Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 11

I would call this one a heavy melodrama with the not-so-heavy adult cast. The result? A moderate melo that you could live with (minus the first four episodes).  Although there were tears in every episode, sometimes the full effect was not there because the acting was not too stressful or depressing. I wondered how actors/actresses cried so much in front of the camera that close to their faces. The answer that came to my mind was concentration. Yep, that’s it and the audience could feel it too. The problem of the three leads, for me, was that they were amazing in some scenes randomly which could lead to confusion which scene they depicted the characters right. To which lead to, I didn’t feel for a certain character what the writer wanted me to feel. I tried to think of the most effective moment the actor/actress uttered, “I miss you” and still couldn’t come up with one. I hope in the end I would be able to pick one.

To be honest,  I didn’t really understand or sympathize Soo-yeon(the adult) that much. It  could be  the  acting or the writing. I didn’t feel her pain (well, I did 14 years ago) whereas Jung-woo and Hyung-joon; I wanted to hug them both. Soo-yeon needs to stand up for herself what she wants to do next. She doesn’t have to choose between Jung-woo and Hyung-joon now. If she were my sis, I would tell her to take care of mom’s heart. She’s been crying for 14 years and counting.

Episode 11

bscap0001 bscap0002

Detective Joo sends a text message to Jung-woo’s phone that ajumma’s daughter, Bora, is dead. She was sexually assaulted and committed suicide 5 years ago, and he thinks she’s the criminal. He tells Jung-woo to catch her and they are on the way. He tells him not to turn off the phone. Well, it turns out to be the ajumma herself reading the text and turns off the phone. She looks at Jung-woo, “What have I told you? I told you the world was a scary place and to watch yourself. I told you not to risk your life for others.”

bscap0003 bscap0005

The police station is in chaos. Jung-myung(Detective Joo) is getting mad that they couldn’t locate Jung-woo. Ah-reum (Jung-woo’s sister) is there too. She’s the last one made a call to Jung-woo. The boss tells his colleague to send her home. He orders other officers to go check the ajumma’s place and Eun-Joo’s house. Mom is worried sick. They start tracking Jung-woo’s cellphone.

bscap0007 bscap0006

They keep calling Jung-woo and finds only his cellphone with “My daughter is dead.” written on the screen. Jung-woo is nowhere to be found. Jung-myung is getting scared thinking of his partner. Boss says they need to check the last place Jung-woo went.

bscap0009 bscap0010

Jung-woo stirs awake and there’s a black tape on his mouth just like when he was kidnapped 14 years ago. Jeez, couldn’t she use another color? Like pink or green? She tells him that her daughter is dead so she’ll never see her again. She asks him is it not that woman. Jung-woo perks up. She says is it not good enough that he’s able to see Lee Soo-yeon.

She wants him to take some medicine so she pulls off the tape on his mouth. He asks her to let him hear her voice just once. He won’t ask her to spare him, “Her voice..let me hear it one more time.”

The ajumma says she wants to do that but her daughter, Bora, is afraid that guy’s going to come and she’s scared. She tells her to go kill him quick. She tells him to take the medicine.

bscap0013 bscap0015

Soo-yeon accepts a call and she hears heavy breathing sounds. “It’s Hun Jung-woo.” he says in a sleepy voice. She asks him what happened. He says, “You remeber don’t you? The unlit street light to Soo-yeon’s house is 15 steps. The light doesn’t flicker anymore. I thought you would understand. I miss you. Soo-yeon…” His voice cut off. Soo-yeon is worried and tries to call that number again but it’s not working so she calls Jung-woo.

bscap0017 bscap0020

His partner takes the call so she asks if this is not Jung-woo’s phone. Detective Joo wants to hang up but Soo-yeon stops him that she got a call from Jung-woo. He tells her that Jung-woo followed Kang Sang-deuk’s killer and disappeared. Hyung-joon gets in the room and asks her what happened (how can he get in? He shouted for her to open the door, remember? He has the key I guess). She wouldn’t him take the phone and tries to think what Jung-woo said.

“It’s 280 steps from the street light to our house. He said it’s 15 steps. It’s impossible for him to have forgotten that. It’s the unlit street light, 15 steps.” She tells him.

