Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 6

Dun. Dun. Dun. This episode made me wake up thinking of Han Jung-woo. Now that the premise settled in, I got the feeling of  Nice Guy on repeat in that all leads really need to see a shrink. Kang Ma-ru spent 20 episodes trying to convince me that he’s a nice guy and indeed he is in the end (in a rather strange way but he is, right?). So now it’s Jung-woo’s turn to prove himself to us that his way of longing, of missing Soo-yeon is love? As of now, I’m not angry or confused why he’s stood his ground to find Soo-yeon. Until he says sorry to her personally, he will not forgive himself. It’s not just leaving her behind but what happened to her that he witnessed is still fresh in his mind that he just wants to do something to lessen the pain.

If anyone is to help Soo-yeon, it should be Jung-woo because he was there with her. IMO, he’s the one that should talk it through with her. No one will ever feel her pain that day like Jung-woo does. Hyung-joon has been taking care of her all these years, thanks to him that she is now able to face the world and has a career. But the bad memories are still there so may be it’s time to dig the pain and solve the problem once and for all.

Episode 6

Jung-woo runs after Soo-yeon and grabs her hand. She turns to look at him. As soon as, he sees her face, he looks confused. May be he doesn’t remember how she should look like. They stare at each other and you can see that Soo-yeon feels something that she doesn’t push him away. His partner runs to him, Jung-woo lets go of her hand. He turns and walks away.

Soo-yeon gets in the house and Hyung-joon is angry. He tells her to promise not to surprise him like this again (show up in Seoul without telling him). Why? I wonder why? Is he hiding something to her or is it Jung-woo that he’s afraid of? Soo-yeon tells him that she almost got arrested in front of the house. That startles him, she thinks she was mistaken as a thief.

It’s shower time for Jung-woo (clothes on). Jung-woo looks at Soo-yeon’s pictures with various outfits and make up like he’s trying to figure out what Soo-yeon should like now. It’s sad to think that he’s taking his time making all these pictures.

Soo-yeon’s mom is buying Jung-woo a new jacket bragging that it’s for her son, he’s a detective. Mom comes to the police station but just waits by the gate. Jung-woo runs out asking why she doesn’t come in. Mom doesn’t like walking into the police station. She sweetly gives Jung-woo a new jacket. He hugs her tight saying how she knows he wants to see her today. When she asks if something happened, he just says he wants to know what she’s doing. She tells him to get her a daughter-in-law and with that he wants to take the jacket off.

Mom is leaving and Jung-woo wants to take her home but she refuses. He shouts after her calling her his lover and not to go cheating on him. Aww, why this sweet moment is making me feel uneasy? Mom, please don’t die, don’t get killed, just don’t….

Jung-woo gets a call from Hyung-joon asking about the result of the investigation. The result of the autopsy will come out in a week, Jung-woo tells him. Hyung-joon tells him that he’ll leave the house so he should call before he comes. Jung-woo thinks the guy is quite picky on him.

His partner comes and accuses him of having another man because he got a new jacket (Ha). Will the jacket mean something in the future (mom, don’t die). Also, Mr.Partner, please stay alive. I luff these two.

Soo-yeon couldn’t sleep and she still has the habit of doing that math thing backward like Jung-woo did. Hyung-joon comes to her room and wonders if she’s awake or didn’t sleep at all. She tells him to come sit. He asks why sit, can he lie down? Rawr.

She points at the mole on his cheek that when she was young, she thought she could find him with this mole if he ran away. He says how he could run away with this leg, and she should not go anywhere too because he can’t follow her with this leg. She suggests they live together here until his work is over and he doesn’t oppose the idea. He asks why she doesn’t ask about aunt. She says she wants to erase all her bad memories which suggests that the nurse hadn’t been nice to her.

Jung-woo checks the CCTV (prior to the incident) and sees that the light in Harry’s room was on but the door was locked. He turns to discuss it with his partner but the guy falls asleep. A lady comes in, she sprained her arm so Jung-woo takes the bandage out and puts it again neatly on her arm. She has a daughter and wants him to be her son-in-law. He smiles saying he never met her (not sure what she has to do with the story but this actress character definitely cannot be a small role).

Just then the CCTV shows Director Nam standing in front of Harry house’s gate.

Jung-woo sneaks in the building to meet Director Nam without his father knowing. He questions Director Nam if he knows Michelle Kim (the nurse) and tells him that she died. That surprises Director Kim, he says he’s never seen her. It’s about madam wants to do fashion business. Jung-woo shows him her picture. Director Nam recognises right away that she’s the nurse but keeps that to himself. From CCTV, he tells Jung-woo he was there because of madam’s business (daddy’s wife) so he should ask her.

