Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 13

To be honest, I didn’t get the whole picture of  what Hyung-joon wanted to do so my plan was to just take it week by week and go along with it. It’s this episode that I realized Hyung-joon’s plan started to become the main plot driven the storyline such as how he dealt with Tae-jun’s money scheme. And  I’m sorry to say that my brain has refused to process the loan agreement/the betrayal which sadly would surely affect what written down below. If you get confused, you’ve been told. I am more into how Soo-yeon’s pain will be healed and what Hyung-joon had done wrong (or not?) in the past more than , say, Sangil Savings Bank?

The first half of the episode I was doing (squealing) just fine, however, the second half my eyebrows twisted. Huh? And we are looking at 7 episodes more of  what?

Episode 13

bscap0000 bscap0001

Hyung-joon’s mom smiles at Tae-jun. She’s waiting for him all day, his assistant tells him. Tae-jun says of course, he spared her life. He tells his assistant to dress her up like a human. There will be a guest coming soon.


Hyung-joon comes to a street-drinking vendor that Joy likes even though it’s cold. He happily sends her a message for her to come here when she’s done with her work.

bscap0005 bscap0006

Jung-woo opens his eyes and sees Soo-yeon. He asks why she is here.

Voiceover: (the day when he’s kidnapped and she ran after him). The young Jung-woo asks why she is here. The young Soo-yeon answers she came to save him.

Present, Jung-woo thinks, “Why are you here?”  Soo-yeon tells him in her mind, “Because I missed you.”

bscap0010 bscap0007

Mi-ran comes back and calls her. Joy steps out and closes the curtain behind her. Jung-woo wants to follow but stops short behind the curtain.  Mi-ran asks if she remembers the dress on the mannequin, it’s Joy’s first work. Joy remembers it, she was lacking then. She cant’s forget everything and it’s nice to see it again, she says. If she works here, she asks if she can see it sometimes. Jung-woo understands that in some way she’s referring to him and how she feels. Mi-ran says she can have the room for herself. Joy asks her for a glass of water so Mi-ran goes out to bring it.

Joy stands in front of the curtain, “Soo-yeon..” he calls. She says she hopes he’s not hurt anymore, “I am alright now.”  Jung-woo moves closer to the curtain and listens. Mi-ran comes in and calls Joy. Jung-woo grabs  Soo-yeon’s wrist and drags her inside the curtain.

bscap0025 bscap0029

He says he will forget tomorrow but just for today, only today. She looks into his eyes.  And when he moves closer, she squeezes her eyes shut but doesn’t move away. Mi-ran wonders where Joy went and walks to the curtain but her phone rings so she accepts the call and walks out of the room. She turns off the light before she gets out too (okay, that’s a bit cheesy, dear PD).

bscap0031 bscap0032

Soo-yeon wants to get out of his hold but he forces her to stay still and tells her that he cannot forget. He says she doesn’t know that, on the way to her house, on the bus, he thought his heart was exploding. He thought he’s going to faint in front of her. When he ate at her house for the first time, they kept talking about the first kiss. On the bus that day, it’s the first time their lips touched. Soo-yeon is surprised (she doesn’t know because that time she was asleep). He says she doesn’t know that does she not.

He cries, “So don’t be surprised. It’s not the first time between us.”

*sweetest kiss proposal EVAR – squeal*

bscap0037 bscap0043

He moves closer and kisses her. Tears fall from his eyes and we are showed in flashback, their first kiss on the bus. He pauses to look at her face overwhelmed by the sight of her, “Soo-yeon..” He kisses her again.

In voiceover, Soo-yeon (the girl), “I like Jung-woo. I really like him. Jung-woo, what about you? Jung-woo! Han Jung-woo! When the first snow falls, what will you do?”

Jung-woo(the boy) “I will see you. I only have one friend, Lee Soo-yeon.”


bscap0045 bscap0049

Harry is waiting for Soo-yeon to join him. Mi-ran calls him and asks if Joy called. She tells him it’s strange that Joy suddenly disappeared. Jung-woo and Soo-yeon come down the stairs so Mi-ran calls, “Joy! Han Jung-woo!” Harry hears it all. Mi-ran is surprised to see them together. She asks what they are doing. Jung-woo thanks her for not answering his phone call today but tomorrow she has to pick it up and he’ll be back. He leaves and takes Soo-yeon with him.