The police searches the neighborhood judging from the time interval Jung-woo left the police station (from CCTV) and his call. They find the area with an unlit street light.

Soo-yeon is clutching her phone in her hands that Jung-woo might call again. Hyung-joon asks if she’s worried about Han Jung-woo that much. She says he disappeared, what if he’s kidnapped. Her face’s gone pale thinking of the past. She says who knows what’s happening and begs him. Hyung-joon looks at her and says then let’s go together. He says she’s acting like this because she remembers the past and because of the trauma. He also warns her that if thing doesn’t get resolved quickly then she should try to slowly forget about it.

bscap0021 bscap0024

Director Nam reports to Tae-jun that he checked with people doing business with H Boutique and there’s nothing suspicious about Harry. His secretary gives him the document he also checked on Harry. His real name is Moon Hae Joon (Oy, how many names he  has?) and was adopted in France at the age of 5. His teacher confirmed it through his picture. Joy emigrated to the US and followed her adoptive parents to France. That has been confirmed.

Tae-jun tells Director Name to get out. The secretary gives him a thump drive that contains the accounting records of the fourth quarter of the company. Director Nam hears it just before he leaves.

Ah-reum comes back and tells her dad that Jung-woo disappeared while chasing Kang Sang-deuk’s killer. Tae-jun cuts her off and acts as if he doesn’t bother. Once he’s alone in his study, he couldn’t help thinking of Jung-woo. Aww, daddy has soul after all.

Tell you the truth, I’m still lost at who is the good guy, Tae-jun or Hyung-joon’s mom. Or both are baddies?

bscap0030 bscap0028

The police find Jung-woo lying unconscious in a house and there’s a letter of Bora to her mom lies beside Jung-woo. Jung-myung hugs Jung-woo tight as if his lost love found which appears a little too much from a homicide detective, I’d say, but heartwarming nonetheless.

Hyung-joon and Soo-yeon arrive at the scene where they are wheeling Jung-woo out and putting him in an ambulance. Soo-yeon is worried sick and asks Hyung-joon if he thinks something happened to Jung-woo. Her words test the limit of Hyung-joon’s temper, he sighs. He tells her to hold it as he’s also putting a lot of effort to hold it too. He gets out to check on Jung-woo.

bscap0031 bscap0032

As she looks at Jung-woo, she recalls his words to her, “I don’t want to put handcuffs on you. I don’t want to see you get hurt again. I won’t let you go again. ” And when she told him to catch the real culprit. He said, “The real killer, I will definitely find them.”

The ajumma has disappeared so the boss tells them to go check on the other guy who assaulted her daughter. Hyung-joon asks the boss if the killer disappeared and how Detective Han’s condition is. Jung-myung tells his boss he will go with the ambulance to check on Jung-woo’s condition first. So they don’t know his condition yet.

bscap0034 bscap0036

Soo-yeon waits in front of a room in the hospital and she slowly steps inside. She faces with a half-naked Jung-woo so she turns around feeling embarrassed. Jung-myung walks in and screams seeing his partner’s body. Haha (I swear this 180 degree turn from sad to funny didn’t bother me at all. It’s done right). Jung-woo quickly puts on his sweater.

bscap0039 bscap0038

Seeing that his beloved partner is safe and sound, Detective Joo hugs Jung-woo tight and doesn’t let go no matter how hard Jung-woo tries to push him away. Soo-yeon can’t help smiling at them. Jung-woo smiles seeing her smile.

bscap0041 bscap0042

Everyone deflates when Hyung-joon walks in and stares at Soo-yeon’s laughing face. He says the doctor said he should rest for a few days. Jung-myung says he took sleeping pills and it’s good that it’s not something dangerous. Jung-woo wants to go catch the ajumma and looks at Soo-yeon. Hyung-joon wants to have words with him.

bscap0045 bscap0048

Hyung-joon tells him the reason Joy is not Lee Soo-yeon, he doesn’t think Jung-woo’s going to believe him regardless of what he says, “Should I look for Lee Soo-yeon instead?” he asks. Jung-woo says he would love that.

Hyung-joon asks what if he finds Lee Soo-yeon and she doesn’t want to come because she doesn’t want to see Han Jung-woo, “Should I drag her?”. Jung-woo says yes, he needs to ask her himself if that’s her real desire or that’s what Harry wants.” *cough*

bscap0049 bscap0050

Hyung-joon stares at him and says, “I envy you. Throw them away when you want and keep them when you want. That doesn’t work well with me. No matter what happens, I will never run away and leave Joy behind.”

