Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 14


Episode 10-1

Dr.Yoshi answers Kobori that there’s no love within hatred. He says this woman doesn’t hate (him) because her father is a Seri Thai (an underground network working against the Japanese). Kobori is surprised to learn about Angsumalin father’s secret.

Dr. Yoshi tells him, “You are not a stupid man, don’t you feel suspicious about how the army let you get married during the war so easily and even the cultural ambassador is involved? We are keeping an eye on Angsumalin’s father. We found out that he’s a Seri Thai but we don’t have any evidence.”

He says that’s why they’ve arranged for the wedding, to discredit Angsumalin’s father, and he thinks that must be the reason why Kobori and Angsumalin have always been in conflict. He encourages Kobori to talk it over with Angsumalin before everything will be too late. Kobori tells him that he doesn’t think she hates him because she’s thinking that he’s taking the step for a political reason.

K: I’m not misunderstanding that she hates me. It is really how she feels. She really hates me (his tear falls), and you will not understand.

He bows and walks out of the room.

Dr. Yoshi comes to visit Angsumalin and tells her that, he went to see Kobori and he told him that he didn’t come here at all because he’s busy with his work. She says he doesn’t have to tell her that.

Dr. Yoshi explains that Kobori has two elements within himself; strength, sweetness, love, and pride. Just like her.

A: Don’t you compare me (with him)!

Y: You are sweet and emotional but because you’ve been fighting (life) by yourself all this time, so you use pride to cover up your weakness.

A: Stop it, doctor!

Y: Angsumalin, being unyielding is good, but what’s the use to use it with someone we love.

A: What do you mean, doctor?

Y: Our life is not that long, especially, when we are with someone we love. The time will always pass by so fast, I’ve been through that. No matter how our surroundings change; the warmth; the hope, soon it will pass and will never come back. Even then, I was very happy. Angsumalin, you have to open your heart to understand love. If you have love in your heart, the glowing fire of love will nourish our life forever.

A: Thank you, but I don’t need the glowing fire from anyone.

Dr. Yoshi looks at the sky.

Y: Tonight, the sky is beautiful suitable for standing and thinking of someone.

A: Do you remember Vanut? That night, before he left, he was standing here saying good-bye. If I were to think of someone here, it should be Vanut.

Y: It’s up to you who is the one you should be thinking of, who is more important than who (he touches her shoulder), it’s your own rights.

A: There’s no one else for me.

The sound of a shamisen joins the night sky making Angsumalin turns to the direction of the shipyard.

Y: Sado Okesa, a folk song of  Kobori’s (hometown).

He smiles and bows to leave.

Angsumalin sits alone by the dock and absorbs the music. A lightning bug comes on her hand so she turns to look at a Lumpoo tree. She tenderly blows on it and the bug flies away. The bug flies up in the air, and Kobori is standing there looking at her. (A beautiful scene.)

Angsumalin hears the footsteps and turns to say that she thought he (the doctor) had left only to see that it’s Kobori.

K: It’s me. Did Dr.Yoshi come to see you?

A: Yes, it must be that he’s free, so he stopped by.

K: It’s good that he has some free time, but for me, I’m so busy.

A: I already know that.

K: Even if I’m free, you will not want to talk to me. (He kneels down beside her.) I missed you so much but I was hectically busy. I played Sado Okesa because I missed you. I couldn’t hold it………(he pauses)…but you wouldn’t be interested. Do you learn about the (wedding) schedule?

A: Yes, I do.

Episode 14-2

K: Dr. Yoshi came and asked me that we should talk so everything wouldn’t be too late.

A: Is that so? But I think everything already is late. The big event is about to happen, even if we are able to reach some kind of agreement, that doesn’t mean it will be cancelled, does it?

K: You know as much as I know that it cannot be fixed. I did everything I could, but I didn’t think that the problem would become this big.

She bends down to pick up the rice threshing baskets.

K: It will be alright. You may not have to stand being with me that long. These days, the war is like a smoldering fire, the situation is changing everyday. Perhaps, I will be transferred far away that I really cannot come back. But if you really are bored with my face, I will submit a request to be stationed on a ship quickly. And if you are lucky, I will be unlucky faster.

A: (She puts down the baskets forcefully.) Do what you want! How you will arrange it, it’s up to you!

K: I knew your answer would be like this! The day that I stop breathing in front of you will be your happiest day, won’t it?

A: Yes, I’m waiting for that day!

He’s stunned and she regrets saying it.

K: Then keep praying for it so that the day you’re hoping for, will come quickly.

A: I will definitely do that! Don’t you be afraid (that I won’t do it).

K: I’m never afraid of dying. I’ve always thought that death is the only thing that will give me a true happiness.

He looks up at the sky.

K: Tonight, the sky is beautiful. You must want to use this moment to think of the person you love, or, to curse someone you hate. I’ll take my leave now. (He bows.)

A: Are you that busy?

He sees a lot of  lightning bugs flying.

K: What do you call them in Thai?

A: Hing Hoi.

K: Hing Hoi. (He walks closer to them.)

A: It’s believe that they are the souls of young men lighting lanterns to look for their wives who drowned in the water. Her name is Lumpoo, the same name with this tree. That’s why they love to stay on a Lumpoo tree.

K: In Japan, there’s also a tale similar to this one, named the Weaving Princess and the Shepherd, they loved each other very much but their parents opposed to it, so they were separated and never saw each other again. In the end, the god felt sorry for them so they made them born to be the stars occupying each end of the Milky Way, and they would meet once a year, every the seventh day of the seventh month. And when Tanabata Matsuri (festival) comes, people will decorate (their houses) with paper lanterns curving toward one another representing those stars.


K: Within love, there’s always a sad story.

