Fashion King Episode 8

Oh dear, what am I getting myself into? That’s how I feel about this episode especially Jae-hyuk’s arrogant manner toward everyone.  Young-gul provoked Jae-hyuk intentionally, I know, but how would we feel to be called a piece of trash every single time? Not saying Young-gul was right, just understandable. I could only hope the story will end well with these two, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most. And it’s always refreshing to see young people fighting to be successful through friends and foes in the business world where, we all know, mostly dominated by the giant enterprises.

Fashion King OST – Love Like This


Young-gul lingers on the sight of a brand new sedan. While Jae-hyuk is driving like mad that Young-gul has registered all the design.

A classic offer from Young-gul, “Lose 5 billion and send me to jail, or invest 5 billion to make a profit of 50 billion.”

Young-gul spots a cosmetic shop, he pauses and steps inside. A little shy, he asks the sale lady what girls in their twenties normally use.  She asks if it’s for skin care or makeup. He says doesn’t matter. So she suggests a whitening cream.

Omo..he even tries it on his hand and sniffs (haha). He approves of the smell smiling awkwardly that he’ll take it.

Jae-hyuk parks his car in front of  Young-gul’s factory. The ajummas and Ga-young are heading out together. He walks to her and Ga-young stumbles with fear.

He asks why she’s so startled. “You knew, didn’t you? So you planned this all along with Kang Young Gul?”

She says it’s not like that. He asks if she’s saying that she had no idea. She says it’s not that either. “So you knew about it, but you didn’t do it? What is it, then? Playing dumb?” he asks.

She says she’s sorry. He shouts, “You say you’re sorry?!” Everyone stumbles backward. He gets in his car and looks at her then he drives away.

Young-gul arrives in time to see Jae-hyuk gets in his car.

Young-gul walks to them, his hand is holding the bag the cream he just bought. He looks at Ga-young and opens the door to get inside without saying anything. The ajumma tells him that they are on their way to get a midnight snack. But he doesn’t bother. Ga-young doesn’t know what to do or say.

He gets in his office and looks down at his hand. He angrily throws the bag onto the table and let it stay there.

Ga-young and the ajummas are getting drunk together. The topic they are fighting over is who is looking better between their boss and the rich guy. Bong says both men are out of their league.

Ga-young confesses, “I…like our boss Kang.” Everybody turns.

“I don’t know how he feels about me. If he really had any consideration for me, he wouldn’t have done something like that. What should I do now?”

Bong is too drunk to come up with a suggestion. So she says just hang on to him then falls backward and passes out. The ajummas give a toast to their Madam (Ga-young).

Young-gul’s still awake toss and turn on the sofa. He hears the sound of opening door so he checks the time. It’s 12:25 am. Ga-young drunkenly slumbers into his room. She tries calling him but he pretends to be asleep. So she sits down next to him.

She do the talking, “I don’t really care what you do. I will always stand by you. But an agony is still an agony. It’s okay. Let me be the only one who suffers. You just do whatever you like to do. But, on top of that, do you know what makes me suffer the most? It’s when you misunderstand me.” At that, Young-gul opens his eyes.

She gets up and says goodnight, and collapses next to him. He curses those ajummas for drinking too much. He holds her in his arms and puts her down on the sofa.

He covers her with a blanket then looks at her. He sleeps on Ga-young’s bed instead. He stares at the door where Ga-young is sleeping inside then turns away to get some sleep.

Dad asks what happened to his face. He mentions Anna that she’s quite capable; he thought she just followed him here. Dad says let’s look at the outcome first before they put her in charge of their SPA and outdoor line. That comes as a surprise for Jae-hyuk. “If she gets good results, those people in the upper management won’t take you for a joke.”

Dad gives a box of gift to him to give it to Anna as some encouragement. Although it’s not anything extraordinary, people who receive this will work harder just to prove they are worthy. People, who have yet to receive it, won’t hesitate to work even harder in order to get it. Dad tells Jae-hyuk his philosophy.

He’s in big trouble and he knows it. Secretary Kim reports on his consult with the lawyers who are expert on copyright infringement.

