(Thai) Music : Song of the Day

I was playing around on Youtube when I stumbled on this song. A cute melody that is the soundtrack of Thai drama (lakorn)  “Tawan Chai Ni Man Mek”  (literally means the sun shines in the clouds).

M = man, W= woman, M+W = sing together


(M) Waking up every morning humming the same song over and over,

the song that I composed but somehow couldn’t finish.

You come and help adding lyrics to the melody. Finally, it turns into this song.

(W) Having listened to so many love songs, no matter how sentimental the lyrics are, it doesn’t  make me feel the same way when I’m close to you.

Love that seems so far away suddenly is now within my reach. I’m always waiting.

(M+W)  (*) No words spoken yet we understand every word.

Never have to ask, (you) could answer just what’s on my mind.

Never have to ask for it,  (I’m) receiving many nice things.

(I) come to understand when I love you.

(M) My dark sky, when I have you, it doesn’t seem that dark. Instead, it turns bright and everything looks beautiful.

You come to be the brightness of my life and help chasing the big clouds away from my heart.

(W) The love that I’ve been longing for, now that I have you, I realize that reality is much better than a good dream.

(M+W) I just know what it feels like deep inside when you love someone.

Repeat (*) 3 times

(I) come to understand when I love you.


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