorry every time he needs to touch her somewhere.

T: I gave you a shot. Ang-san rest. Things will get better. Everything is all right. I’ll leave some medicine with Kobori for Ang-san to take.

K: Are you sure that she’s all right, doctor?

T: Not now,  but later, have to check again.

K: Wait, you just said that she’s fine.

T: Yes. She’s fine. There’s nothing (to worry about). Nothing.

Takeda to Ang: I’ll have to go. There’s a lot of work at the shipyard.

A: Thank you, doctor. When you’re free, please come eat with us.

T: I’ll definitely come because Kobori will have to give me a treat big time.

Takeda gets up and says, “Koboriiii!”

Kobori follows him out.

T: Mother, grandmother..Kobori, congratulations! Ang-san is pregnant! Pregnant!

K: Is it true, doctor? It’s true? So…what do I have to do?

Kobori is too happy. He turns to hug everyone, but grandma says no (don’t hug her) or he’ll crush her bones.

He kisses Takeda and runs into the room.

K: Hideko! Hideko, why are you getting up?

A: It’s all right. I felt like throwing up just now but my stomach must be empty so nothing came out.

K: From now on, you cannot get up to do anything alone. If you need something, tell me. You mustn’t do anything alone.

A: Why? I’m fine.

K: Why? You can’t be fine.

A: So what am I?

K: What if you fall?

A: I won’t but if I fall, I should be all right.

K: No, can’t take the chance. It’s our child.

A: What? What did you just say?

K: Our child! My love, my dearest, the doctor just told me. Our child! Are you happy? Our child, Hideko!

He hugs her.

K: Hideko, our child, whether it’s boy or a girl, I want it to be like you. I want it to resemble you because I love his mother so much. Hideko, do you want a boy or a girl? For me, no matter it’s a boy or a girl, I will love him as much as I love his mother. Hideko, if something happens to me now, I’ll not regret it because now I know what the happiest moment in life feels like.

Angsumalin is too stunned to talk.

Takeda gets back to the shipyard and calls Kesuke. He makes him promise not to tell anyone, and Kesuke promises. But when he learns the news, he tells all the soldiers that Kobori is going to have a baby.

They all say, “Banzai! Banzai!” (Hooray!)

(Omo..Kesuke gets to shine too, haha.)

Episode 19-4

The villagers are walking home, one man is complaining that, it’s getting dark soon, but why they are still inspecting (at the checkpoint), they must think they are the owner of this country. A man on the cart asks what’s going on, so he points to him the Japanese soldiers over there which spooks everybody on the cart.

At Ang’s house.

K: Mother told me that you like (the pineapple), but must be sprinkled with salt.

A: Because salt makes it more delicious.

K: Douzo! (Please have it.)

A: Do you want to try it?

Kobori shakes head. He looks here and there at the wood ceiling beams.

A: What are you doing?

K: I’m thinking of hanging carps in the house.

A: What? What are you going to do with carps?

K: The carp-shaped hanging ornaments. It’s the Japanese tradition to hang carp-shaped ornaments in front of the house. One carp for one person. If there’s a big child, must hang a big one. If there’re more children, must hang a smaller and smaller (reducing the size by the number of children). How many carps do you think we will be hanging? For me, at least five. How many do you think the most can be? For the first one, how big do you want?

He stretches out his arms.

K: How about this big?

He looks at her.

K: Hideko, are you happy (about having a baby)?

A: ….

K: You are not? …..Please do not answer me, Hideko. I’m afraid that your answer will make me sad. Please let me be happy with this pointless dream. I forgot that I promised you. Thank you, Hideko, that you’ve made me happy all this time that I almost forgot what I told you.  (He bows.)

K: In that case, please let me see his (the baby) face first. I will raise him myself if you don’t want him. Because, no matter what happens, I will love him with all my heart just like how I love his mother…the most.. in my entire life.

She cries.

A: Please stop talking.

He gathers her in his arms.

K: Please don’t cry. Just forget those questions I asked you. Tomorrow, I will get the medicine for you. The doctor said you would have these symptoms for 1-2 months then you would be fine. From now on, you have to be careful not to fall down, or do the heavy chores. How do you feel after getting a shot?

A: I just got it. How could I know?

K: That’s right, how you could know. At least, it makes you get up and eat some.

A: My mother, does she know?

