Drama: Ghost

First of all,  I so freaking love this poster that half of the face is as if behind the shadow, it sends a clear message of the lead character (or at least the one that is him in the beginning, or not?).

The reason I picked this drama after Queen In-hyun’s Man is because I wasn’t quite ready for another emotional heart-wrenching story just yet.  Ghost didn’t impress me in episode 1 but episode 2. It introduced a nice twist that was totally unexpected. Every episode so far was intense, it kept me stay alert on my computer securities, and nothing on romance just yet which is a nice change. The story centered around a unit in the police department that taking care of all computer related crimes. There are three main players in the storyline;

So Ji Sub as Kim Woo Hyun
Uhm Ki Joon as Jo Hyun Min
Daniel Choi as Park Gi Young

(I don’t count Lee Yeon Hee as Yoo Gang Mi, because all she did so far was running and following Woo-hyun.)

Overviews (episode 1-6)

Woo-hyun and Gi-young are close friends being roommates in the Police Academy, only that Gi-young dropped out and somehow found his way and become a professional hacker (named himself “Hades”) while Woo-hyun graduated and become a police officer working in the cyber crime unit with exceptional records in his career.

The story begins with a tragic death of an actress, she fell down from the apartment building. Hades is blamed as the killer, so he sneaks into the cyber crime unit using Woo Hyun’s fake ID and finds the video of the incident, in horror of what he saw, he contacts Woo-hyun. They secretly meet. Woo-hyun, in search of his own, also found the killer, to his surprise, it’s someone he knows.

The two meet and Gi-young (Hades) let his friend know that he knew about his related to the killing to which Woo-hyun warns him to stop messing with the whole thing because there are others in the police department involved. Woo-hyun expresses his regret on his wrong doings as a police officer, so Gi-young offers to reveal the truth. However, before Woo-hyun could tell him the name of  the real killer, a massive explosion occurs. And Gi-young embarks on a new journey.

Woo-hyun wants to make it right and he’s sorry. Love this scene, a costly filming I suppose.

After the accident, one is dead while the other is severely burnt that his identity couldn’t be identified.  Yoo Gang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee), Woo-hyun’s colleague prior to the accident, she performs the fingerprint test while the survival is unconscious and ,to her shock, the result shows that the man is not Woo-hyun. But because he had the fake Woo-hyun’s ID with him, the police think he’s Woo-hyun.

After a man tried to kill him in the hospital, with Gang-mi’s help, the autopsy of  the dead man matches Gi-young’s and he’s pronounced dead.  The police department, in good spirit, restores Woo-hyun’s features back to the survived Gi-young through series of surgery.  And Gi-young is now wearing Woo-hyun’s looks and resuming his job in the cyber crime unit.

After solving cases, the master-mind is revealed,  it’s Jo Hyun Min ( Uhm Ki Joon) of  Sekang Securities.  Hyun Min meets Gi-young in Woo-hyun. Though he knows Woo-hyun, Gi-young doesn’t know him. Thus, this alerts Hyun-min that may be Woo-hyun’s memories hasn’t fully recovered after the accident.


And we are now in episode 6, Gi-young in Woo-hyun (will call him Gi-young from now because I love Daniel Choi hehe)  is trying to save the electricity power plant from the cyber attack from a group of pro hackers intended to destroy the power station that leads to the nuclear power plant. (Dear friend in Seoul, please have Gi-young’s phone number ready, just in case, just sayin.)

He detects the IP-address the hacker using which rerouted to many countries (I want to have one of that), the final root is  in Korea. He then uses the same virus the hackers used to attack the hackers’ computers trying to stop the attack, only that the head of the hackers is an excellent pro, he orders his men to switched to other IP-addresses prepared. Gi-young calls Gang-mi to hurry locate them because they change to new IP-addresses.

While his colleague (cute guy) wants him to stop and flee that they had done enough for the price paid (so they were hired?). But the man finds it’s fun to counter such a pro hacker on another end, so he insists they still have time. He flips his fingers on the keyboard and makes magic to finish his job. Well, I liked the guy here, yep, the real pro hacker it is, do it because it’s fun and challenging. Finally, he hits home with his last command code to ‘destroy’ the system.