Jung-woo smiles that he seems to  know a lot about him. Hyung-joon says his mother abandoned him so he knows the pain and fear of it well. So if his mother were to return to him, he would never forgive her, “If you meet Lee Soo-yeon ask her that first if she can sincerely totally forgive you.”

Jung-woo says, “Is it that easy to forgive? I know that. Because I know that, forever until that person forgives me, I plan to stay by her side. To wait and continue to wait.” Aww, I forgive you already Jung-woooo. Two stubborn heads are in lurveee.

Jung-woo tells him that last time Hyung-joon told him he didn’t dislike him so lets drink together, just one drink. He’s not good at drinking. “I will catch the real culprit.” Jung-woo ends the conversation.

Are they talking about the same person, Joy and Soo-yeon? So, in a way, this conversation is an exchange of the fact that Joy is Lee Soo-yeon and Hyung-joon practically tells Jung-woo to back off, to which Jung-woo declares NEVER.

bscap0051 bscap0052

Eun-joo comes to visit Jung-woo and remembers Soo-yeon. Jung-woo walks out without talking to Soo-yeon. Is he pouting? Eun-joo follows him and asks where he’s going. She yells at him that mom had a heart breakdown because of him so he’d better go back to the house.  Soo-yeon listens to her and thinks of when she met him at the flickering street light so she knows he leaves with her mom.

Hyung-joon and Soo-yeon comes home and she wants to say something but he stops her. If she says it, they will fight for the first time in 14 years because of Jung-woo? He doesn’t want that.

bscap0054 bscap0055

Hyung-joon calls Director Nam to hurry bring him the account balance. Director Nam says he needs time to prepare because after he gives him that, he will have to disappear just like Hyung-joon did.

Hyung-joon is on the computer chatting with someone (I guess it’s his lawyer, Craig?). He tells him that Joy is wavering because of  Han Jung-woo, “When one hates for too long, one can mistake it as longing.” (gulp).

Jung-woo and his partner are patrolling. Jung-myung confesses his love to Jung-woo, “I love you.”

Jung-woo, “What?”

Jung-myung, “Love should be expressed when it’s possible.” Haha.

He got the information that there were two men involved in Bora’s assaults. One was jailed and the other was released. He left the country and is returning. Jung-myung asks how Jung-woo knew. Jung-woo says the ajumma told him that he’s coming back. The police put a tracking device on his cellphone but it will activate only when he turns on his phone. The call comes in and the guy turned on his phone. Bingo!

bscap0057 bscap0059

The guy gets out of the airport and gets on a taxi. He freaks out when the driver tells him that she’s Bora’s mother. The police intercepts their car and Jung-woo runs to talk to the ajumma.

bscap0063 bscap0062

Jung-woo begs her that she should not be seeking revenge like this and she should leave it to him. He will beat the guy into a pulp himself. But she’s made up her mind so she shocks him with an electric shocker and kills him anyway in front of Jung-woo’s eyes. He shouts at her not to do it but to no avail.

Minor complaint : a bunch of officers were there, they should do everything they could to stop her, right?

bscap0066 bscap0067

It’s on the news that the killer was arrested. Soo-yeon looks at news while Jung-woo read through Bora’s letter to her mom.

“Mom, you’ve told me to come home fast before it gets dark when school’s over. But I didn’t listen to you, I’m sorry. You get so upset even when I scrape my knee but my body is all bruised black and blue. I’m sorry. Mom, with your hurt wrist, you ironed my uniform so nicely. I’m sorry for getting it all dirty. It’s something like a car accident. I’ll get well soon. I also want to think of it that way but I just can’t. I am sorry. Are you alright? Those people who ask me are starting to ask me less, but I still have nightmares. You didn’t sleep well, mom, because I shouted and kept crying, right? I’m sorry. Those people are coming out of  jail after 5 years…..”

The ajumma says to the reporters, “My daughter is dead. Those bastard didn’t commit just rape but a murder. My daughter is dead.”