He says, the case regarding copyrighted design normally take more time to process. Due to the uniqueness of this industry, once the season has passed, even if they file a complaint, it won’t do any good.

“Are you saying we should just sit here and do nothing?” Jae-hyuk barks.

He says that’s not what he meant. If other party has registered the product, even if they file a complaint, they can’t make them recall the product from the market. So, in order to minimize their losses, it will be better for them to stop the production.

Jae-hyuk grabs his dad’s gift box and throws it right into his face. It’s hit him hard and secretary Kim covers his face in pain.

Jae-hyuk  asks if he pays him to feed him this nonsense. He shouts at him to go find the solution to nail Young-gul. Secretary Kim puts the box back on his desk and hurriedly leaves to do as he ordered.

Anna comes in, she asks what it is. He just gives the gift to her that it’s from his dad and walks out.

Anna opens the box and sees a silver watch, she chuckles. And she sees that Jae-hyuk left his phone on his desk. She checks the call’s records, and there are many calls to Ga-young (?). She’s angry.

Jae-hyuk comes back and snatches it from her hand asking what she thinks she’s doing. He gets out.

Anna comes to see Madam Jo that she wants to know her more. That, they have a lot in common. Madam asks in what way. Anna says Madam started as a shopkeeper at the boutique owned by Lee Ga Young’s mother (omo). Madam’s face turns hard. She changes into informal asking why she’s here exactly. Anna says she just told her, she wants to know her better.

Madam cuts the chase, “When you throw that kind of nonsense in my face, you really think it will get you closer to me?”

“In my opinion, if you’re the one who talks to Director Jong instead of me, I will be forever grateful to you.” Anna says. Madam Jo waits to hear more.

Madam Jo meets with Jae-hyuk that she was quite shocked during the evaluation last time, and she thinks he knows the reason why. He asks what she’s trying to say. “I believe there’s been something bothering you lately. I have one simple solution that can solve your problem. Are you interested?” Madam asks.

“A simple solution?” he’s interested. Madam tells him to sue Lee Ga Young. “Sue her for stealing the company’s secret and copying the design.”

Jae-hyuk contemplates Madam Jo’s suggestion at a club. “Didn’t Lee Ga Young steal your company’s design and copy them at the factory in Dongdaemun? That’s what I believe.” Madam told him.

Secretary Kim reports to him that he couldn’t find a solution. He tried but everybody has been telling him the same thing. In his opinion, it’s still not too late to inform the Chairman and take this opportunity to fire her.

Jae-hyuk says how about just give in to Kang Young Gul. But the secretary says how it can be a solution if the Chairman finds out about it. Jae-hyuk says, “I’ll just let him punch me again.”

Jae-hyuk enters Anna’s apartment making lots of noise. She asks why he had to drink so much.

“Choi Anna! How can you sleep?”

“Choi Anna!” he shouts her name. She says she’s listening, just say it.

“We’ve been tricked by that bastard, Kang Young Gul. We helped him get his factory back. He actually said that he wanted you and me to become the objects of humiliation. That’s why I want to take advantage of Lee Ga Young. What do you think?” He asks.

“We can frame Lee Ga Young, saying that it was her who stole and copied your design.” He shouts and asks what she thinks.

“Give Kang Young Gul 5 billion or let Lee Ga Young be the scapegoat? If we let Lee Ga Young take the fall, then all our problems will be solved.” He says it with regret.

She tells him to do it like that, and asks what there’s to hesitate about. She finishes her drink and gets in her bedroom. Jae-hyuk is startled by her decision, “Right, that’s what I should do. Because I said that I’ll protect you! You really think I am going to fail this time?! Who am I?! I am Jong Jae Hyuk!” He shouts and cries.

Anna listens to him from the bedroom, she starts crying. She knows that what pain him the most is to hurt Ga-young.

Ga-young is working on the sewing machine but her mind is somewhere else. The needle pierces her fingertip. The ajumma helps take it out and tend to the wound. The lawyers show up and ask which one of them is Lee Ga Young.

