Khu Kam (2013 movie) Trailer

The long-awaited long trailer of Khu Kam (the movie) has finally been released!

This is not to be confused with the TV-series. This is a movie version that will hit the theater on April 4, and said to be 2 hours + long. The director said the movie would focus more on the last 500 pages of the novel.

Main Cast

Nadech Kugimiya as Kobori

Richey Omrawadee as Angsumalin


Kobori : (Greeting in Japanese) Then in Thai, “My name is Kobori. During the beginning period of World War II, the Japanese Army arrived in Thailand……”

Kobori on a boat talking to Angsumalin, “Oi, …” (Oi in Japanese = hey)

On the screen, “Two persons.”

Kobori with his awkward English, “Can……English?”

Angsumalin says, “No!”

Kobori smiles, “I see that you can not speak English….” Angsumalin splashes water into his face.

On the screen, “From 2 worlds.”

Kobori shouts, ” (in Japanese) Girl…..Goodbye!” Angsumalin smiles.

Kobori shouts from the boat, “Oi, oi…sawasdee krub! (greeting in Thai)” Angsumalin’s mother asks, “Do you know him?”

Angsumalin says no.

Japanese soldiers march through an area. Angsumalin says, “You think you are a Japanese soldier so you can do everything?”

Kobori says in a really unclear Thai, “I guarantee you that I will try to be fair.”

Angsumalin corrects his pronunciation for the word “try”, so he repeats after her but ends the sentence in Japanese (desu ne) which is kind of funny, that’s why Angsumalin tries to suppress her smile.

A man slashes Kobori’s back. He says, “I was good luck but small luck.” (He uses a Thai word “small” which is not a grammatically correct but cute nonetheless.)

Angsumalin asks, “Small luck about what?”

Kobori says, “That you know there are people who want me to die. “

Angsumalin asks, “What about good luck?

Kobori says, “That you don’t want me to die.”

Kobori stands up with bandage around his body. Angsumalin asks, “It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

He says, “It’s alright.” Then he acts as if it’s still hurt and smiles.

At a dock, he asks, “After the war ends, would you like to visit Japan?”

She says, “I have to wait for someone here.”

On the screen, “From the romance (novel) that has been loved by the Thai people for over generations.”

The voice of a high-ranking Japanese officer talking to Kobori, in Japanese, “We have to stay with the Thai people for a long period of time, getting married is definitely a good thing.”

On the screen, “By ‘Thommayanti’ ” (the author)

Kobori says, “I don’t care what the relationship of the countries would be, but what I really want to know is, have you ever thought of loving me?”

Angsumalin says, “Even if I marry you, I will hate you. “

Angsumalin slaps him and yells, “Get out of our life!”

On the screen, “Between 2 things.”

Kobori says, “You have your own reasons. I have my own heart, that’s enough.”

On the screen, “Reason vs Heart”

Kobori is interrogating a Thai prisoner, “What is your objective?”

The man says, “I’m returning to my love one.”

On the screen, “There’s only one thing to choose for ‘Love’. “

Kobori says, “If I die, you will be very happy, right?”

She answers, “Yes. I’ll wait.”

Then the explosions.

Angsumalin screams, “Where is Kobori? Where is Kobori?” She weeps.

Kobori asks, “Hideko, (in Japanese) can you speak this sentence?”

Angsumalin looks at him.

Kobori smiles and says in Japanese, “I…love…you.”

On the screen, “This April 4, love will be eternal, only in the theater.”


My first impression with the trailer was love, especially, all of  Nadech’s speeches both in Japanese and unclear Thai, they were all amazingly perfect. Then I watched it again to translate, my feeling changed a bit. Richey looked a little too young for Angsumalin and her acting was quite stiff but serviceable for a newbie.

The trailer appears to be a story of a romantic young love but I suspect the director intentionally misleads us, and saves something for a surprise. I’ve read somewhere that the director warned the audience that they should bring their own tissue boxes to watch this movie, haha. Personally, I think the movie will be much much sadder than a TV-series judging by the trailer alone. What I’m uncomfortable with is the lead actress’s acting but I’m willing to give her a chance.

If  I’m in Bangkok in April, I might join the crowd in the theater with my personal ready-to-use Kleenex 🙂

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