STYLE : Bie & Noona

Now that Khu Kam(2013 series) has been receiving positive reviews from the viewers, it’s time for the couple to do a photo shoot. The theme is called Rumor Has It which is quite a charming name. It’s for Sudsubda (means the weekend) magazine, 1 February 2013 issue.





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Love the dress and the make up making me want to wear one.



The magazine could only manage a short interview, due to their busy schedule.

Q: Are you under pressure to be cast as the leads for the remake of the legendary classic, “Khu Kam”?

Noona : The older versions both the ratings and the lead couples were exceptional. Yes, I do feel the pressure, but as soon as we concentrates on our work, we’d forget about it. I would like to say to all the lakorn(drama) fans, please follow the drama and give us your support.

Bie : All of the pressure, I give it to the crew (ha). As an actor,  I’m just enjoying the work I’m doing, personally, I’m more excited that I get to sing a duet with Noona in this drama, and that we have Chompoo Fruitti, who composed the old version of Khu Kam song, as the song writer for this new version. It’s a great honor.

Q: Your roles are about love that doesn’t have a joyful end, so for this coming Valentine’s Day, what message do you want to send to all the singles?

Noona : To all the singles in this Valentine’s Day, please don’t be sad. Take all your single friends out for a party or have a nice meal with your family. It will bring you another kind of happiness because it’s not the day of couples, it’s the day of love.

Bie : Some of the singles use funny ways to get through this day such as take a long sleep and wake up in the evening, set the clock to skip to February 15, or bring home some comedy or action movies and watch them, in order to forget the world for one day. I would like to tell you that, those who are couples, feel happy in one way, those who are singles can also be happy in another way. The important thing is, you have to be happy with what you have.

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  1. they are so cute….and good singers.

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