Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 10

This episode is a half-way mark and we have witnessed how Jung-woo has been waiting to meet Soo-yeon. What I’m not sure is once he meets her, what does he want with her? I hope he knows and proceeds with it because I have a feeling that they are running out of time. Either Hyung-joon’s plan will hurt them or Jung-woo’s father will or may be Soo-yeon herself once she learns all the details of the past.

Soo-yeon’s mother and Jung-woo are the key to the truth that her father was wrongly executed. Who will find out how Detective Kim died? How Jung-woo will connect Hyung-joon to his father? Will Jung-woo take it on himself that his father is, in a way, the cause of his kidnap and Soo-yeon assaulted? We have 10 more episodes (and no more please) to answer to all these and I trust writer Moon that she will work it all out just fine (think Can You Hear My Heart). And I hope the ending will be just as warm *fingers crossed*

And it’s about time for Hyung-joon to shine.

Episode 10

bscap0000 bscap0001

Mom cries, “It’s you. It’s you, isn’t it? You don’t don’t know me? I’m Soo-yeon…Soo-yeon’s mother.” Soo-yeon cries. She tells her mom to get in the car.

bscap0004 bscap0002

Jung-woo tells Hyung-joon, other than her face, to give him one reason why she’s not Soo-yeon, he can tell him anytime and then they will talk again. Detective Joo (got his name finally) comes in and tells Jung-woo that Joy is not allowed to leave the country which makes Hyung-joon get angry. Detective Joo reminds him that they released her because there’s no evidence but that doesn’t mean her name’s been cleared. Hyung-joo wants to talk to his lawyer.

bscap0006 bscap0007

His boss tells Jung-woo that the call history of Joy’s phone which Kang Sang-deuk stole is out, and the first person he called was his father. Dun. Dun. Dun. His boss says how he could call a victim’s father right after he was released, especially after 14 years, and how he knew his father’s number. Jung-woo decides he will go see his father himself.

This leads to a hilarious moment when his partner pops up from under the desk where he’s been eavesdropping and asks if Jung-woo is the son of the owner of Sangil Savings Bank (tell me about it). The boss tells him to shut up.

Hyung-joon talks to his lawyer who asks if he knows Joy’s whereabouts. She wasn’t with him and didn’t answer her phone. Hyung-joon checks the CCTV in his house from his laptop (man, this is creepy) and sees Joy is walking in with her mother.

bscap0014 bscap0013

Mom comes in the house and takes off her shoes afraid to dirty the floor. They sit down and Joy tells her to say something since she came here because she had something to say. Mom says to her that she even cuts her nails properly now, with her pretty skin she must have grown up well, and she has grown her hair so beautifully. Mom notices her nice clothes and house too. Soo-yeon cries, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Mom stares at her unbelievably. Her words resembles the young Soo-yeon who always begged for forgiveness from everyone and she would yell at her, “What are you sorry for?”.

bscap0018 bscap0016

Mom holds her and asks what she’s sorry for. She cries that her daughter stayed alive all these time, “It’s enough for me. You are alive.”

“Mom. I can’t. I don’t want to go back to Lee Soo-yeon. I hate it.” Soo-yeon begs. Mom suppresses her disappointment and tries to understand. She says, “Don’t come back. Don’t come back.”

She asks if no one knows what kind of father her father was, and if no one knows what they’ve been through. Soo-yeon nods. Mom stands up to leave, “I didn’t see you. My daughter is dead. No one knows about this, right? Don’t cry. Don’t come back.” Mom leaves and tells her not to follow. Soo-yeon falls to the floor weeping.

bscap0025 bscap0030

Mom runs out without her shoes crying. She flees like she was in the wrong place. Then she stops running because she realizes, “Jung-woo. What to do with Jung-woo?”. It’s too sad for him. She sits down on the icy ground doesn’t know what to do.

bscap0033 bscap0035

Soo-yeon sees mom’s shoes so she runs after her but mom has already gone. Hyung-joon arrives and sees her but before he could call her, she gets in a taxi.