He reaches out to one lightning bug.

K: This one, will be looking for his love one, all of his life. What about you? Do you have someone you’ve been waiting for?

A: Yes, I have.

K: Don’t hate me for being the cause of all the problems. (He bows.)

A: It’s not that. He… only asked me to wait.

K: And you think you will wait for him, right?

A: ……

K: I get it. If you had let me know before, it would have been better.

A: It’s not that. I want to….

K: You want to keep your promise…..It’s good that we talk. I will try to find a way if there’s something I can do. I will go talk to my uncle and others tomorrow, to see if there’s a way to solve it. But don’t hope much for it, because we both are strictly tied up that we can’t even move. (He bows.)

He walks away and she goes after him.

A: Kobori!

He stops in his tracks and turns to her.

A: Do you have someone waiting for you?

K: Yes, I have. There’s one woman who always waits for me, and she must be the only one who truly loves me, and she must be the only one who prays for me every night while other woman….forget it, what I have in my life is good enough.  I never have anything for myself. My life is for the emperor; my heart is you; my body will have to leave it to the Mother Earth but I don’t know where yet. Isn’t it funny that we were born in one place, but when we die, we will be lying alone filled with loneliness in another place?

A: Some day, you will be able to go back to see her.

K: Not her but ma’am, because that woman is my mother. It’s getting late and you’ve wasted your time talking to me. I’ll have to go back. (He bows, again.)

A: Kobori! Tonight, I’ll pray for you.

He walks to her.

K: Thank you but that’s alright (you don’t have to), you should pray for the person you love, his life is more precious than mine. (He bows and leaves.)

Angsumalin turns to the Lumpoo tree.

A: Vanut, come back. Come back, and take back your promise. Vanut, come back.

Episode 14-3

His uncle scolds at Kobori and orders him that, the only thing he must do is to get ready for the wedding. He stops by Angsumalin’s house to tell her that he’s sorry that nothing can be changed.

K: What are you going to do?

A: Nothing.

K: Then, what about that person of yours?

A: He’s far. He won’t know.

K: In that case, after the ceremony, I will find the way to transfer from here quicker. I returned the house they prepared for us, and I will stay at the shipyard like before. You stay here. Do you have any problem with that?

A: ….

K: Is there anything else that you want me to do for you?

She shakes her head.

K: I came to tell you this. So, from now on, I will not come here so that I will not disturb your mind. If you want anything, send those two old men for me.

A: That’s alright.

K: I’ll go now.

At night, Angsumaling reads Vanut’s old letter and looks at a handkerchief Kobori gave her. Kobori is also looking at her handkerchief, he puts it in the pocket of his wedding suits.

(Tip : I’ve been told by the Thai elders and friends that you must never give your love ones [i.e. lover , friends, relatives] a handkerchief, they believe it might cause sad things to happen between both parties, as a handkerchief [one of the purposes] is used to wipe the tears.)

kk-ep14-2 kk-ep14-4

The rest of the episode was about the long wedding ceremony according to the Japanese tradition. There were many actors and actresses doing brief cameos in the wedding scene. The lady in a yellow dress is the First Lady represents the Thai government.


At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom have to join the Sake drinking ceremony with all the guests for their blessings. I’m not sure if it’s because Angsumalin is not familiar with the taste of the drink, she looks unhappy and downs the cup. She puts the cup down forcefully before Kobori does which causes quite a stir among the Japanese guests, and Kobori too.


Kobori looks at her and then quickly puts down his cup. Dr. Yoshi explains to one of the Thai officer that, the last drink, if they don’t put the cups down at the same time (in harmony), the Japanese believes one of them will pass away before another untimely. (Eh…how about you tell her before the wedding? I’m pretty sure she will comply 🙂 )

During the wedding banquet, an officer secretly reports to Angsumalin’s father that a man was captured and that he’s Thai, a student educated in England.

Episode 14-6

The guests are taking turn to congratulate the couple. Kobori can’t take his eyes off his wife. Angsumalin has to bow and bow to the Japanese that, at one point, she stumbles. Kobori takes her in his arm just in time.


He bends down to ask her if she’s tired. She shakes her head and smiles at him. They take pictures together, he’s holding her hand all the while. The just-married couple is sending back to Angsumalin’s house where everybody is cheering and delighted to see them.

Pol and Bua, without being careful, salute Angsumalin’s father as  they see him as their leader (Seri Thai). All the Japanese turn their heads and stare at him suspiciously.


It’s sad that we have to wait for the wedding night next week. I was kind of disappointed that Angsumalin ruined her own wedding by mistake, and my poor Kobori had to, yet again, save her (and his) face. If only she had paid attention to the things around her beside herself  *sigh*


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  1. This shows that she does love Kobori so she wants Vanut to come back and take back his promise. She doesn’t want to break her promise to Vanut. I think that maybe her dad must have broken his promise with her mom so she doesn’t want to be like her dad. It’s sad that during her confusion, she made a promise with Vanut and now it binds so that she cannot love Kobori. I really want Ang to explain this to Kobori so that he knows that she does love him but can’t show it because of her promise. They really do need to talk it out!

    • Thanks for reading 🙂
      Well, I still don’t know what kind of feeling she has for Vanut. Is it just friendship, or more but not as much as boyfriend? At that time, the society was very strict about a Thai woman mixing with a foreigner, let alone an enemy. And from what I heard, elsewhere other than the area in Kobori’s authority, the Japanese were very cruel as you could see many Thais were shot to death in some scenes. So those need to be taken into account, to make any judgment on Angsumalin. The scene in ep1, where Vanut asked Angsumalin was a classic one. She didn’t answer his question but said she would wait for him to answer that question again. So in a way, she didn’t commit her feeling to him.

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