Soundtrack #19 : To the Beautiful You

“It’s Me”, the song that’s been on my mind lately, the soundtrack of  Korean drama “To the Beautiful You“. Just love the melody 🙂

I know the drama has flaws. I know the story sometimes doesn’t make any sense. I’m aware of  the so called continuity of the story. I’m also aware most of the actors are newbies (idols that I truly didn’t know from before). Something must have gotten into me because I’m still loving this show.

I think it must be that I adore all the them (I’m all for Dorm 2, by the way). Aren’t they adorable? I can feel their sincerity/freshness to act,  to do a good job. I also foresee their potential on the road ahead so I’m giving them a chance trying their first. Everyone has to have the first try, right? What can I say? I’m really easy that way hehe.

Video credits YT uploader.

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  1. at the moment this is probably my second 3 out of the line of dramas I’m watching I’m surprised that I’m only watching 3 dramas this summer (well now autumn) last year I watched like 7 or 10 kdramas during summer/autumn I guess nothing really catched my eye my fave at the mome is faith I just love the two leads lee min ho and the girl I keep forgetting the actress’s name so I’ll just call her by eun soo (her characters name) they just have me swooning I feel the chemistry and there gorgeous I’m anticipating there love and romance in the future eps no matter how cheesy that sounds hehe (I’m a cheesy romantic at least I think I am…. hehe :D)

    • Currently zipping coffee with barista Tae-joon (Minho) at Genie High, waiting for next episode of To the Beautiful You.

      For Eun Soo, the actress’s name is Kim Hee Sun.
      As for Faith, ….humm…….the only way they could make my head turn is more screen times of the leads, and an epic love story 🙂

      • yh an EPIC LOVE STORY!!!!!!! I’m still waiting for there romance it slowly looks like it’s starting to take shape a little hehe but soon I’m sure it will be BOOM BABY lol

        • LOL, I do really want to like Faith but I guess the directing that bored me at times. I’m not sure it’s LMH or me because I want more from the man. I couldn’t put my finger on what was not there. The problem for me is, I would like the story to either go all the way about Young as a great warrior or the king finding his way to become a capable ruler. The story went back and forth between the two almost equally that it distracted my joy and love of the character I rooted for. Just when I started to love Young, the king got in the way. And just when I was almost there with the king, Young’s story popped up. There were times that I had doubt which character the writer is rooting for as the hero in this drama, and of course, I want it to be Young.

          I like Legend (the writer’s previous work) enough, story with king and four gods and all. Now I can’t help thinking that may be BYJ had something to do with the writing and directing at that time. Don’t get me wrong, I love LMH, and that’s why I’m still here talking 🙂

          • I heard about legend does it end happy I think I remember hearing it does end happy but not sure???

            • and faith does seem all over the place a bit with young and the king this one is still my first fave drama out of the line but I want the romance to hurry up a bit like with to the beautiful you tae joon already looks like he’s falling for our jae hee 😀

              • Aww… Tae Joonieee so cute. Didn’t you notice, EG’s roommate, HJ ? He’s kinda HOT ! I love every character so far, also Dorm 2’s Head, SR, eep, cute everytime he emoted his dorm head superior haha…..

                So far, I’ve been following HL on Mon-Tue, mainly because of KKW’s amazing acting, and TTBY on Wed-Thu for its cuteness and freshness. Faith, I’m still uncomfortable with overall settings, not to mention LMH’s new hairdo *gulp* and I do think the king out- performed LMH in terms of acting. I hope Choi Young turn more aggressive soon cuz he’s better that way.

                Arang, can I say again I looove the Jade Emperor? He intrigued me more than ,say, EO? Those nocturnal ‘s cries during night scenes just pure spooky ^^ , and the magistrate better smile soon cuz I’m getting bored with his being rather harsh. Now Nice Guy will premiere next week, we’ll see.

                Did you see CSW in Five Fingers? He’s pure torture there. [Spoiler] I believe he now has only nine capable fingers to play piano, and counting? This one is def the super melo of the k-melodramas. Now waiting for KJW to pop up in May Queen anytime soon ^^

            • The ending of Legend? Hum….not sure, why? Because I didn’t get it! The ending left me frustrated for days, and I even demanded season 2. Well, it’s because BYJ was injured during the filming, he could hardly walk so that were things they could come up with for the finale. Jeez, now I’m getting mad again thinking about it. Reaaaaally hope Faith’s ending will be easy for us to comprehend ^^

              • lol I’m actually behind on my dramas now lol so I have to catch up hopefully faith will get more interesting and arang is sort of boring me is it just me or is that other guy falling for arang the one that was supposedly mean’t to be marrying her before she died :/ oh yh and I did check out ji chang wook in five fingers I’m still not going to watch it but I will have a look at his scenes every now and then 😀

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