I have to say this mom-daughter reunion had great impact as it should be. It was one of the IT moments we were waiting to see. It’s done in a really sad and meaningful way. That even though mom misses her so much, she’s willing to ignore her own heart and let her daughter live her life as long as she’s happy. However, her heart broke because she knew how much and how long Jung-woo has been waiting for her. *sob*

Jung-woo’s dad inspects the police report on Kang Sang-deuk’s murder case (so he has insider?). He notices about an aunt who took care of them. He wants more on Harry and Joy’s background. He tells his assistant to invite them over to his house to take a closer look.

bscap0036 bscap0038

Jung-woo comes to see his dad but he ignores him saying his son is dead. Jung-woo simply states the fact that he talked to Kang Sang-deuk for five minutes on the phone but he can’t give him even one minute (Ouch). Jung-woo asked if Kang Sang-deuk threatened him for money. When dad smirks that that person wouldn’t dare, Jung-woo asks then why he was the first person Sang-deuk called after he was released. “I have to report it. Please tell me.” he says. Dad slaps him with an envelope containing the murder report and Jung-woo notices it. (Why drama loves the slapping is beyond me *sigh*)

Dad yells, “You (police) won’t ever find Lee Soo-yeon even if she dies.”

Jung-woo counters that now he just acknowledged that Lee Soo-yeon didn’t die. He will send another officer tomorrow. Dad calls him crazy. Jung-woo retorts that not yet, he will find out who set fire in the warehouse where he and Soo-yeon were kidnapped, why his phone was in his (dad) drawer when it supposed to be burned (in the warehouse), why he said Soo-yeon was dead when she’s not, and if it’s all really for his own good. he suspected his dad long back.

bscap0040 bscap0042

Eun-joo calls Jung-woo about mom. He rushes home to find mom is drinking with bruised feet. Mom cries and pushes him away.  She throws out his clothes. It’s not the first time she wants to throw him out so he consoles her that she will end up looking for him. Mom cries and says she’s sorry. Jung-woo suppresses his tears and calls her his lover.

“Jung-woo, I’m sorry. What do I do?” She cries. Jung-woo hugs her and tells her to just wait a little bit longer.  “Cry. Just cry. But later when I want to cry too, you have to be by my side. You promised?”

bscap0047 bscap0046

He runs out to buy mom some medicine. When he passes the engraved wall “I miss you”, he teases , ”  ‘Joy’ ? For me, I like ‘Lee Soo-yeon‘ the most.” (So cute.)

bscap0050 bscap0055

Soo-yeon comes to the neighborhood with mom’s shoes. Aww, I’m so happy seeing her be able to come back here on her own accord. She sees Jung-woo is coming her way so she hides.

bscap0056 bscap0057

Jung-woo talks with the flickering lightbulb playfully which makes Soo-yeon let out a tender smile. Her rare sincere smile gives me hope that all will be well between these two. Well, at least for now.

bscap0062 bscap0063

She follows him to their usual playground. He plays around and she’s caught on the moments. She moves her feet along with him like she’s a child again.  It’s the moment they step out from their stressful world for a while.

bscap0071 bscap0069

Jung-woo walks to the swing he used to play with her. He moves around the park and a song from his phone comes up with a phrase, ” It’s alright if you hate me but could you please think of me at least one minute of your day?” (he set the alarm at 7.00pm with the song, right?). She looks down at her phone. They set the same song at the same time?. I know you are twins. And while she’s busy crying, he sees her! Weee!

bscap0073 bscap0074

She hurriedly turns and walks away. But my Jung-woo knows best, he follows her. She gets in a taxi. Jung-woo smiles with hope that she came, “Soo-yeon, Soo-yeon.”

Dear director, this should be where a hero runs like mad to her and hugs her to death. Just sayin’

bscap0085 bscap0084

She drinks and fixes mom’s shoes. Harry calls and he knows that she’s drunk. She tells him not to come pick her up but she doesn’t know that his car is parking right behind her. The wind blows and she runs after the bag. Hyung-joon looks at her and smiles. But his smile faded when he sees Jung-woo walks over to the table and picks up mom’s shoes.

