Remembering The Legend

Faith reminded me in some ways of  The Legend. Granted, both dramas have the same producer and writer. I was very much in love with Legend at that time and there are many scenes that stay fresh in my mind. Since it’s been so long, I went back to see how the drama was directed back then and was surprised that awesome things then are now so common compared to stylish directing these days.

From The Legend OST

Legend / Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi

English title: The Legend
Also known as: The Story of the First King’s Four Gods
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-11 to 2007-Dec-05

Main Cast

Bae Yong Jun as Damdeok / Hwanwoong
Yoo Seung Ho as young Damdeok

Lee Ji Ah as Sujini / Seoh

Shim Eun Kyung as young Sujini

Moon So Ri as Seo Ki Ha / Kajin
Park Eun Bin as young Ki Ha

Dam-deok was the 19th king of Goguryeo (lasted from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D.). In the drama, his life practically was very much on battle fields. He had two women in his life, Ki Ha and Sujini. There were many fighting scenes that at that time I thought all were cool. And below is where Dam-deok confronting the big bad. The directing was nothing new but at least it was engaging.

From episode 17 (definitely contains spoilers)

Below is the scene that stuck in my head because ,at that time, I didn’t understand what he’s trying to tell Sujini. And I heard somewhere that Bae Yong Jun reshooted this scene even when it’s about to go on air because he thought he wasn’t quite understand the scene himself.

From episode 18

I wasn’t sure if it’s a confession or rejection from what he said. It was later that I realized he didn’t want a queen but a best friend (yet a king’s woman).

Only to regret later on……..

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