Movie : Hello Ghost

I hadn’t been able to sit back and watch a movie on DVD for months, and my first choice was a US-movie Mirror Mirror (Ouch! Meh..), I couldn’t finish it. So I picked this one hoping to laugh like crazy because of  Cha Tae-hyun only to realize that the movie got more bones than I had anticipated.

We have one man and four ghosts, of course. In the poster (from top to bottom),

Jang Young-nam as Crybaby ghost (she cries most of the time)

Lee Moon-soo as Poppy ghost (eh..a pervert?)

Ko Chang-seok as Chain-smoker ghost (well, he loves to smoke)

Cha Tae-hyun as Kang Sang-man (our hero)

Cheon Bo-guen as Elementary school student ghost (a cool kid)

And not in the poster is Kang Ye-won as Jeong Yeon-soo (a stoic nurse yet kind)

I didn’t come up with the character names myself. Got it from and the movie itself is not new, released in Korea in 2010. I’ll just give you the beginning to let your imagination run wild haha.


Kang Sang-man is a man desperately wanting to end his miserable life having no one in this world to turn to. However, no matter how many times he tried to kill himself, he got out of it alive every single time. His latest attempt, which is the opening scene, he stuffs pills in his mouth as a suicide attempt but just as he’s lost his conscious, the landlord saves him. Only this time, when he wakes up in the hospital he starts seeing these people, and that’s where it (the hilarious) all begins.

That’s all I’m gonna tell ya  🙂

As I was watching, at one point, I was disappointed because I wanted more of the funny.  But I was curious how the story would end enough to stick around. And…what do you know? The latter half, I kept saying oh man..oh man as the story unfolded. By the end, it was just aww….LOVE.

You know what’s so special imo about Korean movie? Subtle moments are one, and they always incorporate these teeny tiny bits here and there that just get into you, and your heart would skip a beat.

This movie had me think again that even though you think you can handle life all by yourself, there are people out there that are not wrong to be needing a family or someone by their side. It’s not just about loneliness but the will to live on, for everyday life to have some meanings. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to smile even wider, to forgive even more to people around you no matter who they are, because you’d never know how hard life has been for them till now.

Production credits:

Directed and Screenplay by Kim Yeong-tak


Video credits YT uploader.

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