Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 12

After 11 episodes, I really thought these actors and actresses accepted the roles because they wanted to cry like crazy. Every now and then as I was typing, I would pause the video and gulp, and thought “Darnit, that was really really sad.” *sniff* I normally don’t cry easily but this drama is pushing hard for it. It was like every 2-3 seconds someone would cry. In one single episode, I saw Jung-woo cry and then he would move around and cry again. Every time the name Lee Soo-yeon came up, tears would fill his eyes and he cry. The same goes with Soo-yeon and lately Hyung-joon.

I can live with it because the premise and the set up did a great job shining away lots of melo-watchers which means the drama went beyond sadness. I believe I’m developing a tear-resistance mechanism that just tears will not be enough to make me cry, there gotta be more on something else such as…more tears? Buahahaha (reverse effect).

The story is now moving toward a hell-break-lose territory where things surface up and bite our leads every way possible. Please stock up tissues and hold tight as the writer is starting to wrap up the hot issues one by one. I have a feeling it will get messy before the light shining thru.

Just Look at You – Boohwal (I Miss You OST)

Episode 12

bscap0001 bscap0003

Jung-woo hugs her tight but what Soo-yeon’s mom told him is still fresh in his mind that Soo-yeon doesn’t want to live as Lee Soo-yeon. He releases her and tells her she can go now, “Don’t look at me. Just go.”

bscap0006 bscap0008

“I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying from the wind.”  he says. As Soo-yeon is walking away, he clutches his both hands so he won’t pull her back. Soo-yeon cries and thinks that she tried so hard to forget, “Han Jung-woo, you were hurting too.”  She does the magic hand (to erase all the bad memories) at Jung-woo’s back. She gets in her car and drives away. He stands there crying.

bscap0015 bscap0016

Jung-woo walks into the police station and takes over the interrogation. He gets to the point, “Why did you kill Kang Sang-deuk?”

bscap0018 bscap0019

Soo-yeon comes home and finds Hyung-joon is lying on his bed having a high fever because of the cold. He tells her the doctor came by and he already took some medicine. She asks why did he not call her. He says he thoughts she’s drinking at the street drinking vendor.

He tells her that he’s in so much pain and wants to forget about it and sleep deeply. He tells her to do her magic hand. She says that’s not hers and she’s here after returning to that person, “I’m sorry, Harry.” He cries saying he thought she wasn’t coming back. He was so scared.

bscap0021 bscap0022

He hugs her and weeps that she can’t go anywhere.

bscap0023 bscap0024

“Three? Including Kang Sang-deuk? You killed three men?” Jung-woo asks. She says she merely cleared out some trash and if she didn’t get caught, she would have killed some more. She asks, what’s the problem, it’s better that they die. Jung-woo remembers how Soo-yeon said the same thing during the interrogation.

The ajumma says since she killed Kang Sang-deuk for him, he should seek revenge on her behalf and kill the guy (there’s another one coming out of jail next month).

He says no that he won’t seek revenge like that. He asks her if she kills them, do they know what they did wrong? What they did to Bora and her, he will make them regret and beg her for forgiveness. That’s why he had him saved. He meant to do the same with Kang Sang-deuk but she ruined everything. He died without knowing what he did wrong. Kang Sang-deuk knew who ordered his kidnap and who’s behind the false claim that Soo-yeon was dead. The reason he waited and endured 14 years disappeared in a single moment. In his eyes now, ajumma is a criminal.

He tells her to tell him every detail how she killed Kang Sang-deuk. “How did you get in Kang Sang-deuk’s house?” he begins.

We are showed in flashbacks when Kang Sang-deuk got a parcel delivered with a newspaper of  Soo-yeon’s news inside. The ajumma rang the door bell and shocked him when he stepped outside the door (Jung-woo asks if she did it alone). She says she dragged him into the bathroom then cooked rice and ate it. She always eats warm rice before she kills (gulp). That explains about cooked rice in the crime scene. Jung-woo asks dried-ice should be enough to kill him why she put a wet towel (on his face).

bscap0026 bscap0027

She recalls hearing footsteps when she was packing things so she hid inside the closet. A person opened the door and got in the room. The sound of  the footsteps matches Soo-yeon’s when she met her at the police station. The ajumma perks up and asks Jung-woo if he likes that woman who was arrested that day as the suspect of Kang Sang-deuk’s murder . He tells her not to stray away from the question.

