Bits of Khu Kam Episode 1

I wish I could put some pictures but I don’t know how to get the video. There were dialogs that I loved so I did it randomly.

Episode 1 introduced the main leads and side characters and where/how Siam (Thailand) positioned itself between the Japanese Empire and the Western alliance.

Angsumalin was a college girl studying Liberal Arts. She had a very close childhood friend, Vanut, a bright young man with a promising future who would always wait outside her class waiting to walk her home. Their parents and everyone thought they would get married someday.

 With the war looming, Vanus won a scholarship to study in England. Before he left, he tried to get some hint from Angsumalin how she felt. He’s worried that there’s a chance he might have to stay in England longer if the war broke out.

One night, by a Lumpoo tree (Thai name, the tree which attracts a lot of Fireflies when night falls.), Venus wanted to be certain so he asked her. This conversation later played an important part to the storyline. I guess you can find the video on YouTube.

V = Vanut, A = Angsumalin

V : “Can you wait for me for 5 years?”

A : “5 years? That’s a long time and who knows if things won’t change, even you.”

V:  “Are you afraid I will be like your father? Please don’t be mad that I said that.”

A:  “No, I’m not. But, Nut, you don’t understand, I’ve tried to give you a chance. I don’t want to tie you down with a poor girl who has nothing like me. I want you to see a nice girl who is better than me. I don’t want to end up like mom. She’s suffered everyday because of one foolish promise.”

V (holds her hands) : “I’ll prove myself to you that time will not change my heart. There’s no one I want to marry but you, Angsumalin.”

A: “Nut….”

V: “Don’t say anything and I won’t ask. I will also give you a chance. Let’s say that in 5 years, I will come back here and ask you the very same question. If you haven’t changed, that is.”

A (after a while) : Alright, 5 years from now, I will come and wait for you here, at this spot, to give you my answer one more time.

V was so happy,  “I’ll hurry back. I’ll study fast.”

He catches a firefly in his hand and put it on her hair.

“I don’t want to be like fireflies which forever lit lanterns looking for Lumpoo (a girl’s name) who disappeared in the river (Thai folklore).”

The firefly flew away before their eyes.

V : “Ang…5 years, alright? Please be sure that I won’t make you wait alone.”

Angsumalin was confused. She wasn’t sure how she felt. Vanut left for England.

Then the Japanese troops reached Siam’s shores. Siam lost many soldiers. To save the country, the cabinet decided to let the Japanese use Siam as their strategic route to get to other countries and be their base camp for the region. The news was announced to the citizen that they could continue with their lives as usual. People started seeing Japanese soldiers on the streets. They were everywhere. Even Japanese men who had lived in Siam for many years before the war started showing themselves wearing uniforms as they were sent here as spies. Thai people felt betrayed. Doctor Yoshi, Angsumalin’s Japanese language teacher was one of them.

There were Japanese soldiers moving into Angsumalin’s neighborhood. The soldiers bought a place nearby to build and do the maintenance of  their ships/boats. The Chief Commander of the lot was Kobori.


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