Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 17

How I wish Angsumalin would take the risk of  loving wholeheartedly and give Kobori a chance. I assume that Kobori could sense the kindness and the tenderness in her heart, and that’s why, no matter how harsh her words were, he kept smiling and saying I love you like a broken record.

Episode 17-1

Angsumalin runs back home to extinguish all the lamps in her house. The shipyard is being attacked heavily tonight. While running out, Angsumalin collides with Kobori.

K: Where are the others?

A: They left.

K: Then why aren’t you leaving?

A: My mom forgot to extinguish the lamps so I came back to do it.

K: They are such small lamps, the planes won’t see them.

A: But they might burn the house.

K: We should leave fast. It’s just the first round (bombing), they will come back. It’s a heavy attack, it’s not safe to be standing here like this.

A: Yes.

K: Let’s go!

A: Wait! (She grabs her mom’s suitcase.)


K: Go!

They run to the garden. At the shipyard, many soldiers are wounded.

K: This should be the last set ( the bombs) of the first round. You have to be careful. If you hear gunfire, you have to lay low on the ground. Do you understand?

A: Yes.

K: Go, hurry! Not more than ten minutes, the first round will come back.

A: Yes.

K: Go.

A: You have to be careful too.

She’s leaving.

K: Hideko!

He hugs her.

(Oh man, the life of a soldier, he doesn’t know if he’ll stay alive to see her again.)

He lets her go.

K: Hurry and go. I have to go to the shipyard.

A: Yes. (She runs.)

His eyes follow her until she’s out of sight. Then, a big bombing scene. Angsumalin gets back to her mother and grandmother.

A: Dear God (in Buddhism), please let nothing happen to him, please let nothing happen to him.

At the shipyard, Kobori finds Dr. Takeda on the ground. He’s injured.

There’s an explosion near the three women. Grandma screams because she feels something on her back. Angsumalin checks her back and it’s just some mud. Grandma says what a deafening explosion. Mom says it looks like the shipyard because it was so close. Angsumalin is worried about Kobori.

Kobori falls down because of an explosion, and he sees one of his soldiers is being burnt alive.

Episode 17-2

A soldier has to stop Kobori of running into the fire to help his soldier. After the sound of a siren telling everybody that it’s over, the three women walk home (the sound of the frogs and toads in this scene was refreshing, normally, after the pouring rain.) and grandma is stunned at sight of the after-attacked. Grandma tells Angsumalin to go check on Kobori at the shipyard.

At the shipyard, it’s quite a chaos. Kobori hurts his wrist while he’s searching through the debris.  Oh, no, Kesuke is injured. He asks if his legs remained intact. Dr. Takeda assures him that all are still there. Angsumalin comes to the shipyard and sees injured soldiers are being taken to the infirmary. She looks around for Kobori and then she hears his voice. He’s giving orders to his soldiers. She stares at him to make sure that he’s well and alive. Then she decides to leave without him seeing.

There’s a hole on the roof and the villagers are arguing whether it’s a bad luck or good luck. Then they find something in the water. Kamnan takes a look and says, “It’s a bomb.” Everybody jumps to safety. Kamnan says, “Listen, if it’s going to explode, it would have since last night.” He orders the men to pick it up but everybody is too scared to help. Grandma Mien says, it’s not the business of the villagers. And everybody runs.

The shipyard was hit hard. They lost many soldiers.

Grandma feels sad.

Grandma : How long are they going to fight? The winner will get to have all these broken things; the loser will also left with broken things just the same. How long are they going to fight? It’s understandable if they kill each other because they have had some kind of past rancor, but it’s not that, they keep bombing again and again without knowing who will be their victims. When will they stop messing up each other?

(She means, in the sense that, the one who drops the bomb doesn’t even know the people down below.)

Kobori and his soldiers are lining up in honor of the soldiers who had lost their lives, while they are being cremated.

Episode 17-3

Kobori comes home with a bandage on his hand. Mom and grandma are glad to see him. Grandma tells him that Angsumalin went to the shipyard last night. He turns to look at her.

K:, when did she go to the shipyard?

Mom : After the safe siren sounded, she went running there.

He smiles and looks at Angsumalin.

Mom asks what had injured his hand. He says he doesn’t know either, pieces of glass and galvanized iron went flying all over.

Mom : Who had been hurt?

K: Six were dead, seven were severely injured. My quarter collapsed, and my clothes and things were gone. Nothing left.

Mom: Then what will you do?

K: All needs to be restored.

Grandma says he should take a bath first. Mom asks if he has left some clothes here. She tells Angsumalin to look for some clothes for him.

K: I will just clean my face. My clothes will need to be requisitioned, and I will have to report to the headquarters.

Poor guy, he’s trying to wash himself with one hand so Angsumalin comes and helps him. He doesn’t expect that she would help.

A: Reach out your arm.

He reaches out his arm.

A: Sit down.

She is soaping his arm.

K: Hideko, thank you for running over there to check on me last night.

A: …

K: If I die, will you cry?

A: No.

K: (Smile) Let’s see.

A: You! Thais are against (talking like) this.