Jung-woo hides when Soo-yeon comes back. He looks at her and thinks that since he sees her smile, “You must be happy because you met your mother, right?”.

bscap0086 bscap0087

Jung-woo talks to her in his mind to erase all the bad memories and she can make them again, the good memories. He moves his magic ‘erase-the-bad-memories’ hand and Hyung-joon recognizes that right away. It’s what Soo-yeon loves to do to him. He thinks of when she said she could erase all the bad memories and moved her hand just like Jung-woo did. It hurts bad to know that it’s what Jung-woo taught her and she’s been keeping it to heart all these years. Hyung-joon is getting angry by the minutes thinking about it (Oh no, the jealousy Kang Hyung-joon!).

bscap0091 bscap0092

Soo-yeon comes home and Harry tells her she smells alcohol. He tells her next time let’s go together (even if he doesn’t like drinking on a street vendor’s tent). Because the only one she has is him. Soo-yeon feels a bit guilty at that. He asks what she did today. She avoids his eyes and says she walked around here and there. “If I leave tomorrow, I won’t be able to come again.” she says.

He tells her she’s not allowed to leave the country for 10 days and he backhugs her. His new client invited them so he says for her to come along and see for herself if he’s a good guy or a bad guy.

She gets in her room and takes out mom’s shoes from inside her coat. “Harry, I’m sorry.” she says. She puts the shoes in her closet where Jung-woo’s jacket is hanging inside. She thinks of what he told her that day he gave her the jacket. “10 days? It’s a relief.” She smiles. Wah…is her heart soften toward Jung-woo and mom?

Hyung-joon touches his mom’s portrait, “Mom.” His eyes fill with sadness. (What? Mom what? Tell meee! Don’t keep me in the dark!).

Is this called cheating on Soo-yeon’s part? Not telling the truth, will Hyung-joon think she’s betraying him? Well, he has the right to, right?

bscap0100 bscap0099

Time for the funny. Detective Joo shows Soo-yeon a video of the culprit using a teller machine on the night of the murder if she recognizes the person. Jung-woo calls and tells him not to be too harsh on her. His partner sighs and asks Soo-yeon if he’s being harsh on her. Jung-woo asks why he asked her that and don’t tell her it’s him on the line.

Detective Joo lets out another heavy sigh and asks Soo-yeon, if, by any chance, he told her it’s a call from  Jung-woo. Haha. Jung-woo shrieks softly so his partner hands his phone to Soo-yeon, “It seems he’s worried about you. Say something to him.” Soo-yeon takes the phone and calls out his name. Jung-woo doesn’t know what to say, he gulps. Soo-yeon tells him to please make sure to catch the criminal. “Yes.” he answers.

When she’s about to hand the phone back, he tells her to wait and says that he will definitely catch the criminal. And he wants to say more but keeps it to himself. He wants to say, ” So you will go back to France? Can you not go?”

His partner hangs up and he smilingly says her voice on the phone is the same.

Aww, this conversation feels like two love birds are flying over my screen. It’s like these two start to find their mutual ground and love blossoms. *Squeal*

The cleaning ajumma comes in and she heard that they found out about the criminal ordered dried ice. Jung-woo is impressed that she knows everything. Apparently, she heard when Detective Joo talked on the phone while he’s pooping, haha. Jung-woo nags her to keep it a secret.

bscap0107 bscap0109

Detective Joo is leaving Soo-yeon’s house. He tells her she’s not a suspect. She asks why. He says the one in the video was a rather small-built while she’s GLAMOROUS. Buahahaha….did he speak English? Oh dear, writer Moon, that was totally unexpected. Soo-yeon tells him, from the video, she thinks it’s not a young woman from the way she dressed and walked. It’s her line of work how she knows. She tells him to wait a minute.

Jung-woo checks the pictures of the culprit using a teller machine again. The person’s left wrist has something on it (a bandage?) and he wonders what it is. His partner comes calling him “a banker’s son”. Jung-woo tells him not to say that. Detective Joo tells Jung-woo to lend him some money and he will give him the jacket. Jung-woo grabs it. It’s Soo-yeon gave it back to him. Detecive Joo whines words of gratitude as if from her. Jung-woo asks exactly what she said. Detective Joo asks if he should tell him like she said. He shows Jung-woo the way she handed the jacket to him and says, “Here.” That’s all, haha. He asks if Jung-woo is disappointed. He, of course, denies it and puts on the jacket.

