Thoughts on “I Miss You” Episode 1-4

I chose to catch up with “I Miss You” first and what do you know? Oy.

It’s because of writer Moon’s previous work, Can You Hear My Heart, that made me anticipate this one. I expected a warm-hearted melo with falling tears that quietly scream “I miss you…”. However, when I finished the first episode, it was the word  “violence” that came up in my mind.

I was surprised the writer chose daddy stomping his feet on his daughter who was under the blanket as an opening sequence. It was totally unexpected. Even though I could understand it’s there to set up the lead’s background, it’s still quite hard to swallow.

Lee Soo-yeon was hated by everyone in school and the neighbour as her father was arrested (and later convicted) as a murderer. Han Jung-woo just got back from the US and was new in town. He happened to meet her without  knowing her background and called her by her name when no one did. And their story unfolded from here.

I loved that when later Jung-woo learned that Soo-yeon was a daughter of the murderer, he got scared and stepped away. It’s realistic and told us that our hero was not perfect. When Jung-woo saw how Soo-yeon got bullied in school, his feelings got softened and , by the end of the episode, he asked her to be friends.

Episode 2 was a bit lighter with cute moments of young love. Soo-yeon and Jung-woo spent more time together and got closer. Then tragic happened (melo 101).

Jung-woo’s father wanted his money (namely in Swiss bank) from Kang Hyung-joon (later Yoo Seung Ho)’s mother so he threatened her with Hyung-joon’s life. Later she (with the nurse’s help) successfully kidnapped Jung-woo with Soo-yeon tagging along (she ran after the van so the culprit took her too) and threatened Jung-woo’s father to let her go free and she would return his son. The plan didn’t go well because Jung-woo’s father decided to search for his son himself (not sure about the fate of  Hyung-joon’s mom, did he kill her?) so he didn’t let her go.

Two episodes in and I was fine and quite enjoyed the quality of the drama. It was solid.

It was episode 3 that I started to feel uneasy. It was really hard to watch. As Jung-woo and Soo-yeon were tied up, the bad guy got high on drug and dragged Soo-yeon away. All we could hear and see was Soo-yeon’s scream and Jung-woo shocking face. The scene led us to believe that sexual assault did happen (though I still have this little hope that it was mislead). Honestly, I didn’t think writer Moon would step into this territory but it interests me what message she wants to send out to the audience.

The story took an interesting turn character wise as Jung-woo was able to free his hands. He stood up and I thought he was going to help Soo-yeon who was lying on the ground all bruised and leave together. But no, he looked at her who clearly staring back at him and chose to leave alone. Whaaat? I don’t know about others but for me, I would take her with me and run together. You could blame it on his age but he’s fifteen! He should not do that, at least give her some console words that you will come back! Tell her something! Because no words could equal to selfishness, no?

I was willing to give him some credit, however, later he admitted himself that it’s his fear that he ran. Even if  he will grow up to be Micky later, I want to poke his head for committing such a big mistake. Just think of how Soo-yeon would feel after seeing him run out alone, that must have hurt badly. With that much trust/love in him, his action made such an awesome set-up for their relationship in the future.

Episode 4 was a pain for me, Jung-woo ran out and called the police but he cut off the conversation because the culprit got close to him. Now this was where I was frustrated. Can’t the police track down his location using the phone booth’s number? Finally his father and lackeys arrived in time to help him. Jung-woo asked his father to go help Soo-yeon but daddy never actually did.

Soo-yeon made her way out alone and came facing with a car that the nurse and Hyung-joon were inside. She weakly asked for their help. The nurse backed up the car meaning to run over her while Hyung-joon protested.

Jung-woo got home but he was never the same again as the incident played back in his mind that he left Soo-yeon there. And the search continued for Soo-yeon from her family. Jung-woo’s father managed to catch the culprits and helped plant the evidence that Soo-yeon was dead (got thrown into the river) though her body was not found.

Just when I almost lost hope in this drama, Jung-woo suspected his father that he might be behind this searching game and searched his father’s study. He found his phone he lost during the incident anddddd…..the phone rang (Wow, love this bits). He slowly answered and it’s Soo-yeon! Jung-woo and me leapt with joy. Only daddy took away the phone and called him crazy (or something) to which I hope Jung-woo would stay strong that it was really Soo-yeon’s voice and not his imagination.

By the end of the episode, Jung-woo walked out of his house and went straight to the police. He kneeled down in front of Detective Kim (who Soo-yeon lived with) and begged him and others to help find Soo-yeon that she’s still alive. He cried out, “Soo-yeon. I miss you.”

Speaking of  Soo-yeon, it turned out the nurse and Hyung-joon took her with them. Hyung-joon showed her the newspaper announcing her death. He tried to convince her (so that she would leave the place with them) that Jung-woo wouldn’t come for her (or something like that I forgot exact words). Soo-yeon couldn’t accept that and started a series of horrified scream. The longer she screamed the more I cringed. And that’s the end of the episode.

That’s how I survived four episodes of  I Miss You.

Should I jump on board? Well, I jumped on already. The fact that they kept showing the adult cast kind of telling us that the goodies have yet to come, made me drool. Okay, Micky and Yoo Seung Ho’s faces might be the main reason. It also helps that this is a well-executed, well-acted and well-scripted drama. What I like is that now Jung-woo has this huge guilt built up inside that will definitely play an important part to the adult Jung-woo that I would love to see. He surely would spend his life trying to make up for what he did, and it’s just the matter of when and to whom. Plus, his belief that Soo-yeon is alive somewhere would step up his longing to a greater degree.

The story didn’t tell us much about Hyung-joon except that one of his legs was injured and he spent much of his time hiding from Jung-woo’s father under the supervision of the wicked nurse (sorry for the name). Soo-yeon’s story till now has been all tragic and sad. Her scream in the last part made me worry a bit whether she would grow up normal or else it would be Nice Guy on repeat (and I still miss Kang Ma-ru…A LOT). Other than her trust and love of Jung-woo, I’m not sure what kind of woman she will grow up to be.

What I don’t like is that the conflict that started it all was about money (to which I’m not sure who has the right to claim yet). Because I don’t feel parents chasing after money is good enough of a reason to make such tragic happen to all leads (as in necessity).  This is a 20-episode drama and I can’t see myself sitting through if this money scheme will come back and haunt our leads (and me) to the very end.

That said, I do love Jung-woo’s guilt of leaving Soo-yeon behind and trying to find her because he wants to say something to her. It’s such a raw emotion that put me at the edge of my seat already. It also doesn’t help AT ALL that they kept showing the adult Jung-woo (aka Micky) saying in soft yearning voice, “I miss you”,  “I’m going crazy waiting for you and still waiting”….”I miss you”……(sorry, some might be my own, got carried away)  🙂

My two favorite characters,  Detective Kim and his little detective daughter, Eun-joo.

*Pictures taken from episode 3-4

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