Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 18

It’s getting harder and harder to translate. I’m not sure if Kobori suddenly knows how to express his mind, or he’s like this from the beginning but just couldn’t speak Thai well enough until recently. Every word that he’s telling his wife always means more than what it seems to be. He loves her deeply, but at the same time, believes that she will never understand.


Episode 18-1

Kamnan reads Vanut’s letter and prays to the Gods and holy things to protect his son and help him accomplish the job he’s doing for the country, and to return home safely. Vanut’s mother cries and is worried about, what if, he returns home and learns that Angsumalin got married. Kamnan calmly says things were meant to happen and they are not in the position to stop them all.

At Angsumalin’s house, Angsumalin is taking care of the guests.

A: Do you want more tea?

K: (Ask  his colleagues)

He tells her they don’t want more, and that they compliment the food that it’s delicious and wants to come back to eat here next time.

A soldier (in Japanese) to Kobori : If I meet a woman like your wife, I also will not want to go back to Japan (laugh). Your wife is really beautiful like they all said.

Kobori follows her to the kitchen.

K: Hideko, is there something wrong?

He checks her temperature.

K: You don’t have any fever. Your face looks so pale. Or, are you too tired? Late in the morning, I saw the washing bowls, don’t wash my clothes, the material is very thick. I will take them to my soldiers at the shipyard to wash. (Seriously, Kobori, please come to meeee!)

He holds her.

K: What happened, Hideko?

She cries and turns to him.

K: Something is wrong or you won’t be crying like this.

He hugs her.

K: Hideko, please tell me. Are you tired or bored to receive the guests?

A: (In soft tone) No.

K: Do you know what they told me just now? They said, if Thai women are all like you, Japanese soldiers surely won’t be able to go home.

He kisses her temple.

A: But you, will be going back to your country, right?

K: You want me to go back?

A: Kobori, when the war ends, those who have been separated will be able to come home.

K: When your man comes back, I will let you go. I didn’t think that, until now, you still want it this much.

She follows him to the stairs.

A: If you can keep that promise, I’ll promise you one thing.

K: I don’t want it.

A: But I’ll give it to you…..while you are here, I will not be your enemy, until the day I ask for my freedom.

K: Next week? The day after tomorrow? Or tomorrow?!

A: It won’t be that fast.

K: The exchange, the temporary happiness for ..freedom.

A: That is…

K: I agree! My temporary happiness in exchange for your freedom. Truthfully, you don’t need to give in for the promise. Do you believe a life of a soldier will last that long till the war ends? Don’t you worry that you will be bound to me for the rest of your life. Don’t be afraid that you will have to be with the thing you hate forever. If your freedom means my death, you will definitely have it.

A: It’s not like that. Kobori, I just want to…..

He walks away so she cries.

Episode 18-2

Angsumalin thinks her mother will have dinner at Kamnan’s house. Grandma asks if Por Dok Mali won’t come out for dinner for sure. She nags Angsumalin to go ask him if it’s for sure.

She gets in the room.

A: This’s coffee.

K: Thank you.

A: I’ll sharpen the pencils for you.

K: Don’t! I can do it.

A: It’s alright.

He pulls her down.

K: Why are you angry at me?

A: No!

K: But I know you are angry at me.

He takes her in his arms.

K: You are angry at me about the thing this evening, right?

He pulls her back.

K: You know why I talked like that. Just forget it. I already promised you and you, too, promised to give me the exchange. I will try not to think ahead except today, this moment. We’ll live happily until you…ask me to do as I promised. Will you agree?

She tries to move away.

K: Don’t cheat. You promised me. If you cheat, I will cheat too.

He kisses her shoulder.


K: Hideko, I love you. No matter what, I still love you. If I have to suffer because of loving someone with all my heart, I’ll be glad (to accept it). Even though, our happy moment remains short, I’ll take all I could to make up for the painful future. Perhaps, I can recall these days to comfort myself that I’ve known such happiness, and how it was like. I’m willing to exchange promises with you, Hideko.

A: I agree. Someday I will tell you why I asked this promise from you.

K: Don’t, Hideko. The more you explain, the more we will suffer. You, have you own reasons. I, have my own heart.  And that’s enough. If I die, I will take my  heart filled with love with me. For you,  it may be a little difficult, because you have to explain to that person of yours to understand.But if I were him, the fact that your affectionate heart reciprocated , nothing would matter.