Director Nam asks if her funeral went well because she’s alone but Jung-woo corrects him that she has a nephew (no, don’t tell him). Well, that’s quite an information Jung-woo gave him. When alone, he runs to his car and checks a contract with Michelle Kim’s signature. He connects the dots that Harry Morrison is, in fact, Kang Hyung-joon.

Jung-woo comes to see madam and relates the news that Michelle Kim had died. She’s quite shocked to hear that. He tells her he’s investigating and goes direct with the question, did she kill Michelle Kim? Mom gets angry but he tells her a simple answer will end but not to give a false statement.

Mom says she has never seen her face (Oy. Nobody saw her or what?). Her name was introduced as a potential investor. His sister comes in and is glad he’s here. Mom tells him he can look through her phone records and all with one request, do not show up here. She tells him to get out (yunno, it was lovely of him that he’s never once really taken her rudeness seriously and doesn’t distance himself from them even though he left the house long ago. Speaking of which, I’m not sure where he normally lives, the police station?).

His sister is quite taken by him so he tells her even if they are not related he will not have her because he has a girl in (he points to) his heart and head. She says if he finds Soo-yeon, she won’t like him because he changed so much. Jung-woo is worried that she won’t recognise him. His partner calls that he’s at Harry’s house. Jung-woo warns him that Harry asked to let him know before going to his house because he would be away but the partner says there’s a housekeeper here.

Mr. partner hangs up and sees Soo-yeon sit over there. He asks the maid who she is. The maid whispers that she lives together with the owner. Soo-yeon is annoyed that a police came so she calls Hyung-joon asking if aunt died of heart attack or there’s something he didn’t tell her because the police is here. Hyung-joon is stunned then asks if she met him (he’s worried of Jung-woo, so he definitely knows who he is to Soo-yeon). He tells her he’s coming.

Jung-woo follows his partner to Harry’s home. The maid is uneasy and tells him to come back when the owner is here and she motions to Soo-yeon (that she’s not comfortable). Jung-woo greets Soo-yeon and calls out to his partner who is upstairs. His partner tells him to come up calling him by his name, Jung-woo, Han Jung-woo. Soo-yeon is startled hearing the name but doesn’t turn to look at him. The partner tells Jung-woo he found that Michelle Kim drank some wine. Jung-woo walks to the other room.

Soo-yeon slowly turns to look but he’s not there. Thinking he’s upstairs, she repeats his name. When she turns, Jung-woo stands behind her glaring. He yells at her, what are you? who are you?

His partner tries to calm him down. Jung-woo tells her to say his name again. Soo-yeon couldn’t say anything then Hyung-joon arrives.

They sit down and talk. The partner says before the accident, the light in his (Harry) room went on and off like someone was there for about 30 minutes. While they are talking, Jung-woo’s eyes fixes on Soo-yeon. His partner coughs. Hyung-joon says it’s probably his aunt because she had the key to his room. The partner now understands so he tells Jung-woo to leave.

Seeing Jung-woo staring at Soo-yeon, he asks if his fiancée made any mistake. The word “fiancée” surprises Soo-yeon. Jung-woo asks for his permission to talk to his fiancée. Soo-yeon walks over and puts her hand on Hyung-joon’s shoulder to assure him and says that she likes him the most. Jung-woo says sorry he knows that it’s quite strange of him. He drops his jacket’s button into a glass of water and says, it will rain, it will not rain, it will, it will not. He says looks like it will not rain today. Only a friend of his taught him so how she knows, he asks.

Soo-yeon couldn’t come up with an answer so Hyung-joon answers that he saw it on TV. Then he cuts them off to leave.

Jung-woo, the partner and his boss drink together. The partner says he wants to look at it as a murder case but no one had seen her and they (Harry’s side) want to hurry and end it. The partner suggests that she committed suicide out of loneliness. But drunken Jung-woo asks would he commit suicide in a swimsuit?

Jung-woo is so drunk that he falls off chair. He asks if they know what his dream is. They both answer loudly like they did that a hundred time, “To be a proper adult.” (aww, it’s Detective Kim’s dream he once told Jung-woo). The boss is worried about Jung-woo that he orders his partner to take care of him well when Kang Sang Deuk (the culprit who assaulted Soo-yeon) is released tomorrow (great, just great).

