Nadech’s interview on Sorayut’s news program


It seems Nadech is everywhere these days because his movie will kick off this April 4. This is him (again) talking (aka promoting) about the movie, Khu Kam, with Sorayut in the news program on Channel 3, Thailand.

 From the video:

Sorayut = S, Nadech = N

Mr. Sorayut welcomes Nadech (wearing a Japanese soldier’s uniform as Kobori ) on his show. He asks the camera to zoom in and they don’t need to say anything for 15 mins (meaning the guy is so handsome).

S : That song, you sang yourself?

N: Yes. I sang it myself.

Sorayut teases him if he wants to have his own album. Nadech says no, he’d rather be an actor.

N: Shooting for MV was quite difficult. I’ve never been a professional singer so I don’t know what kind of feeling they would have while singing in a MV. I had to make it up, and I was afraid that (my) hands’ movements would be too much because there were a lot in the background already.


S: Kobori needed to where glasses.

N: Kobori is short-sighted. He needs to wear glasses while he’s working…..

S: Nadech is very famous but I didn’t notice that you’ve never acted in a movie.

N: This is the first movie in my life.

S: I heard that you felt it’s difficult.

N: It’s not that hard or easy.  It’s difficult because of my worry how good I would be able to do it, whether the fans would be satisfied, and because it’s Khu Kam; it will be in the viewers’ minds for a long time. I needed to join the workshop eight months before the real shooting, but not everyday because I had to shoot lakorn (drama) and be in the events.

Another man: What did you do in the workshop?

N: Learning Japanese language, Thai language with Japanese accent, how to pose as a Japanese soldier. Khun….is Japanese, an acting coach, and a person who studied in Japan on Japanese soldier scholarship. He would differentiate a Japanese soldier from those from other countries i.e. how they line up….

S: Have you ever watched Khu Kam?

Nadech says he didn’t really watch it seriously and didn’t read the novel. He says P’Ryo (the director) came up with the new interpretation.

N: To be a teenage movie, a love story of teenagers, only with different nationalities. But it still refers to Thommayanti’s Khu Kam. It’s a 2013 version.

S: It’s interesting. The story happened during that time but with new interpretation….

N: The language, the costumes, and the characterization. P’Ryo wanted to focus on the ‘moving forward’ of this movie, adapted for this era. But it doesn’t really break away from the original.

S: That’s right because the story happened at that time. It’s interesting.

N: Yes, very much.

S: The cameras, please fully capture Nadech. The viewers want to see this picture, believe me.

Then he tells Nadech to smile, then be Kobori (Nadech changes his eyes’ expression). He tells Nadech to speak Japanese.

N: Hai! (Everybody laughs.)

S: Isn’t that too easy? A little longer one.

N: (Speaking in Thai with Japanese accent) Sawasdee khrap. My name is Kobori.

Sorayut tells the lady in yellow to act as Angsumalin. She tells Nadech to tell her the dialog. Sorayut tells her to stop touching  Nadech (haha).

N: (As Kobori) What are you doing here?

The lady speaks too sweet and can’t take her hand off him. Sorayut says Angsumalin have to be very strict.

N: Yes. She’s an anti-Japanese because she’s with the alliance.

They act again but Nadech ends up laughing but politely says she can pass (as Angsumalin).

Sorayut asks about Richey, a newbie as Angsumalin. Nadech says it’s her first time; she worked hard and had to attend workshop everyday. She’s a national badminton athlete and has a powerful hand. There’s a scene she had to slap him, and his world stopped moving (haha). P’Ryo told her to slap just once or Nadech would hurt a lot so she slapped with full force. It’s a dramatic scene on the bridge where Kobori had to carry her due to the explosion…….

N: A lot of people should like this movie if they don’t have fixed images from the previous versions.

S: Was it difficult to have you in this movie as Kobori?

Nadech says it’s more about his working schedule. Sorayut asks about the last important scene. Nadech says it’s very very difficult.

OMG…they talk about the most important scene so I will not translate because it’s a major spoiler (and why am I listening to them? T_T). Then they talk about Nadech’s next TV-series which he will be (again) a Japanese man. This is my most anticipated drama this year because I’m such a big fan of the novel (will post about this later, if time permits).

Sorayut asks Nadech to sing a little. He turns to Nadech’s fans not to scream or else he will go kick them (haha).

Nadech says he’s really excited and it’s like this every time coming to this show. Then he sings ‘Angsumalin’ (OST) live. Awwwwwwww…

S : He’s too handsome. How about talking in Isan (his Northeastern dialect)?

N: (Talking in Isan’s dialect) Oh, no, can’t talk that, I’m now a Japanese. (Haha..)

Sorayut says his crew normally would come to work at 2 a.m. , and their faces would look really tired but today they all put their make-up on. Then he tells Nadech to speak to the viewers.

N: Please support Khu Kam version 2013 – the new interpretation  and perspective by P’Ryo…. also from the cast and crew. It’s April 4, please go see it a lot. Also please support….(his new lakorns).

S: Say it again in Kobori’s way.

N: (Speak again in unclear Thai)…

S: It’s moving to Isan (dialect).

Nadech laughs.

They all say good-bye.

N: Sayonara (good-bye in Japanese).

Note : I didn’t translate every word or else I would finish at dawn. The thing is I think Nadech appeared to be quite unsettled during the show and Sorayut said something about the news that he would skip it (due to not having enough time? Or may be Nadech was really excited with his first movie.) . Personally, I think it’s the leading actress that will make or break the movie because Nadech already has quite a number of successful dramas on his profile so let’s hope for the best for his first movie and wish Richey (the leading actress) the best  🙂


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  1. WOW, thank you for the translations! now i can laugh more understanding what they were saying. love nadech’s smile

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