He contemplates to press ENTER (because he wants us to get excited). Gang-mi, who got the address from the IP-address given by Gi-young, arrives at the building the hackers occupied. Just as the guy presses ENTER, Gang-mi splashes a bucket of water on the main power supply to the room (haha, I laughed, cuz water is the hero here). It’s a blackout in the room but when Gang-mi and policemen get inside, they are all gone.

Apparently, the command has been sent so the attack continues. Gi-young has to save the city so he pulls out his ace card (, a program on his thump drive that could stop the destructive program. He’s successfully able to stop the attack in time. Only that, on the screen, it shows.

Love the logo here, it’s so cool. So everybody sees that Gi-young used Hades’ codes which only Hades himself could do it. He gets  handcuffed as a gift for his job done. The mad cow (the police that’s after Woo-hyun) tells his boss that Woo-hyun is Gi-young and requests an investigation on Woo-hyun. His boss calls for a meeting and will let the committee decide.

In short, he’s able to save his butt from the committee that Hades (aka Gi-young) and himself (aka Woo-hyun) were roommates in the Police Academy and ,at one time, they tested computer viruses together, hence, they share the same passwords (the name of the viruses). That explains why he could access Hades’s laptop (phew!). Flashbacks.

Bromance! Woo-hyun shows Gi-young that his laptop is infected by a virus. Gi-young acts innocent only that Woo-hyun knew it’s him who put the virus on his computer which results in a cute bed-wrestling-feet-propelling sequence. Woo-hyun tells Gi-young to retrieve his hard drive.

Back to the meeting, the big guy(higher rank) marches into the room saying that Woo-hyun should get an award for saving the attack instead of the interrogation even if he did break the rules, using Hades’ laptop to hack on a computer (gets a nod from me). So Gi-young gets the award and is off the hook for now.

Edit: *In flashbacks, Gi-young tells Woo-hyun that he modified one of the virus so that it will send emails randomly of 50 files from the person’s mailbox to his computer. After Woo-hyun went to bed, Gi-young looks into Woo-hyun’s address book. He picks one email address (it’s Woo-hyun father’s who is also a police officer) and sends out an email to him with an attached file that contains virus. Once the attached file is clicked, the virus gets  into that computer.

Later, Gi-young receives emails from that computer,  he picks one email from the National Police Agency which is a top-secret letter. He reads the content and is shocked, it’s about the investigation on the political secret funding to Sekang Securities. Gi-young knows right away that he’ll be in trouble. Woo-hyun comes by and asks what he’s doing, Gi-young quickly turns off his computer and is about to leave only to be arrested by a group of policemen. He’s in an interrogation room when Woo-hyun’s father shows up. He asks if Gi-young saw or made copy of  the letter. He wants Gi-young to pretend he didn’t see anything because that’s what they want. He (the father) will quit his job. Gi-young wants to reveal the truth but the father tells him not to do it (it seems larger than Gi-young thinks). But that’s not the kind of  policeman Gi-young wanted to be so he drops out of the Police Academy as he’s no longer believe in the police. Even though Woo-hyun asks his reason for leaving, he doesn’t tell. (I think the father investigated the wrong person to cover the true criminal.)

(*Not sure about this part if I got it right, so take it as an opinion)

Meanwhile Hyun-min’s dude reports to him that the hacker group told him they encountered Hades’ codes. It’s strange because Hades was dead.

Gi-young gets back to his apartment and finds a woman there, and he has no idea how/why she’s here. Without thinking, he asks her, she says she’s his girlfriend. When she gets out, she makes a call and reports to the person that she lied and Woo-hyun didn’t remember.

It’s the ever hottie Hyun-min talking to her. He says it’s that or it could be he is not Woo-hyun. Dun. Dun. And we see that Gi-young is finally  caught on.


In case you wonder why he’s upside down, it’s his reflection on a mirrored table, and it made me laugh  🙂

I hope the writer won’t fail us later, especially the ending (think: Sign). I’m not hoping much for a romance, but a little bit wouldn’t hurt, would it?  Love Daniel Choi in this, So Ji Sub is hawtt though too stiff as Gi-young. Or it could be that after the major accident and surgeries, Gi-young may find it hard to smile because he basically doesn’t know anyone including Gang-mi, right?  Or could it be that it’s Gi-young who actually died in the beginning?  Haha. So far so good.


Title: Ghost
Genre: Action, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Aug-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee
Director: Kim Hyung Suk

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