He reaches into the pocket and finds a button just like the one he took out from his jacket at her house. He compares it with the one on another jacket and it’s the same. So she didn’t throw it away. Detective Joo asks, “Don’t tell me it’s..” He pinches his forehead, “It will rain. It will not rain. It’s that button, right?” Jung-woo beams.

Detective Joo tells him that Soo-yeon thinks the woman is an old woman, and she can tell because she’s a designer. Man, the way Detective Joo spoke English was quite something. I laughed every time.

The IP address comes out and it’s Jung-woo’s computer which the culprit used to order dried ice on the night of the murder. They check the CCTV but it was cut off at that time that night only around the area of Jung-woo team and others. Boss says touching their computer so it must be an insider (and if you wonder why Jung-woo is off the hook, he was with Soo-yeon that night). So, Jung-woo suggests making a list of persons who were in the building that night and finds out who disappeared during the CCTV was cut. Judging from the time, there shouldn’t be many people in the building.

Detective Joo argues that what about places without CCTV like the restroom or an assignment room. If a person stayed in those, will that make him/her a culprit? Jung-woo says the person is a female or a small-sized male. So, the team has to look through all the CCTV recorded in every room. To be honest, I’m not quite sure if that’s a practical logic.

bscap0112 bscap0113

Mi-ran is surprised to see Joy come with Harry. She introduces herself, Bellus CEO, Hwang Mi-ran. She reminds him that Director Nam should tell him about her. Harry remembers her and says he plans to meet her. Mi-ran leaves to call her husband.

Soo-yeon asks him what happened. Mi-ran is the woman who had her clothes in her store without her permission and threatened her with their pictures together. He says he didn’t know she’s President Han’s wife. He asks if she’s uncomfortable and if they should leave now. Even when Tae-jun and his wife come, Hyung-joon asks Soo-yeon what they should do. That’s rude of him and she gives him a warning look, “Harry!”. He stares at her and tells her to decide. This is so strange the way he treats her in front of the host.

Soo-yeon goes along with the plan. Hyung-joon compliments Tae-jun’s house that it feels like his home (ouch!). During dinner, Hyung-joon appears to be quite rude to Tae-jun. When Tae-jun comments on his rudeness considering his age, Hyung-joon counters that it’s how he really is, and it’s the reason Tae-jun invited him here, to see what kind of person he is. And he only knows how to make money that why he’s the head of H Boutique making such huge income at young age (*scratch head*).

Hyung-joon tells Tae-jun how much he will invest with Shiosa funds combined (yawn). Tae-jun is reluctant to move fast investing in Cambodia City Development. Hyung-joon says his fiancée is the most important to him and she wants to go back to France so he wants to wrap things up here. Tae-jun decides to trust him and asks one more thing, what happened to his leg. Hyung-joon laughs, “Don’t you remember? It’s you made it like this.” (double ouch!). Tae-jun looks up at him. Hyung-joon just says it’s bicycle.

Tae-jun asked him that because he’s young but looks casual using a cane so it must happen from long ago.

Mi-ran and her daughter are talking with Soo-yeon. She apologizes for her threat with their photos and Soo-yeon’s clothes in her store. Her daughter greets Soo-yeon and calls out for the maid to prepare a meal for Jung-woo. The name catches Soo-yeon’s attention. Mi-ran sees her reaction and remembers Jung-woo told her not to bother Joy with those photos. She asks Soo-yeon if she knows Jung-woo and how. Soo-yeon doesn’t answer and Hyung-joon calls her that they can leave. Mi-ran still wonders.

bscap0119 bscap0120

The cleaning ajumma takes the document from the printer. Jung-woo takes it from her and tells her not to mess around , it’s a murder case. But she sees her picture come out of the printer so she asks why. Jung-woo checks and it’s really her on the CCTV so she’s one the many who were here on the night of the murder. She has to stay here and cannot leave the building yet. But the ajumma refuses to stay, she needs to cook for her daughter, Bora.

