Book : Khu Kam (the novel)


Here is the cover of the novel, Khu Kam, printed in Thai. There are two volumes altogether, volume I and II, with the total of 90 chapters. Yes, 90!

On the front cover, under the picture, it says,

Thommayanti (the author), Khu Kam (in big bold print), 15th print.


“In one’s life time, if one is to choose who to love, with all one’s heart, I’ve already chosen. And if suffering and pain are the consequences ofย  loving someone, I will gladly accept it.”

“Anata wo aishiteimasu…I love you, Hideko. Love you, always.”

On the back cover,

“Before I joined the war, my mother wanted me to get married with a woman she’d chosen. I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t love that woman. I gave my mother a reason, that I would not be happy if I had to live with someone I did not love.

But now I realize, the fact that you have someone you love…so much, there’s also a chance that happiness could not be found. I don’t know why I love that woman, or if asked the reason why, I will not be able to answer to that.

But I do love everything that was made to be her. Once in love, one also have to accept the sufferings, the hurtfulness. I told you, sometimes…love could burn us severely, and make us suffer…till we die.”

“No, …love may torture us only in the beginning, and love has never burned anyone. And if we really understand it, maybe it will keep us warm and give us hope that will nourish our heart, forever.”

The author used beautiful and poetry-liked Thai wordings throughout the books, to which made the story stand the test of time. What was written on the back cover, I believe, was the conversation between Kobori and Dr. Yoshi.

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  1. Please say you hqve found a link to buy an English version!! I am too old to learn Thaii!

  2. Hello, may i know where can i purchase the novel? Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. excuse me, can you tell what is the ending of the novel? I’m quite curious of it because I do not understand Thai language ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • If you are asking about Khu Kam’s ending, it’s very similar to the TV-series (Ko-Bie version). The novel’s last scene shows Kobori’s cremation with Ang’s pale face collecting his ashes (if I remember correctly). I guess the director thought the viewers wouldn’t want to see that. I luff the ending of the series though, that Kobori’s soul embraces Ang like he will always be with her. Actually, the last scene of the series reflects the beginning of Khu Kam 2 (the novel) a bit, that I thought may be the producer wanted to leave room for his future Khu Kam 2 (?)

  4. Do you know the ISBN numbers for the 2 books? I am desperately trying to find the books (even if I can’t read it)!

  5. do you know if there is a english version of the novel?

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