She says she did it to kill him fast and tells him that she has the right to be given food and time to sleep during the interrogation. He asks why she took the cellphone. This time she seems lost so she asks what? He says she took it from the site of the incident. She says she cleared everything and probably threw it away along with the trash.

She says what he wanted to hear that she shouldn’t have killed him, she regrets it and she won’t kill again. She asks if he’s satisfied now and if so, give her some food.

Aww…she didn’t put the wet towel yet covered it for Soo-yeon (if it’s Soo-yeon’s footsteps, that is) ? I wonder how long she will keep it to herself  that there’s another person in the room that day.

bscap0030 bscap0031

Hyung-joon touches her face lovingly and says, “Soo-yeon, even though you are next to me, I’m afraid. Don’t ever falter again.”

On Hyung-joon’s computer screen, a text comes up asking if Harry has a secret accounting book in his hand and if they should start.

bscap0034 bscap0035

Sangil Bank is in chaos as the customers wants to get their money. Tae-joon is reading the news that he, as the chairman of  Sangil Savings Bank, sneaked away a secret fund. He tells the banker to delete the account and make the reporters close their mouths. His assistant thinks it’s Director Nam who leaked the information to buy more time for his escape. He sent his family away to New Zealand 3 days ago.

And the money that they were  supposed to invest with Harry has disappeared. He thinks it’s Director Nam’s doing, all money were taken out of  their five bank accounts.

bscap0039 bscap0049

At the police station, the boss tells Detective Joo the consequences of the ajumma case; the Deputy Chief was punished and Jung Woo won’t get promoted nor his paycheck increased for a year for not taking good care of his computer.

Soo-yeon’s mom is packing Jung-woo’s things. She tells Eun-joo she’s sending him home, he’s the only son of that house. Mom doesn’t want  him to keep waiting for a person who’s not coming back and she want him to stop it. Eun-joo protests that Jung-woo’s going to find the one who killed her dad (Detective Kim) so she won’t let him go. But mom begs her that it’s all for Jung-woo own good.

Back to the interrogation room, Detective Joo pops in to ask if Jung-woo wants him to take over but nobody listens to him. Jung-woo says if there were more than three (that she killed), tell him now. She says those were all and tells Jung-woo to say sorry to Soo-yeon’s mom that she ordered dried ice using her name. She warns him to take good care of his computer and not to trust anyone.

He looks at her kindly and says, “Now, you can cry. I can’t lessen your punishment. That’s out of my authority. Still, if Bora was a little stronger, and if she was alive next to you, maybe,  who  knows I could have been your real son-in-law? ” She asks what about Lee Soo-yeon.

“I know, right? Should we do it together? Ajumma should let go of Bora now. And I should let go of Lee Soo-yeon.” he says. The ajumma is worried and asks him why. Jung-woo holds back his tears. He says he’s saying this as a secret between them that, as a detective, for not acknowledging it earlier, he’s sorry. The ajumma sobs, “If I had a person like Detective Han, would this not have happened? Probably not, right?” Jung-woo cries feeling sad and puts his head down on the table. She tells him not to cry for a person like her.

bscap0052 bscap0053

“Ajumma, let’s forget it now. For Bora, and for ajumma too, let’s forget it all” he says. She reaches out and holds his hands, “You know why I kept you alive, right? Even though Lee Soo-yeon has depressing past, you waited for her and loved her. I feel grateful for that. Keep your heart like that. Don’t change.”

bscap0054 bscap0058

Jung-woo and Jung-myung are drinking. Detective Joo asks why he told the ajumma about letting go of  Soo-yeon. Jung-woo says today is the end. He tells his partner that he drinks three cups today, tomorrow he will drink four and the day after tomorrow he will drink five.

