Nadech Talking About Khu Kam (2013 movie)


It’s time to reveal my new crush, Nadech Kugimiya. This is an interview at Top Awards 2012 which was like three weeks ago. People are trying to compare Khu Kam the movie and the TV-series. Personally, I think it’s different both in characterization and interpretation. I will surely watch the movie and complete the TV-series. Bie is adorable; Nadech is *cough* mine-man 🙂

Only the part where he was talking about the movie.

Q : Since the teaser of the movie has been released, it’s caused quite a stir.

N: Yes, the cast and crew are happy about it.

Q: Are you under pressure, and there’s also a TV-series?

N: It’s mixed, kind of worry what it will be like because they haven’t finished editing the film.

Q: Have you seen a TV-series version of Bie?

N: I haven’t seen yet. I didn’t have an opportunity to, but my mother are following the series and have told me about it. They love it.

Q: Comparing with Bie?

N: I think it’s different. Mine is a movie, P’Bie’s is a lakorn (series). Support both is the best.

Q: Bie said, when the movie comes out, he will go see it.

N: Thank you. Thank you (beaming).

Q: The author said, didn’t know about the story yet but the male lead is very handsome.

N: Thank you.

Q: It was said, the female lead does not quite fit the role of Angsumalin.

N: Eh..I think it’s been like this, some will think she’s like this or that, some read the novel and has an image of her like this. It’s up to each’s interpretation, we should listen to P’Rio (the director) how he’s interpreted. But Richey is really Angsumalin because she’s quite a strong woman during the filming that I’ve known her.

Q: The movie, will we see something new, different perspective?

N: Khu Kam, the movie version, is actually a love story of two persons which is like parallel lines that don’t know when they will meet, but in the end, they will meet. What it’s like, see it yourself, see at which point they will meet.

Khu Kam movie premieres April 4.


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  1. I realy want to see this movie -love Nadech and Richy, they are so adorable together

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