Upcoming Khu Kam (2013 movie)

Yep, there’s another remake of Khu Kam this year but this time it’s a movie and set to premiere in April. It’s not a complete teaser but it’s quite good (though a little messy). You can feel the tone of the movie just by listening to the music. It really feels different from the TV series. My guess is it’s the same story but this time coming from a Japanese man’s heart.

Kobori narrates in Japanese:

The war took me away from my home country.

The war brought me to an unfamiliar land.

To me, the war is……seperation…and loss.

But the war also led me to her.

She..who is my first love and my only love….Hideko.

Kobori says in Thai with Japanese accent,

“Hideko, no need to explain. You have your own reasons. I have my own heart. That’s enough.”

From a part of  the song:

No words could ever sufficiently and completely narrate my love.

Even though there were some harsh words and so much pride, those were the test of my love.

Because for me love has no reason. Reasons are for you. For me, only the heart that matters.



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