“Mom…Goodbye.” Bora wrote in the end.

bscap0072 bscap0074

Soo-yeon’s mom is packing Jung-woo’s stuff at home.

Jung-woo sends Soo-yeon a text message, “The culprit was arrested. But why does my heart hurt so much? What I just want to tell you now is, thank you for being alive. Thank you for making it possible for me to wait.” *sob*

This scene let Jung-woo (and us) knows what Soo-yeon had been through without she says it herself. That she might have wanted to commit suicide at some point. I bet his heart sink even further.

bscap0075 bscap0077

Hyung-joon comes in her room that he needs to meet Craig to discuss about something. He touches her hair and tells her that he will not waste his precious time talking about Han Jung-woo. He admits that he was jealous and it’s embarrassing. That he was mad at her, even for a short time, please erase all that bad memory. “I can’t make it without you. I realize that every single day.” he says. He tells her he will be back shortly.

They get a visitor without notice, it’s Mi-ran. Harry leaves them to talk. Mi-ran asks how she knows Jung-woo and tells her that he’s the son of their family who left home 14 years ago, he was crazy over a girl. That surprises Soo-yeon so she asks if  that is true. Mi-ran confirms it and asks her to keep it a secret from Harry.

Soo-yeon suddenly gets up and gives her an excuse that she has an appointment. She assures her she will stop by her store later. Mi-ran couldn’t be more happy.

bscap0079 bscap0080

Craig tells Hyung-joon that now Joy can leave for France. He gives him the account information he asked for and warns him that the key is a little risky. Craig asks what he’s going to do with 20 billion won. Hyung-joon says thing happened and the most effective way to solve it is money.

Ah-reum comes down and sees Director Nan is getting out of her dad’s study. She asks if her dad’s in there. He nervously  says no, it’s her dad sent him to get something, and he quickly leaves. Ah-reum sees nothing in his both hands so she alerts her dad. Tae-jun rushes home and finds that the accounting book is gone. He orders his man to get a hold of  Director Nam.

bscap0083 bscap0086

Hyung-joon meets with Director Nam. Why does he need to ride a bicycle with his injured leg? Why? Hyung-joon gives him a newly made seal (nop, I don’t get it either). Director Nam warns him that if he deceives him, he won’t just take it. “The only one you think that is more important than money is Joy. Does Lee Soo-yeon even know that she turned that way because of your mother?” He laughs.  Oooh, it’s getting good.

Hyung-joon suggests he’d better leave before he gets killed by Tae-jun.

bscap0089 bscap0090

Before he rides away, he turns  to give him a killer stare, “Director Nam, what you said about Soo-yeon, you shouldn’t have talked about it. Disappear from my eyes like smoke. Don’t ever appear before my eyes again!” He grits his teeth (because it’s too cold too speak!).

That phrase disturbs him so Director Nam sends a message to Jung-woo, “When you receive this message, I won’t be in Korea.” (He set the time when Jung-woo should be getting the message?)

The ajumma is being interrogated. She looks at Kang Sang-deuk’s picture with a red towel over his face. She says a person died when his breath got cut off; the towel’s color is nice. She asks the boss if she can see her son-in-law (Jung-woo). Eh..don’t tell me she didn’t kill him?

bscap0097 bscap0096

Mom comes to the police station with a box filled with Jung-woo stuff. Soo-yeon sees her and Jung-woo, and follows them inside. Mom tells him to go home. She says, at the age of 15, he ran out of his house to find Soo-yeon and she’s crazy to accept him. Soo-yeon hears it! Whoa!

Mom says Kang Sang-deuk is dead and the person who murdered him got caught, he did all he had to so go. When Jung-woo persists, she says, “Jung-woo, please save me. I don’t want to see you. If I see you, I’m reminded of so many things. I want to forget everything so leave.”

It’s here that tears start to fill his eyes. He says, “I don’t want to. I’m not leaving. I’ll wait for Soo-yeon until she comes back. Did you just find out that I’m a crazy bastard? I’m a crazy bastard and a detective. A detective’s job is to wait. I’m a crazy bastard and I’m a man. They say a man should know how to wait. Why are you being like this? Who do you want to get rid of? If I were to leave, I would have left already. If I were to forget about Soo-yeon, I would have done it already. You don’t want to see me? If you see me, do you think about what happened? Alright, you think about it. You can think about if it comes to your mind. You can hate me if you want to.  But the painful memory is mine. I’ll take responsibility for it. So, don’t tell me to go away again.”