K: Yes, she knew at the same time with me. No, actually, mother talked to grandmother and the doctor that she had thought about it. It’s must be only me that didn’t know. I thought you had a stomachache, gastritis, or some intestine problem. You know, when I was running to the doctor, I was shaking and scared that something might happen to you.

A: What if….die?

He shushes her.

K: No. I’ll never let anything happen to you. If (someone is going to) die, it must be me first.

The cart comes to a stop at the checkpoint. A Japanese soldier asks where they are going. The man in the front says they are going to the governor’s house. The soldier walks around to inspect. Vanut looks at him.

Soldier : Why look (at me)? What?

He orders them to stand up when they don’t , he gets on the cart and takes out a blanket that covers them. He asks why they are tied up. Another soldier sees soldier backpacks. They search and find a  communication radio so the soldier shouts his question, “Whose is it?!” He repeats. The soldier finds a gun, it’s the Westerner brand. The villagers run away so they shoot them. One of the villagers tells them that they are thieves, and they are taking them to the police. The Japanese soldier gives an order to confiscate everything. When Vanut’s team is able to tear the ropes free, the fighting ensues. In the end, a Japanese soldier is pointing a gun at Vanut’s head.



koinobori: Carp-shaped windsocks. These carp sets are flown above the roofs of houses with sons, with the biggest (black) koinobori for the father, next biggest (red) for the mother, and ranging down to the smallest carp for the youngest son. (Source : Wikipedia)

Episode 19-5

Vanut & co beat them all and escape.

At Ang’s house. Mom is telling Ang to eat more, it’ll be good for her state of pregnancy. Ang begs her mom to let her eat just plain rice because she can’t take the smell of the dishes. She asks for her permission to push them away from her. Grandma calls Kobori to have a meal but he says, please wait. Angsumalin says he took some dishes from the shipyard’s kitchen, and she thinks he must have missed his own foods. Mom says they don’t know how to cook Japanese food. Grandma says let him do it so he can make it just the way he likes.

K: I’m coming. I’m coming.

Mom : What are they?

K: Umeboshi (Pickled plums), Nori (seaweeds), Katsuo Furikake (rice seasonings). All are for eating with rice. Angsumalin couldn’t take things that smell, try this, no smell. Delicious and healthy. Japanese eat them with rice. Good for children! Best for adult!

Grandma asks what’s that fruit?

K: Umeboshi.

He turns to Ang for help.

A: Plums. They look delicious. May I try?

K: Douzo! Try it.

She chews one.

K: Eat with rice. Must eat with rice.

She chews another one.

A: What? I want to eat it plain (without rice).

K: Eat with rice!

K: Mother-san, grandma-san, look at Angsumalin. Cheater! Must eat with rice. She eats it plain.

She picks up the whole bowl.

K: Cheater. Will tell mom (as in, so mom will punish you). (He turns to mom) Oh, mom is here.

Kobori is busy with his project for her house.

Mom : Where did you get those tum (earthen jars) from?

K: I saw them over there.

Grandma : Aren’t they leaking? Did you check?

K: I checked. They are not leaking.

Grandma gets his idea, their house doesn’t have a good bathroom.

Kobori is playing with the fish in a bowl.

A: What are you doing?

K: Feeding the fish.

A: Keeping live fish.

K: Yes, keeping live fish.

A: Why did you do with that glass jar for fermented mangoes?

K: Haha.

A: And those are the fish in the canal, why did you catch them?

K: To be our pet.

A: Pet? You want to keep the fish? ..I’ll buy goldfish…

K: Huh?

A: Kingyo.

K: No, no need for kingyo. Normal fish is enough, they are cute.

A: At your house (in Japan), you must be keeping the fish too.

K: Yes. We have kingyo in our backyard. I was the one who fed them. But I don’t know who is taking care of them now. There are many fish in my house, and I named them too…..

A: Up to you (if you wants to keep them). I once catched small shrimps, pla-khem (wrestling halfbeak), pla-kra-di (trichogaster) for keeps (in a fishbowl), but when grandma saw it, she told me to release them into the canal. You, be careful. If grandma sees it, she will call it sinful and tell you to release them for sure.

K: All children love to have pets.

He’s looking into the bowl.

K: What our child wants to keep, I will let him whether it’ll be dog or cat.

A: But I’m allergic (phae) to cat’s fur.

K: Phae? Lose or win? (he means, phae = to lose, as in, lose in a fight)

A: No!…cough…sneeze…runny nose, like about to catch a cold.