He asks is it not right that he will improve if he keeps drinking, “Everything gets better if we keep trying. Forgetting too, it will be good if I practice, right? . Not even once, I never thought of it ‘I should forget’  how could I not have thought of that? She asked me not to wait. Soo-yeon asked me not to wait. She told me that when she saw me, it hurt her. I like Lee Soo-yeon the most but Soo-yeon said she hated it. What should I do? What should I do, hyung?”

Meanwhile, at Hyung-joon’s house, Soo-yeon looks at her mom’s shoes and thinks of when Jung-woo hug her that day. She shakes her head trying not to think about it.

bscap0063 bscap0064

Jung-woo talks to his drink, “You’re mean. I miss her more because I drink you. You’re really mean.” He dips his finger into the drink and chants, “Coming, not coming, coming, not coming…”

bscap0066 bscap0067

His phone rings so he picks up hoping it would be Soo-yeon but it turns out to be Harry. He received his aunt’s autopsy report from Craig and something doesn’t seem right. He asks Jung-woo if he can come to his house to talk between themselves as he couldn’t move properly. Jung-woo hesitates a bit weighing out reason and decides to comply.

bscap0068 bscap0069

Jung-woo walks into Harry’s house and unexpectedly comes to face with Soo-yeon. He tries to distance himself and be polite asking if Harry is inside. But when he walks pass her, she asks if he drank, and that was he not bad at drinking (girl, leave him alone).  He answers with his back turn to her, “I also thought the same thing but after drinking, it seems like I’m fine. What is there that I can’t do? I can do everything if I try. At this rate, the more often I do…” He says they should have a drink together sometimes when he becomes a stronger drinker. Soju has a sweet taste so they will drink Soju.


Jung-woo meets Hyung-joon in his bedroom. Hyung-joon says actually he’s a little angry at him. He mentions that there are 280 steps from the street light to her house, he knew it too so Jung-woo could have called him that day. Jung-woo chuckles and says it’s interesting that his memory is identical. I’m a little confused if Jung-woo knew who Harry is. Hyung-joon gets up from his bed using Jung-woo’s arm as an anchor to stand up. He asks Jung-woo to pass him his tablet lying on the bed. Jung-woo picks it up and gives it to him (no! don’t leave your fingerprints on it!). There’s a message pops up on the screen so Hyung-joon takes a look at it and smiles. Seeing his smile, Jung-woo comments that there seems to be something nice happened.

Jung-woo’s dad is in a car with his assistant who is reporting to him that Shiosa will make a problem with their investments. Tae-jun says Director Nam caused a problem just before that contract signing, a perfect timing. He asks where Harry is.

bscap0076 bscap0077

Jung-woo is putting ice cubes into a bucket when Soo-yeon walks in and wants to help. But he refuses and sees she’s holding a bag with her mom’s shoes inside. Jung-woo smiles and tells her to have a nice visit. He dances over to Harry (I mean it, he walks like a dancer, haha) and smiles that his lover (Soo-yeon’s mom) is going to be happy. Jung-woo turns to Harry who is smiling at him. Jung-woo grits his teeth mumbling to himself, “Don’t smile.” (Haha, they are so cute, be buddies already).

bscap0078 bscap0081

Harry asks if  Han Tae-jun is his father.  Jung-woo says yes. But when Harry asks what kind of person he is, Jung-woo answers him with a question why he’s curious about that.  Hyung-joon says he thinks there’s a connection between his aunt’s death and Sangil Savings Bank, that what Craig told him.

Jung-woo is startled and reads a document handed to him. It says, “…ownership is transferred to Michelle Kim..the account holder is Harry Morrison…..” He looks at Harry with questioning eyes. Harry says Jung-woo recognizes all the names in there, to which Jung-woo returns that there’s only one name catches his eyes, Harry Morrison. He adds that if something were to happen to him (Harry), it would be difficult for Joy. Harry doesn’t expect that kind response from Jung-woo, I suppose, because he seems surprised.

bscap0085 bscap0091

Soo-yeon comes to see her mom at the restaurant her mom works at. Mom asks her why she’s here when she told her not to. Soo-yeon says she wants to see her and explains that, at first, she wondered why she didn’t look for her (aww) and she missed her because she hated her. After that, she wanted to become successful and appear in front of her, just wait and see, even then she missed her. Later, whenever she made clothes she missed her mother who once said she’s prettier than Eun-joo, she missed her.