Soo-yeon hears it all and cries.

Yunno, what he said is pretty much all for Soo-yeon to know that he’s been suffering and regretting about leaving her all these time. Also, she should know now that he’s been looking for her. What more does she need to hear?

bscap0099 bscap0105

Mom doesn’t want to keep it any longer. She yells at him, “She doesn’t want to be Lee Soo-yeon. That wench, she doesn’t want to live as Lee Soo-yeon.”

Soo-yeon cries and covers her mouth with her hand.

bscap0108 bscap0113

Mom holds him and says she’s the one who deserves to die, “Jung-woo, let’s let Soo-yeon go. People say she doesn’t even know who her mom is. And Soo-yeon doesn’t remember about the incident. Jung-woo, kill me, just kill me instead.” she cries. Soo-yeon looks at them and weeps.

So, what Jung-woo wants and waited is, for Lee Soo-yeon to come back and live with her mom? But that would be difficult legally, right?

Let me ask you, would you come back?

bscap0115 bscap0116

Hyung-joon comes home and Soo-yeon is not there. I think he knows.

Soo-yeon’s mom comes to meet the ajumma. The ajumma says somehow she’s at peace. Mom cries and says she should not do this but thank you for doing it for her. Mom holds ajumma’s hands, “still you shouldn’t have done that.” Both cries.

bscap0120 bscap0122

Anymore of this, I would call this drama a tear-jerker for real. Moms join hands and share their pain are painful to watch. I hope this scene will encourage the suffering ones to realize that they are not alone.

bscap0133 bscap0135

Jung-woo looks at his and Soo-yeon’s name tags. He reads out their names over and over and cries.

bscap0134 bscap0128

Soo-yeon looks at him and thinks of the first time he called her name looking at her name tag.

bscap0139 bscap0142

The song (that they both set) comes up on Soo-yeon’s phone. Jung-woo reaches for his phone thinking it’s his. She quickly turns if off. He looks at his phone. The song came up just a slightly different in time (right?) so he knows and he also sees a part of her shoes by the corner.

“Lee Soo-yeon. Do you hate Lee Soo-yeon that much?” he asks but didn’t move. His question startles her so she runs out. He gets up and runs after her (go!go!).

This is the first time I felt they resemble the young ones. It’s really like Soo-yeon to hide behind the wall and peek and it’s Jung-woo who tells her to lift her chin and face the world.

bscap0147 bscap0148

He catches up with her outside the building. He repeats, “Do you hate Lee Soo-yeon that much?”. She doesn’t answer. He asks her the same question again.

“I, should I not wait for you?” he asks.

“Should I not wait?” he shouts. She just looks at him but doesn’t say a word.

bscap0151 bscap0152

He grabs her to him and asks, “Soo-yeon, should I not wait?”. She struggles to get off him so he tightens his hold and tells her not to look at him, “It’s unpleasant to look at me. If you look at me, it’s painful for you.” She cries. *sob*

bscap0159 bscap0158

He holds her closer, “Soo-yeon..”


Now Soo-yeon knows how Jung-woo has been living his life for 14 years, what will she do? It seems, to me, he’s waited not just to apologize but to have her back. When he learned that she didn’t want to be Lee Soo-yeon anymore, his heart broke because it meant she’s not coming back. It means there’s no reason for him to wait anymore but his whole being is about waiting so he’s lost. I hope Soo-yeon will know soon what she wants to do with Lee Soo-yeon.

I wonder why Soo-yeon didn’t ask Jung-woo about Detective Kim. Does she know he died? Does she know how he died and where? Things are getting tight with Director Nam moving into the picture. I hope he will stay alive for many episodes because he knew pretty much all including Hyung-joon’s mom deal. What if Jung-woo’s dad, though rather cruel, is not the wrong one from the beginning (may be that’s why he kept calling Jung-woo a stupid kid) and it’s actually Hyung-joon’s mom who cheated?

Although Hyung-joon has been with Soo-yeon for 14 years, it feels more like he kept her with him. It looks like he knew long back that he didn’t win her over Jung-woo so it’s just a matter of when he will let her go.

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