Mi-ran just realizes she didn’t hang up so Harry is still on the line. Harry tells her that Han Jung-woo, Joy and himself are friends. When she wants to say more, he cuts her off saying the two are coming here to have a drink with him. He hangs up.

bscap0057 bscap0053

Jung-woo is driving with Soo-yeon sitting by his side. Hyung-joon calls and tells him to come join him for a drink.  Jung-woo returns bluntly that he found Soo-yeon. Hyung-joon congratulates him but Jung-woo says it’s weird to have Hyung-joon congratulate him.

Hyung-joon tells him to hand the phone to Joy (so he openly admits that Joy is Soo-yeon?). Soo-yeon wants to talk to Harry but Jung-woo stops her and tells Hyung-joon to find Joy himself. He tells him he’s not ready about what he asked this morning (aunt case), he will call tomorrow. Jung-woo hangs up.

Hyung-joon’s face twisted. He says this’s fun through his gritted teeth.

Jung-woo grabs Soo-yeon’s hand and holds on to it. He says her name again and again, “Lee Soo-yeon! Lee Soo-yeon! Lee Soo-yeon!”

“Han Jung-woo!” she says.

“I found you.” he smiles.

bscap0066 bscap0065

They come to the playground where they usually met when they were young. Soo-yeon sits on a swing. Jung-woo follows her with a blanket in his hand. He looks at her on the swing and thinks of when she was young doing the similar thing.

bscap0067 bscap0068

He puts a blanket on her and mimics the young Jung-woo, “Ah…This is how you look like.” Soo-yeon remembers that and smiles. Jung-woo sits on another swing. She tells him he didn’t change at all. He says when he first saw her, she was really pretty. When she handed him the umbrella, she was really beautiful. When she looked at him under the street light, she was really beautiful. “Just like now.” he says.  *swoon*

He says, “You didn’t change at all. You hid yourself  like that, did you think I wouldn’t recognize you?” Soo-yoen smiles.

bscap0090 bscap0088

He says, “I am sorry. Forgive me. I won’t say such thing now. When I look at you, words that I want to tell you….” Soo-yeon turns to him. He says words from her diary, “I like Jung-woo. I really like him. Jung-woo, what about you?” He tells her it’s what she wrote in her diary at the end.  “I wanted to answer that. I like you. Lee Soo-yeon, I like you.” he looks into her eyes. Soo-yeon smiles with tears brimming her eyes.

Jung-woo takes a deep breath and says, “I finally feel like the time is passing, 15 and 1 second, 2 seconds, three seconds..” She cries and says, “Thank you for still liking me. The depressing memory of my childhood, regardless of the incident, still liking me…thank you. The fact that you didn’t run away because you hated me, I think that would be hard for me.”

bscap0095 bscap0094

“Until the end, for making good memories, thank you.” she says. Her words worries him, “Soo-yeon..”

She continues, “Harry, for 14 years, was my only family and friend. And someday, we will be married.” Jung-woo starts to protest but she says, “Han Jung-woo, Lee So-yeon that you like, can’t come alone after leaving Harry behind. We…are ending here.” Soo-yeon cries. She gets up to leave.

I’m proud of her that she treasures Harry’s heart even though it would be hard on her. And, as of now, it’s the right thing to say. Poor Jung-woo, he just found her, confessed, and got rejected all at once.


Jung-woo tries to stop her but she says Harry must be waiting. She walks to the car. Jung-woo doesn’t want them to end like this. He thinks of a way. Flashbacks, the young Jung-woo tells  Soo-yeon to let them be friends.

bscap0100 bscap0101

He shouts, “Let’s be friends!” That works, Soo-yeon stops in her tracks.

“If it’s not possible as Lee Soo-yeon,…” He calls her Joy, let’s be friends. (I know, I saw ‘Zoe’ as her name too but too lazzzyyy so let me use Joy,  for the life of me.)

He thinks, “If I act this way, you will be able to stay, right?”

bscap0102 bscap0104

Soo-yeon is overwhelmed by his persistence to stay by her side. Jung-woo smiles encouraging her that he’s alright with that. My poor Jung-woo, his heart is broken yet he keeps on smiling.

bscap0107 bscap0108

Soo-yeon drives home. She stops her car at the gate. Soo-yeon thinks of when Jung-woo confessed that he liked her and how she rejected him. She shakes her head trying to clear her mind.