Jung-woo comes alone to the warehouse (I think it’s the place where that happened Soo-yeon. I don’t like it one bit that he keeps coming here because he might want to end it here?). He sits alone thinking of Soo-yeon calling him (these flashbacks on repeat are getting on my nerve or may be the writer is trying my patient if  I would go crazy). Jung-woo has been in a loop of guilt that I think he needs a therapy.

Next morning, Jung-woo is waiting  in his car in front of the prison. His partner gets in the car and handcuffs him so he can’t go after Sang-deuk. When Sang-deuk is released and walks out, Jung-woo starts yelling at his partner to let him go because he believes the guy know something because he said she died when it’s not true. He’s going to catch him. Jung-woo begs how else he can find her. He thinks he’s going crazy.

Jung-woo tells his partner sadly that that woman looks like Soo-yeon to him. Her voice too was like Soo-yeon’s. But his partner insists that if he goes after the guy now, he will ruin everything. For 14 years Jung-woo has been waiting for this moment.

Soo-yeon and Hyung-joon are in a car looking for a place when Sang-deuk crosses over and the car hits him! Hyung-joon gets out and asks if he’s alright. He makes a call to someone to take the guy to the hospital. Sang-deuk walks to the car and looks at Soo-yeon. Soo-yeon remembers him and trembles in fear, the past incident comes flooding back to her. She bends down to hide from him. Sang-deuk thinks it’s strange of her so he gets closer and touches her arm.

Hyung-joon sees what happened, he walks over and yells at Sang-deuk. The guy leaves telling him to take his girlfriend to the hospital, she doesn’t look well. Sang-deuk slips Soo-yeon’s phone in his pocket. After he left, Soo-yeon just screams.

Soo-yeon locks herself in the shower. Hyung-joon gets inside and holds her. She keeps screaming, stop it! I hate it! (Oh man, my mind already working what kind of  healing process she needs.)

Jung-woo is in the car talking, how long will he be able to wait? Can he find her? Did he pass by her (without knowing)? He looks at her pictures everyday and yet he’s afraid he doesn’t remember her. His partner just goes to sleep.

His phone rings, it’s Sang-deuk! Sang-deuk threatens Jung-woo that he knows he has a young woman in his house. With that, Jung-woo jumps out of the car (the partner took the key) and runs. He alerts Eun-joo.

Jung-woo gets home and someone says “Lee Soo-yeon”. He turns and Sang-deuk hits him because he’s been taking the beatings (from Jung-woo). I knew Jung-woo had to pay the price of  kicking the guy over the years. Jung-woo fights back and about to punch the guy when Sang-deuk says Soo-yeon didn’t die and Jung-woo can’t find her if he kills him (Ouch, bad guy knows best). “I know where she is.” he adds.

That does it. Jung-woo stops fighting and keeps asking where she is. Sang-duek beats him into a puppy saying someone told him to say he killed her. Jung-woo asks who? Sang-deuk talks about how Detective Kim died chasing them, and if Jung-woo wants to know, apologise to him first.

Jung-woo doesn’t apologise but repeats who? Sang-deuk punches him over and over while Jung-woo just lies still thinking of the incident. It’s like he is punishing himself. Sang-deuk stops and wonders why Jung-woo doesn’t fight back. Eun-joo comes out and gets angry seeing Jung-woo got beaten. She lunches at Sang-deuk but he slaps her. He tells Jung-woo, see you again and leaves.

Jung-woo holds Eun-joo and says he said he knows where she is. Eun-joo yells if he believes that bastard (good question). He says he believes him, he said Soo-yeon didn’t die (Jung-woo, you are a broken record).

Director Nam calls Hyung-joon (this comes faster than I thought) and compliments him that he’s been hiding well. He calls his name Kang Hyung-joon. Hyung-joon is confused. He tells him he is Director Nam, Hyung-joon saw him at the president’s house. He says he didn’t tell Han Tae-jun (Jung-woo’s dad) about it. Hyung agrees to meet him.

The partner comes to Jung-woo’s house and sees the bruised Jung-woo. He gets angry and wants to go after the guy (well, you shouldn’t fall asleep in the car). Soo-yeon’s mom felt so sad. She tells the partner to talk to Jung-woo to stop this. She doesn’t miss Soo-yeon. She won’t be glad if Soo-yeon comes back. A person should live first. Jung-woo hears it and cries.

Sang-deuk calls (Hyung-joon gave him his card) and it’s Soo-yeon that picks up the phone. He says he’s the guy in the accident. She trembles. He wants to go to the hospital. He threatens her that her boyfriend will go to jail. She tells him to wait (she will go there).