K: Are against of what?

A: They forbid talking about death or dying just for fun.

K: I will talk serious then. Now I don’t have a place to live, my place collapsed with nothing left. What should I do? Help me to think about it.

A: Wash your face.

K: I can’t even say the truth? So what do you want to do?

She stands up.

A: The towel is in the room.

Dear Kobori, that is her answer, getit? Get in the room now!

She hands a towel to him.

K: I will cross to the other bank. Do you want anything?

A: No.

He smiles like he finds her cold response sweet. She helps button the cuff of his shirt. He smiles taking in all of her sweet gestures despite her robotic response.

Kobori meets with Angsumalin’s father. They greet each other.

Dad : I’m sorry for the loss at the shipyard.

K: Yes.

Dad : How is Angsumalin?

K: Angsumalin and everybody there are safe. Do you want to send some message to them?

Dad: That house is so close to the shipyard. I will have to leave Angsumalin, her mother, and grandmother in your care.

K: Yes.

Dad: When you go back, you’ll be very busy, right? So when will you give me a grandchild?

(Aww) I think Kobori doesn’t know what to make out of his words since dad is Seri Thai and he’s a Japanese soldier.

Pol and Bua get a message from a Seri Thai guy.

Kobori gets home with an arm load of supplies for her house.

K: This is sugar. This is powdered milk. This is coffee, and some canned food. In this package, there ‘re my clothes and your fragrant soap.

(Aww…those are rare things to find during the war.)

K: This is the envelope of my salary.

He has to put it in her hand.

K: You have to take it because……(couldn’t finish his sentence). The weather is so hot.

She puts down the envelope and walks inside. His face falls. He walks over the porch and sits down by the door feeling dejected. Angsumalin brings him a bowl of water scented by Jasmine flowers (this is known to be an act of kindness from the Thai host in the past, where Jasmine flowers were hand-picked from the backyard). He is touched by her kindness.

K: I have to go back to the shipyard.

A: Will you be coming back for dinner?

K: That’s alright. I can eat with my soldiers. I need to inspect the soldiers’ camps and quickly restore them.

He leans against the door.

K: A non-commissioned officer who lived next to my house is dead. I still don’t know how to write to tell his wife and children.

A: How many children do they have?

K: Two. They are cute. This is the war, whichever sides, they have someone behind who are waiting for them.

He turns to her.

K: I’ll go now. I don’t know how disappointed you are that the dead one is still not me.

Episode 17-4

Mom wonders where Kobori will sleep tonight. Someone knocks at the door.

A: Who is that?

K: It’s me.

He kneels in front of her mom.

K: I just finish my work so I came to take my clothes that I forgot them here.

Mom : So where will you be sleeping?

K: A temporary shelter is now completed. It’s good enough to live in.

Mom : In that case, you should come and sleep here or, are you needed at the shipyard all the time?

Kobori looks at his wife.

K: I ..

Mom : Alright, you should go take a bath and change your clothes. Ang, you go help find his clothes.

A: Clothes is in the closet.

Kobori to mom: That’s alright. I’ll just take a bath and change.

Angsumalin doesn’t get up to help him but it’s obvious that she’s thinking of him. Mom asks her why she counted the fruits over and over, she already finished counting them. Mom tells her to go help Kobori, she thought he would take a bathe naked like people said.

Mom: The more I’m looking at him, he’s actually quite a well-mannered, and if nobody told, I would think he’s Thai like us. Ang! You go see how he’s doing. Go.

Angsumalin opens the door.

A: Kobori, are you finish changing?

She finds him sleeping on the floor.

A: Kobori! Kobori!

She walks closer.

A: Kobori! You!

She looks at him.

A: That tired? (He) couldn’t even finish changing before falling asleep.

She puts a pillow under his head and picks up all his clothes. His wallet dropping down, she takes a look at his picture with his parents and smiles. She notices he doesn’t have much money in his wallet so she adds some more from the salary he gave her.


Cue music : Ham Jai ( meaning to forbid the feeling of the heart  –  Khu Kam soundtrack by Noona)

Lyrics :

You may never know.

You may never understand.

There’s a word that I’ve kept inside and won’t be able to say it to you.

Keep it so deep inside and can’t tell anyone.

It’s  love that can’t be revealed.

Have to pretend as though I hate you.

The more I pretend to not loving you, the more I’m tormented.

Especially, when we have to see each other everyday, I’m almost dying in front of you.

Telling myself to stop feeling but, still,  my heart always has you.

My heart was cursed to have only you.

No matter how much I’ve tried, I still love…love only you.

It will be good if we’ve never met to cause each other such sorrow.

It’s a painful truth that I can never say the word ‘love’.

I have to keep it deep in my heart, and can’t tell anyone.

It’s  love that can’t be revealed.

Have to pretend as though I hate you.

The more I pretend to not loving you, the more I’m tormented.

Especially, when we have to see each other everyday, I’m almost dying in front of you.

Telling myself to stop feeling but, still,  my heart always has you.

My heart was cursed to have only you.

No matter how much I’ve tried, I still love…love only you.

