Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 5

This episode came as a much lighter than episode 1-4 combined. Fair warning that this is not a full recap so you might want to watch the episode first or you will get stuck in a definitely spoilery land.

While Soo-yeon thinks of Jung-woo, Hyung-joon tugs at her jeans telling her not to leave. He waited but his mom died. He cries and says if she leaves, he will have no one. Soo-yeon recalled Jung-woo telling her that one friend is enough. And that’s how the two bond to stay together.

It seems that Jung-woo now stay with Detective Kim. They both come to a snooker place where he meets a grandpa (like a father to him-a former detective) asking for his help to find Soo-yeon. Detective Kim shows the newspaper with Soo-yeon’s face on it that she’s still alive and she called today. Jung-woo assures him that it’s really Soo-yeon’s voice.

Grandpa says how he can help, he quit long ago and tells them to leave. Detective Kim says he has nowhere to go, the boy left his house and he…eh…quit his job. The place is full of  (I suspect) Detective Kim’s ex-convicted and their heads turn laughing hearing him quit.

Meanwhile Jung-woo’s dad gets a hold of the nurse’s phone number. The assistant asks what to do about Jung-woo. He tells his assistant not to ever mention Jung-woo’s name again. He’s quite relieved now that he doesn’t have the trouble of raising the boy.

Detective Kim has Jung-woo’s phone records and one man recognizes the number and mentions the name. The said guy is busy making fake passports for the three on the run (the nurse, Hyung-joon and Soo-yeon). Detective Kim gets to him and asks that he knows the phone number (on Jung-woo’s phone records), right?

Eun-joo drags Jung-woo home. She wants him to clean up and rest at her house but Jung-woo insists that he’s not comfortable here. She tells him to stay put and she will go check on Soo-yeon’s mom.

Jung-woo turns and then freezes. It’s Soo-yeon engraved on the wall  “I miss you.” that had him stunned. His tears start to fall. He says (to Soo-yeon) that he’s not crying, it’s just because of the wind blowing. Just then Soo-yeon’s mom comes out.

She throws the yellow umbrella at him. Jung-woo quickly picks it up and holds it tight. She starts hitting Jung-woo saying if Soo-yeon hadn’t met him, she would still be alive and it’s because of him.

Eun-joo tells her that Soo-yeon is not dead, she called. But mom won’t listen, she hits them both why they all stay alive when Soo-yeon died. She grabs Jung-woo’s jacket and asks where Soo-yeon is, give Soo-yeon back to her. Jung-woo just stands still taking all the blame and cries.

Well, in parents’ view, Soo-yeon was with him the last so I think it’s right for mom to yell at him, and not to mention that he did leave Soo-yeon in a clear danger. But somehow the situation makes these three getting closer because they share the same pain of losing their love one.

Jung-woo stays with grandpa (with his precious belongings: the yellow umbrella and Soo-yeon’s diary). Detective Kim calls to check on him. He has to check some more to make sure (he’s looking at the nurse, Hyung-joon, Soo-yeon’s passport size pictures). Wanting to cheer the boy up, Detective Kim starts singing (aww). And that put a smile on my face, what a cute and soothing yet sad for these two.

Next day, Detective Kim finds the nurse when the guy delivers the passports to her, and he follows. Jung-woo’s dad is also on the way to the three and is getting close. He calls the nurse, Hyung-joon grabs the phone and listens to him. Then the sound of the coming train nearby startles them all. Hyung-joon quickly hangs up and tells the nurse they have to leave the place. Jung-woo’s dad can locate them because of the sound of the train, so they are on their way.

Detective Kim peeks through a hole and sees Soo-yeon! But then Hyung-joon blocks his view from inside and alerts the nurse that someone is here. They take off while Detective Kim answers Jung-woo’s call telling him that he found Soo-yeon and will take her back. Jung-woo’s face lights up with hope and runs to the house to wait for her.

But when Detective Kim looks again they are all gone. Hyung-joon looks at him behind the corner holding a can of drink. He sees Detective Kim’s car nearby and gets an idea.

The nurse drives off with two kids inside. Detective Kim follows behind and the chasing ensues. At one point, Detective Kim brings his car next to the nurse’s car and opens the window. He sees Soo-yeon and starts calling her. But Soo-yeon is under a trauma that she’s shut  herself from the surroundings. The chasing continues. The nurse speeds up and so Detective Kim. But when he hits the brake, it doesn’t work.

Why? Because that stupid darn can Hyung-joon put underneath the brake blocking the brake to go down. Detective Kim tries to check the brake pedal but his car is moving fast and I believe he doesn’t want to speed up and hit the nurse’s car because Soo-yeon is inside? The chasing goes up the mountain where the road is quite narrow. Detective Kim’s car slips and flips over, and falls down to the steep roadside. Just then Soo-yeon looks behind but see nothing while Hyung-joon puts his head on her shoulder feeling happy that now he gets to have her? Hyung-joon scared me here.

