Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 10

After Angsumalin had helped a fugitive named ‘Michael’, she knows that letting him stay in her house is not safe so she arranges for his hideout; it’s Pol and Bua’s hut deep in the garden. She’s taking Michael to the place while Bua is arranging his place. However, Kobori shows up at Bua’s hut and , to the horror of Bua, he tells him that he wants to sit down because he’s feeling tired. His voice is unusually calm. He waits.

Angsumalin leads Michael to Bua’s hut and sees Kobori from the distance so she tells Michael to hide and she walks to the hut alone. Kobori welcomes her and says he’s surprised to see her here this late. Angsumalin says she came to tell Bua that her mother wants his help (to deepen the ditch in the garden). When she walks back, Kobori follows her.

K = Kobori, A = Angsumalin

Episode 10-1

Start at 3:28 mark

K : I’m surprised that Bua spent the night at your house and nobody tells him about deepening the ditch.

A : What do you mean?

K : I didn’t mean anything except that, this late at night, you came alone just for only this, it’s dangerous.

A : This place is on Thailand soil. People here are Thai. If there will be any unsafe incident, it’s definitely not because of Thais around here.

Kobori grabs her arm.

K : Yes, this is Thailand soil. I am not Thai. I am an enemy. I am a bad person. I am cruel but I’ve never harmed a woman. My guess is right that you will come here. Don’t you think this place will be safe. I will not stay here long (he had submitted a request to transfer to the front line due to Michael’s incident) and there will be a new person who will come and take charge instead of me, then, you will feel the real taste of war and conquered. I’m trying to be friendly to everyone here, trying to make everyone understand that war is of the politics, and a displaced soldier like me also has blood and heart like everyone. Even though, we killed, we know love, hatred, good, and bad, like everyone. But, for you….

Angsumalin tries to shake his hands off.

K : I don’t know why you always mistrust everyone. You are in doubt of everyone that comes near. You don’t have friendship (in your mind). You have no heart for love.

A: No! I have….

Kobori pushes her against a tree.

K : You may have had a lover, but you’ve never known true love. You love that person because of a doubtful of a human being, and to erase the  loss you’ve received, but you’ve never known love that is so tender, overwhelmed, and willing to lose everything for the one you love.

Angsumalin is struggling to break free from his grasp.

K : If you’ve ever experienced a true love, maybe your heart won’t be this cold. You will learn of a lonely heart when you know you are losing your love one.

Someone shouts at them for staying in the dark. Angsumlin pushes him away. For Thais, during that period, a woman meeting a man alone at night is highly inappropriate. The gossip grandma of the neighborhood, Mien, happens to be among the ones who see them. They sarcastically say , no wonder, the Japanese are always come and go around Angsumalin’s house.

After they all leave, Angsumalin is angry and blames it on Kobori.

A : You! It’s because of you! You make them misunderstand. And it’s Mien, my story will be spreading around. Then, where will I put my face? That’s what you want, isn’t it?

K : Can you speak slowly? I do not understand.

A : How dare you don’t understand? What more do you want me to say?

Angsumalin runs and Kobori follows her, “Hideko!”

He catches up with her and hugs her. He won’t let her go until she tells him what those two persons were talking about. He orders her to stop throwing a tantrum or else he will carry her to the shipyard.

Angsumalin stops struggling and cries.

A : That’s enough. No more. That’s enough.

She turns to him.

K : Will you tell me now?

A : Grandma Mien is pak-pla-ra. (pak = mouth, pla-ra = fermented fish)

K : ‘Pak’ what?

A: It means a person who talks about others in a bad way, offensive speaking.

K : So? What does this concern us?

A: It’s definitely about us! They think we….

K : What?

A : That we did an inappropriate thing.

K : (He grabs her arm) What’s inappropriate? I don’t understand.

A: She will announce that she saw us here to all.

K : We didn’t do anything wrong. Why does she have to talk about us in a bad way?

A : Thais disapprove of this.

K: Why do Thais disapprove of two persons walking together?

(OMG…they are talking in circle *sweating*)

She shakes him off and they both sigh.

He picks up his sword.

K : Walk properly, don’t run. I will walk you home. This late at night, walking alone is dangerous. Don’t come again.

He takes her hand but she shakes his hand away.

K : Japanese disapprove of this. Wherever the ladies go, the men must give them protection.

Angsumalin ignores his extended hand and walks away.

He drops her at her house without letting her mother see him. Her mother notices Angsumalin’s torn blouse but doesn’t say anything.

Episode 10-2

Start at 4:50 mark

Angsumalin is cleaning the dock and recalls what Kobori had said about her how she didn’t know true love.

A : Not true! Not true!

K : You! What happens?

She looks at him.

K : What are you angry at?

A: Go away. Don’t bother me!

(OMG..I don’t know how many times this girl told him this yet he keeps coming back.)

K: Yes, I’ll go. I’ll definitely leave, but before I go, I want to talk to you to clarify things.

A: I don’t have anything to talk to you!

K : But I have!

The man is getting aggressive by the episode.

Grandma Mien is spreading the rumor of what she saw. Angsumalin’s mother and grandmother overhear it all.

Skip to 7:17 mark

K : I’ve complicated things around you. I don’t want to leave with the frustration. I feel bad enough, don’t make it even more. Please allow me to talk to you, Hideko.

Angsumalin wants to walk away but he stops her.

K: No matter what, I will not allow you (to not talking) . Will you talk or won’t talk?

Angsumalin rubs the floor and splashes water over his feet.

K : Hideko, what have made you so angry at the floor?

A : My name is not Hideko, and I have nothing to talk to you.

She injures her hand.