Soo-yeon tells her proudly that she’s a designer and even did a fashion show. Mom says that’s why and tells her to act like she doesn’t know her and go live her life.  Soo-yeon cries. Mom asks if she came here to complain that it’s unfair and to say bad things to her.

Soo-yeon cries and says her heart is not at peace. It was more peaceful when she hated everything but now only tears are falling and she feels like she’s dying. Mom holds her hands thinking she wants to come home so she asks. But Soo-yeon says she will be here until Harry’s done with his work, and asks her if she could see her from time to time and keeps it a secret to others.

Mom lets go of her hands and says she doesn’t want to. Tears are brimming her eyes when she says, “Soo-yeon, it can’t be helped if you feel saddened by this. I like Jung-woo the most now. If you are not going to come back then don’t appear in front of us, me and Jung-woo. That’s the right thing. Since we’ve been living without seeing each other, I think it’ll be easier if we keep living this way.” She says she needs to get back to work and tells her to go and not to come. Mom gets up and leave.

Okay, why can’t mom say that she and Jung-woo have been looking for her all these years? And, yet again, did Hyung-joon intentionally keep this from Soo-yeon so she would stay with him? Because that would be really sad once she knows.

bscap0095 bscap0100

Soo-yeon didn’t return the shoes to her mom (how many times already?) and is looking at it thinking she should have bought her a new pretty one. Hyung-joon calls her and asks if she cried (from hearing her voice). He wants her to come home because he has something to say to her. Jung-woo perks up and listens about Soo-yeon’s crying. He gets up to leave when he receives Director Nam’s message, “When you will receive this message, I will no loger be in Korea. For me to leave in peace, it bothers me that I have to leave you like this. I apologize. To Han Tae-jun, I was only loyal to him like a dog. Don’t look for Lee Soo-yeon. In the end, you will be the only one hurt again.”

Hyung-joon wonders what message he got. He tells him to wait, he’ll give him his aunt Sangil Savings Bank’s account book where she did all of her transactions. “Please investigate them all. ” he says.

bscap0105 bscap0108

Jung-woo walks out of the house and calls his partner. He tells him to investigate Michelle Kim again and start from gambling, it appeared on her bond of debt. She lent out a lot of money but she died before getting it back. Detective Joo says it looks like it’s going towards a murder but Jung-woo counters that there’s nothing sure and he needs to go somewhere and will tell the rest when he gets back.

A car arrives at the gate and Jung-woo can see that his dad is inside.

bscap0111 bscap0109

Hyung-joon looks at the CCTV screen where he sees Jung-woo seeing his dad, he smiles. Tae-jun calls and tells him to open the gate. Hyung-joon flashes a scary smile though it’s difficult with his pretty face greeting Han Tae-jun.

bscap0116 bscap0122

Tae-jun asks Hyung-joon if he could buy more time for him with Shiosa. Hyung-joon says he can’t take side, business is business. Instead, he offers to help him with the money to which Tae-jun accepts with gratefulness and asks if there’s anything he can help him.

Hyung-joon asks him to pass along his cane so he can get up. That request surprises Tae-joon and me (is he trying to have Tae-jun’s fingerprints on his cane?). Tae-jun gives the cane to him.

Hyung-joon tells him to remember that when he asks him for his help later. Tae-jun assures him that he will make sure to remember that.

Jung-woo comes to see Mi-ran at her boutique but he has to wait because she’s having an important guest. And it turns out to be Soo-yeon who is talking with Mi-ran. She wants Mi-ran to take out all her clothes on display without her permission. Mi-ran says she gave up her pride to scout her and begs her to consider it. She tells Soo-yeon that there’s a commotion in her house that the money her husband gathered to invest with Harry has disappeared and also about Jung-woo, their son that she knew, they say he was kidnapped and is still doing hateful thing even after he left home.  Soo-yeon listens to her interestingly.

