Hello Hong Kong

Totally random here. I was in Hong Kong longer than I planned to. The weather was very hot.  Most of  brand name stores were on sale. Tourists had to get in line just to get in Louis Vuitton store.

(Boys Over Flowers Ost)

In short:

Victoria Harbour – checked

Well, yunno, it’s a harbour with many tall buildings. The crossing between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon by Star ferry had really great view. High-rises were everywhere that I missed the color of  the green forest.

Hong Kong Disneyland – checked

Yes, I’m a Disney fan 🙂

Eh….that small thing is the Castle? That small corner is the Toy Story? It definitely can’t be compared to the one in Orlando, FL (aka Walt Disney World). It was so hot that I and my friend got in a taxi really late in the evening and by the time we arrived, it was so late that the lady at the ticket booth said, “Maaaam, may I remind you that we will be closing at 8:00pm today?”. I smiled warmly and proudly said, “Yes (I know).”

I remember finishing the whole park in the blink of an eye. I’ve been to the ones in Tokyo, France, Florida and LA, and was thinking that it couldn’t get smaller than the one in France but it did, though not sure why.

Shopping Mall(s) – checked

You can’t finish your trip to Hong Kong without filling up your luggage space. One happy piece of shopping for me was from the airport, a really beautiful pure silk blouse from my favorite brand, Shanghai Tang.

But really, no matter how great the trip was, there’s no place like home  🙂

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  1. HELLO YOOOOHOOOOOO kcomments and zenti@ glad to hear from you guys again it’s been awhile, kcomments I began to wonder what happened to you lol, but WOW your in hong kong it must be lovely there 😀 <3333 and OMG you guys are also interested in to the beautiful you I am as well even though I was originally going to watch it for a silly reason but you know lol also I'm waiting for arang and the magistrate and lee min ho's drama faith 😀 <333 xxxx

    • YOOOOHOOOOO! I was wondering about you too. It’s been a busy year for me considering my moving around. Sad to say Kdramas haven’t captured me much this year or it could be I’m getting old, or what? I really hope August will bring us at least one well-written drama, wonder which one will that be?

    • Hi, maria! *waves*

      • YAY you guys got back to me!!!!! nothing really captivated me much this year other than SUFBB but yh hopefully there will be more kdramas this year that will captivate us I hope TTBY and AATM will,,, and waves to you too zenti@

  2. My friend! How are you doing? I have been stuck in the black hole of busyness so I have not been able to drop you a message here for quite some time. =(

    Omo! You are in Hong Kong? I love Hong Kong! Plus, Lee Seung Gi was recently in Hong Kong and he even went to Disneyland!

    King 2 Hearts is a treasure for me! You should watch it when you have the time. I am currently watching Golden Time because King Lee Jae Kang of King 2 Hearts (the King brother of Lee Seung Gi) is one of the doctors there and Bong Woo Ri of Can You Hear My Heart is the female lead (hmm … actually King Lee Jae Kang was the neighbor best friend in Can You Hear My Heart).

    I finished Big and I Do, I Do but both left me confused at the end. Haha! But I still love Gong Yoo, who acted so well in Big! ^^*

    • Well, well, look who’s here! *waves* ^________^
      I was thinking about you too. Omo, you are still on LSG?? I’m thinking of checking on Golden Time too, and again, you are watching med drama! Haha. I didn’t follow Big and I Do, I Do but I checked the recap on Big’s ending and thought the writers played a nice trick not showing the face in the end and, of course, GY’s acting was smexy. I’m currently on only Ghost (laptop geek SJS) and some other dramas that are not eh….Korean hehe.

      I’m really looking forward to, To the Beautiful You!

      Even though I don’t really know any idols here, love the vibe and the manga feels. Woo hoo!

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