He holds her hands.

K: We shouldn’t be talking about this anymore. Will that be good?

He kisses her hand.

A: Yes, that’s good. I’ll sharpen the pencils for you.

K: Where is your mother? I only saw grandmother.

A: She went to Kamnan’s house.

K: Kamnan is a very clever man.

Pol and Bua are digging the ground. They received an order to dig up a trunk and bring it to an appointed spot. While they are arguing  (because one of them wants to open the trunk and see what’s inside, the other says they are not ordered to do so), a man comes running and fires his gun when two men want to run away with the trunk.

Angsumalin puts back the pencils on the table.

K:  You can go do your things, and if you feel sleepy, you can go to bed first. You don’t have to worry about me.

A: Yes.

She looks at his drawing.

K: Can you understand it? It’s my work.

A: What are those many lines? Is that a boat or what?

K: Of course, it’s a boat, a landing craft.

She picks up a mug and asks in Japanese, what it called. He answers in Japanese, coffee.

K: You speak Japanese quite well.

A: (In Japanese) Sorry, I don’t really understand.

K: (In Thai) That’s alright, I’ll teach you. (Moves his face close to hers) There’s one sentence that should be the first (sentence) you should learn. That is…(moves closer to her face)

There’s a noise outside so she says there’s someone coming and gets up to leave the room.

K: Wait, hear it first. It’s an easy sentence, not that difficult.

A: Say it yourself.

K: I’ll teach you next time.

She pops inside.

A: (In Japanese) No need!

Mom comes home. Angsumalin learns that Vanut’s mother cried. She asks about Vanut’s letter. Her mom says she gave it to his parents.

Mom: How can you keep it here? Even if, Por Dok Mali can’t read it.

Mom takes her outside for a talk.

Episode 18-3

Mom tells Ang just think it’s the fate. Kobori, aside from being a Japanese, he’s exceptional. She tells Ang that Kobori is a good man, and she already married to him. She tells Ang she shouldn’t be looking at Kobori from just one side. Mom wants her to really look at him, and with time, she may change her mind.

Mom : Ang, does Por Dok Mali know about Vanut?

A: Yes, he does. He said, the day I wanted to be free, he would let me.

Mom: What? It’s not right for Por Dok Mali to say that. (You are) a person, not a thing to be given to (someone) just like that? And if Vanut comes back, we still don’t know what he will say.

Inside the room, Angsumalin is looking at him.

K: Hideko, if you are sleepy, you can go to bed. You don’t have to worry about me.

A: You should take a bath first before continue with the drawing.

K: Hideko, it’s alright, I can do it.

A: That’s alright.

K: I will never forget these days even though it’s not that long.


K: I’m sorry if I said something that disturbed your mind. Please forget it. I also will try to forget how short of the time I have.

He gets inside the mosquito net.

K: I saw you are curling up and thought you were cold so I covered you with a blanket.

A: Yes.

K: Cover yourself. It’s getting cold. Go back to sleep.

A: Did you finish your work?

K: Not yet but I realized it’s quite late so I thought I should go to bed but I saw you curling up.

He lies down beside her.

A: What time is it?

K: Don’t know. Just know that it’s late.

A: Then, you should go to bed.

K: Yes. I think so too.

He puts his head on the pillow.

A: Your mattress is over there.

K: That’s alright.

A: But I think…

He pulls her down.

K: Just go to sleep. Don’t worry about me.

A: I’m not worried about you! I just….

K: Why? It’s okay whether I sleep on that mattress or sleep next to you on this mattress, I’m still close to you just the same.

A: But your bed is over there, not here.

K: But there’s no blanket on that mattress. (OMG..Buahaha..)

A: There is! I put it there with my own hand.

K: Where is it?

She gets up to his mattress.

A: Here it is!

She looks over and he’s not there. He pulls her down from behind.

A: Here is your blanket.

K: It’s really here.

A: Then you should go to sleep now.

K: Yes. I should go to sleep.

A: Let me go. I will sleep on the other side.

K: You can’t. You came on your own. When I lied down over there just a little, you scolded me. But here you can lie down and take up all the space you want because, I am kind. I just need a little space for myself. Just sleep. Close your eyes.

She puts his arm away and gets up. He pulls her down.

K: Every soldier is ready to be awakened. Don’t move away from me.

He kisses her cheek lovingly.

Episode 18-4

Morning comes.

K: Where are you going?