Jung-woo is waiting in a sewing room tossing a button of his jacket in his hand.

bscap0126 bscap0127

Tae-jun receives a parcel written on the box that it’s coming from Kang Sang-cheol. He opens the box and there’s a card inside. It says, “Even god won’t be able to rescue you. Just wait.” He looks inside the box and finds a hand-crafted mini-bicycle made from an IV’s (using on patient) plastic tube. He opens a drawer and takes out another one, and they look exactly the same. He remembers Hyung-joon’s mom threw it at him years ago, to give it to Hyung-joon if he could. He closes his eyes that he now knows from whom this bicycle came from. He says, “Kang Hyung-joon.” Dun. Dun.

Hyung-joon is having a great time arranging his handcafts on display including a mini-bicycle like the one Tae-joon received. Man, this is creepy.

bscap0142 bscap0143

Mi-ran shows Joy the sewing room and leaves her alone to take care of something when her assistant calls. Joy looks around and is quite happy with the room. She’s interested in one particular (wedding?) dress on a mannequin and wonders where Mi-ran got it from (it’s also the same dress that Jung-woo looked at when he walked around waiting for Mi-ran). Soo-yeon sees someone is lying behind a curtain and she peeks. It’s Jung-woo. He’s sleeping soundly.

She lowers herself down next to him and sees that there’s a button in his hand even when he’s asleep. She wonders, “What’s even so special about that? Jung-woo, you really are strange. Whenever I see you, it hurts. “

Jung-woo stirs awake. Soo-yeon is afraid the button will fall from his hand so she reaches out meaning to catch it if it falls. But Jung-woo clutches it firmly in his hand (aww) and opens his eyes. She gasps and looks at him. He stares at her and couldn’t believe his eyes. He thinks, “Soo-yeon…”

She avoids his eyes and wants to get up but he pulls her down (the way he grabs her skirt makes me laugh) and asks why she is here.  Jung-woo thinks, “Why are you here?” Soo-yeon responses in her mind, “To save you. Because I miss you.”

Mi-ran really has to disturb the moment. She gets in the room and calls Joy. Joy hurriedly gets out and closes the curtain behind her. Jung-woo gets up to go after her but stops behind that darn curtain. He’s dying with anticipation.

bscap0150 bscap0156

Tae-joon drives to a secret place. He gets in the building and his man unlocks a door for him. He walks inside the room where a woman is sitting on a bed crafting a flower with a plastic tube. She turns to him and smiles. Holy cow, it’s Hyung-joon’s mom. Hello, mom, we thought you were dead.

Hyung-joon is in his house looking at a wooden pendant (that was used to keep a small key that Soo-yeon is now wearing on her necklace, thanks to him) that his mom gave him. He holds it and smiles. It’s engraved, “To the one I love the most- mom-“


So, it’s not Bora’s mom that killed Kang Sang-deuk? Or is it anyway?

There were many of  “I miss you”  in this episode. The one that got me (not a lot but better than others) gotta be the one Soo-yeon told her mom. That even though she hated her, she missed her. Her success is to show her mom. That must be  how she had the strength to live on, I guess.  But it frustrated me that  shouldn’t it be another way around that she contact her mom when she’s safe and sound? Also, I’m not quite there yet in terms of Jung-woo’s affection for Soo-yeon since their youth, to carry such strength into his adulthood. He didn’t even know what she would look like and suddenly he’s fallen for the grown up Soo-yeon just because she is Lee Soo-yeon? But I guess it might have something to do with the guilt in his heart and their resemblance? I think the writer should have spent more time on how Jung-woo transferred his affection to the adult Soo-yeon and vice versa so that we could have some time to absorb their reunion.

I’m still not sure what Hyung-joon is trying to do with Jung-woo’s dad and the fortune he’s been holding the key to. I hope he’s not heading for a murderer later in the game because I just love Hyung-joon and Jung-woo together too much to see Jung-woo snap handcuffs on Hyung-joon’s wrists *sniff* Does anybody see the official trailer? I wonder who Jung-woo was pointing his gun at? I sure hope it’s not his dad. And why in the world Jung-woo’s dad kept Hyung-joon’s mom in a cell this long? It’s that tiny key, isn’t it?

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