K: Hai! (yes) So our child can’t have cat, then, it must be animal without fur, like a tiny snake or turtle.

A: No! Our child will not raise such strange animals.

K: What is so strange about tiny snake and turtle?

A: I don’t know, but our child must not keep snake or turtle!

K: Oh, he can’t keep anything. He (our child) must be upset. (pouting)

A: I wonder if it’s the child or his father who wants to keep animals.


He grabs her wrist.

K: Hideko, going for a bath?

A: Yes.

K: Come here.

He takes her to his newly completed on-house bathroom. (Aww…)

Episode 19-6

K: You shouldn’t go up and down the stairs to take a bath anymore.

A: What?

K: This stairs; the stairs of the dock; those planks of the dock, when feet are wet, body is wet, shoes are wet, it’s slippery. Dangerous.

A: But I..

K: No ‘but’.

A: But I go up and down the stairs to take a bath since I can remember.

K: But now, you need to adjust your habit.

A: You! Meddler!

K: Sit down.

A: I can stand taking bath.

K: Please sit down. I beg you. This stool is very strong……So it won’t be difficult for you when you are…..bigger.

She’s still standing.

K: I beg you.

He pushes her down.

K: Your hands. Wash your hands first…..Wash your hands clean, then wet your face to get used to the coldness of the water.

Romantixxxx time….


(Who wants to take a bath nOw? *raise both hands*)

Appreciation 2 is planning to get into the capital by the river, whichever ways they’ll use are dangerous because of those Japanese soldiers. Vanut says then they should mingle with the villagers, his friend says no way because in a small village, everybody knows every face, they will notice a stranger right away. One friend says they should sleep for two hours then walk to town during the night or else they will not be able to get away from the Japanese soldiers.

Vanut looks at the night sky and cites a poem. He tells his friend that he sees the moon and thinks of someone he will hurriedly go to her. If she knows that they will see each other soon, she will probably feel excited and happy. (Aww my heart feels for you for the first time, Vanut.)

At Ang’s house, she’s playing khim with Kobori sitting by her side.

Vanut’s friend says, nobody in his house knows this too, if he suddenly shows up, they will be very surprised. Vanut says Angsumalin must be very surprised too.

Kobori is fanning his wife looking at her. It’s a peaceful night for Angsumalin.


I thought when Vanut jumped from the plane, he already had a good plan but it looks like there’s none. How can they expect to get into the capital without someone helping them on the ground? I feel sad for him if he already knew about Angsumalin yet still hoping for some kind of miracle. At first, I thought who would take Angsumalin when she already got married but judging by Vanut’s words, he would take her back if he could or not? I can see why Angsumalin is not happy to have a baby, just think of when the whole country are hating the Japanese, what will happen to her and her child if Kobori is not there to protect them, as we all know the Japanese were defeated in World War II. Kobori, on the other hand, seems to be living day by day, taking in all the happiness he could because he thinks a soldier’s life won’t last very long. Let’s see how Kobori and Angsumalin’s perspectives of life and love meet in the end.

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  1. I must say, I loveeee your blog on khu kam. like I’m Thai American and I understand thai but sometimes I don’t understand some old thai language. so I read and watch at the same time. so thanks mucho! Also, I love how you add your personality in the comments 🙂

  2. I love this part. It’s so cute how they bicker about the pets. LOL
    Kobori wants a pet so he is using their child as a reason to get one. I love how they call the child “our child.” This scene is bittersweet because although they did argue about family pets, they will not be a family for long because Kobori is suppose to leave with the child after he is born.

    Ang should just break her promise to Vanut!!! According to the Amazing Spiderman, broken promises are the best kind 😀

  3. Thank you so much for translating! I feel so bad for Kobori! He is such a genuine person who loves with his whole heart. He loves her for her everything that she is (good and bad). I NEED TO FIND MY KOBORI out there! Bie and Noona did an amazing job with their characters that i wouldn’t be able to imagine anyone else playing their role. THANK YOU!!! looking forward to many of your future works.

  4. Thank u for the complete recap of Ep. 19! I have yet to finish watching ep. 20. Thank u!

  5. I’m crying in the corner for Kobori. Sorry Astra, I will answer your question in ep18 , when I’m in the right mind (T__T) *sniff*

  6. Extremely adorable! Thanks for the update. The actors are doing a really good job with their roles. Don’t even know when the actor ends and the character begins and vice versa.

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