K : See! You are angry at me but take it out on something else,  now you hurt yourself.

Kobori sees the wound.

K : You’re bleeding. Let me see it.

A : Don’t touch it!

She wants to clean the blood in the water. He stops her.

K : Do you know this water is dirty?

A: Don’t touch me!

K : If you are stubborn, I won’t bother but harming yourself, I will have to. Don’t you know there are germs in the water? It could get into your wound.

A: It’s none of your business! Let go (of me)!

K: I won’t let go until you tend to the wound.

They push and pull.

A : No! Let me go!

K : Can’t you see? It’s bleeding. Come here!

She starts hitting him. He trips and falls backward, and she lands perfectly into his arm. The gossip ladies happen to row by and see, as if, they are embracing each other. She asks Angsumalin if she’s heard any news of Vanut, and when he will be coming back.

Hearing that, Kobori steps closer to Angsumalin with a question in his eyes. Angsumalin looks at him.

The lady says, “Why don’t I have to ask? It’s obvious, the war is this good. Let’s go.”

Angsumalin angrily picks up her bucket. Kobori steps in front of her and asks, “Hideko, are you angry at me or them?”

Of course, the ladies tell everyone what they saw.

Episode 10-3

Start at 0:11 mark

K : It should be nothing serious (the wound) but be careful, don’t let it get wet. It should be healed in 2-3 days. Before I leave, if I have a chance, I will drop by to check on the wound again.

A : When will you go?

K : It seems you want me to leave this place quickly.

A : Do you have to go to the front line?

K : If I am stationed on a ship, I will go into battle right away and, may be I can go back home before the war ends. I mean my home will be receiving a tiny wooden white box that contains my ashes, if they could find it. But, normally, it will be just a name tag with a certificate from the Ministry of War saying, your son has proudly fulfilled his duty to the Emperor, rest in peace. And when that time comes, this wound must  be completely healed, and you must be forgetting things that happened, especially…..(long pause)….when you meet that person you’ve been waiting for. If my soul could come back here, I will come to see if love will make you be more cheerful and lively.

He stands up to leave.

K : Let’s do this. I will go and tell everyone to make them understand.

A : You don’t have to. Things won’t get better.

K : Why?

A : Anyone around here would have already believed grandma Mien, and the incident at the dock just now, they will probably enjoy talking about it at the gathering. For me, it’s alright but I’m concerned about my mom and grandma. Just leave it there, because if you go around explaining, ones who didn’t know will get to know. They will think that we kin-pun-ron-thong.

K : What is it like?

A : Well, it means, they will think that we *ron-tua. (ron = hot, tua = body)

(*be afraid of being involved)

She tries in Japanese.

K : Heated body, body is hot.

He puts his hand over her forehead to check her temperature.

A : No…

They stare into each other eyes losing the moment….an air-raid siren has to interrupt the moment. Angsumalin is worried over her mother and grandmother’s safety. She runs up the house and closes the doors.

*kin-pun-ron-thong, a Thai proverb, briefly, it means an act of showing out that you didn’t do it, without anybody asking, so people will think that you actually did it. It’s like you are eating(kin) red lime (pun) yourself so it heats up (ron) your own stomach (thong).

Episode 10-4

They run and run, and, at one point, Kobori thinks he’s dying so he confesses his feeling to her, “Hideko, I love you.” He kisses her (Rawr!). The sound of another bomb makes Kobori put his body over her. The bomb explodes and they both lose consciousness.


Later, they are found hugging each other unconscious which is witnessed by everyone, thus, this time, the incident seriously damages Angsumalin’s image as a well-behaved Thai woman.

Episode 10-6

Angsumalin is having a bad dream that Kobori is dead, she calls out his name. This is when Angsumalin starts to realize her feeling for Kobori. She’s angry and tries to remind herself that she loves only Vanut.

Kobori comes to check on Angsumalin’s condition.

K: How are you?

She closes her eyes. He sighs.

K : I’m worried about you. You were unconscious for a long time. The shipyard is partly destroyed and your garden is partly damaged. There’s a bomb that didn’t explode, I just finished taking off the fuse. It’s a good luck that we successfully did it, otherwise, this place would……

K: I’m going back to the shipyard and I will send the doctor to check on you. That you’ve gained back your consciousness makes me happy.

Angsumalin opens her eyes, so he smiles.

K : You…are you in pain anywhere else except your head? Does it hurt? I’m not sure if there’s a crack in your skull, can I see the scratch?

A : No need!

She gets up.

A : I’m alright now.

K : You take a nap and let the doctor give you one shot, it will get better. I will take my leave.

He stands up.

A : And…how are you feeling?

Kobori is delighted, he sits down.

K : Having a headache a little because of the wound on my head. At first, I was feeling numb because my mind was with that bomb, didn’t want to leave it there. I was afraid that this house would be in danger.

A : You should quickly let the doctor see it (the wound) because your face looks so pale.

K : But not as much as yours.

He’s looking at her lovingly.

K: Even if, something has happened to me, that you are safe is enough for me.

She lies down and turns her back to him.

K : If you don’t want to listen to me, I will have to get going.

She doesn’t turn back so he gets up and leaves. I think Angsumalin is trying to not letting her feeling show.



How can you not falling for a guy like Kobori? Seriously, Angsumalin is such a stubborn girl but all for the right reasons. I’m seeing a different man in Kobori in this episode. He’s stepping up his game and now he knows there’s someone Angsumalin is waiting for. You would think the gossiping was childish but, during that time, with the war looming, mixing with the enemy was strongly condemned by the society, and could bring about many kinds of unpleasant behaviors from the community.

Truthfully, I didn’t plan to translate this long but Kobori’s dialogs blown me away.

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