Nice Guy Episode 1

This drama calls for a debate. I still have no clue what the watch gotta do with it.

Since I’ve been laughing a lot lately (thanks to To the Beautiful You and Haeundae Lovers), I think it’s time for a melodrama for a change? From the master of melodrama, writer Lee Kyung Hee, who loves to introduce conflicts that are hard to fix or to blame anyone involved, and any move from anyone will only cause additional pain for their love ones. So what do viewers usually do? We endure their pain along side with Kleenex boxes only to pain ourselves even more because now we’re stuck and dying to know whether or not the story would end painfully. Will Nice Guy prove its worth? Humm….. *grumbles*

A brief on the story. My intention is to say something  🙂  And not because he’s cute though he is cute.

The drama introduces a bright (and cute cute cute) med student Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) diligently in the work to become a doctor one day. He comes home and finds his sister, Choco (Lee Yoo Bi) falling sick and it seems to be her usual health conditions. We don’t know how they are related yet (as in same mom-dad?).

Just as he’s about to take care of her, he gets a phone call (of doom).

It’s Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) who is on the verge of breaking down telling him to come to her right away. Ma-roo hesitates a wee sec looking at Choco not sure what to do. But his crush takes the lead so he decides to leave his SICK sister! Man, what a way to introduce a hero. Despite his sister begging not to go, he leaves anyways saying he’ll right backkk. I’ll give him some credit that he may know his sister’s condition is not that serious because he’s med student and all.


Can you imagine how a really sick young girl (and me) would feel? So heart-broken. It’s like Ma-roo is painting dark shadow over her heart and I’m sure it’s there to stay. Let’s think about it, is he being nice here? No. Is he really in love with Jae-hee? May be. We don’t know that and whether or not it’s a normal relationship remained to be seen.

To his credit, he does stop a bit on his way to Jae-hee as guilt is knocking on his head, but he follows his heart anyways.

He gets to the hotel and finds Jae-hee trembling with fear that the man who’s lying on the floor might be dead. Ma-roo checks his pulse and confirms that he is.

Then we meet Seo Eun Ki (Moon Chae Won), an heir of a business tycoon.  She’s a capable businesswoman or trying to or she thinks she is, also a badass and loves speed. Though I’m not sure why dramas love to make a super rich weird. There are compassionated rich people too, I assure you.

Back to the hotel. And what Ma-roo decided? He takes the blame for Jae-hee that he killed the man and shoos her out. Jae-hee resists at first then concedes to his idea. Now he’s left with the corpse waiting for the police to arrive.

The truth starts sinking in that he’s stupid how much this sacrifice will cost him. Yeah, this is worst. He leaves his sick sister for prison. Who will take care of her? *grumbles*

He cries. He’s sent to jail naturally. Just a reminder, it’s the choice he made himself. I really hope there is more story on his reason for protecting her to this extent, how deep is their bonding? Give me something, darnit.

Six years later (time-jump #1 and counting, hope not. Remember 4-5 time-jumps in Will It Snow for Christmas? And that one is just a 16-episode whereas this one is a 20). Ma-roo is in a hotel room with a woman. He coldly breaks up with her when their mouths that close. She clings to him not letting him go.

*gasp* Beauty.

Eun-ki’s not in a good health. She’s having a chest pain or some difficulty breathing. And look who is her stepmother? It’s Jae-hee. Eun-ki doesn’t hide her discontent to her new mom and son (and the boy is surely Eun-ki’s dad son, right?, right?).

Nearby, Ma-roo gives back a bank book to his friend Park Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo) he got back from that woman who stole money from his friend.

They all fly back to Seoul.

In the plane when Ma-roo waits to use the toilet, a woman comes out and stumbles. She falls on his chest. He sighs saying that this is in the plane (like this is not the place to you know…). But she actually faints. He lies her down on the floor looking at her face. He pauses a sec taking in her features. His eyes show a teeny bit of feelings (caring?) before he walks away.

After his friend push and push that he’s an ex-med student after all, he walks back to check on her. He asks for her guardian.

And when Jae-hee shows up, they both are stunned. He asks what’s her relationship with the woman. Jae-hee says she’s her daughter, her husband’s daughter from his previous marriage. That seal the deal on Ma-roo’s heart.

I believe it’s anger in his eyes knowing that she got married and with a son too. I’m not sure I’m with him though his sudden anger. Why didn’t he try to contact her as soon as he got out of  prison? It seems he’s still waiting for her. I guess there’s more later then.

He does some medical procedures on Eun-ki to , at least, make her make it to the nearest airport. Jae-hee gets scared she stops him saying he’s not a real doctor. Well, that does the trick digging up his pain that because for who he didn’t get to be a doctor.

And the episode ends.

Overall productions felt like a pro, directing, music etc.  The problem is I didn’t agree with any of  Ma-roo’s decisions, and he supposes to be the one I should be rooting for? I do think he has rather weak persona because a strong mind would never let emotions overrule good judgement. The only thing I could come up with is that we were told in bits and pieces that were not quite fit together yet. I don’t mind the mistake he made because it’s an interesting set-up to be explored. But I don’t love anyone nor do I feel their pain, and I need that to complete a drama this length. I need to want Ma-roo to find his happiness. I guess I have to be more patient and let the story unfold.

As for Song Joong Ki, he did well but if  Ma-roo wants to use his charm with women to buy his way in the world, doesn’t he need to appear more like a player? Some sparkles in his eyes would definitely help because what woman would fall for a robot? I was thinking of other actors who have these lady-killer glares. I know it’s just episode one, not trying to say he’s not good. The word that popped up in my mind while watching was maturity, not age but life experiences. It shows when you act how deep you know the real agony.

Song : Michael Jackson’s This Is It. 

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