Harry is in his secret batman headquarter looking at the CCTV screen. He stares at Soo-yeon’s car by the gate.

bscap0110 bscap0111

Soo-yeon backups and leaves the gate. He gets up and shouts, “No! Joy!” (aka Zoe)

bscap0115 bscap0117

Jung-woo couches down on a sofa with nothing to give him some warmth. Feeling cold, he tightens his jacket and tries to get some sleep. Man, he found Soo-yeon but he’s back being lonely in no time.

Soo-yeon is looking at the flickering light on the street which leads to her mom’s house.

bscap0120 bscap0123

Soo-yeon starts walking towards her mom’s house counting the steps. When she reaches the house, she says it only takes 213 steps now. She calls it off for today and turns to leave only her eyes caught on something.

bscap0130 bscap0131

She sees her own words engraved on the wall, “I miss you.” She reaches out to touch it and cries, “You know that, right? I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s because the wind is blowing.”

bscap0138 bscap0136

Soo-yeon hears Eun-joo coming near talking on the phone with Detective Joo, that Jung-woo doesn’t even call after he left the house. Soo-yeon hides in the corner. Eun-joo says, about the criminal who killed her dad, she will  catch him. Eun-joo tells him she will go see her dad this weekend and asks if he wants to come. She continues about the cliff that they sent her dad off, she gets in the house.

Soo-yeon is startled to hear that Detective Kim has passed away.

bscap0143 bscap0146

Soo-yeon stands by the street light and makes calls. Hyung-joon is in his car looking at her. Every time she makes a call,  he would look at his phone expectantly that she would call but his phone never rings. He clutches his phone and cries saying that he only needs one thing, her.

bscap0153 bscap0154

Jung-woo apparently slept at the police station last night and is washing his face in the restroom. He looks at himself in the mirror and says it’s good job, what’s wrong with being friends. He tells himself not to be greedy that he found her was good enough.  Detective Joo comes in the restroom, Jung-woo asks if he’s found the owner of the bank account that Director Nam used. Detective says of course, if only Jung-woo’s phone wasn’t turned off. So Jung-woo checks his phone and shrieks seeing Soo-yeon called many times last night. He wonders why.

Their boss comes and tells Detective Joo to go check on another case so Jung-woo wants to split up wanting to work on Michelle Kim’s case. The boss asks what about Michelle Kim, the autopsy’s result showed it’s not a murder. Detective Joo says it’s Harry showed them a loan document that Michelle Kim didn’t get the money back when she died. His friend asks what about the borrower. Jung-woo says he couldn’t contact him so he’s trying to find him.

Detective Joo say the borrower is a director of Sangil Savings Bank but he received the money under a different name. The boss calls Jung-woo for a talk. He says these days his dad’s bank is having trouble because of the borrowed-name case, he asks if Jung-woo will be alright. Jung-woo says no, only if he solves the case. He tells his boss that actually he knows the borrower who disappeared and he sent him a text that made him worry. He tells his boss the text said, if he found Soo-yoen, he would be hurt. Jung-woo says he’s curious about the meaning of it so he must find the guy.

bscap0157 bscap0158

Someone comes in the room and takes Hyung-joon’s mom picture. She appears on the newspaper as a missing person with a phone number to call if  she’s found. Tae-jun smirks looking at it feeling satisfied.


He calls for Mi-ran and warns her that Kang Hyung-joon is here. She gasps. He tells her they don’t know what he will do so she has to watch herself and tells Ah-reum to take care. She wonders if he will kidnap them. He says Hyung-joon can do even worse.

bscap0162 bscap0163

The text comes in and shows his mom’s picture saying it looks recent. His contact asks is it not right that she’s not alive.  Hyung-joon is so surprised, he leans closer to the screen. Hyung-joon sits back and smirks. He tells his contact not to get fooled around by Han Tae-jun, his mom is dead. But his contact tells him that Tae-jun registered his mom into a mental hospital under her name so it must be a message to tell him to come find her.

Hyung-joon laughs sarcastically that even though Tae-jun wants to catch him, he shouldn’t use his dead mom. His contact asks what he should do. Hyung-joon lists the name, Han Tae-jun, Hwang Mi-ran, Director Nam, Kang Sang-chul, Kang Sang-deuk and Michelle Kim, and tells him to have Han Jung-woo arrest Han Tae-jun properly. His contact answers that he got it.

bscap0167 bscap0166

While Hyung-joon is in a secret room (behind the wall in his bedroom?), Soo-yeon comes in his bedroom calling his name. She wonders where Hyung-joon is. She looks at their picture and smiles a  little to which I’m not sure if she’s happy or sad or regret.