Young-gul tells his friends that he’s certain that there’s nothing Jae-hyuk can do. He says they should have seen his face, if he’d bought him a meal in the US, he wouldn’t have gone this far.

Chil Bok says it seems the two of them don’t know each other that well, and that’s how this whole thing started. Young-gul says, “I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Il-gook is blabbering about his crush on Miss Bong but nobody pay attention to him.

Chil Bok asks what Young-gul’s going to do once he gets the money. Young-gul says, he’s thinking of buying his female employee a house (aww). Chil Bok is confused that she’s not even his girlfriend then why he would want to buy her a house.

Young-gul says because he feels bad, okay? But Chil Bok thinks otherwise, he smiles and teases, “I think she’s your girlfriend.” He pats his arm.  Young-gul doesn’t deny that (omo). He gets call from the ajumma at the factory and hears what happened.

Young-gul storms into Jae-hyuk’s office. Jae-hyuk asks if he’s not pleased with his answer.

“Why did you drag Lee Ga Young into this?” Young-gul yells.

Jae-hyuk says she stole his fabric, he should be thankful that he didn’t add that one in too.

“Do you really think you can scare me with this?” Young-gul challenges.

“Isn’t that why you’re here?” Jae-hyuk retorts.

“Fine, we’ll see about that. I’m a person with criminal record.” Young-gul says.

Jae-hyuk says Ga-young just got caught in the middle. “It’s because she met a lousy boss like you that she was dismissed from school and her future is destroyed, everything was done by you alone.”

“So, screw that hardworking girl, no need to give a damn whether or not she is victimized as long as you have it good, right?” Young-gul yells.

Young-gul’s words hit him but, “If it’s a crime to meet a boss like you, isn’t this more of a crime then?” He looks at Young-gul, “Once the investigation starts, there will be no turning back. You know that, don’t you? Lee Ga Young’s life as a designer is going to be over.”

“You son of a bitch!” he grabs Jae-hyuk.

“If you dare hurt Lee Ga Young, I will make sure you die in my hands!”

“Well, didn’t you say to do it according to the law?” Jae-hyuk smirks.

Young-gul lets go of him and tries to calm down. He sits down defeated, “Lee Ga Young is innocent. I was the one who was responsible for all of this. I was the one who told her to steal the fabric. I was the one who leaked the design and registered them behind Ga-young’s back, so don’t drag her into this.”

“Is that so?”Jae-hyuk throws a document on the table. He tells him to sign it.

He reads it out, “I, Young Young Apparel’s Kang Young Gul, through my consultant employee, Lee Ga Young, stole Choi Anna’s design of J Fashion and registered the design illegally as my own. I confirm that this is nothing but the truth and promise I won’t raise any objection in the future. I hereby make this promise.”

“You really are something.” Young-gul says bitterly. He picks up the document, “As soon as I sign here, everything will be all right?” Young-gul picks up the pen to sign then hesitates. Then he writes it down and shows it him.

“Jong Jae Hyuk, you son of a bitch!”

(O__O! ……..buahahahahaha)

“This is what you call a beggar. Being a beggar is one of my specialties. If you want to sue us, go ahead. Why don’t you go ahead and put Lee Ga Young and I in prison? If  Lee Ga Young’s life is ruined, I will take her to live with me. She’s depending on me now so there won’t be any difference.” He tears the document and throws it to Jae-hyuk’s face and starts to walk out.

Jae-hyuk throws his last, “The lawsuit will be submitted tomorrow morning at 9. If you change your mind before that , let me know.”

Ga-young hides her wounded finger behind her back and asks him how it went. He sits down feeling tired, and asks if her finger is alright. She says it’s nothing. But he grabs her hand to check it himself. He asks if the bone is okay.

He winces at her wound, “It’s not the first time, you’ve used a sewing machine. How could you still hurt yourself?” he gets louder troubled by his guilt for the way her life turned out.

She asks if Jae-hyuk is going to sue her. He says he’ll see what he can do and tells her not to worry and go to bed.

