The Horse Healer Episode 4

The episode was interesting enough so here it is. I planned to make it short, I really do. Oh well… 🙂


Gwang-hyun keeps calling his dad to open his eyes saying that he brought back the medicine. He begs him not to die. It’s all his fault. He won’t do it again, he will listen to him so hurry wake up. But there’s no response from Suk-goo so he just cries.

Young-dal keeps refusing that she’s not Ji-nyeong but Myung-hwan calmly tells her that she doesn’t have to worry. He’s not here to punish her or that because she ran away. Now no one will do that to her. He praises her father. Young-dal perks up hearing that. She asks who he is and that he talked about her father.

Gwang-hyun hugs his dad and says he’s sorry, very sorry. It’s all his fault. Then he sees what’s written with blood, ‘Kang Do Joon’ (dear daddy, you should write moorree!).  He asks his dad what’s Kang Do-joon and why they go after him. He checks outside and sees soldiers are coming. Gwang-hyun tries to take his dad with him but he’s too heavy so he puts some dry leaves over him  (not sure how that would help) and tells him he will be back alive, he promised Young-dal to go back to her. He tells his dad to stay here then hugs him tight and leaves. Gwang-hyun runs out just before the soldiers arrive.

Young-dal thinks over what Myung-hwan told her that she’s a high-born(a nobleman family). The lackeys come in to take her away but she insists she’s going to leave with Gwang-hyun. The lackey perks up and asks if Gwang-hyun is that kid and where he is, he will go help him. Young-dal doesn’t think twice, she’s too happy asking if he’s really going to help Gwang-hyun. The lackey says yes.

The lackey rides fast with Myung-hwan in voiceover telling the lackey that no one should stay alive both Baek Suk-goo and that kid. He must get rid of them.

Myung-hwan tries to make Young-dal leave but she stands her ground that Gwang-hyun is not here, she’s not leaving .

Gwang-hyun is running as fast as he can to get away from the soldiers but he comes to the dead-end with the cliff behind him. The soldiers put down their weapons trying to arrest Gwang-hyun that his dad is a sinner and he’s the son of a sinner. Gwang-hyun shouts at them that his dad is not a sinner and they are lying.

An arrow flies in and hits Gwang-hyun on his chest, he stumbles. The soldier calls out who did that. It’s Myung-hwan’s lackey did the shot, and he sends out another one and another meaning to kill Gwang-hyun on spot. Just before the second arrow hits Gwang-hyun, it’s as if he hears Young-dal calling, “No, Gwang-hyun, no!” so he turns to look for Young-dal, the second arrow misses the target. But the third arrow makes Gwang-hyun lose his balance, he falls backward and drops down to the sea below.

In town, Young-dal keeps calling Gwang-hyun (what Gwang-hyun heard) and wants to run to him but Myung-hwan grabs her tight not letting her go.

In his mind, dad, Young-dal, he has to go back, he promised he would go back.

Young-dal stands by the same cliff with Myung-hwan and the lackey. She cried talking to Gwang-hyun that he said he would come back and she waited.

They plan to leave Tosung. Myung-hwan visits Sung-jo to give him some documents. Now that he got money, he plans to make money out of it and Sung-jo likes that.

Myung-hwan tells his lackey that now Ji-nyeong will live as the sole heir so there must be no rumors about her (as in her past life). He wonders how Ji-nyeong is now.

Ji-nyeong is yelling at the maid not to take her shoe away (the one Gwang-hyun gave her).  Myung-hwan sits her down and talks to her that she refused to take any medicine. Ji-nyeon (will call her real name from now) cries and says sorry. Myung-hwan asks if it’s because of that kid. She says he died because of her, if they didn’t meet her both Gwang-hyun and his dad would stay alive. Myung-hwan sighs that he too once his friend died because of him, and he’s her father. That time, his heart hurt just like hers. He tells her that it’s not her fault that they died so stops being sad.

Ji-nyeong begs him to tell her who killed Gwang-hyun. Myung-hwan just looks away from her. When outside, he talks to her in his mind to leave everything behind and starts anew. He will make sure she has everything.

Ji-nyeong hugs the shoe crying. She thinks of her time with Gwang-hyun and calls him a liar, bad boy, and that he promised he would come back.

At a horse farm (I think it’s the place Myung-hwan was raised), a man shouts that he found a corpse in a wagon. It’s Gwang-hyun, he’s unconscious in bad condition.