Jung-woo calls her and she gives out a peaceful smile (definitely different from when she looked at the picture of her and Hyung-joon on the wall). She tells him she called because she had something to ask. Hyung-joon laughs at himself when he sees that she accepts Jung-woo’s call talking informally.

Jung-woo asks her what she wanted to ask. Soo-yeon says she will ask later. He asks if she’s home and tells her he’s busy too and will call her later. He hangs up and smiles mischieveously. He tells himself that it’s good to be friends.

bscap0177 bscap0180

Detective Joo joins Jung-woo and puts a really cute reindeer scarf around his neck (I want one of that!).  He says Michelle Kim, Kang Sang Deuk and now Nam Ei-joong (Director Nam) so it’s the third case already. He asks if Jung-woo is buying a cake. Jung-woo says of course, Soo-yeon saved his life (the 15-step call) and tells Detective Joo to pay for it and get out. Haha.

bscap0181 bscap0183

Jung-woo and his partner show up at Hyung-joon’s place and greet Soo-yeon.  Detective Joo asks if  Harry’s phone is off or he’s not home. She says she couldn’t find him either. Jung-woo asks what happened informally (Jung-woo drops his speech and talks informally with her as a friend), to which got a kick on the butt from his partner that he should talk formally. Soo-yeon smiles at that and tells them she will bring some tea.

bscap0189 bscap0190

Jung-woo follows her (and shoves his partner away, haha) and asks if she fought with Harry. He tells her to tell him if Harry did something to her. They tease each other about how he can do anything for her if she’s harmed, and Detective Joo is having a good time looking at the two.

bscap0197 bscap0200

Soo-yeon asks Jung-woo in private without Detective Joo if Detective Kim has passed away. His face turns dark when she mentions Detective Kim. She tells him to tell her honestly what happened. He tells her to promise him not to be sad. When she agrees, he starts telling her the story.

He says that she already knows that Kang Sang-deuk falsely claimed that she was dead. He became certain that she’s not dead when she called and rushed to Detective Kim for help. But Detective Kim already knew that she’s not dead and left to find her. Detective Kim told him on the phone that he found her and would bring her back, and that was the last of him.

She cries and asks if he died because of her. Jung-woo holds her hand and says no and that he will find the criminal who made Detective Kim die (gulp). He asks that she help him too even though it would be hard on her to try to remember, she can take it slowly. She agrees to do that.

bscap0204 bscap0205

It’s Detective Joo’s loud voice greeting Harry that makes the two turn and see Hyung-joon stands there looking at them. Soo-yeon takes her hand off Jung-woo’s and walks to him and asks where he’s been. Hyung-joon is angry. He says that right now, in her eyes, she doesn’t see him. Jung-woo aggressively walks to Hyung-joon who is saying that he’s not mad at him. Jung-woo counters that he should be mad at him but this is not the right time. Jung-woo challenges Hyung-joon to give him a call and he will be waiting.

“Then do so, since you are good at waiting.” Harry returns and tells Jung-woo that they will talk about his aunt that time too. He tells them to leave. Detective Joo interrupts that they are not here to just hang around. Jung-woo tells him he found the name of the real owner of the borrowed-name bank account Michelle Kim used to send and receive money that it’s Park Sun-hee. Jung-woo asks if he recognizes the name. Hyung-joon says no.

Detective Joo says Jae Kyung Sanatorium which used to be a mental hospital, she was hospitalized there for a while. Hyung-joon tells him to find out from the hospital itself and asks if there’s anything else. Jung-woo calls if off for today and agrees to leave.

bscap0210 bscap0216

Jung-myung is a little pissed by Hyung-joon’s manner that he ordered them around to check here and there. He asks why Jung-woo got caught on holding her hand. He says Harry was glaring at him like he’s going to kill him. He asks what their relationship is and mumbles that he feels like investigating them first. Jung-woo just tells him to find out more on the borrowed-name account and he will stop by Belluz (his step mom’s shop).

Soo-yeon asks Hyung-joon for a talk. She says she knows that he’s angry but can he not understand her a little on her situation and her mind. She met her mom in 14 years, and she got to know so many facts that she didn’t know. Jung-woo turned a detective surprised her but it’s even more that Detective Kim passed away and Eun-joo lost her dad,  and her mom couldn’t tell her to come because she felt bad for Jung-woo.

“Lee Soo-yeon!” Hyung-joon shouts her real name to make her stop talking. He says he told her to get out because he didn’t want to hear all these (to be fair, that’s her real life, until when he wants to her to hide).