“That woman Choi Anna is so shameless. How can she say that  it’s her design? What’s so great about that woman?” She nags. He says Anna did that because that bastard Jong Jae Hyuk told her to. Ga-young gets jealous that he protected Anna, she retorts,  “Don’t worry. Tell him to go ahead with the lawsuit, then. In the courtroom, I’ll even draw a design as proof if I have to.” She gets into bed and is back to drawing her new design.


He looks at her feeling wary that it’s not that easy like she said. He gets into his room and lies down. He contemplates Ga-young’s future and picks up his phone to call Jae-hyuk but he just couldn’t do it.

During the night, Young-gul comes out to look at Ga-young. He sits besides her till almost 5am.

It’s almost 7am and he’s still thinking.

In the morning, Jae-hyuk is having a hard time himself. Secretary Kim comes in that he’s going to submit the case. Jae-hyuk reaches the decision and calls it quit. “Let’s just forget the whole thing. Just give him 5 billion Won.” Secretary Kim couldn’t believe what he heard.

But then Kang Young Gul’s arrival is announced. Jae-hyuk motions secretary Kim to get out of the room. (Darnit!)

Young-gul sits down. Jae-hyuk asks if he changed his mind.

“I have given it some thought. Even if Ga-young and I end up in jail, I still can’t sign that paper.” Young-gul explains.

“Then why are you here?” Jae-hyuk asks.

“Since we have stabbed each other, let’s call it even. Let’s start over.” Young-gul comes as close as he can take.

Jae-hyuk asks what’s there to start over with a person like him.

“You think I want to work together with you? “ Young-gul says.

Jae-hyuk presses the intercom to tell secretary Kim to submit the lawsuit. Young-gul stops him and asks for five minutes. He tells Young-gul to say it.

Young-gul asks if he remembers he had a meeting with Michael while he was in the US.  He unfolds the picture of  his design in Michael’s fashion show, and says Michael asked him to make samples. And after Michael saw them, he said he would give him his own line.

“I had a good reason to ask you for 5 billion Won. You approved of Lee Ga Young’s design. And Michael approved mine. If you join forces with Young Young Apparel, I guarantee you a success.” Young-gul proposes.

Jae-hyuk seems to be interested. Young-gul hesitates to speak more, and says that five minutes have passed. Jae-hyuk asks to see the design but Young-gul tells him to stop his secretary from submitting the lawsuit first.  So Jae-hyuk do that.

Jae-hyuk is impressed with the design. He remembers seeing Young-gul with Michael at the party in the US. He asks if he really designed this. Young-gul says Anna is his witness.

The Department Head congrats Anna, he heard that Esprit is really interested in her. He sees the watch she got, and says her next evaluation will put even more pressure on her but he congrats her anyway. Jae-hyuk calls her to join him for dinner.

Young-gul dresses up. Ga-young asks does he not have any self-esteem, what kind of work he can do with such a person.

He says since they have found out each other’s dirty secrets, now it’s time to do some real work. She says she doesn’t like it. He asks if she really thinks he likes working together with that bully. It’s not like she doesn’t know, this is all because of money. Everyday is for money.

She asks can they not do the design together and do them bit by bit. He says of course they can but he feels her talent is being wasted. Her design is way too good to be wasted in Dongdaemun (aww). Plus, they have neither money nor the production base.

She gives him another choice asking can they not do it like last time with his friends. Young-gul’s getting wary, he says of course they can. If the luck is on their sides, they can make hundreds of millions a year, or better yet, billions a year.

“But, is that all your dream is about? You want to become a world-renowned designer, don’t you? In order to be able to wear your design, people will be flying in from Europe and Africa. Don’t you want to become a designer like that?” He asks.

She thinks about it and adds, “The Seoul Collection as well.”

He says if it were him, how could he not bet on it. She’ll feel embarrassed to show people his business card at places like those. “The road to success for a designer in Dongdaemun has never been easy. So, it’s enough of your nonsense. You just need to follow me.”

