Phonphrom Onlaweng Episode 1-2


Episode 1

Phathavee (the hero, a neurosurgeon) sees Tanyeong (the heroine) on the plane. Since then he’s been thinking about her. Tanyeong is engaged and as soon as she comes back home, her fiance proposes and she accepts it. Later, she learns that her fiance has another woman (a love affair) so she goes to a bar to drown her sorrow, where Phathavee happens to be there for his school reunion. He follows her to her car because she’s drunk. Some guys want to harm her and drive behind her. Phatavee drives his car behind them but a call interrupts him that his niece fell from the stairs, so he has to turn his car around.

Tanyeong gets into an accident.

Mayrin(may-rin) is Pathavee’s niece. She’s five years old and is quite a weak child. She sees her parents arguing from the top of the stairs. Because she doesn’t feel well, she falls down.

Both Tanyeong and Mayrin are sent to the same hospital where Pathavee is a director/doctor.

Episode 2

If you don’t see the video, just click on the link.

Start from 4.55 mark

Vee :  May, come back to uncle Vee! May!

May : Uncle Vee, please talk to me! Uncle Vee!

Vee : May, come back to Uncle Vee!

May : Uncle Vee, are you angry at me?

Vee : May!

May walks out of the room and sees her mom. She calls, “Mom!”, “Mom, I’m here!”

“Dad, I’m here.”

“May is afraid. Why doesn’t anybody talk to May?”

May walks away.

Tanyeong, “Did I die? Why is it like this?”

“Little kid, do you see me? You see me, right?”

May : Nobody sees me.

Tanyeong : Nobody sees me either.

May : I’m scared. Please stay with me.

Tanyeong : Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. Where did you come from? Hold on tight! Don’t be afraid.

At 17.25 mark

The nurse tells Dr.Phatavee that May is awake.

May : Where is it?

The nurse tells her that she’s at the hospital. May repeats that she’s at the hospital. Phatavee rushes inside.

Vee : May!

May: Who are you?

Vee : May? It’s your uncle Vee. Can you remember me?

May : My head hurts, why is it like this? Is it because I drank last night?

Vee : What drank? You are a kid, you can’t drink liquor. You fell from the stairs last night, do you remember?

Tanyeong’s voice : This man looks familiar. Why did he call me ‘May’?

May : Last night? The accident! (She gets up.) That means I’m in the hospital. (She gasps) Why my fingers are so short? (She checks her flat chest, haha.)

Vee : What is it, May?

May : Who’s May? What are you talking about, and who are all of  you?

Vee  : May! It’s uncle Vee. Don’t you remember? Are you having a headache?

May : Don’t touch me!

Vee : Why are you doing this?

May : I’m not May! (She looks down) Why is the bed so high?

Vee : May! May! Where are you going?

May : Open the restroom’s door for me! (She gets in the restroom.) Bring me a chair!

She looks into the mirror and gasps.

Tanyeong’s voice : What is this? …….(flashback)….The kid! It can’t be! I must be dreaming!

She faints into Vee’s arms.

At 21.02 mark

Vee : May, how are you feeling? Does the headache stop now?

Her mom comes in. May says she’s has a headache. Her mom wants her to lie down but she springs up saying she doesn’t want to lie down, she’d rather sit. She looks at Dr. Vee and thinks he’s looks really familiar but couldn’t figure out from where she’d seen him. Then she looks around and thinks, who are these people? Then she says she recognizes her (the old lady) from the magazine. Grandma asks,  “May, why your talking is so strange. It’s your great grandma!”

Dr. Vee says he will have to examine her again. The maid shows May a teddy bear (her favorite). May sneezes and says she doesn’t like the fur of the toy.

Dr.Vee tells them that May’s brain looks fine, but for everybody’s peace of mind, he will run the test on May again when her health is back to normal.

At 32.48 mark

Vee’s friend shows May a toy but Vee says his niece doesn’t like it. May says she likes it.

Then the two talk about a woman Vee met at the club, she drank a lot of Vodka and there were men trying to sexually harass her. He’s worried about her. He drove after her car trying to help but May got into an accident so he had to leave.

May listens to them and tries to tell them that she is that woman they are talking about, only to get scolded by Vee.

When alone, May exclaims, “I’m going crazy! Why doesn’t anybody believe me?!”

Vee tells his friend that since May woke up, she’s been talking strangely. He’s worried. His friend says she’s fine only that she talks like a grown up.

At 40. 22 mark

May hides under a blanket.

Vee : Are you covering yourself  to hide from uncle Vee?

May : Are you crazy? How can you hold me? Let go of me!

Vee : How dare you scold your uncle Vee? Then you deserve this…..(he kisses her forehead).

May : You are nuts! You are a pervert!

Vee : Not stop talking? (More kisses)

Lady’s doctor comes in and asks what they are playing.

May : Nothing. And you are…?

Vee asks May how she cannot remember her, she’s the owner of the sweet she ate that day.

May : Oh, your girlfriend?

Vee : You’re too much! Dr. Neung is my friend.

He squeezes her nose and calls her a stubborn kid. May covers herself and says she’s not a stubborn kid.

At 45.52 mark

May is sad thinking of her mom.

Dr.Vee hugs her. She says, “Let go of me now! I said let go of me!”

Dr.Vee, “What is it? You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.”

He holds her but she says to let her go, she feels suffocated.

Vee : So, can I not hug you now?

May : You can’t. It’s better we do not touch.

He kisses her cheek. May says he’s crazy!

May screams and asks if he remembers they met at the airport.

Vee : Yes, you came to pick me up at the airport, and we kissed too. Can you remember like this? Left cheek kiss (he kisses her left cheek), right cheek kiss (he kisses her right cheek), and the nose….

May : That’s enough! I remember!

Tanyeong’s voice : Oh dear, if it continues to be like this, I will probably become bruised. This is crazy!

May rubs her cheek and thinks, “Crazy man!”

At 53.42 mark

May is discharged from the hospital.

Vee : So, see you this evening, I’ll join you at dinner, alright?

May : It’s up to you.

He kisses her cheek.

Then May sees Tanyeong’s parents so she calls out, “Mom! Dad!”

Vee : May! What is it?

May : Mom! Dad! Wait for me!

“Mom! Mom!”, she cries.

When May arrives at the house, she wonders how many more relatives she will have. Vee asks if she remembers her house. May sighs and thinks how she can remember when she just sees it for the first time.

And the rest of the episode is about May’s adjustment to her new home. She tries to call her real parents but to no avail. Meanwhile Tanyeong’s ex-fiance is feeling guilty that, because of him, Tanyeong is now lying unconscious in the hospital. The preview shows May is trying to find her real body and Dr.Vee is running to find his niece who is somewhere in the hospital.


So far, the little girl is a delightful watch and I swear Dr. Phatavee kissed the girl like he’s kissing a woman! I lost count how many times he kissed the girl and the heroine in one episode, what a lucky guy!

I saw an interview and the actor said he had to do things twice when filming, one with the girl, another with the actress. He said, truthfully, he’d been used the most in this drama. Haha……..

Happy Valentine’s Day!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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