Fanmade MV : I’m Kang Young-geol

Credit to YT uploader.

This video expresses most of my thoughts on Kang Young-gul as a character in Fashion King. The sequences of the video and the song used, in a way, narrates the life of a young man who would never give up and , at any cost, would stand his ground to fight the odd coming his way. A young man who was abandoned by his parents struggling to make his small factory in Dongdaemun stay afloat amid accumulated debts. There are flaws in his character, of course, but I couldn’t help thinking of those people in the real Dongdaemun where lives depend on the day-by-day hard-earned money with the loan sharks stay in the shadow, where tender words might be their lower priorities, survival must come first.

Take out the lovelines, Young-gul  is the one I came to Fashion King in the first place.  I always appreciate anyone who has the courage to fight for his/her place in this competitive world. Even though the story, lately, seemed to be focusing more on the odd lovelines, I hope his story, at the end of the drama, will end on a high note, doesn’t matter he’s rich or poor, with the girl or not, as long as he’s happy with what he has and the decision he’s taking; I’ll be satisfied.

I appreciate all the actors and actresses in this drama that they tried their best in the roles given, and I believe every character has his/her own good reasons to carry such actions in the story, whether it’s acceptable or not, it’s up to each individual. This is just a mini tribute to the essence of Fashion King that I came to love in the beginning.  I should let it out now before the drama wrapped up in the next two weeks because who knows what’s going to happen then  🙂

Note : the video should play on Internet Explorer.

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