Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 9

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Yunno, there’s no secret that I made it to this episode because of  Micky (and writer Moon, of course). I endured the pain of episode 1-4 just to see his face, and recently I was able to laugh during scenes that I shouldn’t be laughing *cough*, thanks to him too. You definitely need something to make you smile watching a melodrama, and for me it’s Micky’s acting. Don’t get me wrong, I was surprised that he was able to pick up Han Jung-woo from the young cast rather nicely, and he’s also great with tears and moments with the elders. The thing is, and strange as it is, his awkwardness is also his strength because when you’re not certain what he’s trying to do, you just laugh it off (so it just meee? 🙂 ). Is it character consistency? I don’t know.

The writing and directing, so far, is quite solid. That leaves the weaknesses  to the acting of  the three leads. There were times when I wish the leads were portrayed by more seasoned actors, there were times I thought of what could have been if  Jung-woo or Hyung-joon were portrayed by Song Joong Ki (Nice Guy), and there were times when I thought Yoo Seung Ho was a little too young for the role. I want more on Hyung-joon’s story. I want to see him cracked. That would be fun.

Although writer Moon’s strength shines during family scenes and lines of the leads which were beautifully written (who wouldn’t want to read Soo-yeon’s diary?), she’s quite weak writing business and crimes/investigation part. I anticipate how she will wrap up the crime but not really the business (money) part. The story, being set up in a police station, is enjoyable because of  the bromance of  Detective Han and his partner (haha). But most importantly, I’m waiting patiently to see how the pain in Su-yeon’s heart 14 years ago will be taken care of  in the end.

Don’t cha think Hyung-joon/Soo-yeon relationship is quite strange? May be it’s rather harsh but they really look like a master and a slave who cling on each other for a certain purpose. Love? Revenge? Gratefulness? We’ll see.

And if you ask whether this drama is a heavy melodrama, I would say no. No, it’s not ! *sob*

Tears Are Falling – Wax (I Miss You OST)

Episode 9

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Seeing Soo-yeon from the camera in her car,  in the parking lot on the night of the murder, Jung-woo realizes what it could mean. He recalls Soo-yeon got bullied by her friends at school as a daughter of a murderer. He cries,  it’s just too sad for her to end up this way. But then Jung-woo remembers how the young Soo-yeon told him although her father is a murderer, she’s not going to kill anyone. Jung-woo sobers up as he now has the strength to believe in Soo-yeon.

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Jung-woo comes to the party where his father is also there to discuss some business with Hyung-joon. He greets his father and asks Hyung-joon for a private talk. Hyung-joon needs to talk with Jung-woo’s father first so they leave to talk. Jung-woo grabs Soo-yeon’s wrist and tries to take her outside but Soo-yeon resists. Jung-woo tells her that she was captured by a camera on the night of the murder so now she’s a suspect.

Soo-yeon doesn’t take the news well. She starts shaking and says that it’s not her (the murder). He says he knows. Instead of trusting Jung-woo, she calls for Harry (Hyung-joon). It shows here how she’s been living her life. She thinks of Hyung-joon as her sole protector which worries me what would happen when she learns all the hidden truth. I think it’s safe to say that Hyung-joon has been lying to her all these years. Hyung-joon is startled to hear that she’s a suspect for a murder.

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The police arrive and she cries. Man, when Jung-woo tells her that she’s under arrest for the murder of Kang Sang-deuk, it’s so sad. It’s like the past comes back and haunts her. Jung-woo grabs her wrist crying, he tells the police that he will take her in himself. He doesn’t want handcuffs on her wrist. Hyung-joon tells her he will get her out fast. Jung-woo puts his jacket on her to hide from the reporters.

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Soo-yeon is being interrogated. Her hands are trembling. Jung-woo’s partner reports to the boss that Joy and Soo-yeon’s fingerprints doesn’t match.

When she’s push for an answer why she’s there that night, her bad memories of that day comes back. She says, that guy, it serves him right to get killed. That’s bad thing to say so Jung-woo tells her that everything she says now is being recorded.

Her eyes’ expression change when she asks why he’s so anxious to catch the killer (of the bad guy). She says she read on the newspaper that a highschool girl was abandoned because of the rape. She asks if it’s not right that such a guy has to die. That phrase sends me and Jung-woo into deep thought.

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Soo-yeon asks with teary eyes as a murderer’s daughter and a girl who got assaulted, if she’s Lee Soo-yeon, he wouldn’t need to find other evidence, right? He asks why she got it all wrong. He asks if just because being a murderer daughter, they all kill people. Just because they got assaulted, it doesn’t mean they all kill people. “Soo-yeon…Soo-yeon won’t kill people.” He says. His answer surprises her and brings back her memory how she told him that she wouldn’t kill anyone.

She looks at him in the eyes and says if she were Lee Soo-yeon, she would kill him first. He returns that even if she kills him, he still wants her to be Lee Soo-yeon. *sob*

They both look at each other and cry. His boss comes in and tells him to let her go because the French Embassy guaranteed her.

