Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 11

Things are getting worse for Angsumalin around the neighborhood about her and Kobori. Kobori hears people talking about it and feels bad. He makes a decision and writes his uncle (an army general) a letter. Later, he meets Angsumalin in the garden and suggests to her his marriage proposal as the only way out of it.

She’s stunned and tells him that she’s never loved him and never thought of loving him. She tells him to just go away that will do. He counters that leaving is not the solution. It’s like he’s leaving her behind with problems for her to solve alone, that’s not the way a Japanese man would do. She screams back at him that she’d rather marry the lowest Thai than an enemy from the highest class.

Kobori is feeling sad. He comes to her house by boat alone at night to look  at Angsumalin playing khim, and thinks of what she said.

Kobori’s uncle uses the marriage proposal to his advantage by announcing it through a newspaper as the growing relationship between Thailand and Japan. Angsumalin’s father (a high-ranking Navy officer), the head of an anti-Japan underground group Seri Thai, comes to ask Angsumalin’s mother about it. He decides that they should accept  the proposal and goes along with the engagement first and later find a way with the wedding.

At first, Angsumalin insists that she doesn’t want to marry Kobori, but when things are getting out of hand, she knows she can’t do anything.

She is sitting at a dock looking at the lightning bugs when Kobori shows up.

Start at 0:34 mark

Sawasdee = greeting in Thai = hello/good-bye

K: Konbanwa (Good evening). Sawasdee. Am I disturbing you? Can I talk to you?

A: ….

K: I just learned about the news from the newspaper today. I really didn’t know. I didn’t know that thing would be getting this big.

He steps closer.

K: I didn’t want it to be like this. I didn’t want politics to get involved in the least.

A: But it already did.

K : I’m sorry. That’s why I’m truly sorry.

A: What are you sorry for? The relationship of Thailand and Japan is tighten.

Angsumalin wants to leave but he stops her.

K: I don’t want to know about the relationship. What I want to know is….

She’s walking away so he back-hugs her.

K: Hideko…Hideko…Hideko.

He kisses her cheek and her hair tenderly.

A: I hate you.

He lets her go. She looks at him.

A: I hate you. Are you satisfied now? Even if, I marry you, I will hate you. If I have a child, I will teach him to hate you. I will teach him the word hate before the word love. You have everything you want by force and power but there’s one thing that you will never have. You will see then, life that nourished by hatred, how it will turn out at the end.

Kobori forces a kiss on her. She slaps him.

A: I hate you!

He pulls her in his arms and kisses her again.

She tries to push him away but he’s stronger so she reaches for the old wound on his back and scratches it hard. He cries out in pain and moves away from her. He looks hurt.

K: It’s alright. It’s my fault.

There’s blood on her fingers.

A: You…..does it hurt a lot?

K: I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I forgot myself and did bad thing to you. It’s good that you woke me up like this. Please forget about it. Sawasdee.

He leaves.

Angsumalin looks sad, she whispers his name, “Kobori.”


What she said to him was harsh and it hurt him so much that he’s angry to the point of forcing the kisses on her. I’ve given up trying to decide whose side I should be with. It’s so obvious to us that she loves him very much but, for Kobori, it’s the opposite. She rarely smiles when he’s near. It’s sad that he doesn’t know that he already has her heart.


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  1. You are right. Kobori will never know that he already have her heart because she hides it with hatred and harsh words. Poor Kobori 😦
    Thank you so much for recaping!!!

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