Soundtrack #18 : Ghost

After hearing this song, I knew, it’s probably going to rank high, in terms of composition, on my Kdrama soundtrack list I’ve watched this year, Ghost Ost Part 2 (instrumental).

And with lyrics by Shin Bora

Favorite scenes of episode 8, the “Wake-up!” call from a hacker-turned-police, so cute.

And it’s always funny to see a woman get jealous of the shell but not the soul in the shell……..

Yes, it’s encrypted  🙂

Cool Fanmade MV

Though I said before that I loved Daniel Choi, this week the wind changed and I jumped ship to who-care-if- hottie(SJS)-resembles-Gi-young(DC)-or-not cyber boat. Love this drama and the writer more and more. Should we trade Gi-young’s life in the end for one hot kiss? Rawrrr…..

All videos credit YT uploaders.

2 Responses »

  1. do you know the OST from last episode the woman singing in english?
    if im not mistaken its also played in some episode while someones computer is
    being hacked? and also jo hyun min also played that song
    in some like big disk?

  2. looks interesting 😀

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