Bits of Khu Kam (2013 series) Episode 7

I just had time to marathon episode 7-8 today and loved the dialog enough to share. I did it real quick and really doesn’t have time to go over it again so please disregard things that seem a bit odd to your eyes 🙂

Just a small part of episode 7 (couldn’t do more now but the latter part was so cute. You just have to find it on YT to complete the episode).

Start from when Kobori opens a wired gate for Angsumalin. Please note that Kobori is talking very slow like he carefully speaks one word after another because he’s speaking in Thai and he’s still learning.

Kobori opens the gate for Angsumalin. She says he must be used to seeing these kind of  horrified images (seeing the injured from the war). He gestures her to walk out.

Kobori : “The war made me see so many horrified things that I have never thought I would be seeing. I killed a person when we were looking into each other’s eyes so close…this close.” He shows her how close.

Ang steps back. Then he starts telling her his experiences with the war; there was one time he witnessed a doctor cut a soldier’s leg without an anesthetic. If they did not cut his leg he would die, and if they cut it he would have 20% chance to survive. The soldier agreed to it and they had only one bottle of liquor and one bottle of alcohol. They gave him half the bottle of liquor and soaked his leg with alcohol. Then the doctor cut through his skin, the soldier passed out which they were glad at that point.

Then….Kobori gets stuck at the  vocab to use so he shows her instead. Ang tells him the word, a saw. He continues that they used a saw to slide through his leg’s bone. When Ang starts to turn away, he grabs her wrist and continues talking.  The soldier woke up while the doctor was stitching his wound so they gave him another half bottle of the liquor and he passed out again because he was losing a lot of  blood. They monitored him for two days then he woke up.

Ang asks if he’s survived. Kobori gives a little sad smile that now the man is happily staying home.

He sighs, “This is the product of the war. There was another time I saw a Javanese soldier cut a Japanese soldier’s wrist just to take his watch….” Ang can hear no more, she tells him to stop talking and walks away.

Kobori follows her and says, “Can’t you see? The war has made so many things happen that we could not control.” Ang stops walking.

He says, “Everything is so heavy and so huge that it’s beyond our strength to shoulder. If one wants to hate the war, I, myself, have so many reasons to hate as much as anyone or may be even more. But, no matter how or how much I hate the war, I can’t do anything; I can’t change anything. Perhaps, I should just accept it. “

Ang tries to argue but he continues, “The war changes people, some become worst and some turn other kinds. Some people when facing with terrified things, they would hate and get scared. Some people fall deeper, they use the war to their benefits so they can have a better life.

If we win the war, even with so many things destroyed, our honor will remain, but if we lose, we will have nothing. “

Ang tries to argue, “But..”

He counters, “Because I am a soldier, I must do everything to protect our honor. As of now, you see me as an invader, you must be hating me. But, not for long, if  I lose, get beaten and must withdraw, you will be happy and laugh at me. These are all the things I will be receiving. Bua and Pol (two old men who attacked Kobori and slashed his back with a sword) don’t understand, they committed a crime (old men tried to steal gasoline) so they must be punished according to the army’s law, or else I will not be able to control all the soldiers. But when everything is over, they are human beings. I am also a human being just the same equally. But they will not forget that I am their enemy. Therefore, from now, when they have a chance again, who knows whether I will have a chance to walk like this. “

Ang doesn’t know what to say. He says, “I’m sorry I’m talking too much, may be it’s because there were no one for me that I could talk to about certain topics. I will walk you up to here, otherwise, you will be annoyed at me so much.” He bows and turns away.

Ang yells after him that, “Next time…. if you are free, ….you may come.”

Kobori turns back to look at her abruptly. He knows very well what it means coming from Angsumalin so he walks back to her beaming. He reminds her to put some medicine on the wound that she bumped her head today. She asks if his shoulder that was hit today, got hit on his old wound. Kobori smiles broader. Ang feels embarrassed that she showed that she actually cares, so she walks away quickly. Kobori beams from ear to ear.

That night, both spend time thinking of each other. Kobori couldn’t sleep so he plays shamisen looking at Ang’s house. He checks the wound on his back and remembers how Ang told him that, when he got back, he should put some oil balm on it or it would surely hurt tonight. He beams even more  🙂


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