Young-gul applies the whitening cream he bought on his face. But Ga-young is still unhappy so he tells her not to keep asking for free samples from the ajumma and use this instead. He pushes the bag toward her. She is surprised and keeps looking at him. He rushes her out to get ready they are running out of time. But she insists she doesn’t want to go, he can go by himself. He sighs.

She picks up the bag and wants to get out of the room. He smiles that she took the cream. Then he calls her, “Ga-young! You don’t want to come because you don’t want to see Jong Jae Hyuk?” She says of course not so he says if not, then hurry. He thinks that person has misunderstood.

Anna arrives at the restaurant. Jae-hyuk tells her to sit next to him so she guesses there’s somebody else coming.

Young-gul and Ga-young arrive and sit with them. Young-gul compliments Anna on her looks that she’s even more beautiful today making the other three feel uneasy each for different reasons.

Young-gul and Ga-young look at the menu and are quite shocked to see the price of one course menu. Jae-hyuk smirks at their reactions and orders  one course.

Jae-hyuk opens the conversation, “Lee Ga Young, isn’t there such a saying as “to repay a good deed with the evil”? Doesn’t that fit our current situation?” Anna glances at him while Young-gul starts to see that Jae-hyuk may not have such a good intention after all.

Jae-hyuk continues, “Lee Ga Young, you at least feel sorry toward me. However, this bastard demanded I gave him some money, 5 billion Won.  A person who acts like a beggar, would you just let him be and do nothing about it? I didn’t say that I was entirely right. Still, I can’t give him money and at the same time keep his theft a secret. It’s not like I got caught red-handed with a diamond ring on my finger. I am not willing to feed him even once. Why? Because once he’s full, he’ll turn against me and bite me in the ass.You talked about finding opportunities, equality, and interdependence. In my opinion, I think Miss Lee Ga Young is a very talented person. But why do you want to let it all go to waste in the hands of trash like this? I feel really sorry for you. I asked you to come so I could say this.” (Ouch!)

Young-gul keeps his pride and anger in tact and asks, “Are you done talking?” Ga-young tells him to let her do the talking.

She turns to Jae-hyuk, “I am fully aware that what my boss did was unacceptable. If you got the wrong impression of us because of that, I can understand. However, misunderstanding and distorting the facts are two very different things. My boss knows, you know, Miss Choi Anna also knows, and even I know that you shouldn’t play around with the truth, especially as an owner of a big company. You should be ashamed of yourself!” She gets up and tells Young-gul to leave.

But Young-gul holds her hand and tells her to sit down. Jae-hyuk notices the trust between the two. Ga-young resists but he pulls at her hand so she has to sit down.

Young-gul says to her that  if they leave like this, that bastard would be embarrassed. “He’s already been embarrassed enough. Although he’ll regret it later, we still need to finish the meal before we leave. He already ordered it, didn’t he?” Even though he said that, his pride is hurt immensely.

“Fine. Finish up before you leave. When are you going to be able to eat something like this again in your entire life?” He gets up and leaves. Anna looks at Young-gul and follows Jae-hyuk.

Young-gul and Ga-young both fight back their tears. He’s been holding her hand all this time. He tells her to starting eating.

Young-gul eats the soup purposefully but his tears continue to fall.

In the car, Jae-hyuk recalls all of  Ga-young’s words to him. Anna asks why he asked her to come. “I am also a part of this, so get involved! Is that it? I didn’t realize it before, today I found Kang Young Gul quite good-looking.” Jae-hyuk glares at her. He’s deep in his own thought.

Young Young Apparel is making the catalog with Young-gul and Ga-young as the models, and with the support from all the ajummas in the factory.

The ajumma says their Ga-young is indeed very beautiful. Young-gul checks her pictures.

“The outfit is what makes a person!” They smile. He tells her to pose better, look more confident. “Stick out your chest and straighten your legs!”


He checks her pictures. She asks if something isn’t right. He says no, it’s pretty good, better than expected. When no one is looking, he looks at her picture again, and smiles.


Ga-young comes in his office that she finished the letter. He tells her to read it to him. She asks if she should read in English or Korean. He looks at her dumbfounded that she shouldn’t have asked, “Korean.” He answers. Ga-young sits down and starts reading.