“Those people waited and risked their lives for us, is that surprising? Do you feel sorry at this late time? Then what about me who looked after you and took care for you all this time then is not being welcomed by you?” he shouts at her.

bscap0225 bscap0229

She kneels down and holds his hands. She asks why he is so angry, if she found her real family and learned their sincere hearts, they can be happy together. She says people can’t control their hearts not to meet or look at others. He shakes her hands off his and asks, “Be happy together? With who? Han Jung-woo?”

Soo-yeon holds his hands again trying to calm him down. She says she’s here within his sight and she’s about to go crazy too. He grabs her shoulders and asks, that she’s about to go crazy, if he should help her so that she won’t be shaken. (Ouch, is he implying sharing a bed? Cuz she looks hurt)

He cries, “Not only Han Jung-woo waited for you for 14 years, I waited for the same amount of time. Han Jung-woo can’t be. For him.”

I think I am uncomfortable that Hyung-joon doesn’t allow her some room to heal her pain. She misses her loved ones and it’s not wrong. He’s forcing her to accept what he wants just like how he killed Detective Kim to have her. You can see how she’s confused why Harry doesn’t allow her that and , at the same time, she tries so hard to please him because it’s hurt to see him cry. I hope for more on the past how Hyung-joon decided to take such action on Detective Kim and took Soo-yeon with him.

bscap0235 bscap0239

Jung-woo shows Mi-ran the loan agreement which had put Belluz as a guarantee. She says she doesn’t know about it but Jung-woo says, no matter what, the due date has passed if the building becomes Harry’s legally, she won’t be able to say anything. She says she will sue Director Nam but Jung-woo says the man can’t be found. So she begs him to catch the guy since he’s a policeman. She tells him to keep it a secret from his dad. Besides, Director Nam ran away with his dad’s money. That’s new to Jung-woo.

Hyung-joon walks in. Mi-ran says to him that it’s unfair, she didn’t even get to see the money at all. She begs him not to tell it to her husband. Hyung-joon asks Jung-woo if he’s found Director Nam. He answers that he’s filed him as a missing person and blocked him leaving the country, but his family leaves overseas and they don’t have definite evidence so it’s a bit hard.

Hyung-joon asks Mi-ran if she knows Jae Kyung Mental Hospital. Mi-ran puts on the act that she doesn’t know but Jung-woo doesn’t buy it. Hyung-joon tells her that he will take with her later. She begs him that she will pay him back after they find Director Nam. Hyung-joon agrees to that and asks for a private talk with Jung-woo. Mi-ran readily gets out of the room.

bscap0246 bscap0247

When alone, Hyung-joon asks what he will do, he thinks Sangil Savings Bank and Jae Kyung Hospital are related, and he thinks this is not the only account with the wrong name (he’s hinting at his dad, I suppose). Jung-woo says thank you for worrying about him but once he started, he would see through the end. He says he will check on it and stands up to leave.

Hyung-joon tells him to go drink together the three of them, with Soo-yeon (aww…he calls her Soo-yeon in front of Jung-woo?) after all the case is cleared. Jung-woo says not three but just the two of them, and he’s curious about the reason why he was hiding Soo-yeon until now (*cough* it’s illegal, you know).

Hyung-joon pauses a little and says it’s what Soo-yeon wanted, and that he would do anything she wants.

“Then, from now on, please do the same. Whatever it is. Even if it’s something like wanting to meet an old friend to drink Soju, or watch a movie. Don’t be mad at her just like today. Anything Soo-yeon wants.” Jung-woo reminds him.

Hyung-joon tells him to first take care of the case, then whether it’s Jung-woo and Soo-yeon, or the three of them including himself, if  Soo-yeon wants, they can do anything together.

Jung-woo says the three of them? He mumbles that he’s going crazy and leaves the room.

Outside the room, Jung-woo calls Jung-myung that he’s going to Jae Kyung Hospital, he thinks there’s something behind it. He tells him to join him at the police station.

Hyung-joon overhears it, he calls someone and says Jung-woo starts taking action. He asks if he’s done preparing.

bscap0249 bscap0251

At Jae Kyung Hospital, Tae-jun and a doctor are listening to a recorded tape:

The young voice (similar to the young Hyung-joon’s voice) says he wants to visit Kang Hyung-Joo (his mom) Room 302. He asks what time he should go there. An officer answers that he can come until 5, ….