Sorry for Hyung-joon’s fan, this is where I could not forgive Hyung-joon, not that he knew Detective Kim mean well for Soo-yeon but that he meant to kill the man. A boy this young committed murder so casually is kind of scary in my book. I’m not sure he knew Detective Kim but he should have some doubt that he might be someone who loves Soo-yeon to risk his life chasing after her. But this incident is kind of great setting up Hyung-joon’s character and may be something he will regret later. Something he may not be able to forgive himself to have Soo-yeon. Who knows?

Just when I screamed no! Don’t die! My favorite character can’t die! The picure shows Jung-woo, Soo-yeon’s mom and Eun-joo sending him off. Are you kidding me? You killed him off at episode 5?  And then Jung-woo talks to Detective Kim’s soul, thank you, from now on finding Soo-yeon, he will do it.

Jung-woo stands at the same spot he lost Detective Kim looking mighty fine as an adult (Micky weeee!), and we are now in 2012.

Okay, who didn’t laugh during this karaoke scene? Hahaha….Jung-woo is singing his worst when the guy comes in the room. He yells at Jung-woo that it’s his day off, he should go date. Jung-woo says he likes that too so give him back his girl. The guy is wary telling him that it’s not him. I couldn’t believe he’s still around the culprit who took Soo-yeon years ago (is he? *lazy to go back and check the guy’s face* ). Jung-woo pushes him against the wall with killer stare but suddenly puts on a smile telling him not to  cut him off  the song.

This is my favorite scene of the episode. Violence aside, everything was so cool in that Jung-woo casually talked with the guy. He even called it’s love because he’s been thinking of him everyday.

Next we see Jung-woo visits a guy in prison. OMG, it’s the guy who assaulted Soo-yeon, isn’t it? Even the guy is still wary seeing him. Jung-woo says he waited for 14 years to become a police officer.

The guy asks him the worst question of all my kdrama history, did he find his girlfriend? Ouch. Jung-woo’s pauses. The guy knows how to pick his temper. It seems Jung-woo made frequent visit with the same anger. Jung-woo kicks him to the floor and the beating session begins. The guy says he hit him first and there’s a camera, only that Jung-woo put his piece of food into the CCTV blocking the view. Jung-woo asks if he has three more days (the guy will be released? No…so he will be out on the street again?), he orders him not to die. He’s going to kill him.

I wonder how it could be that the culprits doesn’t know who took Soo-yeon. I mean they should know who hired them back then, right?

Jung-woo gets scolded by his boss that there are lots of complaints on him. His partner is so funny trying to get between Jung-woo and his boss. Then Jung-woo gets a call so he leaves. He runs to the house, it’s Soo-yeon’s mom call. It looks like the three has been taking care of each other. She calls him to come eat. It starts to rain so mom tells Jung-woo to help get the laundry hanging outside.

Jung-woo sees a laundry-clip lying on the ground, he feels sad. Mom just knows but doesn’t say. He puts the clip on mom’s hair and hugs her saying it’s his style. When mom tries to hit Jung-woo, Eun-joo gets in the way telling her to hit her instead. It’s a warm family moment here that I think it’s writer Moon’s expertise.

Jung-woo adds color to Soo-yeon’s engraved words on the wall. He talks to Soo-yeon as if she’s there that he’s so angry that he’s going crazy. He’s going to wait today. Just today. He’s really going crazy.

Then we see from a CCTV camera that a woman is jumping to the pool. She swims to the middle and then she struggles to stay afloat (is someone pulling her legs?), not sure what’s the cause and later we see her dead with the police unit arrives. Jung-woo gets into the crime sence and is impressed by the pool inside the house.

Jung-woo’s stepmom and his stepsister are out of the country. Mom has been secretly getting in touch with Jung-woo without his dad knowing, and she even stolen money from her husband. So these two are  fine and rich after all.

We see Soo-yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) now as a fashion designer. They call her “Joy”. A woman tries to destroy the show saying it’s her show, not sure what’s going on, Joy slaps her twice (eh..that’s not very nice coming from a heroine, isn’t it?). The thump sound caught her attention.


It’s Hyung-joon (Yoo Seung Ho) coming to see her. She runs to him and hugs him. They really look good together that for seconds I wanted them to end up together. They both openly declare their feelings. Hyung-joon calls her the woman he loves and she calls him the man she likes. She assures him that she erased all the bad memories.

But when he gets closer, there is hesitation in her eyes so he pokes her forehead instead. Jung-woo’s stepmom and sister see them together, mom wants to scount Joy for her shop.