Jung-woo asks her what she did that night. She quickly tells him it’s that night when she sprained her wrist and he put a bandage for her, and walks away. Jung-woo is impressed that she remembered all the details but something is bugging him , it’s his detective instinct. He tells himself it can’t be.

Jung-woo looks at the ajumma on CCTV and the culprit in front of the teller machine. And both their left wrist got bandages. Eeep! Jung-woo recalls Soo-yeon suggested it’s an old lady and what the ajumma told him. They all point at her that she could be the culprit. Jung-woo swears and he runs. The ajumma looks at him running out.

bscap0126 bscap0125

Hyung-joon and Soo-yeon is dropping Mi-ran’s daughter at the police station. Before she gets out of the car, she tells them if anything, her brother is a detective, Han Jung-woo. Soo-yeon couldn’t believe that Hyung-joon took her to Jung-woo’s house. She asks how he could do that.

“But why? You are Joy. I told you that you are Joy. You told me you wanted to stay by my side. Do not leave for France. Until it’s all done stay here by my side.” He dictates out of anger and jealousy. Oh, I know he will make way in the end but I hope he won’t hurt her too much this time around because he surely will regret later and make it harder for her to forgive.

Jung-woo follows the ajumma. He calls his partner to check on the ajumma’s background.

bscap0127 bscap0136

Jung-woo follows the ajumma. She stops and turns. Jung-woo hides and his sister calls, he turns down the call. When he comes out, the ajumma is gone. He climbs the stairs but there’s no one there.  Suddenly, the ajumma pops out and says it’s really him. He nags her to go back to the police station but she says she needs to cook rice for her daughter first and invites him in her spooky house. Jung-woo hesitates (gulp) but gets inside. The sound of the closing door is strangely scary to my ear.

Soo-yeon locks herself in her room. Hyung-joon keeps banging and shouting for her to open the door. He says he gets it and he won’t do it his way from now. He keeps banging hard. It looks like he’s scared that Soo-yeon might do something or hurt herself? He seems to know what she’s capable of.

bscap0129 bscap0130

The ajumma cooks rice and wants to give him a glass of water (don’t drink it, Micky!). He doesn’t want it and tells her they can leave now. A paper on the door came off and she wants to fix it so she asks him to hand her a tape. She tells him to look under the table. He pulls out a basket. She says it’s Bora’s middle school uniform (*shudder*) and tells him to look in the drawer. Jung-woo quietly takes out his handcuffs (whaat? How about a gun, my dear?).

bscap0131 bscap0132

He pulls out the first and the second drawer. And it’s  a black tape and rope which both, he recalls, are exactly the same used on Kang Sang-deuk in the crime scene.

bscap0133 bscap0134

He turns to her and faces with an electric shocker. He falls down unconscious. NO!


Don’t you think it’s too convenience to be her? Or else this drama is planning for another murder case (or cases?). Her motivation to commit murder was there. It surely is about (if it is) her daughter was assaulted by Sang-deuk. But why did she hurt Jung-woo? It was like she made him see all the evidences or she could be a hard-core killer. We’ll see about that.

This episode steps up Hyung-joon’s game which ,in the process, hurt Soo-yeon which is quite strange based on his affection for her. I love all Soo-yeon and Jung-woo little moments. It helps re-establishing their bonding why they’ve fallen for each other in the first place. And I have to say, writer Moon’s comical senses were professionally executed. You laughed and cried in one hour. What disturbed me was the story about Jung-woo’s father, I really hope the business thing will be kept to the minimum. Also, I had a hard time believing how Hyung-joon got so rich at his young age but I will give my best try for the sake of the story.

I appreciate how the writer made Jung-woo and Soo-yeon get a little closer each episode through tears and smiles. Hyung-joon is still not clear to me what exactly his plan with Soo-yeon is. He put the key (a necklace) on her neck. Why?

No matter how long Jung-woo has waited for Soo-yeon, she’s now with Hyung-joon and for many years too. So, I hope the story will do justice on Hyung-joon if she’s going to end up with Jung-woo. Oh, please, all our tears are worth a happy ending, right? Or if all (or someone) have to die, please do it gracefully [spoiler] *cough Fashion King cough* [end of spoiler] for the sake of our hearts.

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