What I like about this scene is that it’s like a therapy session where both sides have a chance to, little by little, clear their misunderstandings and say what they want to say face to face. What it does for Soo-yeon here is that she has her chance to lash out her anger and pain at the heart of her years of sadness, Han Jung-woo. I think it’s the beginning of a healing process of these two. It’s also a good sign that she lets him know how she thinks of  him.

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She comes out. Hyung-joon reaches out his hand and she grabs it. He tells her let’s go home. She smiles at him and agrees readily. Jung-woo looks at them holding hands. (Eh…does her messy hair bother anyone? Cuz her hair wasn’t like that minutes ago.)

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Soo-yeon’s mom comes by to drop Jung-woo some food. Soo-yeon is startled to see her so she walks pass her mother hiding her face. Her face and her hiding her face make her mom notice her. Mom thinks of how the young Soo-yeon always hid her face.

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Jung-woo runs after them and hides behind a pillar looking at them. He asks her in his mind if it’s hurt whenever she sees him, “I’m sorry. I’ll wait.”  Jung-woo moves his hand in the air like the way he used it to encourage her in the past, to erase all the bad memories. He smiles. (Dear Jung-woo, the fact that she said that to you and you still wants to wait, I grant you a Nice Guy (II) Award.)

Soo-yeon cries her heart out at home and Hyung-joon listens to her from outside the room. He feels sad for her.

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This is my favorite scene. Mom gives him food. While eating, he picks up Soo-yeon’s diary and says later when he meets Soo-yeon if she pretends not to know him, he will show her this diary.

“She won’t pretend she doesn’t know me.” He tells mom that Soo-yeon(the young) walked backwards so that she could look at his handsome face. That day when he first ate at her house, Soo-yeon only looked at him. “So, don’t you worry.” He starts to cry. He says Soo-yeon will come because she wants to see his face. He sobs and says so he will wait.

This scene got me because it’s where Jung-woo lets his guard down and starts to accept the truth that may be Soo-yeon doesn’t want to see him at all. He realizes now that his present hurts Soo-yeon the most and he’s the reason of her pain so how she would want to see him. It’s like the wall that he’s been building around his heart to block the pain comes falling apart. It’s also good for Jung-woo to let go his feeling for the young Soo-yeon and look at her as she is now.

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Hyung-joon chats with someone that Joy is strong and she should be alright. He thanks the person that he (or she?) changed Soo-yeon’s fingerprints. He knew Jung-woo would look for it and he’s getting angry. The person doesn’t want him to get angry because he would become quite scary. Hyung-joon plans to give Tae-jun (Jung-woo’s father) a lot of money to lure him first. He tells the person to hurry up their plan.

So, Hyung-joon has two sides/faces? He worries me that may be taking Soo-yeon with him years ago was his plan to take revenge on Jung-woo’s father, to use Soo-yeon as bait? He should know Jung-woo has been looking for Soo-yeon all these years, why didn’t he tell her that? It would definitely lessen her pain. I’m not sure though if hurting Jung-woo is his plan.

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Hyung-joon comes to see the interrogation room that Soo-yeon was in. Jung-woo asks if she’s alright. Hyung-joon says she cried, she normally doesn’t cry. Jung-woo says why he feels sad. Hyung-joon says he said it to make him feel that. Jung-woo perks up. Hyung-joon says the three of them, he finds a solution, to be friends.

Jung-woo says be friends would be difficult because he’s fallen for Joy. Hyung-joon says that cannot happen so Jung-woo assures him not to worry, Soo-yeon doesn’t like him. He asks if one-sided love is alright. Hyung-joon warns that when he gets angry he’s quite scary, and he asks if Jung-woo still thinks Joy is Lee Soo-yeon.

Jung-woo tells Hyung-joon, other than the face, to give him one reason why she’s not Soo-yeon, and he can tell him anytime and they will talk some more. Hyung-joon’s eyes turn serious.

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Mom lures Jung-woo’s partner with her fresh kimchi and learns where Soo-yeon lives. She stands at the gate when Soo-yeon  drives out. Soo-yeon stops her car and mom walks closer. Mom looks at her carefully and then starts to cry. “It’s you. It’s you, isn’t it?” mom asks. Soo-yeon turns her face fully to her as her answer.


I was about to complain why Soo-yeon made her mom suffer when she did nothing wrong. She could send words to her mom that she’s alive. Thanks to the writer that Soo-yeon seems to know that too.

The last episode worried me but this episode the story is moving along just fine. This episode shows that Soo-yeon is mentally unstable and Hyung-joon knows that. I would love to see how Jung-woo will win over the adult Soo-yeon. I’m having a difficult time trying to see Soo-yeon (Yun Eun Hye) and Hyung-joon (Yoo Seung Ho) as a couple. The chemistry was not there. It’s good to hear Soo-yeon talked about her painful past with Jung-woo. That’s what these two need.

Now the big question lies on Hyung-joon. Does he really love her?

I love that in every episode, despite being a melodrama, the writer inserted funny bromance so we could laugh, sentimental family moments for us to cry, and  intense investigation to keep us on our toes who’s the real culprit behind the murder. Who knows? It could be Soo-yeon after all. Her unstable state of mind worries me what she will do or not do in a blink of an eye.

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