Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 15

Sorry for the delay, and for that, I will post the first part first 🙂

Episode 15-1

It’s time to put the just-married couple into the bedroom (*ahem*). Vanut’s parents bless them. It’s the Thai custom to have the respectable parents (elders) who have a peaceful married life give the newly wed their well wishes. Angsumalin’s parents were separated at some point so they won’t be doing the lying-on-the-bed together to mark the good beginning. (I can’t say it’s a normal practice throughout Thailand, or to all modern Thais. It’s different from region to region. Also, if you are single, normally, the elders will shoo you out, as in, it’s not your business. Haha.)

Angsumalin’s mother says to Kobori : I will leave Angsumalin in Kobori’s care. Ang is quite young, if she’s lacking of anything or acting hastily, please advise her kindly. Please love and cherish her like she’s your sister. Please take good care of her, and do not abandon her.

K: Yes. I will take care of her  as my own life.

Angsumalin’s father to Ang : Today your life will change. Dad thanks you for everything you’ve done. From now on, be Kobori’s good wife, and may your future life be full with happiness.

Mom to Ang : Mom wishes you a happy life. Now you are married, you’re his so don’t be stubborn or  too prideful. Should there be any problem, take the time to talk it over  harmoniously. Mom wishes you happiness.

They both lie down and everybody gets out of the room. Outside the room, the guests are having a good time celebrating. They sarcastically say to Angsumalin’s father that Angsumalin got lucky, and she should have a bright future ahead.

Inside the bedroom, both are feeling awkward. They get up and look at each other.

K: Take off the dress first, will that be better? ( 🙂 )

A: What are you doing?

K: I just thought that you must be tired wearing this dress all day so you should…..

A: No need! I will do it myself.

K: Let me help.

A: No!

Kobori moves back.

A: I’ll change.

K: I… should go and wait outside, right?

He gets up and gets out of the room. But when the guests see him, they all shoo him to get inside. Grandma pushes him back inside. A man teases loudly that grandma must be taking Kobori to do the gardening. They all laugh.

Grandma : Why did you get out? Ang, don’t let Por Dok Mali get out.  The ancient customs are against it!

She strictly forbids him and closes the door.

*As for the wedding night, the elders believe that the couple should stay in the bedroom all night together or else it won’t be good for their married life.

K: (He looks at Ang.) I’m sorry. I can’t go out. You should take off the hairpins and the wig. Let me help you.

She steps back.

K: I guarantee that I won’t do anything.

She tries to step away but he holds her still.

K: Let me help you. You have to sit down.

She sits down but tries to avoid his touch. He holds her shoulders.

K: You must be still or the pin will prick your head. You will be hurt.

He carefully takes off the hairpins, one by one.

A: That’s enough! I’ll do it.

He stops her.

K: It’s almost done.

He takes off the wig.

K: Hearing your voice, I feel much better, not like a doll standing still and not talking to me even a word..all day. But, if you really become a doll, that should be good too.

He thinks he shouldn’t say that so he bows.

K: I’m sorry.

Kobori moves away. Angsumalin gets behind the screen to change her clothes.

Episode 15-2

K: Tonight, I think I cannot go back to sleep at the shipyard. I may, as well, sleep here. You can let me sleep anywhere.

A fan drops from her kimono. It worries Kobori so he comes to her.

K: Let me help.

A: No need!

K: You were taught just now not to be too prideful. You belong to me, and we should talk harmoniously. So, now, you must obey me.

A: But you…

K: You, stop being suspicious of me. I just want to help.


He starts losing the cloth wrapping around her kimono.

K: You are really beautiful today. Everybody was praising you. But I like you more the way you were (dressed) on our engagement day.

Then he realizes what happened that day.

K: My mother sent a telegraph to bless us very early this morning. Do you want to see it?

He gives it to her. She takes a look at it.

K: Dr. Yoshi is good. He can teach his student to read upside down.

She flips it upward.

A: I can’t read it. Kanji (Chinese characters) has always been my weakness.

K: (Smile) I have a feeling that Dr. Yoshi forgot to teach (you) one sentence. (Whispering) Let me teach you; do you want me to?

A: No.

He reads it and acts as if it’s so great.

A: What does the letter say?

K: You want to know? (teasing in a surprising tone)

A: You don’t have to tell me then.

She pushes him out. He reads it aloud. Basically, his mother wishes their hope and dream will come true; may love and two hearts become one.

K: (His eyes turn sad.) It’s funny, be here till now, use the same language but do not understand each other.

He opens the closet.

A: Your clothes are all in here. Please change.

He puts the screen between two futons.

A: What about you…..

K: (He smiles) Your face needs to be cleaned with oil. Just water, won’t do.

He comes sit beside her. She looks at a pile of presents.

K: My presents prepared for you.

He shows her a necklace with a pearl pendant.