At the same, a horse doctor (will call the vet) tells the owner that he’s unable to help one horse. They don’t know what to do with both so they lie them side by side and leave for them to die.

During the night, Gwang-hyun moans in pain and calls Young-dal. He calls his dad. The horse perks up and gathers all his strength to come lick Gwang-hyun’s face (a really long licking scene, poor boy). When the horse walks away, he thinks it’s his dad so he tells him not to go.

A mysterious man comes check on his condition. Gwang-hyun tries to look and asks who he is. It’s Do-joon (his real father). Do-joon tells him not to worry, he will take care of him.

Then we get to see in a blurred picture that it’s not really Do-joon (I got all excited thinking he’s alive, darnit) but it’s still a nice touch.

Morning comes, the vet and his co are surprised that both the kid and horse get better. The owner is happy about the horse but not the boy. The vet says because of the boy the horse gets better and vice versa. They both help each other to recover. But the owner is not sure about the boy because he got wounded by an arrow, he wants to report him. The vet begs him to let go this once. He suggests he takes him in as a servant. The boss sees they are in need of hands so he agrees.

The co asks Gwang-hyun his name but the boy doesn’t answer. Gwang-hyun asks where this is. He says it’s where they treat animal and points to a man that he’s a horse doctor. Gwang-hyun looks around.

Ji-nyeong is leaving Tosung. She asks the lackey if she can visit her friends but he says no that his master will take good care of them so she doesn’t have to worry. She gets in a carriage. On her way, she looks out the window and sees herself with her friends but it turns out to be other kids. She feels sad living the place. Ji-nyeong gets on a boat.

Another boat reaches Tosung.

Omo. It’s In-joo coming back to Tosung. She comes to Do-joon’s place and learns about the family has been cleared of the crimes and that the only daughter is still alive. She feels sad saying no, it’s not, that girl is not Do-joon’s child.

Flashback, she goes to the island and learns that the man and his kid left on the boat long ago.

Present, she wonders where they are. She’s worried about the kid, Do-joon’s son.

Gwang-hyun tries to run away but falls into a trap. The boss orders him beaten. It’s funny when the boss turns away the guys just beat the boy softly and when the boss turns to look they beat him hard haha. Gwang-hyun tells him that there’s a place he needs to go but the boss orders his men to beat him more. The vet and co feel bad for the boy but the vet says this way the boy will learn his lesson.

They put Gwang-hyun inside near the horse. The boss tells them not to give him food today. Gwang-hyun touches the horse calling him Young-dal that their eyes are alike.

Myung-hwan comes to his house. It seems he’s left Ji-nyeong in his household with his wife and son (Lee Sung-ha, later Lee Sang Woo). Ji-nyeong has learned to read well. Myung-hwan announces that now they all are to go back to Tosung. Ji-nyeong is happy.

Back in Tosung, In-joo had a man find info and he tells her that Baek Suk-goo died and the kid fell off the cliff but the body hasn’t been found. The man tells her to give up but she says she can’t. She begs for his help doesn’t matter how much money he need. The man gives her a list of 20 places that he (not sure who) used to work as a servant, she could go and check each place.

In-joo comes to Do-joon’s place and asks him (in her mind) to help her find his child. Then inside the house, the servants are calling for Ji-nyeong trying to find her. In-joo sees a little girl climbing over the wall and walks away. She wonders if the girl is Baek Suk-goo’s child.

Ji-nyeong comes to the place treating sick people. She shows Gwang-hyun’s picture to a lady asking if she sees this boy. The lady says no. Ji-nyeong walks back disappointed wondering if may be, by any chance, he’s alive and is living somewhere. She asks Gwang-hyun in her mind if  this means they will not see each other again.

Gwang-hyun looks at the sky and calls her name, Young-dal. The horse makes some noise so he looks at him. He touches his leg and feels the muscles. Gwang-hyun goes tell the vet about it that it’s strange. The vet believes him and checks the horse. He asks Gwang-hyun how he’s be able to tell. It seems the horse needs a surgery on his thigh (or what it’s called?) and the vet tells Gwang-hyun to help him.

The surgery is a success and Gwang-hyun proves himself a skillful helper. Gwang-hyun asks if it’s him that night helping him to stay alive. He thinks he should let him die. The vet says it’s not him. The vet asks how about he become a horse doctor. He doesn’t know what made him not want to live but there are reasons of all things in this world  so there must be a reason why he’s here (I think).