Jung-woo and his partner search the house. They learn that the owner is outside the country. Jung-woo wants to check CCTV. He finds one door is locked and wants to break in but his partner stops him they could get sued.  They call the key guy to open it for them. Inside, Jung-woo sees the picture of Soo-yeon and Hyung-joon. Something caught his attention, he looks closer to her face.

Soo-yeon calls Hyung-joon “Harry”. They are in a car talking about how she doesn’t want to go back to Korea. And also, if I’m not mistaken, Soo-yeon got a surgery so she gets to be pretty, she teases him. Then he gets a phone call from Jung-woo. He tells him he’s Hun Jung-woo from the police. Hyung-joon doesn’t show any surprise hearing the name, could it be that he’s been keeping track of Jung-woo all this time?

Jung-woo reports the death of Michelle Kim (the nurse) in Hyung-joon’s house causing Hyung-joon to park his car. He’s stunned. Soo-yeon is worried by his sudden stop so she asks what happened. Her voice gets into the phone so Jung-woo also hears her.

Hyung-joon tells him he’s driving and will call him back.

And we are showed inside the room of the CCTV cameras. The cameras cover every room in the house. The room where Jung-woo is in is zoomed closer as if someone is watching.

When Soo-yeon finishes her fashion show, she leaves the stage without walking out in the finale to look for Hyung-joon. She’s relieved to find him sleeping in the room so she sits next to him and falls asleep beside him. Morning comes, she gets a call from Hyung-joon that he’s now in Seoul, he tells her to go back to France. She wants to know what happened. He tells her that aunt died.

Hyung-joon parks his car and Jung-woo is there waiting. Is this Hyung-joon’s house? Jung-woo looks around and sees that CCTV cameras are everywhere. Hyung-joon gets out of the car using a walking stick to support himself because of his leg’s injury. MY 🙂  two men shake hand and once again Jung-woo introduces himself and tells him his name.

Soo-yeon comes back to Seoul alone. When someone calls mother, she stops and thinks of her own mom. She still gets scared by a man and would tremble in fear if a man gets close or touch her. She calls Hyung-joon but he doesn’t answer.

Jung-woo has to help holding Hyung-joon when he sees the nurse’s face that she died.

Jung-woo drives with one of his hand outside the window to feel the rain. His partner tells him to close the window that they are not alone (Hyung-joon sits in the back). But Hyung-joon says it’s alright. The partner rants that Jung-woo likes rain, he also likes snow.

Hyung-joon looks at Jung-woo interestingly with calculated eyes (man, I don’t like that look at all).

Soo-yeon opens the window to feel the rain while she’s a taxi. The driver has to ask her to close the window. She arrives at Hyung-joon’s house but doesn’t know how to open the gate.

Jung-woo drops Hyung-joon at his house and is heading out to the gate. He gets out of the car to open the gate and hears Soo-yeon’s voice. She does her usual footsteps and chant on the rain. Jung-woo slowly looks over the gate and sees her from afar. He sees her moves her feet like Soo-yeon used to.

Soo-yeon turns to leave. Jung-woo stumbles to climb the gate calling her to stop right there.


Jung-woo with his hands covering his eyes says, my name is Han Jung-woo. Hyung-joon is looking at something intensely. Soo-yeon calls out, Han Jung-woo!

Jung-woo cries hearing her calling his name and thinks to himself… more time.


I did this episode to give some weight on the adult cast. The episode did a great job introducing the adult leads. We get their personalities and how they spent their lives right away. I was super sad that Detective Kim died because he’s the only one like a father to Jung-woo. His kindness of wanting to bring Soo-yeon back even if she’s not his real family was more than kind.

I’m in the stage of wait and see what kind of woman Soo-yeon turned to be. The way she slapped the women  and the way she clung to Hyung-joon were quite the opposite. Hyung-joon and Soo-yeon have spent time together longer than Jung-woo, and they hold each other like their sole reason to live. So, as of now, I couldn’t picture Soo-yeon leaving Hyung-joon easily. Their bonding is so deep but we can’t deny that the nurse and Hyung-joon’s mom was behind Jung-woo’s kidnap which caused Soo-yeon so much pain to run away with Hyung-joon in the first place. I’m not sure if Hyung-joon knew that. His killing Detective Kim is quite safe though because he’s the one knew what he did. So if he keeps that to himself, Soo-yeon will never know. I suspect if Hyung-joon finds out who Detective Kim was to Soo-yeon, he might break down.

Jung-woo is obsessed to find Soo-yeon that he’s still hanging around men that hurt her all these years and may want to go after them? I’m so afraid that the guy will get out of the prison and once again go after Soo-yeon, and the story may repeat itself. Only this time, I hope Jung-woo will do the right thing even if it means his life.

He is so fine, isn’t he? *gulp*

*Not sure will do other episodes  🙂

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