A: To cook the rice.

K: Why cook so early?

A: Well..for making merit, for eating. You have to eat in the morning.

K: (Chuckle) I don’t have to eat now.

A: But others will eat.

K: Who cares about others.

K: Let’s talk. We’ve never talked nicely.

K: In the future, when I have to join the battle, seeing the sky at dawn like this, I can think of this moment, the day you are sleeping on my arm lying close to me.

A: But this is not in the promise.

K: (Chuckle) Then add it in.

A: From now, you can’t add anything more. Alright?

K: It’s all included, that you will make me happy.

He kisses her forehead. Then she starts citing a poem.

K: What did you say? It’s beautiful.

A: It’s a poem describing the beauty of the sky at dawn compared to people falling in love.

K: The way I love you, right, Hideko?

He kisses her forehead, and this time she smiles.

Cut to our dear old men. The policemen are searching the trunk. The owner of the garden thinks they are thieves. The other police shows up and tells them he will confiscate the trunk, and take the two men to interrogate. Then he whispers to the old men that he came to take the trunk to its real owner. He scolds them for failing their order, so from now, nobody will want to work with them because they can easily bring down the whole group.

At Angsumalin house, Kobori is changing his clothes.

A: Kobori, breakfast is ready.

K: Yes.

He comes out looking so fine.

K: Today is my day off. It’s good that you came in the room, I was about to go out and tell you.

A: Yes, what is it?

K: Please go out with me. Put on your beautiful clothes.

He pulls her to the closet.

K: As you promised.

A: But I..

K: Please do as I wish.

He chooses a dress for her.

K: Be quick.

He turns at the door.

K: Want me to help?

A: No way!

Dating time.

The first place, Wat Arun (“Temple of Dawn”) located on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River. In full name, Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan.


He tells her to smile beautifully and takes her picture.

(Tip: this is only in a drama, but normally when you visit a temple, skinship between man and woman may be considered inappropriate.)

The second place, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.  He pulls her down from a tricycle to take pictures.


K: Hideko, you stand here. 1.2.3 (He takes picture.) Hideko, you take a picture for me.

A: I don’t know how.

K: I’ll teach you.

He tells her how to hold a camera and press the shutter.

K: Take a picture, Hideko. Why are you looking at my face?

He tells her to take his picture. She teases him by taking picture of something else.

K: Take my picture. Make me look handsome, more than Dr. Takeda.

She laughs.

Then they watch a stage play.

Then we see an airplane. (On the screen: Airport 136, Kolkata, India)

Vanut is walking with his friends. They call him Lumpoo.

Vanut : No matter how dangerous it will be, I must go back and step foot on Thai soil. We’ll see (the situation) once we are there.

His friend : That’s right, Lumpoo.

Episode 18-5

At home.

Grandma teases Kobori that he’s looking good dressing like that. He says Hideko took him there to buy it. He’s wearing Chinese silk pants. Angsumalin teaches him how to play khim.

K: Can you play that song? The song that you love to play very often. The sad melody that you play very often.

A: Nang Khruan?

K: Yes, Nang Khruan. I love listening to it. What does Nang Khruan mean?

A: A woman crying.

K: Crying for who?

(I knew it.)

Angsumalin couldn’t answer and he knows. Grandma shakes head.

K: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Then the sound of an air raid siren.

A: Are you going to the shipyard?

K: I don’t have to. There’s already someone in my place. Calm down.

The three women gather their things.

K: We still have time. Calm down. Before you leave, extinguish the lamps, close the doors and windows.

They extinguish the lamps and he closes the door.

K: Be careful with the stairs. The first attack, don’t be scared, it’s alright. But it will be dangerous when they return. Let’s go.

They get down in the ditch together.

K: It’ll take some time. Just go to sleep.

Grandma says who will be able to sleep.

K: Just go to sleep. I’m here. Don’t be afraid.

She wants to lie down but he holds her in his arms. (The guy is a player, that’s for sure.)

K: Close your eyes.

Aww….I’ve never thought that the bombing scene could be this sweet and romantixxxx!

(Facts: According to the elders, the first siren means go to the shelter. The last siren means it’s all right to come out. The situation at that time wasn’t fun at all, I heard if the bomb dropped directly on an air raid shelter, people inside could all die.)

The safe siren wakes Angsumalin up. Mom says, my dear daughter, the bombing was so loud and she could sleep.

A: I’m wide awake.

