POPV (2012) Giveaway

This comes a little late. I swear I was thinking of doing this way back in December last year but then time wasn’t on my side. This giveaway is meant for 2012 so I’d say 2012  and because there’s no rules. Ha.

Ta ta da…..the prize for the winner will be one choice from the followings (click on the name to link to and see the details yourself. Please carefully check on the DVD region.);


No Such Thing As Nice Guys (DVD) (12-Disc) (English Subtitled) (End) (KBS TV Drama) (First Press Limited Premium Edition) (Korea Version)

Nice Guy is still on Preorder so until it’s released for real, you have to wait.


Fermentation Family (DVD) (10-Disc) (English Subtitled) (End) (jTBC TV Drama) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

Ooh…food and a former gangster!


Queen And I (DVD) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (tvN TV Drama) (Singapore Version)

Aka Queen In-hyun’s Man or Kim Bong-do the Kisser!


Arang and the Magistrate (DVD) (8-Disc) (English Subtitled) (End) (MBC TV Drama) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

The smexy magistrate, a never say die Arang, and the cool Jade Emperor!


The Moon That Embraces the Sun (DVD) (15-Disc) (English Subtitled) (End) (MBC TV Drama) (Director’s Cut) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

Hwon, the king of an everlasting love! (I have one myself and the picture’s quality is just great.)


The King 2 Hearts (DVD) (7-Disc) (English Subtitled) (End) (MBC TV Drama) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

I ordered one but haven’t yet watch it so don’t ask me why the king has 2 hearts 🙂


Ojakgyo Family (DVD) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (KBS TV Drama) (Singapore Version)

Woo hoo! Joo Won and that’s enough!


Rooftop Prince (DVD) (10-Disc) (English Subtitled) (Director’s Cut) (End) (SBS TV Drama) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

My Micky, the gang and Park Ha candy! I got one, the quality is so so but I’m telling you seeing the finale again on DVD felt quite different, and I mean in a good way making me love the prince more after 300 years *sniff*

Plus the Behind the Scene that just goes on and on 🙂

Rules of how to win:

There will be 5 songs from the original drama soundtracks down below. You give me the name of the drama from where each song came from. You have to give the correct answers for all of the songs to be the winner. The winner will be in the order of first-come-first and please one answer from one IP-address. Also, the winner will be announced on this post.

So let’s the fun begin!






Please email your answer to only.

Commenting on this post is disabled to avoid spoilers 🙂

*Please note that there might be customs tax (sometimes none) when the package arrives at your place (if you win, that is) and  sorry to say that you have to pay for it. Since it varies from country to country, I won’t be able to know the amount beforehand.



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