K: Do you like it?

A: It’s too good.

K: Nothing is too good for you, if I can make it.

They push and pull to do the cleaning of her face. He insists that he saw his mother did it, it took such a long time and was quite complicated. She insists that she can do it because she used make-up before when she performed the lakorn dance. He says Japanese foundation is nothing like anywhere else.

K: Just sit still. Close your eyes.

He tenderly applies the oil on her face (aww). She opens her eyes so he tells her again softly to close her eyes. He looks at her face lovingly.

He cleans himself behind the screen while she looks at his shadow nervously. He beams from ear to ear that he will be sleeping so close to her. Angsumalin covers herself with a blanket and stares at him. (Note: it’s unusual for a Thai woman at that time to be in close proximity to a man, only her husband is allowed.) Oh dear, Kobori can’t contain his happiness. He smiles like a buffoon. So. Cute.

In the morning, he wakes up before her and gets out of the room, but not before turning to absorb her sight.

Episode 15-3

Angsumalin wakes up to see that Kobori had already left. She hangs his clothes and finds her handkerchief in his pocket stained with blood. Kobori walks to the shipyard. Dr. Takeda is surprised to see him so he asks what he’s doing here, is it not his day off.  Kobori comes up with an excuse that he has work to do. Takeda grabs his arm and says, if he didn’t know him he would think that he’s a strange groom to leave his bride for work on a day like this.

T: And your bride allowed this?

K: My bride? She’s so happy about it, as you may already know.

Pol and Bua mistakenly helped a German by mistake, and that is deadly serious.

Vanut’s colleague, a Seri Thai who entered Thailand and got arrested, is being secretly detained by a high-ranking man in the Thai Government.

Angsumalin comes out of her room and her mother tells her that Kobori told her that he left for the shipyard. She asks Ang if he will come back for dinner. Ang says he will not be coming back here. Her mother and grandmother are confused.

Kobori sends soldiers to deliver a lot of wedding presents to Angsumalin’s house. One of the soldiers tells Ang’s mother that, Kobori told him to tell them that he had loads of work in the shipyard so he wouldn’t be coming back to this place. Angsumalin hears his words and gets angry.

Ang’s father talks with a police-turned-against-Japanese that they are not sure if that high-ranking guy is on their side. But that captured Seri-Thai said he had another friend coming with him and wanted them to pick him up.

Vanut and his friends are waiting to be contacted by the said captured but there’s no sign for 7 days, so he thinks something went wrong, and may be they got arrested. The head of the group decides to terminate the mission. (Phew!)So Vanut doesn’t get to step back on Thailand’s shore YET.

Episode 15-4

Kobori obviously misses his wife, and the same goes with Angsumalin. She has washed her handkerchief and puts it back in Kobori’s jacket.

Pol and Bua come knocking at the door. They tell Angsumalin that the man they helped is a German (same side with the Japanese). Angsumalin is worried that now the guy knows their secret channel how they had helped the alliance and Seri Thai. So she and the two men are going to go see Angsumalin’s father, to warn him in advance. They need to cross the river tonight.

They hurriedly walk out of the house and collide with Kobori unexpectedly.

K: Where are you going?

A: Nothing, just some chore in the back of the garden.

K: Why have to go in the dark?

Angsumalin tries to leave but he grabs her arm.

K: I’ll go with you, wherever you go, I’ll go.

A: It’s none of your business.

K: Your business is the same as mine.

He turns to scold at the two men and demands to know where they will take her. They get scared and want to slip away. Angsumalin says she will cross the river. He asks her why she needs to.

K: You know well enough that the other bank of the river is dangerous.

Bua and Pol take off.

K: It must be something big or else you won’t cross the river at this hour.

K: Making face like that could only mean there’s a problem.

He drags her to the dock.

K: Sit down and talk.

A: It doesn’t concern you.

K: Now everything concerns you, also concerns me.

Kobori hits to the point.

K: Why do you want to go to your father?

Angsumalin is surprised.

K: That means I understand correctly. What business do you have over there? Or, you are delivering the news of the underground group.

A: No.

K: Then what is it? It must be important.


K: You’re very stubborn. No wonder, on the wedding day, you were taught not to be stubborn, not to be stubborn (he repeats). Those two old men caused you some trouble, right?

K: If you don’t answer, I will keep asking you like this.

He moves closer to her face with each word.

K: Those two old men troubled you again, right?

He inches a little closer.

K: Those…two…old men….

Gossiping ladies are rowing by and Angsumalin doesn’t want them to see her with him like this. Kobori doesn’t care; he won’t let go until she tells him. He says it’s good that Grandma Mien will see them so that she can tell people that they were about to…….(he holds her closer.)

A: Alright, I agree. I agree!

Kobori yells at the boat.

K: What boat is that? Coming here to steal?