Grandma teases :  Then who was sleeping and making Por Dok Mali shoo away the mosquitoes? Who?

Kobori smiles and tells them to go home, and he will help grandma. Grandma trips and falls so Kobori  carries her on his back. They all walk home together. Angsumalin looks at them and smiles.

(Note: I remember from the novel that, this scene, the writer described that Angsumalin’s household had only women but when Kobori came to live with them. His caring and strength of a man somehow changed Angsumalin’s feeling, in the sense that, she could put down her burden for a while when he’s around and she started warming up to him. The novel spent sometime with the everyday life of Kobori and Angsumalin as husband and wife, and she’s getting used to sleep on his arm every night, more so that his arm went numb all night, and he would tease her about it.)

Episode 18-6

K: I’ll see if in the kitchen has something we could have before going to bed.

A: I’ll go.

K: It’s alright. You rest here.

Grandma gestures her to follow him.

K: This is powdered milk. This is coffee and…

A: It’s alright. You should go out, I’ll take care of it.

K: I’ll help.

He asks why she brings only three glasses.

A: You, my mother, and grandmother.

K: What about you?

A: I’m not hungry.

She brings three glasses of milk. Kobori shows her another one.

K: It’s yours. I made it for you.

A: Thank you. But I already told you that I’m not hungry.

K: It’s not that much (the milk). You look skinnier. You should eat a lot.

A: I can’t.

K: You didn’t eat much these days. You eat little rice and sometimes you didn’t eat at all. You look sick. Should we go to the doctor or…let the doctor come here?

A: No. I’m alright. Just that…I’m tired.

K: Then you shouldn’t do so many things, understand? (He reaches out the glass.) Hideko, drink this, it’s still hot.

A: It smells.

K: Hold your breath. Drink it all. This is an order.

She drinks a little.

K: A little more. Drink all of it.

She drinks some more.

K: Very good. I’ll promote you (to a higher rank).

She reaches for a spittoon and runs.

K: Hideko!

She’s throwing up. Mom and grandma exchange glances.

K: Hideko, you are sick, aren’t you? You’re sweating all over.

A: I’m alright. Water..water..

K: Wait.

K: Drink slowly or you will choke.

She leans against him.

K: I’ll take you to bed.

He puts her down on the mattress.

K: I must have walked you around too long, the sun might be too strong, or you didn’t get enough sleep.

He covers her with a blanket.

K: Tomorrow, I’ll bring a doctor to check on you.

A: You don’t have to. May be I just fainted a little.

K: I’ll clean you face. You’re sweating a lot.

He wipes her face.

A: Don’t. It smells bad.

K: It’s the perfume from the bottle you use.

A: Yes, but I didn’t use it anymore. It smells bad making me feel dizzy.

K: That’s alright. I’ll change the water.

Kobori comes out so mom asks how she is. He says she’s resting on the bed. Grandma asks what her symptoms are.

K: There’s no fever. Rest a little bit, she should be better. But, just now, she mutters about the bad smell of the perfume on the cloth.

The elders exchange knowing looks. Not sure if they are happy about it.

Cut to Nakhon Sawan (a province further in the North), a group of villagers are complaining that the weather is hot. A man calls for the rain looking at the sky. Men jumping from a plane (parachuting). The villagers see something in the sky so they hurriedly extinguish the lamp, thinking they are the bombs.

*Something funny: scroll down the last video on YT,a popular comment says, Vanut should jump (parachuting) into a crocodile farm..


I’m not sure how a man can live knowing that his woman, lying beside him each night, is waiting for someone else. There’s only one way to think of it, he loves her so much that anything will do as long as he could share minutes of his life with her. But I’m afraid he might have a stronger mind-set than everybody thought, including Angsumalin. The minute he said, if your freedom means my death, you will definitely have it, I knew, he would never let her go.

I would like to clarify the Thai speaking of Kobori up to this episode. He doesn’t speak fluently yet. His sentences mostly were putting words together, sometimes correctly, sometimes mixing between formal and informal speech; and he would spell out each word a little slower than the native speaker. To me, it turned out to be part of what making Kobori this version so adorable. He doesn’t speak like he knew the language well but with enough confident that Thais won’t be able to curse in his face thinking he won’t understand.


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  1. Good dram i love the story! From philippines!