Dear Michael,

My name is Kang Young Gul. You may remember me. Recently I saw your fashion show by chance. I was deeply moved by seeing the jacket I made walking down the runway with your other works. Now I am running a big fashion business at Dongdaemun. The fact that I couldn’t keep my promise to you has left a burden in my heart. In order to get rid of that burden, I would like to show you a few of my latest designs. It would be a great honor for me if you’re willing to take a look at them.

Your fan forever, Young Gul.

He’s satisfied saying it’s nice. So he writes on the cover of the catalog, “Designed by Young Girl & Ga Young” They are happy looking at each other. He puts it the envelope and the address is to Michael in New York.

Madam mommy opens the curtain. The light disturbs Jae-hyuk and he stirs awake. She asks how many days it’s been now that he hasn’t taken any medicine or eaten any food. He replaced his meal with alcohol and didn’t even go to work. According to the doctor, he’s exhausted but she doesn’t think so. “It’s exactly the same as before. Who is it this time? Is it because of that woman named Ga Young?”

Jae-hyuk tells his mom not to bother and just leave. The door bell rings.

Mom sighs saying that she didn’t do anything this time. “I don’t even know what that woman Lee Ga Young looks like!”

He yells at his mom that it’s nothing, so quit the nonsense and just leave. Mom asks then what it is. The maid comes to tell mom that Anna is here. Jae-hyuk perks up and looks at his mom. He says to the maid to tell her he’s sick and tell her to leave.

Mom comes out to of the bedroom. Anna gets up and greets her. She bows and says ,“You are here.”

“‘You are here?” Is this your house?” mom asks. Anna ignores that and asks how Jae-hyuk is doing right now. Mom says he’s not feeling well right now and doesn’t wish to see anyone.

Anna peeks at Jae-hyuk on the bed and sees that his back is turned to her. She tells his mom to please tell him to take good care of himself. She gives her a bag of fruit she bought for him but mom doesn’t take it. The maid comes and takes it  instead.

Anna says good-bye and walks out. Mom yells at the ajumma to throw that stuff away. Anna stops midway and tries to suppress her anger, and leaves.

Jae-hyuk hears that, he plucks off the IV and runs after her ignoring his mom. He catches up with her at the elevator. He says sorry. “I’ll go to work tomorrow. See you at the office.” He smiles to her. And the elevator’s door closed.

His phone rings.Young-gul complains what a crazy person to call in the middle of the night. He picks up the call and is extremely surprised.

“Michael?” and his eyes shine with hope.


Jae-hyuk’s words were really hard to take and it’s hard on me to watch him too. Though I could understand his motive of trying to prove himself to his father that he’s a capable son, looking down on the poor or the unfortunate is another story. I always believe that things can change over time i.e the rich can become the poor and vice versa. No matter how bad they look, you never know that one day they may turn into such generous millionaires, so why not try to be decent to all and give all the love to everyone.

I think Jae-hyuk finds something in Ga-young that he’s lacking. Anna finds a rough gentleman in Young-gul that she’s hoped  of getting it from Jae-hyuk. Both Jae-hyuk and Anna see the strong bonding between Young-gul and Ga-young that they envy, and want to have that kind of relationship for themselves. Without  knowing, envy turns into jealousy, and for the poor jerk, Young-gul in Jae-hyuk’s eyes, to become successful with a good woman by his side is unacceptable.

So what we are going to see, I suspect, is the feeling of Ga-young for Young-gul will be tested again and again but not the other way around. Young-gul is more mature with the way of the world that he’s capable of picking what he wants. His motive to earn more, part of it must be his guilt that he ruined her education and part of it, he’s man with criminal record so his success in business may contribute to his worth for Ga-young. He’s abandoned by his parents so his insecurity to trust someone must be there so to let his feeling show is quite hard subconsciously.

All in all, four lonely people who are trying hard to lean on someone they can trust, and to be loved no matter what. I can understand if the writer will try to switch the pair back and forth for dramatic purpose but the fashion & dream part should not be overshadowed.

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