Hyung-joon meets Director Nam. He says it’s about money. Hyung-joon asks the amount. He asks why he’s in a hurry or is it that Lee Soo-yeon is waiting? (Whoa) He says he knows they disappeared together (writer, you should tell me how he knew). The police is still looking for her. Director Name tears the contract that it’s for not telling Han Tae-jun.

“How much is Lee Soo-yeon worth? I’ll let you decide.” He says. Hyung-joon stares at him and asks, “How much did you get paid to kill my mom?”

Someone rings Sang-deuk’s door and it’s a delivery. He opens the box and there’s a newspaper about Soo-yeon’s news years ago covering another box inside (what’s in there? what?). Another ring on his door, he peeks through and sees a woman with long black hair wearing black jacket and black cap (seriously, will you open the door?). He smiles and opens the door. The person shocks him down with an electric rod (what it’s called?).

Jung-woo is on a swing thinking of  Soo-yeon (flashbacks again *angry face*). He thinks of her diary: “What will you do on the first snow?” Jung-woo answers, “I’ll see you. I only have one friend. Lee Soo-yeon.” He jumps down and runs.

The partner is kicking Sang-deuk apartment’s door yelling. Inside the room, we see Sang-deuk with a black tape on his mouth (mirroring what he did to Jung-woo) shaking hard. He’s in a bathtub. A figure lurks nearby and puts a red towel over his norse and mouth suffocating him. It looks like he sees the face (will he survive? Or it could be another case for Detective Han next week).

Soo-yeon comes back and stops the car to open the gate. She’s wearing black jacket and gloves similar to the one we saw in front of Sang-deuk’s apartment. Her hands are shaking.

Jung-woo cuts in front of her car that she has to hit the brake. Jung-woo’s random behaviors starting to creep me out. Actually, they both are quite scary.

A police knocks on Hyung-joon window and checks inside. After he left, Hyung-joon looks at CCTV on his laptop.

Soo-yeon gets out of the car and asks what it is. Jung-woo asks her to call his name just once. He calls her Lee Soo-yeon. She stares at him and says, “Detective Han…”. He interrupts, “You’re not her, right?”. He says he knows that she’s not but he thinks she’s the one he’s been looking for. He says he looks like a crazy person so now he’ll stop it. Just today. He’s only going to look for her today and end it (Don’t believe him! He told us that too!).

He tells her to listen to his request this once and send him away. “My name is Han Jung-woo.” he says and tears up.

Hyung-joon sees them together through the camera. I wonder if this is his habit of checking the CCTV. Then could it be that he saw how the nurse died? Or eh..ahem…did he kill her? And Sang-deuk?

Soo-yeon says, “Han Jung-woo.”

Jung-woo turns his back to her and tells her to say it one more time. One more time.

She says his name again. He shakes his head a little like he’s trying to remember. He closes his eyes and tells her to say it again one more time. She says his name softer this time.

He uses his hand to cover his eyes trying to concentrate. His hand is shaking (aww). Soo-yeon tears up and says it her usual way, “Jung-woo. Han Jung-woo.”

Tears fall from his eyes. The voice of the young Soo-yeon calling him echo through his mind. He puts his hand down and turns to face her. There’s gladness in his eyes. He calls her name in his mind like he’s now certain that she is Soo-yeon.


I would call that last bit his detective instinct. He’s been looking at her pictures everyday and going over what she did and wrote for years. It’s like he has every detail written in his heart and he’s been counting the day to meet her. So, to him, she resembles Soo-yeon too much that he can’t let the chance get away. He’s trying to make sure in whatever way he can that his mind didn’t play trick on him when he thought it was her. In that last scene, I didn’t see Micky but Han Jung-woo who felt it might be too good to be her yet his heart is telling him that it is her. Will she admit it and put Jung-woo out of misery so he can move on? Now that he knows she has Hyung-joon, I would love to see Jung-woo say what he wanted to say to her and end it just as he said. If they are going to end up together, I want them to start over from now (who they are now) and heal each other. I can’t see money issue in the past get solved without casualties so I will take precaution moving along.

Hyung-joon is still a mystery to me. More details are needed to figure him out like how he has money to spend, does he have access to the Swiss money or it’s still there untouched (he changed his ID)? And I really think Jung-woo’s flashbacks need to stop or be reduced to the minimum because there’s so much a person can take seeing a girl’s face calling the same name over and over. I love Yoo Seung Ho but Kang Hyung-joon needs to show all his cards that he’s been hiding from us and Soo-yeon before I can make any judgment on his character. Not sure whether Soo-yeon is angry at Jung-woo in her heart or not but I would love it if she gets angry and yells at him like normal people do.

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