  2. I love this episode the most! It has so many sweet scenes XXD
    You are right! I think that if Kobori did not die in the end, even if Vanut came back for Ang, he would not have let her go back to Vanut. Kobori and Ang are both very stubborn in their love and are very passionate about it. Kobori will love Ang with his whole heart knowing that she loves and is waiting for someone else. For Ang, she will love and wait for Vanut, even though her heart is wavering because of Kobori. I think that in the end, (as I have seen in the 1980s version) after Kobori dies Ang will love only Kobori with her whole heart and not accept anyone else.
    I wish that Vanut had not binded her with the promise before he left for Europe. Or better yet, he should have married her before he left. That way, our Kobori’s heart will not be tortured like this :’-(

  3. Thank you so much for all your translation! I want to thank you in every post but that would have been redundant. Please continue to translate!

  4. Thank you for this write up and translation. Your translations are so rich since you include bits about Thai culture, Thai life back during the setting of the novel and recollections from the novel itself. I wish I could read the Thai language, that way I could have read the novel myself. Thank you for naming the sites Kobori and Angsumalin visited. Every time I watch the different temples in Thai lakorns or videos I am really motivated to visit Thailand at some point to take in the architecture and older culture. The temple of dawn looks beautiful. I would love to visit. I am curious as to how the temple allowed the filming of skinship at the temple even if it was minimal. Is that allowed ? I am originally from India and it would not have been allowed in the temples in India.

    From your write up it seems like this episode was bitter sweet too, though when I saw it in Thai ( and not being able to understand the language) it seemed more sweet. But your translations helped a lot. Kobori is truly an amazing human being. I too think, just like you do, that any time, any expression he can get from Hideko, he is willing to take. Might be just be the perspective one gets in times of war, especially a soldier. He is a realist while being an optimist. Since he knows that anyone of them can die at anytime, I think he has decided that the mental clutter is not worth it and lives for the moment and in the moment. I too think that Kobori has no intention of ever giving up to Vanut or any other person. I think he speaks of their short time together only because it is war and lifespans are very unpredictable in a war.

    • About skinship in the temple in a drama, I’m not sure how they got the permission but I guess they were not really serious about it. Especially, if it’s a tourist spot, they tend to be more lenient, but no shorts, that’s for sure. The thing is, in Thailand, most are Buddhism, which does not believe in the extreme but more in the middle ground, so things will not be strictly prohibited but more to, you should know what you shouldn’t do. They may just tell you once or twice, or eyeing you disapprovingly. As you can see in this drama, they believe, you do good things you will get good things, and vice versa. The main point is about you (your mind) and not others, if everybody takes care of himself, the whole society will be good too. So such belief reflects in Thai society and dramas as well. But things are changing, not sure how people are taking these days.

      About Kobori, I agree with you, he’s taking it day by day thinking his life won’t last very long, and he’s willing to forgive her no matter what, which Ang should know that she’s lucky, and the circumstances during the war are not on their sides too. No matter how much he loves his wife, he’s bound by his duty and country as a soldier as well. It’s like what grandma said, there were so many unfinished business between these two.

      I’m on a book about Rajasthan, India, starting from Udaipur. I would love to see the City Palace. I’m interested in Jainism, the Ranakpur, because I met a friend from India years ago and he told me he’s Jain (not sure if I wrote correctly) which was an unfamiliar name, and it always nice to learn new things for me. That said, it’s nice to hear you are originally from India.

      No intention of discussing religions here, just for travelling tips 🙂

      • Thank you for the detailed reply. Always wonderful to learn about different cultures and countries. I am very curious about Thailand and the culture. When I started watching Thai lakorns, I notices so many similarities with the culture and different Indian cultures ( India is a very diverse country so it has many cultures). Ever since then I have been very curious and eager to learn about Thailand and the culture.

        I am not from Rajasthan but from the south of India but I know that you did write Jain correctly. Just for the sake of history, Jainism and Buddhism rose around the same time in India, many thousand years ago. So there are many similarities but differences too between the two.
        Thank you once again for your wonderful writeups and for patiently answering my questions. I learn so much every time :).

  5. Thank you so much for the recap! I don’t even know how to address u lol. But I thank u so so so much for the recaps! I’m happy to see her warming up to him. I wish the book had an English translated version….or does it?

    • I haven’t heard of an English version yet, and if I were to translate, it would be really hard. Just think of a full page of describing Angsumalin’s house with trees, flowers and all, I could easily end up banging my head on Kobori’s big chest.

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