Gwang-hyun says he doesn’t want to learn medications. His dad wanted him to too. He remembers when his dad’s about to die, he couldn’t think what to do. He’s so stupid.

Then the animals are making noises, the vet runs saying that that guy again stealing corpse (of death animal by digging up the ground). He tells Gwang-hyun to go back, he will get that guy today.

Gwang-hyun follows him into the forest. A shadow moves past him he calls out thinking it’s the vet. Then he stumbles on a dead horse, and gets scared. A guy grabs him and thrusts a needle into his neck. Gwang-hyun faints and the guy carries him away.

The guy is slicing an animal and taking out its internal organs. There are charts of human anatomy lying around. Gwang-hyun is lying nearby with needles all over his body. Gwang-hyun wakes up and looks around. The guy tells him to stay still and carefully takes out all the needles from his body, and checks his pulse. The guy tells Gwang-hyun he’s a doctor. He is satisfied that Gwang-hyun is healing now. It was 3 months ago that he treated him. He compliments his own skills because Gwang-hyun was in really bad condition then.

Flashback, we see the guy’s  treating Gwang-hyun that night.

Present, Gwang-hyun realizes that it’s him treating his wound and it’s not a dream. He asks if he’s really a doctor and lives in a place like this with corpses (dead animals). He says he’s curious of human body (organs).

He tells Gwang-hyun he can go back now and if he feels grateful, bring him chicken from there. Then he gets back to his slicing animal. Gwang-hyun walks out but turns to look again; he wonders if the guy really saved him. The guy looks at him leaving.

It’s the day where buyers from many places come to look at the horses. And looks who’s here. Myung-hwan, Ji-nyeong and Sung-ha. The vet tries to warn his boss that horse is not well but the boss wouldn’t listen. So the vet tells Gwang-hyun to be the one to show that horse (the one he’s befriended with) so the horse won’t get nervous.

In-joo arrives at the horse farm too (I hope it’s the same one).

The farm gets ready to show their horses. Myung-hwan and the two kids are sitting on the stand. People all look at Ji-nyeong and bow because she’s the sole heir and rich. They look at the show and the dances.

Gwang-hyun sits further down below. He turns and sees the side of Ji-nyeong’s face and thinks she looks familiar. A man calls Gwang-hyun by his name to come over. Hearing the name, Ji-nyeong quickly turns and sees a little boy from the side. She follows the sound and looks around. Sung-ha wonders where Ji-nyeong is.

Gwang-hyun calms the horse down from the noise of the drums. The horse is a bit nervous today so he asks the horse if she’s not well. It’s his turn to show the horse so he walks her over passing Ji-nyeong who is looking the other way. A man calls Gwang-hyun so he turns, and Ji-nyeong turns hearing the name. The horse gets excited and jumps. The move is so sudden that Gwang-hyun loses his grab of the horse.

The horse is running away. Sung-ha sees Ji-nyeong so he runs to her but he also gets in the way of the running horse. The horse kicks Sung-ha on his chest and jumps over. Sung-ha is knocked to the ground unconscious.

Both Gwang-hyun and Ji-nyeong gasp. She runs to Sung-ha while Gwang-hyun stares at them afraid of what’s to come.


So the horses and the horse doctor are now in the picture. I’m not sure how much the drama will cover on the healing, not really into that though. I hope the adult cast will make the subject interesting throughout its run because by now I might end up studying acupuncture myself, thanks to those needles. Also I’m not sure how Gwang-hyun got into the wagon but it may be told later because clearly it’s someone helping him. To be honest, not a big fan of  Lee Yo Won and really hope she proves me wrong.  Oh dear, I have a bad feeling I might fall for a second lead, Sung-ha (Lee Sang Woo).

The adult cast from the preview of next week. We’ll see.

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  1. I happen to chance upon your page and discovered the recaps for horse healer. Thank you so much for the recaps, which are not offered elsewhere…. Can’t wait for episode 5’s recap!!!

  2. OMG kcomments you heard about yoochun and yoo seung ho acting together OMG it looks like a romance OMG and yoo seung ho’s character looks like it will be unrequited???? I’m getting yeo un feels ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for the awesome recap!!!! :))) I appreciate it a lot.

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