Tae-jun checks his watch and it’s passed 5. The doctor says it’s strange that he knew the room number and his voice was young. Tae-jun says he guesses he (hyung-joon) will be here soon. He throws the doctor an envelope and tells him to keep an eye on room 302 well. He reminds him that 14 years ago, he committed it toegether with them so to keep that in mind.

bscap0253 bscap0254

Soo-yeon stands overlooking the cliff where Detective Kim’s accident happened. She thinks of how he’d been kind to her. She cries calling him that she’s here, Soo-yeon came.

bscap0255 bscap0259

Jung-woo spots his dad in a car driving out of  Jae Kyung Hospital. Detective Joo talks to the doctor that one of the patient owns a bank account of Sangil Savings Bank but she’s not the actual one using it. The doctor tells him to ask the patient. He laughs and says how he would know about a patient opens an account. Jung-woo directly asks if he knows President Han Tae-jun, he saw him going out just now. The doctor clears his throat a bit and says he’s never met him.

Jung-woo calls it’s done for today and tells his partner to leave.

bscap0264 bscap0266

They walk out and Detective Joo asks him why he left in the middle of it when they didn’t even bring up Director Nam. Jung-woo says it’s all a lie and if  they keep asking, he might remove the evidences. He plans for a search warrant to investigate the place and finish it in one go. Detective Joo says he was thinking there’s a list of patients without family and friends in the room somewhere, and when the guy needs money, he just sells off the name one by one.

There’s a loud noise banging the ground so they run. Hyung-joon smiles from inside the building.

bscap0267 bscap0273

They run to the spot and there’s a body on the ground. Jung-woo identifies the guy as Kang Sang-chul. He couldn’t feel his pulse. Detective Joo is calling 911. Jung-woo sees something on the body’s chest so he takes it out. It’s his family photo.

bscap0276 bscap0277

Hung-joon looks at them from above. His voice narrates, “Don’t recent me. You, I and Soo-yeon, the three of us became this way because of your father, Han Tae-jun. The cause from the beginning is Han Tae-jun. Hang Jung-woo, you said you were fast, right? Run. Go and arrest Han Tae-jun. I can’t go with this leg. “

bscap0278 bscap0279

Jung-woo looks up and sees a figure with his face covered. He and his partner runs to the building.

bscap0281 bscap0287

Soo-yeon tries to think of when, 14 years ago, she was in a car driving along this cliff. The picture of her and Hyung-joon who is putting his head on her shoulder comes up in her mind. She thinks, the criminal who killed him, if she can catch him, the memory that she erased, she will recall it.

Hyung-joon walks slowly out of the crime scene and smiles. Jung-woo runs after the guy and loses him. We see Hyung-joon is driving out of the hospital.

bscap0291 bscap0289

Jung-woo runs up the rooftop and finds no one. Soo-yeon opens her eyes looking angry.



*sigh warily due to the leads acting*

Will this episode make Hyung-joon a killer? I suppose so judging from the way he smiled. Right? I don’t really care about how Hyung-joon will make Jung-woo arrest his father. I want to see Soo-yeon get back her peaceful life, especially, with her mom, please. Also, Eun-joo has been a strong character from the beginning and strangely additive too, the writer should give more story on her. I’m fine with the kiss because it’s episode 13 for crying out loud! We definitely need an incentive to stay afloat, haha.

This love triangle has never been one from the get-go imo. Soo-yeon clearly avoided Hyung-joon’s kiss before, and he knows  to whom where her heart lies. You cannot force love on someone, only you will get hurt. I’m not worried whether Soo-yeon cheated on Hyung-joon or not because I’m quite sure there are more to it than what we’ve seen which will be revealed as we are chugging along towards the finale.

As of now, the easy way out? It would be Soo-yeon to leave both men and explore life on her own. Everything becomes less black or white as time goes by, and they can meet again. By then there would be less pain, less regret, and she should be able to see clearly who she wants to be with, if they are still there, yunno, the men.

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    • Hellooooo! Sorry for a late reply, was really busy. A very Happy New Year to you! YSH and Micky were so fine in I Miss You and I could watch them all day. I didn’t finish the drama properly so I still need to watch it again but I have a feeling I might not understand the three of them at all, haha….But 21 episodes of Micky and YSH were worth it for me. Even though I didn’t connect with the adult SY, YEH held her own just fine. I hope Micky, YEH and YSH will have good projects this year, will definitely check them out. I wanted to check on Flower Boy Next Door but time wasn’t on my side, oh well. Hope you are enjoying life wherever you are, good day 🙂 🙂 🙂

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