Angsumalin smiles that they get scared and row away. Kobori stares at her intensely.

K: Now it’s your turn. Tell me, what is it?

A: ….

He sits her down.

K: Hideko, if you’re not telling me, when I go back, I won’t be able to sleep because, I am worried about you.

Pol and Bua come back to their hut where they hide the German guy, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Episode 15-5

K: A German from where?

A: I don’t know. Those two uncles just told me.

K: Good. But you have to be careful not to let that German see you.

K: It must be those that were left behind when the war started. Let’s hope he’s not a soldier, or else, it will get complicated and I may not be able to help you. Is this what you want to tell your father?

A: Yes. But I still don’t know much about it.

K: We still have time. Can you find 4-5 persons to help you now?

A: May be.

K: I may not be able to help you myself. First, you have to put that German on a boat and row around so that he couldn’t remember the way, then drop him off at other dock. Second, you have to find someone to demolish the hut; destroy all the evidences; and clear up all those dense grasses. Do you understand?

A: Yes.

K: I will wait here, in case you need an alibi. People at the shipyard, if they see I’m not there, they will think that I’m with you. Do you understand?

A: Yes.

K: Then let’s go, before the time running out.

They get up and start walking. He suddenly turns to her.

K: But you have to be careful not to let that German see you, understand?

A: Yes, thank you.

He grabs her shoulders.

K: And when things are over, you have to send those two old men away to live somewhere else, must not let that German see you.

A: Yes.

He hugs her tight.

K: I miss you so much. There’s not even a single moment that I’m not worried about you.

He hugs her like that for a while until she tries to break free, so he lets go of her and steps back.

K: I’m sorry. I forgot myself. I gave you my promise.

She walks away. Kobori follows her and takes the flashlight from her hand.

K: I change my mind.

They go together in the dark.

K: Can you continue walking?

A: Yes. I think you should hurry back before someone sees you, then you will be in trouble.

K: No. You walking alone, is more dangerous.

A: But I’m alright.

She tries to take her hand off his. Someone is coming so she tells him to hide. It’s Pol and Bua. They tell her that that German guy, they don’t know where he went. She tells them they have work to do quickly. They burn the evidences. Vanut’s father (as the head of the community) comes running that the government forbids lighting the fire. Once he learns all the truth, he hits the old men with his cane that they diligently make trouble. He suggests that their plan to burn down the hut won’t work, no matter what, the place will still  look like there used to be a home here. So Angsumalin asks what they should do.

Angsumalin walks back home. Kobori calls her and asks how it was. She says it all went well.

A: Why didn’t you go back to the shipyard?

K: I thought you wanted me to be here as your alibi so I waited for you.

A: There’s a swarm of mosquitoes, why didn’t you get inside the house?

K: I am so worried about you. What if, those two men run away, what would you do? I hesitated so much that I came back to wait for you here. If you came back a little later than this, I would walk back there to find you.

A: Thank you. Do you want to get in the house first? Please stop by.

He looks sad.

K: I have an urgent work to do. If you want anything, just send someone for me at the shipyard.

A: Yes.

K: Flashlight.

He gives it to her and bows. He walks away and stops to look back at her before he finally leaves.

Episode 15-6

Angsumalin tells her mother that she didn’t go to see her father. It’s Kobori told her to tear down the hut. Vanut’s father helped taking care of the rest and tomorrow all should be finished. Her mother is so stunned that it’s Kobori that helped. She says how that can be. (Yunno, the guy is a Japanese soldier, just think of it, how much he’s willing to sacrifice for her.)

Angsumalin gets in her bedroom and thinks of Kobori saying his mom’s blessings, may love and two hearts join as one.

Colombo – Sri Lanka, they change the plan, instead of entering Thailand by water, the operation will be by air only. They are divided into three groups of three, the mission called Appreciation. Vanut (his Seri Thai’s name is Lumpoo) is in Appreciation 2. Tomorrow they will start practising parachuting.

Vanut’s father arranges a Thai folk dancing on the spot the hut was torn down (the songs they are singing, are the classical Thai folk dance songs that I haven’t heard for a long long time, and it’s nice to hear them again). At the temple, the German guy shows up with the Japanese soldiers and  Thai policemen, he’s telling (speaking in German) everything.

Vanut’s father tells Angsumalin that he thinks the guy won’t be able to recognize the spot, and more people will come in the evening. A boy comes to deliver the news that there are Japanese soldiers carrying guns searching the area with a Western man. Vanut’s father tells Angsumalin to calm down. He thinks they will surely come here.


It looks like Angsumalin is learning to love her husband, little by little, everyday. If only Kobori learns to just ignore her outer shell, he would be sleeping soundly next to his wife by now.

Down below, the fan did this (I think). It looks as if Bie is asking, how many times did you guys replay?



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