Seeing him sleeping soundly, she puts a huge mosquito net over both of them and lies down beside him. They toss and turn restlessly in their sleep until their arms crossed. Finally, they can sleep peacefully.

Episode 17-5

He wakes up and is startled to see her sleeping beside him.  He smiles looking at her. Then he has to sneeze and wakes her up.

K: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up. Yesterday, I thought to take a bath and rest my eyes a little bit before going back to the shipyard. I couldn’t remember how and when I fell asleep; I woke up just now.

When she gets out of the net, he practically jumps onto her mattress and smells her scent.

K: I’ll fold back the bed later. Please let me sleep here a little longer. Lying on this soft bed, it feels so good.

A: It’s alright. You can do that. What do you want to have for breakfast?

K: I can eat anything.

A: The coffee you brought, we don’t drink it here.

K: I drink. But, at the shipyard, I don’t drink it very often…(pop out of the net) because the person who made it, is not delicious. (Not sure if he’s teasing her, or he could mean that person didn’t make coffee well so it didn’t taste good.)

A: How is the wound on your hand?

K: A bit swollen, it should be healed in 2-3 days. You can go now. You don’t have to worry about me.

A: Why do I need to worry about you?

She gets out of the room.

He dresses up and calls her to button the cuff of his shirt.

K: I requisitioned the uniform. The shirt is a little too big, the trousers is a little too tight.

She helps him with his tie.

K: How are Pol and Bua?

A: I don’t know. They disappeared.

She helps him put on his uniform.

K: Yesterday, I met your father. He asked, how much longer I would give him a grandchild. I told him if we were to have one, I would wish for a son. When the festival comes, I will hang up a tiny fish-shaped ornament as a symbol (it’s the Japanese way). Hideko, if that’s possible, I want the world to stop turning;the time to stop changing; because, at this moment, I am very happy.

A: …

K: At least, you showed me that you trusted me. Just this much, I’m satisfied. Angsumalin, you know, I’m afraid of a time in the future. A time I have a presentiment of ,one day, I will  lose you for the rest of my life. No matter when I’m asleep or awake, I always remember this place in vivid detail; a wooden house with a raised floor; the porch; the green garden; the bright-colored flowers…in full bloom every year….and you, a petite woman with strong heart who doesn’t know love.

A: Not true!

He smiles. She turns him back and front to put on his uniform.

K: I thought you would not talk to me. Let’s just say, you know love, just that, it’s not for me.

Episode 17-6

Pol and Bua show up at her house. She asks if somebody saw them. They don’t understand why she’s worried about someone might have seen them. So she tells them that the Japanese might believe that German guy and keep an eye on this house. They say she doesn’t have to be afraid because they have Kobori. She says Kobori will be the one who will be in big trouble, and do they not feel bad for him.

A: He helped us a lot already. I don’t want him to get uncomfortable again.

They say they didn’t come here to trouble her but they have something for her, a letter. While they are talking, Kobori’s boat arrives at the dock. She tells the two old men to hide in the kitchen.

K: This morning I forgot to tell you that today there will be soldiers from the headquarters coming to inspect the damage of the shipyard. I may have to use this place to receive them. (turns to Ang) Will that be convenient for you?

A: How many are they?

K: Not more than three, I’ll cross the river to pick them up.

A: Yes, that will be alright.

Kobori looks around suspiciously.

Grandma: What? What do you want?

K: I thought there were guests. I saw a boat in the front.

Mom says it’s must be the boat of those children who came to pick up vegetables for selling in the market.

K: Then I’ll take my leave.

He bows and leaves. Pol and Bua come out and give her a letter then they both leave.

It’s a letter from Vanut.

To Angsumalin

Can you remember my handwriting? As I’m writing this letter, I’m preparing for a mission in a certain place which I can’t tell you but it’s not that far from Thailand. Today there will be a secret agent getting into Thailand, so I hurriedly write this letter and give it to him. I don’t know whether or not it will reach your hand. But I pray with the strength in my heart; my missing you; my love, to help protect this letter to reach your hands, in order to tell you that, I’m still missing you, and waiting patiently to see you. If the luck is with me, not for long, I’ll be entering Thailand. Please tell everyone at home not to worry. I can only write this much, there’s no time.

Missing you with all my heart,


Angsumalin finishes reading the letter and cries. She tells her mom it’s a letter from Vanut. She explains that he must be working with the underground group. Grandma doesn’t understand why Vanut needs to join those people when he can just study abroad. Mom asks, that he wrote the place near Thailand, where it is. Angsumalin guesses it could be Burma (Myanmar), China or India.

Mom: Why does he have to enter Thailand? What if, he gets caught, what will he do?

Mom takes the letter to Vanut’s parents.


Vanut is coming back! And worst of all, he’s coming back as a Seri Thai working against the Japanese. Oh dear, Angsumalin will be in deep trouble if the truth is, both men are putting their lives on the line just for her. What will she do? Well, I can picture my Kobo-Bie bowing and making way for Vanut to return, but at what cost? This is so sad that both men are strong in keeping their promises, they both should be able to live a happy life with the girls they love, and not just one.


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